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Three girls exchanging for California renting a house next to a psycho Maniac's house,This psychopath ends up falling in love And for not having your love returned things get out of control This results in the death of many people

Fanfiction Fantasia negra Para maiores de 18 apenas.

#love # #Sex
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The journey

hello Eeh my name is Nanyca and I will document my day to day here, well I I'm going to do an exchange in California and I go with three other women they are very hot with standard bodies, and I confess that I feel really bad because I don’t have the standard body mine is well ......... let's let it go huh haha.

___nany, stop recording we'll get ready to go to the airport!

___ okay sara!

the girls will get ready running so as not to miss the flight, Sara hears knocking on the door so she goes to the door to see who it is when Sara opened the door she comes across her friend Maria and also her friend Elisa who are going to exchange with them in California.

___hey bitch!

screams Maria and Elisa to Sara

___what's up bitchs!

Sara screams with elation

___voces are ready, Eliza and I came to pick you up to go soon

___oh yes we are almost ready, we just need to pack our bags

___ah yeah So, let's go !!

after hours and hours packing their bags they finally start their journey, arriving at the airport the girls were looking forward to the trip thinking about many things that could make them all full of joy and happy to have an opportunity to grow in life, after a long flight time the girls arrive at the destination, they rented a house in a good neighborhood with a beautiful lake three kilometers away from their home, they realized that it was a little distant from school and college but that was okay at least it was close to the city,after reaching the girls they went to the rooms, arriving at how much Nany settles and unpack their bags the same happens with the other girls, Nany realizes that her room has a huge window that faces the window of the neighboring house, she decides to open the window to air the room that is stuffy because of the summer


Nany breathes a sigh of relief

she throws herself on the bed and ends up sleeping while she sleeps Sara, Elisa and Maria get ready to go out and have fun Nany wakes up and still half asleep walk around the house calling for the girls and there was no answer, he went to the kitchen and prepared a snack and went to take a shower to freshen up returning from the shower with a black lace sweater put a movie and while she was watching and watching, she saw a silhouette in the window she pauses the movie and goes to take a look to fall in love the silhouette runs quickly she returns to the movie and the snack but keeps thinking what could be projecting that silhouette?

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