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[We Cannot Trust At This Point]

Who do you trust when

everything's for sale.

Yo. I'm having issues.

Been hurt beyond the bone

and the tissue.

No, I won't diss you.

Trust no one and no one

will miss you.

I guess that it's true.

The more we hurt,

the more we accrue.

I won't let nobody get close...

It's time to say adiou.

No, I'm not for sale and

you can't take what don't

possess me.

So many try but fail, empty

words just don't impress me.


You act like you're the only one

who has a plan.

I'll wait to see it come undone,

Your house of cards won't stand.


The fact is, you're too phoney son.

You're your biggest fan.

You never know who has a gun.

Trust no one in America Land.

Have I been to paranoid?

They're coming to arrest me.

You can size me up, your eyes...

I feel you all undressing me.

I swear I'm going to lose it on

the next poor fool that tests me.

If you're my friend, then prove it.

Your words only molest me.

Integrity and loyalty.

Morals gone indefinitely.

So easily, they lie to me.

Try to fool me, endlessly.

Shamelessly. Exploiting me.

Trying to steal whatever they see.

Aiming for me, using me...

To sell off my identity.

Not I, but we.

Don't lie, to me.

Too blind to see.

What's mine, I need.

It's why they feed on

their own creed.

The seed is greed,

spreading like a weed.

Don't pay no heed to trust,

always plotting deep inside

your mind.

The concience is a must, because

that's when life and death collide.

Deception is a business cult...

Everyone knows, but don't get caught.

Freedom is for sale, it shows

how Liberty's been bought.

Trust. (2×)

What are they teaching in the

schools, we trust them with our


Causing more confusion.

Dillusion is the group they're in.

It's concerning all of us, 'cause

truth and justice have been sold.

The masses think that this is new,

This plan is more than a century old.

So I've been told, you gotta

cheat to win.

It's sink or swim, filled to the brim,

this cup of sorrow is pretty grim.


Stop acting like your worth is

so much greater than mine.

Understand, this earth doesn't

owe a thing to humankind.


This timing is the worst,

The final curse on what's devine.

Lieing tongues that thirst for

blood. On innocence they dine.

This is nothing new to us,

It's been one long and hell of a ride.

What more can they do to us?

But change our D.N.A. inside.

Acting like a Judas,

only leads to your own suicide.

You can no longer fool us,

we're beyond the rising tide.

[We Cannot Trust At This Point]

We're Beyond The Rising Tide!

Trust. (×2)

Written by: Michael W. Taylor

March 27, 2022 ©

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