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The adventurous life and times of Karl Von Hoffman

Karl Von Hoffman born into a noble family of southern russia.At 17 he disobeyed his mother' s wishes and joined the Russo Japanese war and fought bravely.In the asian japanese he found formidable enemies . For his bravery he was awarded the order of St.Anna .Later he fought in the World War 1 under Admiral Kolchak who highly commended his fierce loyalty. Science was his utter passion. In the middle stages of his life he was a part of the Roosevelt expedition.Later in Africa and Australia he discovered to the surprise of many scientists hitherto unknown facts about organic evolution and geological rarities. Von Hoffman unearthed rare fossils showing a alien connection to the evolution of homo sapiens. In the human genome alien DNA pairs were clearly to be identified as per the fossil records. In about 245000 B.C alien races from outerspace invaded the earth and built great civilizations in the continents existing at that time. Those civilizations were lost over time possibly due to abandonment becausr of inter galactic wars. This enigmatic dogma is attributed to Vo Hoffman and is referred to as Von Hoffman hypothesis.

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