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This story is about Alexandre Niyu, a 16-year-old boy, who was summoned by God to another world as the crimson demon king, the strongest demon in that world. After more than two millennia, God decides to return Alexander to his old world But, with all her powers and a wish from God What do you think will happen after he realizes that his world, in reality, is not his previous world, but another ?! --- This story is based on a novel that I read 7 years ago. I started looking for it, but couldn't find it. So I will work according to the fragments that I remember

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...I returned?

"This is your end, crimson demon king!! —

Somewhere in the depths of the absolute hellish abyss, the group of heroes faced the final boss.

The Crimson Demon King

"Now, give up or you will regret the consequences!! —

The hero, the leader of that group of people, the one who held the sacred sword, unfounded in the very energy of God

"Do it right now, demon king, we don't want to hurt you!! - A girl advanced in front of the hero

It was the healer of the group, Elizabeth Jhuk, the crown princess of the royal throne, located in the northern region of Clover, the most powerful country in the kingdom

"Yes!"— Another girl followed the healer's comment

She was the main magician, Uma, heiress of the southern region of Clover ruled by the elves natura's

The heiresses of the most powerful kingdom in the world, working shoulder to shoulder to defeat the crimson demon king

It's like a fantasy story, only this is real.

The demon king was turned around, turning his back on the hero's group, as if he didn't care about anything.

"The view is amazing"

His subjects were fighting the knights of the kingdom, now united, Clover

I hope you're already satisfied, God.

The cliff in front of him was immense, a single step could make him fall

"Hero, I congratulate you on getting here!"— The crimson demon king congratulated

His hands were wrapped in a very bright red aura

"But, this is your end!! - The demon king ran towards the hero's group with open arms

[Protect everything with your hardness, Ground barrier]

A wall of earth emerged from the ground, obstructing the demon king's path to the hero

"Thank you, Uma!! - Thanked the hero, ignoring his surroundings

However, he held the blessed sword "Excalibur"

The sword that promised absolute victory

The hero was confident about that...

—Naïve— The demon king broke the earth barrier with one last blow and advanced quickly

He dodged the close-range attacks provoked by Uma with great ease

With a battle cry, the demon king struck the hero's obsidian breastplate

The hero flew back due to the force of the blow

"A nuisance outside," said the crimson demon king

With even more speed, he headed towards Uma, who tried to stop him with defensive magic, but it didn't turn out.

Uma spat blood out of his mouth and flew back

The smile on the crimson demon's face made Elizabeth static of fear

The demon advanced calmly until he was face to face with Elizabeth and, with a single finger, pushed her to the ground.

He had fainted

"That was too easy...— Reasoned the demon king

He didn't even have to use magic to fight, with just a little physical reinforcement and energy inside his clothes, he made the hero's famous group fall defeated.

Humans wouldn't believe it...

In fact, not even he could believe it.

As a human in his previous life, he had some hope in this group.

That's right.

The powerful crimson demon king was a human before being summoned to this world

He was an ordinary human, before becoming the ruling sovereign of the demonic lands.

All because of God

Were it not for God, he would have stayed in his world, bored and emotionless.

In a way, he appreciated it.

"All right, time to start with the plan—Saying that, the demon king, began to speak in a language unknown to humans.

But, not because of the demons

From the ground, a red jar came out of a bag

That bottle, broke it on top of the heroes and they began to burn

-Phoenix tears, arise

All the fire around the unconscious bodies was quickly extinguished

The bodies of the heroes were fully recovered

"If you wake up, you can overcome me," said the demon king, "Phoenix tears put you in a state of invincibility for 20 seconds."

The hero woke up to hear what he said

"If so, we will beat you—The hero smiled victoriously

Holding the sword of promised victory, the hero launched himself into a close-range battle against his sworn enemy

The lunge directed at the demon king's chest was repelled by the latter's hand.

"Come on, sell me!! - The demon king roared —Or I will rule the whole world!! —

Inside his clothes, the demon king pulled out several jars of different colors

Those jars were thrown at the group of heroes, who were barely recovering.

"My magic... she's recovering!"— Elizabeth was surprised

"Mine too," Uma said.

"My body is recovering," the hero said.

The crimson demon king began to laugh

"I hope you can defeat me with that," he shouted excitedly.

