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Kikyo revives to face a demon that intends to rule the feudal world, she will have the help of a guardian that she will learn to trust and love. During the stretch, the priestess will have to deal with encounters with old characters from her past.

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Kikyo Revives

It has been 5 years since Inuyasha and his friends defeated Naraku and the pearl of Shikon does not exist, now they live in harmony without difficulties, each one lives happily as Inuyasha married Kagome, Miroku and Sango are raising their 3 children, the old woman Kaede trains Rin to be a priestess, Shippo is the best fox that tricks people, Kohaku became a great exterminator of monsters; and Sesshomaru follows his path together with Jaken. However, this story has a new beginning in which their lives will change when the protagonist appears to turn the scales:

- Inuyasha I have to do it, I'm the only one who can defeat this demon.

- I'm not going to lose you again Kikyo, I suffered enough when Naraku killed you.

- Inuyasha, you've already lost me," the priestess spoke with her characteristic coldness.

Kikyo turns to walk and Inuyasha tries to grab her shoulder, but she vanishes:

- WHAT? he asks, upset when he sees that she disappeared- KIKYO, KIKYO, KIKKYO, KIKKYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

- Wake up Inuyasha! - exclaimed the monk who hit him with his cane because he saw that he fell asleep and started to scream.

- Ouch!!! What the hell is wrong with you Miroku why are you hitting me? complained the hanyou who was rubbing his head.

- I hit you because you were sleeping and shouting Miss Kikyo's name.

- I dreamed of her," he spoke crestfallen, "That she was alive.

- Inuyasha you have to forget about miss Kikyo she will never come back to life, you only hurt yourself and miss Kagome.

- I know, but ....

- Miss Kagome approaches," looking behind Inuyasha, "We'd better talk later because if she finds out you dreamt about Kikyo she'll be upset.

As the monk said, Inuyasha's wife came over to hug him happily:

- Hello, monk Miroku," smiled the blue-haired girl happily.

- Hello miss Kagome, how are you? smiled the monk.

- Well, Sango and the kids?

- Right now Sango is with them and I'm going there too, see you later - leaving in a hurry.

- What's wrong with the monk Miroku that he was nervous? Inuyasha let's go to our house.

- Come on," the silver-haired man said.

On the way Kagome noticed that Inuyasha was silent as if he was thinking about something else and she realized that when he was like that, it was because he was thinking about Kikyo, this made her so upset that she stopped. The hanyou as he was so thoughtful didn't notice that the brown haired girl wasn't walking, she didn't know what to do so she waited until it got dark to talk alone without anyone bothering them.

Meanwhile, Miroku returned with Sango who was cleaning up, the twins were playing outside with their little brother, he sighed in relief but his wife was surprised that the monk was back so soon but more that he was nervous:

- Miroku, what's wrong with you? You look nervous

- It's nothing Sango, I was just tired so I decided to come back that's all haha.

- Did you fight with Inuyasha? asked the beautiful slayer.

- Me fight with Inuyasha? No, I was talking about something more important.

- About what?

- About Miss Kikyo.

- That idiot Inuyasha is still thinking about Kikyo! He's married to Kagome! - she said angrily.

- Sango that topic is Inuyasha and Kagome's, we shouldn't interfere, they will talk.

- I won't forgive Inuyasha if Kagome suffers because of him," she said angrily.

- Sango I'm mad at Inuyasha too, but you have to understand that it's their thing.

- Yes, you're right - calming down.

Both Miroku and Sango got tired of talking about Inuyasha and Kagome's problems and changed the subject, while in the hut where Inuyasha and Kagome were, they had already had lunch and were looking at the fire and the hanyou was still silent thinking about Kikyo, this called the attention of his wife who became sad and could not stand the uncertainty anymore:

- Inuyasha, is something wrong with you, do I notice you thinking about something else all day? - asked sadly the girl of the modern era but she didn't receive an answer since he remained silent- ABAJOOOOO!!!!! - shouting.

Such a scream was that Inuyasha sank to the ground, he raised his head and looked at her to see what was wrong and what he saw was Kagome very angry:

- Kagome what's wrong why did you do that?! - looking up from the ground.

- Because you didn't answer me - angry.

Inuyasha was as scared as a small child to see his wife's scary face, but then he got worried because she was crying and immediately got up to hug her and ask her if something was wrong:

- Kagome what's wrong with you answer why did you do this to me? - hugging her.

- Are you still thinking about her, about Kikyo? asked the blue-haired girl.

