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Javaya isn't any normal kid. He's a draconian who alongside with his brother Drake where kidnapped and brought to Earth where they become members of an organization and made to carry out the will of their "Boss". Javaya alongside his mother figure Tania explore an Earth that if very different from our own while trying to bring down Basilisk from the inside out.

Fantasia Épico Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

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A new beginning (Prologue)

The intense rays of the morning sun broke through the canopy of a rainforest on a foreign planet. It was dry and no wind was blowing as a young child cut his way through the numerous vegetation that was blocking his way with a freshly sharpened machete. The boy had short but messy black hair that was soaked in sweat. He also had light brown skin and eyes. He was roughly eight years of age but had a determined and serious look on his face. He was only wearing black shorts that were torn and ripped due to many prickly thorns that nipped and pricked at his skin. He looked like any normal human child would but he wasn't human. The young boy had scales around his shoulders, wrists, knees, elbows and ankles. His senses were also sharper than that of any humans but he still possessed a humanoid appearance.

Wrapped around his waist was what looked like a blue blanket and between this blanket and the boy's body was a baby. The baby was a boy, with the same dark complexion as the older boy. He had a couple strands of sharp white hair that sprouted from his head. He was squirming about and crying which irritated his older brother. “You don't know when to quit, Javaya,” his older brother said as he sliced a curtain of vines that were blocking his path. “You think you're entitled to stuff just because you're special”. Javaya's older brother slammed the blade of his machete into the bark of the tall tree that was closest to him. “Having to look after you is infuriating but well...” Javaya giggled as his older brother traversed through the large and lush jungle.

The boy stopped in front of a certain tree. It had the letter D engraved onto it which stood for his name which was Drake. “This is my secret path. I like to hang out around here but I guess I'll show you what it's all about”. Drake continued down the rough and jagged path. It was like an adventure for him. A distraction from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. He leaped and sprinted down the jungle path. It was pretty early and Drake needed a snack. He bolted up the side of a purplish tree and reached the top. “Purple dradonoid fruit. The best stuff,” Drake told his brother. He took a bite out of the spiky fruit's exterior. It was sweet and sour. “Never mind that though. Take a look at the view,” Drake said as he looked out at the morning sky. His home world Planet Kar was beautiful and undisturbed but he always wondered if there was more out there. He felt like he had experienced everything his world had to offer but he was just a kid so surely that wasn't the case.

Drake sensed something coming from behind him but it struck him before he could react. Drake fell from the tree, smashing through and breaking branches as he fell to the ground. He smashed off the floor and came to a halt at the foot of an individual who towered over him. “Wow two birds with one stone. It's my lucky day,” the individual said as he scooped up the crying Javaya in his arms. Drake couldn't move an inch but he could see the individual that was holding his brother. He was dressed in a black body suit and was wearing s black helmet that covered his face. In one of his hands he was holding a large electronic blaster rifle that had a grey tint and had lights that flickered yellow and red.

“Why can't I move?” Drake managed to say through gritted teeth. “Stun properties. It works wonders on your kind...not for long though. Summer, bring in the spaceship please,” the man said as he chucked Drake over his shoulder. He tried to lash out but he couldn't even open his mouth. “Your new life is about to begin kiddo. Forget about this bootleg planet. A beautiful planet called Earth will be your new home,” the mysterious man told Drake. He looked up at the sky where he could see a large spacecraft materializing. The mysterious man, Drake and Javaya were now cloaked in a strange light. Everything was starting to fade to black as Javaya's crying grew faint.

It felt strange. The air felt strange and it was way too cool to be Planet Kar. Drake opened his tired eyes. He was in a large cool white room. A large white expanse. Drake got to his feet. He could barely remember what happened. A strange individual and Javaya's crying. “Hello?” Drake called out. His voice echoed multiple times before the silence set in once more. Drake made his way to the wall on his right. He placed his hands on it and pushed as hard as he could but nothing budged. The surface was cold and smooth. It was nothing like anything he had felt before. Drake slammed his fist off of the wall as hard as he could but of course nothing happened. “Testing, testing, testing. One, two, three. Ok this thing is working, I think. Hello new subject.

Welcome to planet Earth and to Basilisk HQ, your new home. I am your master... no one of your masters. You can call me Doctor Dynamo. You are a dradonoid but the boss seems to prefer to classify your species as draconian due to your... scales? I don't get it. Anyways the members of your race are capable of controlling an energy called radia. Radia exists in everything and everyone but only a few are gifted enough to manipulate it. Radia can form beams, constructs... it's possibilities are limitless. You will learn how to control radia and 'awaken' but that will take some time”. The intercom cut out but quickly returned. “Your objective is to complete various missions that you will be assigned. It'll also be best to forget about your old life. That is in the past and Basilisk in your new future. Now this pre-recorded message is over. Have a splendid day”.

Now Drake was confused. He was confused because he had been told a lot in such a short amount of time. “Where's my brother?” Drake called out. His voice echoed multiple times before silence filled the room once more. “Your brother is safe. I am Summer, the A.I that operates Basilisk HQ. It is a pleasure to meet you. What's your name?” a feminine voice asked Drake. “Drake. Can I get something to wear cause it's freezing,” Drake shivered as he wrapped his arms around his ribcage. “Make your way to your right. Your fellow soldiers will help you with that,” Summer replied. There was now a rectangular opening in the wall that was to Drake's right. Drake made his way over to it and walked through.

