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On the night of his 17th birthday, Seiryuu Shin died. Or suppose so. He did die, but wake up with fatal injuries that he supposed to have died. His twin brother and adopted older brother move to a town called Morimiya, a town of comfort and peace. But after his arrival, days later, murder occurs. And more of them. What is the mystery of the Black Water Case? What of the mysterious person name Zen? Who is the voice behind the Red Channel? Is Shin alive or dead?

Horror Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

#mystery #anime #monsterprotagonist #shiftingpersonalitys
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Awoke With Pain

It is cold. It is painful, really painful.

What...was I doing? I went out to buy something and....I can't remember....


Why....am I hurting so much?

"I-it hurts...nng!"

I grab at my stomach....only...it is... a open gash that I can.... feel my intestines and bones.

"*Gasp, gasp* , no, no, I'm okay....I'm okay....I'm just..."

I sat up while aching in pain. I open my eyes and peer at myself. My eyes widen and tears run down my face.

My stomach is torn open with my entrails out. My chest was cut open and missing a lung. My pulled off clothes is scattered while drenched in blood and reeks of heavy iron. I feel great pain between myself deep under.

"*Gasp, gasp, gasp*... no, it can't be....no...."

I try not to panic and rise to my feet. I calmly gather my entrails and try to put them back inside.

"I'm okay, I'm not dead..... I'm not dead...just very hurt. Very hurt...."

I put on my clothes and pull up my jacket to hide the injuries.

"I.... should just.....go....home."

Yeah, just go home... Go home.....Nothing happened..... Just go on home.

I walk from the city river and walk calmly up the hill as I hold on to my stomach. I walk on the side walk as cars pass by. I enter civilization as I try to head home. People scream and run away from me, yelling out to call the police and ambulance. I don't know where I was going to get home. All I know is to find home and cry on someone, because I was hurt and in pain. I need that someone. That....twin of mine...

He is always there for me when I needed it. Kind and sweet, unlike me who is a bit cold and a drama queen, including being selfish at times because of my indulgence to my lazy desires.

"Where are you.... Riyu...?"

I gasp between breathes while trailing blood behind me. Then I began to feel fear welling up in me.

Strange flashbacks and feelings rose.

"It hurts....it hurts....stop....cutting..."

I wanted you to save me, but, you are to far away too reach me. I know I won't come back to bring you that treat you liked so much. I know that it'll cheer you up. I said something horrible. So horrible. Now, I can't take it back.

"Riyu...I'm... sorry..."

Suddenly, I found myself in an alleyway that is far from the lights.

"I need to get home. Riyu is waiting."

"Hey, do you have money?"

A man with old clothes came out with a bucket.

"I need some for food. I am about to head out when...Oh crap! Did you get....."

For some reason, I feel like I am floating. Sadness and guilt gradually disappears, and myself fades.


"... you listening? What happen? Oh, goodness we need to---"



My blood boils and my lower half wear my stomach suppose to be is aching painful. The starvation is digging into my beating heart and slowly enters my mind. I need to eat or I'll turned savage.

"I want to eat."

"Wait a moment son! We need you to get to the hospital fast!"

He walks over and grabs my arm. He tries to lead me but I didn't budge.


He looks at me with confusion.

He'll do.

I grab his arm tightly and the other shoulder tightly in a iron grip.

He's eyes widen when he see my face.

"You're eyes, their red."

"I know. Stay still and try not to scream."

Before he reacts, I bite hard on his worn neck while grasping hard on the side of his head with my right hand. I tear off the flesh and start chewing.


I push him down by force and close his mouth tightly with my hand and rip out his voice box. I then tear of his shirt and start clawing into his chest, feasting on his heart and lungs.

The soft bloody texture, the sweetness and the warmth intoxicates me. I began to eat savagely, tearing him apart faster with teeth and claws, digging into him and drinking him like a hungry beast thirsty for wine.

Feeling full and not in pain, I stand up and open my jacket to look at my stomach and chest. The wounds is closed but not completely. At least it does not look like "I" died.

"I should inflict myself to look like I was attacked, so they won't expect anything."

I then tore my clothes and cut my arms, so it'll look like a knife attack. I then wash my face of the blood from the water puddle and cut it.

After I finished I smiled.

"There little Arisato. Happy? Now they won't know about it, hehehe."

I head back to the lights. I sat down in the shadows and wait for sunrise. There are already people looking for him since he disappeared, so I know my acting will sell. When the sun rises, I climb out of the shadows and lay down. After four minutes, a group of people found me.

"There he is!"

"Call them!"

They rushed me to the hospital and put me in an emergency room.

I chuckled to myself quietly and faded away.

I'm still here Arisato. Your life will change after this day. Brace yourself.


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