- Forgive me for being quiet, it's just that days ago I started dreaming about Kikyo, that's why I'm pensive...I didn't want to worry you.

- Inuyasha still can't forget Kikyo?

- I've been with you for five years and it doesn't matter if Kikyo is alive or dead; I will stay by your side because I love you.

- Really, Inuyasha?

- Yes, I will never leave you alone.

Once the sun went down, night came and right in a forest was a demon who was accompanied by a human, they were heading towards their hut while talking:

- You have done well, Issac," spoke the red demon, dressed in a white robe.

- Thanks to your teachings, master Juanz - spoke the human with short brown hair and dressed in a black Kimono.

- You will soon become a guardian, when you turn 30.

- Yes master I want to become a guardian; but I am only 18 years old.

- Don't worry, it takes time, I became a guardian when I was 100 years old.

- But I am only human and we have a period of 100 years to die.

- If you become a guardian at 100 years old you will be a totally weak old man - mocking.

- That wasn't funny," he said grumpily.

- It's a joke hahahaha.

- Very funny, you are 500 years old and you look young.

- Of course when you become a guardian, you stay forever with the appearance you have, you have 17 years you still have time, it is not necessary to transform.

- I'm going to be 18! I'm going to be 18!" correcting him a bit upset.

- Right I forgot and so did your birthday present.

- Master it is not necessary, I don't need anything.

- Of course I do, come with me over there

As they went to get the gift, someone watched them in the shadows smiling:

- Hahahaha so Juanz has a human apprentice, this will be easy.

They arrived at a waterfall, Juanz reached in and pulled out a sword:

- This is your gift," smiled the demon.

- It's a sword, thank you master! - cheerful.

- It is not just any sword, it is made with some of my energy and when you have become a guardian, it and you will become a mighty warrior because your powers will have increased as well.

- Incredible the blade gives off a green energy as if it were alive - unsheathing.

- That means the sword chose you as its owner.

- I didn't know that swords choose their owners.

- That's right, I'm... Huh? -feeling a presence- Issac duck! - shouting.

The red demon used his sword to deflect the blast and counterattack, but there was no one around:

- Come on show yourself, I know you're here! the red-skinned demon shouted threateningly.

- Juanz I can see that you are still moving even though you are no longer an avatar - coming out a demon with dark grey skin, black hair and white robes.

- Izuna? - I ask astonished.

- I see you still remember my face.

- Master, who is it? asked Issac.

- He was an avatar like me, but because he wanted to use his power for his own benefit he was banished by the other avatars turning him into a mortal," explained Juanz.

- Yes, but I got my powers back thanks to making a pact with the dark demon so I can take revenge on the avatars and you.

- Me?

- Yeah, 'cause you're the one who ratted me out.

- You did so much evil I couldn't let you continue to dishonor the avatars.

- Don't you remember when you fell in love? Have you forgotten already? - smiled Izuna of malice.

- That doesn't matter to you, why did you come here?

- To kill you and your apprentice.

- Issac, get out of the way, I'll kill him," he turned to his apprentice.

- Yes, master," said Issac.

- If you want, your apprentice can fight, I don't mind.

Juanz attacked using energy from his hands, however, Izuna didn't move from where he was since he didn't suffer any damage:

- hahaha is this all your power? The great Juanz has turned into someone pathetic.

- You made yourself pathetic by accepting powers that are not yours.

- If I have to kill all of you, I will accept any power that will help me become stronger.

- I have no choice but to kill you, albeit with the only weapon that can work on you.

When he was about to draw his sword, Izuna attacked with ferocity avoiding him to use it, Juanz received many blows and even critical attacks that left him unable to get up, he was about to kill him, but Issac interfered cutting his cheek on the left side of his face; forcing him to retreat:

- No matter who you are, I won't let you kill my master!

- Issac... run away.

- master resist!

Juanz's apprentice managed to pull Izuna away as he helped his severely wounded master to his feet.

- Damn kid ("why this brat could cut me, if he is a simple human, damn it he is an apprentice and his sword must have a power similar to the sword of light, I can't let him live because he can be a very dangerous enemy") - thought the demon.

Izuna concentrated a lot of energy in his hands forming a big sphere of energy, Issac when looking at this decides that it's better to move away to avoid him killing them, so he takes Juanz and runs away to escape.

No matter where you run, with this power you will die hahaha - throwing the sphere in the direction where they escaped.

The sphere exploded causing a huge explosion and leaving the forest totally destroyed and in flames, Izuna looked to see if they were still alive, but he thought they had died:

- Hmp... ("I don't think they survived this, but if they're alive I'll kill them until there's nothing left.") -evil grin.

