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Winter is a make up artist in New York City for one of the seasons Top New fashion designers Louis Hendricks. Dex Smith is New York's sexiest wanted bachelor that no woman seems to be able to get his attention until he meets Winter. Let Winter tell you just how intense that attraction was and just how much everyone did not like them together. But they couldn't stay away or keep their hands off eachother. ATTENTION This book contains detailed sexual talk and curse words it is not meant for children you must be 18 year old or older due to it's graphic detailed nature. Thank you

Romance Erótico Para maiores de 18 apenas.

#Love #Sex #Attraction #Intense
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Meeting Dex Smith

Winter was a make up artist for one of New York’s hottest fashion Designers Louis Hendricks he was new but his designs were the must haves of the season. It was Louis summer collection release everyone who is anyone was there, Winter was in charge of making sure all the girls looked flawless as they hit the runway, As she took a peek into the crowd to see who was all there,there he was Dex Smith New York’s sexiest and wealthiest Batchelor that every woman wanted but couldn't seem to get. There were rumours that he was possibly gay but they are just rumours. After the fashion show was over Winter was walking out to her car with her massive make up carrier, she wasn't watching where she was going and she runs right into someone, oh I'm so sorry as she looked up she gasped and she had butterflies in her stomach because she was looking right into the blue eyes of Dex Smith. You might want to be he said in a jokingly voice with his big smile that could brighten anyone's day. Winter just laughed and walked away she was beat red from embarrassment. Hey isn't this yours Dex yelled, Winter forgot her make up case cause she was so flustered at the sight Dex he was the most beautiful site she has ever laid eyes on his eyes she could get lost in for days. His voice was one that stuck in your mind forever and his name just sent chills all over your body when your heard it. Thank you she said in a quiet voice and went to grab her case and as she went to reach he did as well and his hand and her touched it sent this sensation through her body, it was like electricity from her head to the tip of her toes. Well that was different Dex said to break the silence. Winter didn't know how to respond she doesn't have much of a personal life so she just smiled grabbed her case and walked back to her car. Can I not get your name? Dex said with a confused look on his face, if you want to know it bad enough you will figure it out she said out her window as she drove away. The hole way home she couldn't stop thinking about what happened and she caught herself getting lost in the thought of Dex what it would be like to explore every inch of him. When she got home she thought she'd search up if anyone else has experienced anything like Her and Dex just did and there were hundreds of stories, it was unspoken attraction. How can that be with someone you just met she wondered maybe it was cause it was like she knew him due to him being on the cover of every magazine and his face was on every billboard so she seen him everywhere she went or maybe cause he Was just so damn sexy. It was almost midnight and even though she could sit and think about Dex all night she had to get to sleep Louis had another show tomorrow night and he needed her there early so off to dreamland she went.

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