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Prologue to the Animal Soul series: The Fury of an Exile. The story traces Callie's childhood and her mother's journey as she struggles to overcome the loss of the man in her life and the father of her only child. The two live on an island far from civilization, but which is soon discovered by historians and after Callie comes to the world, Geny is already the leader of his people and commands the entire island. Until an unknown man invades your home. Drake Ivanok has become a man without an ounce of remorse and love for others, despises everyone around him and cares only about his ambition, driven by curiosity, he decides to study a lost island found in the notes his father left and after Years in search, Drake finally goes to the island with his team, all to find an artifact that can bring great benefits to his next generation weapons company, he just didn't imagine he would have to take the owner along with the object and protect with his life the treasure he desires only for his own benefit. Officially registered work. © B.M.Santos, 2020 - All rights reserved.

Romance Futurista Para maiores de 18 apenas.

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Chapter 1

I never wished I could… I never wanted more than my partner by my side, an orphan boy who grew up beside me, became my best friend above all. has always been with me, teaching me to survive, the only owner of my smile.

every morning i open my eyes and I see the dark blue of your irises admiring myself, I'm taken every morning for a shower relaxing in a waterfall hidden in the forest.

— Slowly Khan, it's cold in the morning he's always scared if I go in at once.

— sorry. you know that i always I heat you. I'm always here for you, remember? my little warrior. He kisses my cheek. Khan loves holding my face because I have a lot of cheek.

i can be blind for the love i feel for him, but the smile of Khan it's beautiful, your tanned skin is to leave any other woman jealous of me. The black strands of your long hair touch my face while kissing me. I almost get lost in your arms when he enters the water with me.

— Your child hates cold water. I say jokingly out of your reach.

— He gets used to it. Our son will never be afraid of anything, even if it has, will not show, he will have my strength and your courage to never give up.

I give him a passionate smile and sink back into the water. — For me, him being a copy of you is enough. You are the most important thing in this world, by the way of all of our galaxy.

— I always wanted to know what our world was like where our people came from. As the oldest woman in our clan says…

— we are travelers of galaxies. Or owners, something like that? he says laughing at the information.

— Wow. that sounds so intimidating. laughen when he catches up with me again and brings me to him.

— it's just Unbelievable to know that we came from the stars, as will be everywhere else outside of here.

— They say that only the leader who has the stone of fire has the knowledge to go to other worlds. I comment.

— We'll steal them and then we'll find out.

— You sound like a little Khan kid. where would we go? not happy here? I appreciate the life we ​​have.

— I would like to know other places. and would take you with me, you are my Geny, in all our achievements it will be important for me to have you by my side. If only to conquer the world.

Khan takes me in his arms twirling me in his lap into the river. The crystalline surface shines in the sun's rays and watch my partner smile happily… I wouldn't want anything else, I already had everything here.

— you are a dreamer and adventurer. If it was possible would follow you anywhere. As long as I didn't lose you.

— Never. I'm yours for all eternity.

— in a few months, your little warrior will arrive and you will adventure with him all over the island. I will do anything to see my Khan happy.

— This will be a great adventure, both for him and for me.

— I still remember our childhood. I stare into your bright blue eyes, playing with the strands of your hair. — I remember how exciting everything was for being new, make him feel the thrill of discoveries. All I want is to finish the day and have you resting by my side.

— And spend the rest of my life listening to you snore. This will be exciting for sure. I wouldn't miss it for anything. I see him laugh again and make a face at him.

— For having said that, you will prepare dinner. I'm hungry. I say coming out of the water and marching towards you, pretending to be offended.

— And when you're not my Geny. I stare at Khan and he raises his eyebrows at me. I watch that big strong man come out of the water and put on his clothes.

— What is?

— Nothing. It is good for my vision to observe its beauty whenever possible. wink at him.

— I can say the same. Khan winks back at me. Sometimes I feel I don't deserve the happiness it gives me. he is good to me. In a way that no one will ever be. he understands me. This is enough for me.

— Let's go to Silas' cottage, I imagine you still want to eat the fruit you like.

— Don't say that, I love blackberries, My mouth waters just imagining it.

— just with the blackberries?

— Don't say these things, shouldn't have left you like this i created a pervert monster.

— so pervert that leaves You relaxed enough to fall asleep in a minute. he whispers and grabs me around the waist As we follow the path through the trails, We are happy, with the sole ambition to enjoy every second together.

— You don't think we're very attached to it? I believe Silas can't stand the sight of our faces anymore. I look up to see his reaction and Khan smiles again.

— You're right, Maybe we're being too invasive. Visiting him every five days. Maybe we should take longer. And stop eating blackberries for a while will be good too.

