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An Orphan

Buzz Was Not Like That Since The Start He Was An Orphan Living In The Streets Of Orion City When He Was Almost 15 Exo.Corp Came And Told Him About Giving Him Superpowers He Was Hesitant At First But He Agreed Later On. He Was Injected With The X-Serum. He Was Meant To Have Water Powers But Just Then Lightning Strook Near The Facility Which Caused An Unstable Reaction In The X-Serum And Buzz Got His Electrical Powers But The Shockwave Was So Strong That Buzz Also Got The Ability To Travel Between Dimension's And Time, He Went To The Future Only To See Himself As A Supervillain. He Came Back And Took An Oath And Implanted A Blast Chip In Side His Head That Would Explode On A Single Button Click And The Button Was With Exo.Corp And That's How He Became What He Today Is A Superhero And A Team ELITE Member And That Was The End Of The Story Or Was It?

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