Again, the demon king threw himself at the heroes

But, the hero counterattacked

The arm and sword drew sparks everywhere in their clash

"Now!! - The hero shouted

The companions began to recite spells that were not understandable to the normal ears.

[Flood everything inyour path, apocalyptic tsunami]

[Descend, rays of the sun]

The heiresses to the throne put together their strongest spell

A large explosion directly impacted the crimson demon king

"We made it!" the hero celebrated.

"Yes!"— Both women ran and jumped next to the hero

Not thinking that the crimson demon king was still alive

"That was a spell," said the crimson demon king coming out of the smoke ball.

The demon king's appearance was abysmal

His clothes were shattered and his right arm was missing

"I thought I would die," said the demon king, beginning to let out a big laugh.


"It can't be...— Not only was the hero perplexed, so were the heiresses.

He had survived his strongest attacks...

Now yes, there was no way they would win.

"Now it's my turn, get ready—The demon king began to conjure

His arm grew back, his clothes were dirty and shattered, he was replaced with a new one and his mana reserves were full

"It was a pleasure, hero"

[I invoke the bloody punishment of Lucifer, the one who defies God, Armaged-

The spell was interrupted

The clouds in the sky began to clear and a powerful ray of sunshine descended from them.

For a moment, everything was calm

But, after a few seconds, those clouds turned dark.

And a whitish blue ray fell directly on the body of the crimson demon king

The impact of lightning completely disintegrated him, at overwhelming speed

The hero watched the scene in horror

In fact, not only the females too, the subjects and knights who were fighting watched as the mighty lightning disintegrated the strongest demon on earth.

... The heroes had won

/The Return of the Crimson Demon King to the Real World/ Chapter 1 - Episode 2

The white room made Alexander cause a horrible migraine

-Good -time has passed, little Alexander- The person in front of Alexander also caused him a migraine

A very strong one

—¡¡¡DAMNOOO!!! - Alexander ran and began to strangle the person —Why did you intervene, damnoo?!! —

Alexander erupted in fury

"I had to spend two thousand years training with teachers as strict as hell...— Alexander began to tell his journey —All so that he could change history and have the demons win that ridiculous war...—

"But, nooooooo— Alexander pointed to the person I was strangling—The Shoddy God had to intervene and kill me so that the miserable humans would win.

—Damnnn!!— Alexander threw the person at a considerable distance

The person almost dies...

"In all these ions, I never ran into someone who was able to strangle the one God," said the person, now comfortable as God.

"You're not God to me, stupid," Alexander said, “What kind of God would kill a person "by mistake"?—

God looked the other way

"On top of that it was for a pot...— Alexander was about to scream —I died why a pot hit me on the head!! What kind of stupid dies for that?! —

Alexander began to run to God

"I'll beat you until I'm satisfied as compensation—Alexander grabbed God by the neck.

"W-Wait!" said God, "I apologize for the way I killed you.

"An apology will not make up for my death," Alexander said dryly.

This one will— God snapped his fingers and appeared ten feet from Alexander

"I will allow you to return to your world," God offered.

"Put on, old bearded man," Alexander said, "I won't fall so easily into your cheap tricks."

God looked the other way again

—...—Alexander seriously contemplated the option

You could say I wanted to accept, but I also wanted something...

Something very good...

"I'll do it with two conditions"—Alexander lifted two fingers from his hand.

"I hear you," God said.

"I want my powers back," Alexander said, "After more than two millennia, I became fond of my spells. Besides, I can't waste all that effort"

God nodded slightly —And the other condition? —He asked.

"I want a wish," Alexander said.

"Your conditions are surprisingly easy... are you planning anything?" God suspected

"I just plan to live quietly, bearded," Alexander said nodding.

"If that's the case...— God just closed his mouth and proceeded to make the requests of the only human who challenged him.

It was interesting to see what stupidities he did throughout his life...

"Well, that's it," Said God, "Now go, someone will come soon."

The Almighty snap her fingers again before answering the question alexander was going to ask her.

However, he only said:

"Put on, old pervert!! —

/The Return of the Crimson Demon King to the Real World/ Chapter 1 - Episode 3

I woke up on the floor, in the same place I was moments before I was summoned

I got up off the floor and looked around.

The same litter thrown away and messy as before

Dirty clothes on the floor

The "educational" magazines with something viscous in them were lying on top of the TV

Yes, this is my department

Officially, I came back

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