— this is low blow. You know I like them. the trail takes us back where are the rest of the cabins and the biggest one on the right side of the field. It's where the leader and his family live. We walk around and children come running and playing, Women doing their And men carrying swords on their backs while helping or training the younger ones. We have firearms, But in the current situation, There are no resources to manufacture more ammunition, We had to use only the blades.

A while after nightfall I step to Listening to old Silas tell his stories Repeated by… I do not remember, I've lost count, But how he enjoys his own stories I end up having fun again together with him.Khan is sitting next to me on a log we've taken to stand in front of Bonfire that warms the fish that Khan fished hours before dark. Even at night it's still not so cold, the weather is always temperate during the night.Khan also demanded that I eat something more sustainable after devouring so many blueberries. I don't think I went over the limit, I only felt bad afterwards, nothing serious.

I'm distracted in thoughts watching the stars above us While Khan starts to tell a story to Silas, When one of our leader's men smile dies And Khan goes silent in the same minute, We never know what to expect when When it comes to Daryng, the current clan leader, he is not a very good man And only care about him.

— Khan, Ary asked to go to him, he wants to talk to you. The tall bald warrior with the grim face says, his left arm covered in drawings. In the clan it is tradition and an honor to have a body part marked to stand out from the rest of the men, proving to be one of the best in the clan, something Khan refused. They were like an elite.

— What Ary want this time? We all know he hates you. I comment worried. Ary he is daryng's son And I don't understand why despise Khan so much. I see my partner take a deep breath in frustration, As if preparing for a battle, I don't want fights, I don't want to see him hurt.

— I'll come back to you soon my Geny. — As soon as I come back I'll take you to rest. Stay calm. He walks away and I don't know why I feel a strong twinge in my chest. I stare at Silas and he returns a serious, welcoming look to me, and I'm trying to stay calm.

— Stay calm Geny, He can't do anything serious to Khan, He is as important as any other member.

I watch the fire crackle and I don't even know what to say. — Sometimes I seriously think about leaving the clan And live alone with him on the other side of the island, Khan don't have much patience to take orders and Ary Like to provoke, Khan is more aggressive since the beginning of my pregnancy.

— Talk to him calmly when you get back. See if he's happy the way he is, Some times its necessary, Changes in our life.

I can't smile anymore. Silas Offer tea for me, Although, nothing took my tension. A long time goes by and Khan doesn't come back.

— I will look for him, I don't trust those two alone, It's late too. good night Silas, See you tomorrow.

I walk quickly behind my partner,my tummy is still small So I have no trouble moving. I hear screams as I pass near an isolated cabin. I veer off the path and go to check the source of the screams that seem more like roars and the sound of things breaking.

As soon as I enter my body freezes at the scene...

— Where is the man who claimed to be invincible? Where is he? Looks like you're not all that. After I finish you, I'll go after your son too, I don't accept any trace of you in my territory, I will be the leader, not you. — The man bigger than Khan is on top and tries to suffocate him anyway.

Khan tries to scream in fury, but he barely has the air to act. He barely has the strength to try to get up, His arm is at a weird angle, his body is bathed in blood Showing how much he's been beaten up. I see my vision blurred by tears.

— The last descendant of the leader my father killed, your offspring ends with you. He smiles as he slashes the blade across Khan's throat with violence, blood pours out of his body.

I feel the oxygen disappear along with my strength to stand up. I couldn't get out of the place.

— KHAN! I don't remember shouting his name loud enough for the entire clan to hear, but in my mind the sound of my voice was like asking for help in a dark and empty place where no one would ever help me, like eternal punishment. I could never have imagined I deserved this.

When the man sees me, the features on his face change to surprise. I hear my partner still trying to breathe even though he's drowning in his blood. It's so much blood, so much.

My vision darkens and I no longer have control of my body, everything darkens and I don't see anything. My head hurts and I don't know what I do anymore when I attack Ary.

He tries to defend himself and at the same time hit my stomach. I know he wants to kill my son too.

But I control myself not to let my hate take me completely, I remember the training that Khan gave me over the years.

Ary tries to catch his breath and I brace myself for another attack.

He comes back to attack me and the moment he extends his arm To punch my face, I spin my body twisting his arm and breaking it. I punch him in the face again and the blood starts to take over. He tries to roll me to the ground and I force his other arm at the same angle breaking him quickly.

my best friend doesn't move anymore I go to him but his eyes are already lost in the void I lie on his body sobbing with tears.

I would have given anything to have avoided this, I would have done anything to find another way out. But his blood was already spilled and Khan would never take me home again.

— Forgive me for not arriving in time Khan. — I will never forgive myself for this. I would never forgive myself for not having been by your side to help.

I turn my gaze to Ary, who tries at all costs to crawl away. The insurance by the cape he wears. The man no longer has the movement of his arms to stop me now.