Once Izuna left, Issac came out between some rocks, he had managed to get with Juanz in a small tunnel, but he was still going to die if not his sword created an energy field to protect them, he lifted his master and carried him on his back. While in the village they felt the explosion in the forest, Inuyasha came out quickly as well as Miroku, at the same time the others also came out:

- ("What does this mean? I can smell blood and I feel an evil presence") -the hanyou looked in the direction where the explosion came from.

- Did you feel it Inuyasha? There is an evil presence," said the monk Miroku.

- Yes, I also smell blood.

- We should go investigate.

- Yes," I nod my head.

- Inuyasha where are you going? asked Kagome who approached them.

- I'll go with Miroku to investigate that explosion," Inuyasha replied.

- I'm coming with you.

- It is better that you stay, miss Kagome, in case we have to defend the village," commented the monk.

- All right, but take care of yourselves," she said with a look of concern on her face.

Once they reached what was left of the forest, they were both shocked, Inuyasha sniffing some scent, Miroku trying to sense some evil presence:

- When we were coming to this place, I could feel the evil presence disappear," Miroku said.

- I could smell the blood of a demon, but it wasn't evil, maybe there was a confrontation between these demons," Inuyasha mentioned while sniffing.

- They must be too powerful to destroy the entire forest.

- There were not only demons but a human.

- A human? What was he doing here?

I don't know, but it was different.

- Different?

- His scent was unlike the others, it was like...the one from ...... as he hid his face by ducking his head.

- What do you mean, whose? I asked seriously.

- Like Kikyo's," he said sadly.

- Kikyo? then she was a corpse, dirt and bones.

- No, he wasn't dead, his scent was a living thing, but it resembled Kikyo's when she was alive.

- Then Miss Kikyo is alive.

- No... she died 5 years ago. - leaving.

- Wait Inuyasha! If it's not Kikyo, who is it?

- I don't know. .... But I don't want you to say that Kikyo is alive because she's never coming back.

- Inuyasha are you still thinking about Miss Kikyo? he asked himself.

Inuyasha left without saying anything to Miroku, Miroku had to accept this as a yes while Issac carried his master on his back after escaping Izuna's attack alive, they were heading to their hut:

- Master, hang in there, we've reached the hut," said Issac.

- Issac...I'm not going to .... survive.... said the demon who found it hard to speak.

- Don't say that you are a sacred guardian and can heal yourself.

- But I wasn't able to defeat him.... I didn't get a scratch....... and you could.

- Thanks to his teachings and the sword he gave me.

- You can't fight him alone, you need someone to defeat him.

- Who?

- The priestess Kikyo

- The priestess Kikyo? But I heard she died 50 years ago.

- True, but she was revived 5 years ago by the witch Urasue, YET unfortunately she was killed by the same person who killed her.

- Who killed her?

- A demon named Naraku who was obsessed with her.

- It's a pity because with his powers he would be able to kill Izuna.

- I... I can revive her!

- Master, don't do it, if you do, you will die," the apprentice argued.

- Don't worry I have enough energy to do it

- Okay, but I don't agree.

- Don't worry, besides it's for the good of the whole world.

Once they arrived at the hut, Juanz knelt down on a rug and began to recite a few words, but Isa interrupted him:

- How do you plan to revive her? I asked.

- The witch Urasue used mud and bones, I will resurrect her, but this time as a human with her spiritual powers enhanced. - As she spoke, she was spitting blood.

- Master, are you all right?

- YES cof...I'm just still hurt from the beating I took from Izuna.

- She should heal her wounds and then revive the priestess.

- There's no time for that, I must start now or else.... looking down.

- Otherwise what?

- Otherwise you won't be able to defeat Izuna.

- Okay," he said with acceptance, though he was hesitant.

Juanz again recited some words that were not understood, but each time his hands glowed more and more until an energy came out of his hands like a small flame of fire, this began to grow as the size of the hut almost touching the ceiling. He put his hands as if he was praying, next to the ball of fire opened a portal of light, from the portal came out a soul that went into the ball of fire, the ball of fire began to shrink taking the shape of a person, the demon made a triangle with both hands and said:


The flame of fire that had the shape of a person, began to go out, starting from the head showing the head of a woman until it ended up going out completely, showing a woman of flesh and bones that collapsed to the ground, Issac was astonished and said to Juanz:

- Master she is.... muttered Issac.

- THE PRIESTESS KIKYO! Juanz exclaimed.

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