He was now in some kind of hallway that had several doors. It was all white and way more futuristic than anything Drake had seen before. His city had nothing on this place that looked like something out of a movie. “Make your way to the end of the corridor. There you will find the canteen,” Summer's voice told Drake. He done as she said, reaching a tall metal door that slid open. It was strange but there was the welcomed smell of food. “So you're the other soldier,” a young girl said to Drake. She was standing next to another girl who looked exactly like her. They both had long black hair that hung free around their faces, light brown eyes (like all other draconians), pale faces and were both wearing these strange white outfits that were like jumpsuits. The other girl who hadn't said anything was holding Javaya in her arms and surprisingly he wasn't crying.

“Who the hell are you two and why do you have my brother?” Drake shouted at them. "We're draconians just like you. I was just looking after him for you. I'm Tania and that's my sister Savannah,” Tania told Drake. He could see that Javaya was calm and relaxed as she held him in her arms. “Quick, how do we get out of here? I have to get back home!” Drake said as he stared up at the ceiling. “Didn't you hear what Dynamo said in the automated message? Forget about your shitty home. This is your home now. Apparently our planets aren't even in the same vicinity as Earth,” Savannah replied.

“Wait planets? So you're not from Planet Kar?” Drake asked. “Does it look like it?” Savannah sighed before continuing. “Summer show this loser a hologram of Planet Earth” she said quietly. A large blue sphere of bright blue light appeared between the sisters and Drake. “Zoom into our current location,” Tania ordered. The large sphere that showed many continents and oceans changed and now showed a large country or what looked like one. “Terra, nicknamed Little Earth, this large island is located in the Vast Sea. Terra is an artificial island that was constructed by what was The United States after 'The Great Cataclysm' that plagued the world and displaced millions. Terra would serve as a safe heaven for those that were displaced in order to ease the burden on the recovering nations of Planet Earth. It's main city, Voltaris, is home to many companies, most notably Leviathan who's current C.E.O, Leonardo Aroski, runs Project Basilisk, the organization you all currently serve”.

Drake stood silent trying to take it all in. “I serve nobody but myself but we call that Leo guy 'The Boss',” Savannah explained. She was alot more talkative compared to her sister who was gently rocking Javaya back and forth. "Thank you, Summer," Tania said as the hologram faded away. “How long have you two been here...?” Drake finally managed to say, suddenly feeling sick in the stomach. “A couple of months. There's another girl called Florence but we don't see her too often. Do you need food or?” Tania asked Drake. He signalled no with a wave of his hand.

“I'm alright... I just need cool down. Can you look after my brother Javaya for a bit... he seems to like you,” Drake replied. Tania nodded then smiled. Javaya giggled as if he could understand what his brother said. “What's with his white hair?” Savannah asked. His sister wouldn't pry so she decided to get answers herself. “Oh that? He's just... different. Do I have a room or?” Drake said as he looked around. “Yeah I'll take you to it... what's your name?" Savannah asked. “Drake. Drake Airis,” he answered. Savannah signalled to him to follow her and he did leaving Tania to look after the infant Javaya. Savannah and Drake made their way to the hallway that Drake was just in a few minutes ago. Savannah walked through a door and Drake followed. The two were now in a decently large bedroom that had a decently large bed with spotless white bed sheets, a dark desk and chair, TV, bathroom, wardrobe, bedside counters and exercise area.

“No fucking way. This is my room?” Drake asked as he looked around amazed. It was bigger than any bedroom he had ever seen, even his parents bedroom. That thought reminded him about his mother. His dad had disappeared a while back while serving in the army but his mother was still alive, probably dealing with the loss of her two and only sons. “You know it!” Savannah said as she sat down on the side of the bed. Drake done the same. “This is why me and Tania around. He could probably force us to do missions but this is better than what we had in our past lives. It's cool and all but I want to see my parents again sometime...” Savannah admitted. “So do I. Why us? We didn't have a choice to become apart of this. I... I... miss my home”. Drake began to cry softly. Savannah looked at him and could see his face that was full of sorrow. She then wiped the tears from his face.

“It's rough for the first couple of nights but you'll get used to it. Plus you learn how to do this”. Savannah opened her hand and a bright golden light began to glow. Drake gazed at it. The light emitted a welcomed warmth that Drake liked. “That Florence chick taught me and Tania how to do it. You can also... do this!” Savannah chucked the light like a baseball towards the door that led out to the corridor. It exploded like a grenade, destroying the metal door, leaving only scraps of metal behind. “When you're done resting come find me and I'll teach you how to harness your radia,” Savannah said as she got to her feet. She stuck her tongue out at Drake before leaving his room.

Drake collapsed onto his bed confused, excited and maybe even frightened. He forgot to ask Savannah for a fresh change of clothes but it looked like his wardrobe was full. That light. He envisioned it in his head as well as its infinite possibilities. Maybe it was for the best that he left Kar, he thought.

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