— You… Go walk bastard. — Or I'll drag you to your daddy's damn house. — I say between growls. My heart feels like it wants to go out of my chest.

He growls showing fangs at me. It doesn't even come close to scaring me.

— Standing. — I scream and drag him the entire way.

He tries to let go all the time, but it's useless as he no longer has the movement of his arms to defend himself.

— Please Geny. — My revolt is not with you. A few minutes ago it was when he almost managed to kill me and my son, the last piece of Khan.

— Mine is! I say growling the words in anger.

— Please don't do anything you'll regret later.

— Wasn't another threat just threatening my life and my son's? — You looked for it, Ary. — You just won't like the consequences. I say emotionless.

The man remains silent the rest of the way and as soon as we reach his father's hut people come closer as they witness me dragging Daryng's son to his house.

— But what does that mean, what did it do to my son Geny. Release him now! I see Daryng, an old man approaching his son pale from what he sees.

— Your son! Scream for everyone to hear. just killed my partner out of greed, because my partner carried the same blood as the former leader. — I saw him murder my son's father. I arrived just as he announced that he would kill me and my son as well. — Khan might have flaws, but he was proud and if he wanted his place, he would have defied him long ago.My voice is full of disgust and hatred. All bad. I will be nothing now without my friend.

— What do you expect me to do Geny. — From what I see, you've already given my son enough punishment.

— As soon as I turn my back you will kill me for what I did to your son. — I throw the boy at his father's feet, moaning in pain. They really believe I'm that naive.

— I will do it right then! Daryng! I challenge you to a fight for the leadership of the Drakers!

— You carry a woman child. — He stares at me intrigued.

— Now you worry about me. Interesting. — And if I turn my back and go back to my house like nothing happened, will you think about my baby too? I could smile in that moment if I wasn't so destroyed inside. I was still in danger, I could feel it, and Khan was no longer there to help me.

— Anyway, you're going to kill me Daryng, get it over with then. — Come on! my luck is that i always carried my sword with me.

Feeling challenged Daryng removes his sword from his waist and comes to me.

In that moment I know I'm going to die. I don't want to stay here anymore. I have no interest in power or anything that took my partner away from me. I'm selfish. I'm the worst person in the world right now, Because I wouldn't allow my son to live. Maybe it was better this way.

— Sorry about Khan Geny. Don't worry, I'll put your body next to his so you can rest together. — he says with derision.

At this moment I didn't pay attention to anything else around me. I could hear only the sound of my breathing, still not able to believe that I had lost everything in minutes.

I see his sword fly swiftly towards mine and I know the fight started with the sound of the blades clashing.

— I'll make it quick for you woman! But you will pay for what you did to my son. — At least he cares about his son, less of a monster than me.

Daryng tries to hit my neck several times and I block his blows. Using my size to my advantage. Daryng is two meters tall.The man lowers his sword and I block again. He puts his strength into the weapon forcing him to slit my throat.

I scream as I put all my pain into remembering the moment Khan had his throat cut. I dodge his attack and send him to the ground. The black haired old man falls to the ground with his sword and I quickly roll my body and cut his heel.Blood spurts from his body, but he still tries to get up. With hate holding me by the neck lifting me into the air, I feel my strength fade away. Gathering the remaining energy, I raise my sword, open her throat. I start to see spots as I fall straight to the ground after Daryng lets go of me.

— Father! — I hear Ary's voice calling. I see the man choke on his blood. It had the same end as Khan.

— Kill the woman! She murdered the leader! — I want her head! Kill! — Ary's hoarse screams keep me still on alert, even if they kill me, he won't go far either.

I look around me. I breathe scared and tired from the effort, I'm almost fading and if they try to kill me I won't react. But nobody moves.

— Geny challenged Daryng to combat to the death. Kevrel's voice takes me by surprise as he steps out of the shadows. — The woman fought for being pregnant, she did not violate any laws of our people.

— already you Committed murder. He says as he approaches the boy. Kevrel is the right-hand man of the clan's leaders. — Get him out of here! Kevrel gives the order and two men lead him out of my sight. Ary yells all the way.

The handsome, calm-looking man approaches me. I try to get up and get down on my knees in front of him. — Geny! You kneel like a lonely woman today, but you must stand up like the leader you've become.

I lift my head and see him standing in front of me with his hand held out to me.

— You now need to be strong, have your heir and a people to protect. — I get up and feel my face wet with tears from the icy night wind.

Kevrel smile at me and I hear my people scream my name. I watch them. It wasn't what I wanted. But I let instinct dominate and I'm a coward for it.

I was a coward for not letting him kill me. I wanted to go, but something made me stay. I wasn't ready to die. I had never wanted to be anyone's leader. But I had Kevrel who became a great friend and I still had Silas.

Now I not only had my son to protect, but a people and an entire territory.

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