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⚠️W A R N I N G⚠️: the following story contains Strong language and Adult situations, Reader discretion is advised. In life we are tested ,from our friendships to our relationships,we can either follow along with the test or we can choose to rebel against it. Three couples and there friends lives will be tested ,will they pass the test life has granted them ,or will they choose to let everything crumble and fall apart ?.

Drama Para maiores de 21 anos apenas (adultos).

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Chapter one : loving mr.playboy

Rosalie loved Ny'Shawn, she would do anything for him and vice versa"you guys are the perfect couple," was what people would say to her Every time they would hang out with her friends, she started to feel they were the perfect couple; she believed they were made for one another.

"Rose, these just came for you, "Rosalie's co-worker hands her a bouquet and walks off.

Rosalie started to smell the beautiful flowers in her hands and smiled, knowing who they were from"you are so lucky, Rosa! " Another one of her co-workers voiced out, many people in her office were jealous of her and Ny'Shawn's relationship, the two had found each other and became the most loved couple in their town.

"Is Nye still out of town?" Another co-worker wondered since they hadn't seen the man come into the office in a while; everyone thought the worse and asked if their perfect couple had called it quits but Rosalie had assured their panic hearts that they were still so much in love and explained that the man had to leave town for his business trip.

"Yeah, but he's supposed to be home tonight" she explained before sniffing her flowers; they smelled lovely, it reminded her of their first date; after work, Rosalie went home, she couldn't wait to see her boyfriend, she wanted to thank him for the Flowers so she went into her side of the closet and put on the

The most Alluring outfit, she couldn't wait to see Nye when he got home.

Rosalie sat at the kitchen table with her arms folded and her legs crossed she checked her phone one more time just to make sure (12:30 AM )Ny'Shawn was supposed to be home hours ago but yet here it was the next day and he was nowhere to be seen.

The apartment door Creeks open and Ny'Shawn walks in and shuts it quietly, he takes his shoes off by the door and walked towards the bathroom "where were you?"

The man was startled and jumped before turning to his girlfriend who had a displeased facial expression "babygirl you scared me" he exclaimed holding his beating chest "what are you still doing up?"

"I was waiting for you, you said you would be here at 8 " if there was one thing Rosalie hated it was a liar and she hoped for his sake that whatever answer came out of his mouth was the truth.

"Oh I had grabbed a few drinks with my co-workers and I lost track of time my bad babe" he nonchalantly stated before walking over to Rosalie and wrapping his arms around the short Girls hips "you look gorgeous as hell by the way" they hadn't seen each other in day's and Ny'Shawn couldn't stop starring at how amazing his girlfriend looked in her silk black laced dressed, Ny'Shawn starts to gently trail kisses on the side of Rosalie's neck earning a Soft raspy moan from the Woman "I've missed you so much" he whispered in her ear, Rosalie shudders from being aroused.

Ny'Shawn picks Rosalie up and carries her to their bedroom they've been away from one another for far too long and they needed to make up for lost time and that's just what they did all night long, Moans had started to fill their four-walled room, Rosalie synced her nails into Ny'Shawn's bareback once she felt his erected member inside her throbbing core, Ny'Shawn silenced his girlfriend's Heaving moans with his lips, he deepened himself into her core while letting the woman clenched her legs around his waist tightly, nothing in the outside world mattered but this moment, this pleasure, this peace.

Rosalie rubs Ny'Shawn's arm that was protectively wrapped around her unclothed brown-skinned body inside their covers "I'm so glad you're home" She kisses His arm and continued to gently rub it.

"Mmm me too, Isa and Donnie can talk for hours," he mindlessly said before kissing Rosalie's exposed shoulder, the young Woman pushes Him away and stands from the bed wrapping herself in her silk blue robe "babe what's wrong?"Ny'shawn asked while looking genuinely confused.

"Last time I checked Isa and Donnie weren't your co-workers also both of them are out of town right now" Rosalie was beyond angry, Ny'Shawn had lied right in her face and she believed his lie like always"you went to see one of your little hoes" this wasn't the first time She caught The man lying, the first time resorted in their first break up.


