Mohammed Shaheen

Accepting the circumstances will definately oppose your brighter side somewhere in the darkest corner of the heart a ray of hope strikes in Tina's life. Where she battles between odds, evens and societal prejudice. Elsewhere her family is possesive and within a short period of time she finds a companion who turns the tables ! Will the stranger be a boon to Tina? To unlock the end ,Keep reading the entire story .

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Imagine being surrounded by near and dear ones. Lots of love, memories , smiles and lot many more.. I never thought Life would be so serious and I'll take the decission of saying ciao to my dearest family .

Anyways it's truly said that Life is completely unpredictable with ups , downs,. odds, evens, surprises, challenges and throwback.

I almost burst-up into tears when my. effirts didn't turn out to be a colourful rainbow.It became a thorn for the rest of my journey ai had to bear the painall way long..

My wound didn't completely heal but. somehow I managed to move on with a bright smile . Inside the darkest corner of my heart a ray of hope striked-in. and I genuinely looked at the brighter side of mine .

At the moment although it was impossible for anyone to give a. second chance ! My parents pinged me and still saud : “Are you serious of continuing your bachelor's in science?” .I had a pale smile and forcefully replied “Ofcourse!”.

I grabbed a mug of coffee , keot my mind in peace and thought to move on .The next day I had. to step into a unknown world where I was a stranger to the localities. I slept uncomfortably with upset mind since I had no peer group .I was almost like a plant without a flower when I could be a water pool in the desert

I thought for a while and hoped that. one day there would a person who'll support me and accept my version .

I always dreamt of achieving masters in a university but my family being bound to the societal prejudice still stuck between the mordernization and age old tradition and customs.

Whenever I tried to prove myself on the grounds I always dropped out because I was the odd one with a mordern thought.

Among the midst of silent lane ,I sar outside and keot gazing at the flight of birds , suddenly a notification popped up on my screen.

I stepped forward to check out who dared me to disturb my peace. Ohoo! It's a stranger! after a while another notification popped up.To my surprise it was. a text message

.I texted back “Hello! who's this?”.The conversation wenr long fir about. 45 minutes. As days passed by the stranger became my favourite notification.

Every evening we exchanged our verdicts and enjoyed the journey of conversation Tect message became the onky reason to make ms smile.

I never expected to smile whole heartedly. Until the arrival of strange text I never believed in love stories . But then I began to invest my interest in exploring the other side of me.

The stranger asked for my contact details and then he was the most friendly guy I ever met. For the first time I heard his voice and Kept on listening to his secret's without even uttering a single word.

One month passed by and we became besties; Infact patner in crime Our personal stuff was not private locker anymore .It became public and open .

We started to gossip for long hours until the signal dropped down He was sarcastic guy filled with excellent humour. I never sounded him odd but I could sense his smell and hear his voice even in a text message.

My heart said something is fishy! and then he called just to say something he wasn't sure of! I assured him to speak up openly and straight forward .He tried too hard to express his inner feelings .I could sense breaks of fear in his voice

I didn't want to hear something awkward .I hanged uo his call and texted; “Hey ! if you aren't comfortable. Droo in a text I'll read and text you back”.

I read the message and didn't knew what and how to react. I remained silent not aware of the unpredictable unjust future I just said one day you'll definately find answer.I took one week to come to an conclusion .

I decided to give him warm welcome into my life as a friend. He was almost on the 9th cloud. We never thought our friendship will turn out be the disguised form of divine blessings.

Sooner or later we became so important to eachother just like moon and stars. We fell in love .In the entire journey of transformation of a stranger into crime patner I never took a break to think whether I was. being fair to myself? or it's unjust and immoral act in the society?

Nothing borthered me Excited of inviting the new person I made a voice note and strategic plan for his successful business. I used to often helo him to sort out itsy-bitsy things

While he awaited for my reply I rushed up to solve the quarrel. Finally when things were right and everything was okay. I realised it's late and I forgot to reply to his message.

It becomes really hard to fit into the situation and sort it out as per the statusfaction of the opponent. Somewhere we end up hurting eachother's expectations and that's the end of a individuals aspirations.

I never expected someone to take a stand for me as time passed by I realised the price of someone who could understand me better, I bitterly needed someone to wipe off all my tears and pain.

Will Tina be able to get out of the storm? What's the identity of mr.stranger?

To find out. answers to these questions .Keep reading this story every Sunday a new chapter will be added. Don't miss out to check the latest updates.

Thank you.



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