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Massacre death

The atmosphere was dusty and embroiled in the loud screams of people. It was a very stressful night for everyone at the hospital , my parents and I went to the clinic which was just an hour to our house. My mother was 5 months pregnant and she had regular check-ups because she had diabetes.

We were in a joyous mood that day because the doctor was going to reveal the gender of the unborn baby. I really wanted a baby brother but my father wanted another girl. My mother was not eager because she would love the child no matter what the gender would be.

There was a sudden power cut at the reception but we were told not to be scared as it was a usual thing at the hospital. Even being 16 years old I was still immature and scared. The emergency red light was on and I was terrified as I hated darkness. The red light was creating suspense and tention. My dad was with me since we got to the hospital and then suddenly there was a loud scream at the end of the corridor.

Everyone took fright and the lookouts were trying to handle the situation as everyone was scared and curious. "Derek come help me please....." my mom screamed in a loud crying voice, ghosts could never affright me but this shout surely did terrify me.

It was a ghastly atmosphere,everyone was running away to save their skin. I was in a complete delusional state, tears rolling down my chubby cheeks. I was walking with heavy feets and i was petrified; i had found bodies all over the floor. "You'll be alright , your parents are just next door alex don't worry " i kept repeating this to myself.

Still walking in that scary corridor, i had found the room in which my mom was in. I had garnered gallantry and opened the door slowly with my cold hands. After i looked inside , i instantly fell onto my knees and i was in tears. My mom was on a chair with her wrist all ripped off and my father lying there drowning in his own bloodbath. Then i noticed my father's fingers moving slightly, i crawled up to him.

He was struggling and could barely talk." It's your uncle who.." and his soul left for silver city. My mom had several scratches on her face and my dad's tshirt was all ripped off, these scratches seemed to be coming from an animal attack.

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