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Maxim F. Hener

A barely legal teen, Destiny Kane, is gripped by erotic feelings towards her mother's husband, Smoke, which becomes an attraction that leads her to engage in an atrocious act. The intimate encounter draws her into an even darker world of prostitution, lies, and betrayal. The affair with her mother's spouse hooks her and the lust of this forbidden action deepens. Destiny just can't get enough of the man, in turn jeopardizing her relationship with her mother and the marriage between Smoke and mother. Becoming addicted to pleasure and her already obsession with money. Matters are further complicated, especially when her stepfather, Smoke, starts to develop feelings all while Destiny's aren't the same. Feelings That changed as quickly as they had taken root. But when Destiny Kane persuades her Stepfather to let her become a part of the business, join his profession is when the situation turns deadly. What starts as an innocent taboo affair concludes with someone becoming a victim of homicide.

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Chapter One

Destiny anxiously watched the clock above the coal-black chalkboard in the final period, her last class for the day. The teacher went on and on about a war that happened centuries ago. Destiny half-listened to what he was saying, her mind was in another place. Destiny glanced at the clock again and sighed. She still had 45 minutes before school let out for the weekend and this was also the weekend that her mother leaves for work, a week-long trip that only happens once a month. Destiny loved the freedom that this awarded her. The time moved by at a snail's pace and Destiny was moments away from pulling her hair out.

2:45 pm finally struck and the school bell's screamed. Destiny jumped up out of her chair, grabbed her book bag, and was out of the classroom door with lightning speed. Destiny raced down the hallway, moving with purpose towards the exit. She slammed into the doors, burst free, and made a B-line towards the parking lot. She half waved at a group of girls speaking to her, ignored anybody who tried to spark up a conversation with her. Destiny reached her car and pressed the button on the remote unlocking the car door. She slid inside, fired up the engine, and was out of there like her life was depending on it. Disregarding speed limits and bicyclists out on an afternoon ride. Destiny Kane drove like a bat out of hell towards her house. This was her moment, her time to fulfill a decade-old fantasy.

Reaching her house in record time, a trip that normally takes 30 to 45 minutes only took 22. Destiny whipped her car into the driveway and parked next to her mother's car. By the time she stepped out of the vehicle, her mother was exiting the front door. They met each other about middle ways the walkway and Tawanda Smith, Destiny's mother greeted her.

"Hey, baby you're home early." Tawanda said, "I thought I was going to miss you."

Destiny hugged her mother and said, "I broke a few traffic laws to make it here before you left mommy." Destiny said, "I couldn't let you leave without giving you a proper goodbye."

Tawanda smiled then scolded her daughter. "I know you didn't want me to leave before you got home but don't you ever do that shit again." Tawanda snapped, "Do you understand me, Destiny?"

"Yes ma'am." Destiny retorted quickly.

"Be good and behave yourself, baby girl. Oh, and mind Smoke while I'm gone."

Destiny nodded and hugged her mother again. They parted ways after that, and Destiny rushed inside the house. It was time to put the first part of her plan into motion. She rushed into her bedroom, turned on the shower, set the water temperature to her liking. Alleviating all that she had on Destiny stepped inside of the cleaning booth, and underneath the steamy spray of water. She showered, rinsed away the grime of the first parts of her day. When she was done, she toweled off and slipped into some of the skimpiest clothes that she owned. Destiny rubbed on some cherry-scented lotion and waited patiently inside the Media Room for Smoke to return home. Destiny watched Porn while she waited for what seemed like an eternity. Destiny touched herself while she waited for her mother's husband to make it home.

Smoke pulled his 2021 platinum Chevy Suburban on 26' shoes into the driveway and killed the engine. Stepping out of the SUV he thumped fire from the end of his blunt and headed towards the front door. When he made it inside the house he headed straight for his favorite place in the entire house next to the bedroom of course. The Media Room was designed like a commercial movie theater complete with the best recliner chairs on the market, a 200-inch flat-screen hung from the wall complete with a state-of-the-art sound system. The picture was so clear it looked like you could step right into it and partake in whatever it was that you're watching. Smoke stepped through the portal and froze in place. The image on the screen had temporarily stunned him. It was an image of a caramel-colored feline on a bed with her face down and ass hiked up. Behind her, a well-hung gentleman was positioning his Manhood at the aperture of her Sex. The Pornstar was sliding himself up and down her wetness. Smoke watched in awe as he plunged into her, long stroked her, giving her every inch he had. The orgasmic cries of that adult film star boomed through the sound system. Smoke hardened instantly and after a beat or two, his eyes fell from the screen and rested on the recliners below it. Smoke eyed her intently as she pleasured herself. He should turn around and just walk away, he knew what he was doing wasn't right but he just couldn't pull his eyes away.

His brain told him to walk away but his feet were stubborn and refused to obey the command. Destiny Kane's halter top was pushed up and exposed the prettiest set of breasts he's seen in a very long time, she was fully naked from the waist down and her fingers were feverishly exploring her middle. Destiny's body was bucking and trembling. She was moaning loudly as she rode her self-serviced orgasm to its climax. Smoke licked his lips and held himself tightly through smoke gray sweatpants. It took everything he had inside him not to rush over to where she was and plunge his dick inside her, pushing it as deep as it would go. He watched until her orgasmic shutters subsided. Smoke reluctantly turned and walked away from her. He headed straight for his bedroom's bathroom. He was in desperate need of a long ice-cold shower, that was the only thing that could suppress the fire that his wife's daughter has just ignited. Smoke told himself this was going to be one of the longest and hardest weeks of his God-damn life.

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