"I'm telling you that Boy is trouble Rosa" Naomi voiced out her opinion on her best friends boyfriend of five months, The older girl did not like Him, she knew he was a playboy and all he was going to do is break her best friends heart sooner or later.

"Look Mimi I know you're trying to protect me but I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself" Rosalie loved her dear friends but she was tired of them telling her the same thing about her and Ny'Shawn's relationship.

"Okay Rosa, just be careful, my lunch break is over but text me okay? "Naomi stands to leave and kisses her friend on the cheek and a hug before leaving the girl's apartment.

Once Naomi had left Rosalie plops on her couch and lets out a stressful sigh she pulls out her phone and touched Ny'Shawn's name [hey do you want to come over?] She sent the text and waited for a reply that never came. All day she waited for a reply from her boyfriend but no reply ever came and she was getting impatient.

"Hey, Rosie , let me In!" A voice from outside yelled, Rosalie, walks out onto her balcony to see her other friend Raya rubbing her arms to keep warm"hurry up! Bitch, I'm cold!" Raya whined while shivering in the winter air, Rosalie chuckles at her friend and pressed her complex buzzer to let the freezing girl inside. Raya makes it to the third floor to be greeted by a knowing smirk from her friend "don't start" she rolled her eyes and walked inside the apartment that she considered a second home.

"It's 11 p.m. and you live on the east side of town my dear friend" Rosalie knew why Raya was on this side of the city and she was most definitely about to tease her for it "what brings you here?"

"Do I need a reason to come visit you ?" Raya felt offended she couldn't believe Her friend thought she had a motive to come over to her apartment to see her, Raya takes off her jacket and relaxed on the couch.

Rosalie leans on her wall with her arms crossed starring at her friend who was a terrible liar"Hmmm well last time I checked a certain blue-eyed white boy lives two blocks from here " the room goes silent and the two friends get into a staring competition before Raya tosses a nearby pillow at Rosalie's face who caught it perfectly.

"Ugh! Okay fine I went over to his House, Ro he just does something to me " Raya couldn't help but gush about the Boy, she was getting butterflies just by thinking about him "and the sex, oh God the sex is incredible I have never cu-".

"Okay that's enough of that"Rosalie cuts Raya's sentence short before sitting next to her and gives the girl a hug she was so proud of her"I'm so freaking happy for you, you deserve to be in a good relationship"

"I just don't know how he can make me feel like the luckiest person in the world" Raya couldn't stop smilingly.

"That's because you never had that before, he's a kind-hearted soul " Raya had a history of dating assholes and scumbags her last relationship resorted to her being left in Vegas with no money, a cracked phone, and a bloody nose.

"So true but I did come to see you too, let's go out and have some fun tonight " It was a Friday night after all and Rosalie still hadn't got a text back from Her boyfriend.

"Sure why not " Rosalie takes a shower before digging in the closet to find her gray lace dress and pink high heels, she might as well have some fun tonight "let's go" the two girls walked to the famous nightclub three blocks from Rosalie's apartment, it was called 'Chowey's' it was considered the number one hotspot in town.

"Welcome to Chowey's ladies, can I please see some Identification?" you had to be 21 or over to even get in, they show the bouncer their IDs "okay all good, have a fun night" he opens the belt and let the two inside, The music was so loud you could barely hear your thoughts.

"Let's go get a drink!" Raya yelled over the music and guided her and Rosalie to the bar "two margaritas please" she told the bartender who nodded and started to make their drinks "wow I have never seen this place so packed before" true to Raya's words the nightclub was crowded with bodies dancing all around them.

Rosalie checks her phone again and still no text back from Ny'Shawn she was starting to worry what if something had happened to the boy and she was out having fun while her boyfriend was being tortured somewhere by God knows who "is it bad that I haven't heard from Nye all day!?" Rosalie yelled next to Raya's ear to make sure the girl heard her over the loud EDM music playing in the background.

" Thanks" Raya gives the bartender the money and hands Rosalie her drink before sipping her own "he's probably sleeping or something, stop worrying!" Maybe, Raya, was she thought, maybe she was worrying for nothing.

