Kaytlyn Marie Ernst

Dustpelt Is 3 years old with his 2 month old brother fire and one day they get kidnapped

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mommy. I'll come for you if I find you and your brother I promise. mommy.

16 years later.

I hope you come for us. dustpelt you in here. dustpelt opened the drawer and put the necklace in and closed it and grabbed his book and started reading. yes I'm in here. ok good I want to talk to you about your birthday. you don't know when my birthday is or fires because don't you go thinking that I forgot what you did when I was 3 years old. I am your real mom. no you aren't my real mom is out there looking for me and fire. you don't know what happened. yes I do and I know that all this is just an act. fine but you are not coming out of your room. she locked dustpelt in his room and left. let me out.

mommy where is dustpelt. in his room why. I want him to play with me. I locked him in his room so he can't. you never lock him in his room. want me to lock you in your room. no. then drop it and go play by yourself. ok. fire went into his room. let me out of here, huh. dustpelt heard a car pull up and a woman got out of the car he went to the window. and opened it. mom. dustpelt, Dustpelt can you come out. I wish, I'm locked in. do you have a rope. no I don't. just hold on I'm coming to get you. upstairs. who are you. fire. how do you know my name. because I'm your mother your birth mother. when is my birthday. July 2, 2006 and dustpelts birthday is may 3,1920. you are my real mother. where is dustpelt. he is locked in his room, I wanted to play with him but she said that she would lock me in my room if I kept talking about him. come here.

let me out. let's find that key. hide.

you are not coming out. fire turned to his mother. I will take the keys.

let me out please. let my son out, give me the key. here. please let me out. don't worry dustpelt I'm getting you out and you and your brother are coming home. there. mom thanks. your welcome. let's go home. wait there is something I want to grab first.

now let's go. let's go into fires room real quick.

dustpelt where are you going. sandstorm, Firestar I'm so sorry for not telling you this but this is my mother, I was kidnapped when I was 3 years old and my brother was 2 months old, and were going home. dustpelt the same thing happened to us but after 16 years we found out that they passed, can we come with you. yes you can.

in Colorado. well dustpelt do you remember the house. yes I do. dustpelt me and your father were thinking of all of us move into a condo I'll show you when we get inside.

lionheart. no it can't be. hi dad. dustpelt, fire, I've missed you so much. I missed you too, dad these are my friends Firestar and sandstorm they ended up just like me and fire but their parents died so they came with us. okay

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