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The Town Merminia

Once upon a time, there was a royal family of two girls and one queen. This family was mostly normal,the one thing they had different was their fins for feet. The two daughters of the ocean queen Star Shine have gone on an adventure in the deep ocean. " Hurry up Moonlight i'm like a mile in front of you," yelled Malisa Sea, Moonlight responded with " I'm like a milawater away from you." All of a sudden Malisa stopped in horror as Moonlight caught up. She also had a smile that quickly wiped away. The thing they saw was a sunken ship. How lucky can they get? As they entered the ship they noticed a light on at the very front of the ship, they decided to peek through the door they saw a familiar face" it's Mia," the two girls said to themself. The girls came from a corner and caught Mia by surprise so Mia let out an alarming screech which made the girls black out as the girls were sleeping. Mia dragged them down to her dungeon and put their wrist in rusty handcuffs. When the girls regained their consciousness they found out they were tied up then the girls found a thin knife in Moonlight's pocket and they picked the lock. Then they swam back to town this time with a new merminia Mia Lone.

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Nimphaven * Nimphaven *
What a beautiful story ( sob sob* cuz the story is good )
April 05, 2022, 17:03
Amy 0aka Amy 0aka
I love mermaids
February 09, 2022, 13:24
KS Kailyn Silva
It was a really good story, I can't wait for the next chapter!!!
January 31, 2022, 23:42