"You're probably right!"Rosalie sips her margarita and started to move to the beat of the background music she was going to enjoy her night out "wooo~!" She yelled while raising her glass.

Once they were done with their drinks the two hit the dance floor and started to dance freely with one another they had no clue what song was playing and they didn't even care they were just having too much fun enjoying life. Rosalie opened her eyes that she had closed while dancing, her smile had faded away and she froze on the dance floor, not too far from them was Ny'Shawn dancing with some random girl "Ro? What's wrong ?" Raya looks in the direction Rosalie kept starring at and her eyes widen "maybe um maybe that's just one of his cousins, no harm in that right?" Raya wanted to be reasonable before Rosalie did something she would regret but just like that Raya was proved wrong, The man in question lips was now connected to the random girl's and he was grabbing her ass, Rosalie and Raya could see their tongues fighting each other "fucking ew, Ro let's just go"

Rosalie was stuck she couldn't move it was like her body wasn't even there she wanted to cry, she wanted to run over there and attack both of them but she did neither and just left the club with Her friend.

The next day Rosalie stayed home on her couch not answering text messages or phone calls she still couldn't process it, Ny'Shawn was with another girl, the way he kissed her and grabbed her ass it all was too much for her.

"Babygirl?!" Ny'Shawn had unlocked The girl's door with the spare key he had, he's been calling her all day but her phone kept going straight to voicemail "babe? I've been calling you like crazy " he sits his book bag on the side of the couch and leaned down to kiss his girlfriend but She moved her face away from his attempt "um what's going on?".

Rosalie turns and looks at Ny'Shawn, she stared into the boy's eyes and looked at how he was genuinely confused on why she was acting so cold "I texted you yesterday and you didn't reply" she hoped and prayed the boy would tell the truth or at least explain what she saw last night.

"Oh my bad babe, I had a long day and went straight home and crashed" and there it was, the lie, Rosalie stayed looking into His eyes and couldn't believe it, there was not a single trace indicating he was lying. If She hadn't been at the night club she would have believed what he said to be the truth.

Rosalie gets up from her couch and let a few tears run down her cheek, she slaps Ny'Shawn "I and Raya saw you last night at Chowey's" it took all her energy to even slap the boy she was heartbroken how could He do this to her, to their relationship.

"Rosa let me explain" Ny'Shawn knew he was caught, he couldn't think of a believable lie to tell to get out of this situation. He tried grabbing Rosalie's hand but the girl snatched it back "please Ro hear me out " he sounded so desperate it almost made the girl give in.

"No, Nye, I need you to go" she stuttered through her tears she knew if she let Him touch her or get too close then she would give in and forgive him but this wasn't something for her to forgive.

" Ro wait, baby, I love you, please, please don't do this " this was the first time Ny'Shawn had ever told her he loved her, she had said it many times and only got kisses back as His response.

"I love you too, but you have to leave Nye, there's no fixing this, it's over" She wanted to stop crying but she couldn't her heart wouldn't let her.

Ny'Shawn started to cry just as bad as Rosalie and fell to his knees and hugged the girl's legs "baby no, I'm sorry I fucked up I promise I won't do it again, please forgive me " she wanted to forgive him right there, she wanted to kiss him and forget what she saw but she knew she had to stay strong.

; "Nye please leave" Rosy wiped the snot and tears off her face and made sure her voice didn't sound unsure of her decision "you have to go Nye" the boy stands up and wipe his tears away and looked at Her with pain in his eyes before grabbing his book bag and leaving slamming the door behind him. Rosalie broke down finally and fell to the floor, her heart was suffering a heartbreak.


"You're overreacting Rosalie," Ny'Shawn stated while putting his pants on "I meant I was on the phone with them"

Rosalie scuffs and put on her oversized hoodie "you're a fucking liar! Who was she? One of your interns? or some random bitch you met on the way home?!" Rosalie snapped she was tired of this, she was tired of being played like a fool by her boyfriend.

