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Poetic Country Western lyrics about life by deeper observation under a New Mexico sky. 🌴🌵🌴

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The Wisest Part of Me

The sun's gone down again on

this beautiful place, I've made my home.

Down here where the cactus grows,

And the buffalo still roam.

I gaze in wonder, at all the colors

sprawled out across the sky.

The distant thunder,

The spell I'm under...

As I watch another star die.

It came and went, in a blink.

Got me thinkin' as I take a drink.

Are all of our lives on the brink

of disaster.

The cast in the play, are like stars

falling faster.

The Master of all that is made,

Is displayed for us.

He did not design this sharade,

that's enslaving us.

You can't tell a man who to know,

where to go, and then lie to him

and tell him he's free.

I'm the kinda man that will definitely

go to blows, with anyone who doesn't

take freedom seriously.

I will have pride till the day that I die.

That I can abide in this glorious ride.

I do confide in the best part of you.

yes I get angry, I guess that it's true.

But I won't hide what I'm feeling inside.

I feel so alive, it brings tears to my eyes.

I know I'll survive,

Why scrutinize the things I do.

The Wisest Part of Me,

Is Inside of All You Too. 💫

The sun's come up again on this

wonderful place, we have on loan.

Around here, seems that most folks know,

There's no better place to call home.

In a daze, I ponder, what's up yonder,

that's caused the birds to take flight.

Our presence bothers them,

Too many have shot at them and

they couldn't even put up a fight.

Are we the kink, in the link,

Got us sinkin' deep in the stink.

If everyone strives to be their

own masta.

Them maybe these governments

would desolve a lot fasta.

I ask ya, How much shall we pay,

To those who are against us?

Let's make a better world today.

Or we'll become like cosmic dust.

There is a plan for everything that

grows, who really knows, when

all we have is theory.

All I know, is this miraculous show,

Is the true definition of pretty.

There's no guide for this life,

but I will not deny,

We collide with what's right

when we follow the lie.

We occupy a dream come true.

Don't let the proverbial gangreen

rot away the best part of you.

Side by side, we should all take pride.

This gift of life, that can be seen


We'll only survive, if we're

humble in the things we do.

The Wisest Part of Me,

Is Inside of All You Too! 💫

Written by: Michael W. Taylor

February 11th. 2021 ©

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