Aksharaa Senthil Kumaran

Hello everyone! This story is about a the story of an girl.. I have published my stories in matrubharti as akshu books...

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The story of an girl -by Aksharaa. s

One day a girl was writing a story in a book. you and all ask what she is writing? she has writing her life what is going on in a diary. let's read the diary. Dear God

Why you are playing with me like this? Why? I can't understand! Why you blessed me like bended legs why? For me I can't put a simple chapel... For my legs.my friends and all their put super chapel but I can't put a simple chapel! Some times I will try to walk straight but I can't walk I can walk slowly with shoe... Why you have blessed me like this... Not only leg I have so many problems in my body.... Why you are playing with me like this! Why God! In my before life I did any wrong??? One day my Tamil teacher has been say who and all got unhealthy mean their has been very good persons in before life and their and all blessed by God... But always whenever I go outside my friends and all asking like this.. I can't ask.. I will say nothing and I will go... Nowadays I got irrating with me for saying answer... Why God????

I am very unlucky girl in this matter! But sometimes times I will think like more people have no legs they will what to do?? For that matter for me 100000 times better... But I should practice to walk straight.. I will practice hard.... But one day my legs and my health also recover.. I believe one day my legs was surely recover.. God is seeing everything... And God will understand my issues.. I believe this... Surely my health was recover one day.... Please God!! And my mom and dad health also recover surely recover one day.. I believe this... Please God...

Some time in my school my teacher will say today is running day but I will scare but I will always come 10th place I mean last place...Sometimes I will ask to God has why God you gave birth to me ?? But one day God will give answer to me! I believe this!!! More peoples believe the God.. One day God will answer to everyone..

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