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Arabella's world comes crashing down on her when her parents are killed in a car accident. According to social services, Ara is now facing foster care. Before a foster home can be sought for her, a mysterious relative steps forward and says that she is willing to take her in. Ara has never met her aunt Lenore, but she is willing to give it a try if it means she won't end up in foster care. It can't be any worse, right? Ara is about to find out just how wrong she is. Lenore lives in an old house with a dark secret. A secret that might just cost Arabella her life.

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The Accident

She could remember it like it was yesterday. She had been sitting in Spanish class, eagerly absorbing the day's lesson. It was of utmost importance that she learn the language perfectly because her family was taking her to Spain on her dad's next business trip. It was the whole reason she had signed up for the class in the first place.

As she scribbled notes in her workbook, the intercom buzzed. "Ms. Grayson, will you please send Arabella to the office."

Uh oh. Ara didn't remember doing anything that she would be in trouble for. She was generally a good student, never even talked to her friends while her teachers were talking or cut in the lunch line.

"Ara, please gather your things and go to the office," Ms. Grayson said, interrupting her panic. Ara shook off the shock and complied with the teacher's request. She stopped on the way to put her things in her locker, and then tenuously stepped through the office door.

"Excuse me, Ms. Rand. I was called to the office?" Ara said to the secretary.

"Oh yes, sweetheart. They're waiting for you in the principal's office," she replied with a sympathetic look. Ara gulped and knocked on the principal's door.

"Come in," Mr. Benny called out. Ara opened the door and went inside. Seated at the desk was the principal and standing next to the desk was a police officer. Now she was really worried. Ara knew she hadn't done anything bad enough to warrant a police officer coming to see her!

"Ara, please have a seat," the principal said. Ara clumsily sat down in the oversized chair in front of the desk.

"Ara, I'm Officer Whitley. I'm sorry to bring you this news, but your parents were involved in a serious car accident this afternoon. They have both passed away."

And just like that, Arabella's world came crashing down around her.

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