"Look, Rosa, I'm tired and we have to be up very early tomorrow morning"the Man didn't feel like arguing with her tonight he just wanted to go to bed, tomorrow was their friends Marcus and Naomi's wedding and he didn't want to spend the whole night arguing.

"No, no! You do this every fucking time and I'm sick of it! You cheat and expect me to forgive and forget!" The first time Rosalie forgave Ny'Shawn for cheating was after there first break up, he begged her for weeks to take him back and She finally did.

Ny'Shawn couldn't take it anymore he just wanted to go to sleep"Fine! You want to know where I've been?!" He takes one big sigh "I was with Raemier " and there it was the confession Rosalie was waiting for. Raemier was Ny'Shawn's college ex-girlfriend that he seemed to always stay in contact with.

"I knew it! I fucking knew it! You're a fucking cheating piece of shit Ny'Shawn Miller!" Rosalie starts crying and cussing while pointing at Ny'Shawn who just starred at the floor "get out, I don't want you here " those words made him look up.

"Ro come on, be reasonable right now there's no one up at this time " he was regretting speaking the truth.

"I don't care, I want you gone " and with those final words, Rosalie leaves and goes into the bathroom.

Ny'Shawn facepalms himself, he picks up his phone and dials a number "hey man it's me, Rosa is kicking me out again, can I crash at your place? ...okay thanks D"he hangs up and started to gather some of his stuff before leaving the apartment.

Meanwhile Rosalie had sat on her bathroom floor with dried up tears and a numb feeling in her chest her life repeated itself, Ny'Shawn would cheat, she ends up finding out and forgiving him days later after said boy manages to seduce her and Rinse and repeat, she gets up and looks at herself in the mirror "why are you keep doing this to yourself ?" She wanted an answer.

The next morning Rosalie took a shower and got ready for the final wedding rehearsal at the beach "finally you're here! Everyone hasn't arrived here yet" Naomi said once she saw Rosalie walk into the beach house.

"I got a text from Raya earlier, they're on the plane now" Rosalie explained before helping Naomi set up things on the tables for the wedding reception.

"Okay great I'll be back I need to talk to the catering company, I asked for strawberries and those dicks sent over raspberries " Naomi walks off leaving her chuckling friend to do the tables on her own.

"You need help with that?" Rosalie looks up and rolls her eyes" babygirl I know I fucked up but let me make it up to you, I promise I won't do this again" that promise wasn't even considered a promise anymore considering Ny'Shawn did whatever he wanted even after promising he wouldn't.

"Fuck you " Rosalie whispered in his ear and smiles at the man before trying to walk away but Ny'Shawn grabbed her arm and presses his lips against hers, She wanted to push him off of her she wanted to stick to her decision of letting Him go but she found herself wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing back.

Ny'Shawn guides himself and Rosalie to the bathroom next to them without breaking their kiss, he picks up the girl and pins her back against the door of the bathroom. Rosalie bites down on Ny'Shawn's covered shoulder, he winces in pain but continued to slide the girl's panties to the side from the underskirt with his free while he held her up with the other. Rosalie grips Ny'Shawn's shirt while trying to hold in the moans that threaten to leave her lips.

Rosalie let a soft grunt leave her body once she felt Ny'Shawn inside of her, he was rough and she was loving every hard thrust he gave her, Ny'Shawn wraps his arms on her waist and lays his head on Rosalie's chest as he speeds his movements, both adults had sweat forming on their foreheads, Rosalie could feel Ny'Shawn cumming inside her, the feeling turned her on, even more, her core was throbbing.

Rosalie could feel it, that tightness in her stomach kept tightening her body was pulsating before it completely let loose she could no longer hold in her moans, her legs felt weak and if she wasn't being held against the wall she would have slid down the floor.

"I love you, "Ny'Shawn smiled looking at the girl who was now catching her breath, she was still beautiful even with her hair sticking to her face.

"I love you too" Rosalie smiles and gives Ny'Shawn a loving kiss before resting her forehead on his, Nye was like kryptonite and when he got a hold of her every wall she put up starts to become weak and fall. No one could make Rosalie feel every emotion on the planet except Ny'Shawn and he knew that and that's why he used it to get what he wanted "forever."

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