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A swordsman has a near death experience has demon blood injected in o his body.

Fantasia Fantasia negra Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

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Part 1

Demon Blood
Kurayami Tsuragi was a master swordsmen, he way 25 years old and trained since he was 15 to battle the demonic creatures that plagued the world. He had long black hair, hazel eyes and wore a black mercenary uniform. During a battle against a strong demon, he was fatally wounded in the abdomen causing him to lose large amounts of blood.

A Group of medics did all they could to help him, with all the chaos the earth had been thrown into an apocalyptic world. They managed to find a body and transfer its blood into the swordsmen just in time. But when he regained consciousness, they realized the blood they had injected into him…was blood from a demon…

CHAPTER 1 Seen As A monster

Kurayami awoke within a small worn-out hospital room. The glass in the windows were gone and there were no lights. The only light was the sun’s rays flowing through the open window. The swordsmen found himself laying in an old hospital bed. His medic was an old man with glasses wearing a torn doctor uniform.

“Welcome back sir, I did my best to pump your body back with blood, you lost a great deal from a demon attack” Kurayami clinched his fist in pain as he sat up. His once hazel eyes were now blood-red. The medic gasped at the sight of his evil-looking eyes. “Oh no, I must’ve given you the wrong blood...those are not the eyes of a mere human...those are the eyes of a devil!”

The swordsmen stood up, the sunlight hitting his body causing immense pain before he fell back onto the old bed shaking in pain. (This pain...what is it coming from!? I can feel it all over my body! Is it my body rejecting the blood!? N-no, if it didn’t work, I'm sure I wouldn’t even have survived all the blood loss)

Taking a deep he stood once more, his uniform over in the corner of the room, he realized he was only wearing a white under-shirt, his torso armor in the corner of the room still stained with his blood.

“I’m so sorry sir, I've given you demon blood from what I believed was a human body, your human blood is now mixing with the demon essence and will soon flow through your entire body. I’m afraid I've put a terrible curse upon you. What I don’t understand though, is why the blood isn’t killing you. No mere human should be alive once so much demonic essence has entered the body”

“My body has been put through harsh trials before...

Flash Back

Kurayami was 18 years old and had always used a black great- sword called the “demon piercer” He trained hard with the blade out in the scorched forest, a once beautiful forest now just a field with burned and destroyed trees. He practiced sword strikes and other tactics such as dodging. One days as he just finished his training, the sun went from it’s once golden glow, to a blood red color.

He could feel a burning sensation on his bare skin since all he wore was black mercenary pants and shoes. Demons began to spawn all around him from black flames all around him. He took a deep breath clinching his sword in his left hand. Even the air now seem to burn his lungs but he tried not to focus on it. Soon he found himself surrounded by the black shadow-like creatures. They had black skin, wings, sharp teeth and red glowing eyes. They all slowly closed in as the swordsmen prepared to attack.

A demon took a final step before Kurayami pierced straight through the monster’s body slicing it in half as blood spewed out from the creature as it bellowed a final cry before collapsing onto the scorched earth. He could feel the blood running down his body but ignored it. “So then...who’s next?” Multiple demons launched themselves straight form him with their sharp claws. He deflected them as fast as he could when one came from behind him, leaving a massive cut across his back.

“You piece of shit, I'll send you all back to hell!” He charged into the horde of monsters, slashing through them with all his power, blood staining the stumps and ground as he decapitated and cut through the creatures without remorse. After almost 30 minutes of fighting, he stood on the piled of killed demons, his hands and face covered in their blood. He could feel himself growing dizzy from the thick air but managed to keep standing as he made his way back to his small wooden house just outside the forest far from other people...

End Of Flash Back

“I don’t know what happened that day, but not long after I killed all those bastards, the sky and sun lost it’s red color reverting back to it’s normal color as if nothing happened. It’s been six years since that’s happened. If stories have taught us anything, it’s bound to happen once more. I have this scar on my back as a memory of that horrible day. I will do what must be done to rid the world of these demons and bring the world back to peace”

The doctor looked into his dark-red eyes and sighed. “Well, your dreams and goal are your own business, but I warn you, many will hate and resent you for being a devil and with your body now mixing with the blood, there’s nothing I can do. So I'd suggest you’d limit human contact to a mere minimum. I wish you luck on your dream. I must go, there are probably more people out there that need assistance. Before I go, may I know your name?”

“Kurayami Tsuragi” The old man gave him a bow before leaving. The swordsmen walked over to the window, letting the sunlight fill his body. Once again, the burning feeling came back. “Hmm, as I thought, seems demons can’t be in the sunlight like a vampire. To think mere blood would be the reason why I can barely handle the sun’s rays. However, since I'm a half-devil, the light burns me but doesn't destroy me as it would a full demon. But I can’t just wait here until night falls, I have to find food and help any that are in need”

He found a black cloak and wore it over his mercery clothing in hopes of limiting the burning of the sunlight as he made his way out into the city. He found himself outside where buildings were either destroyed or barley standing, the cement roads destroyed and unusable for any remaining vehicles that actually still worked.

“The great city of Rioshi, once a great city, now wiped out by the demons. I was born here and wish I could’ve seen it’s true beauty. But what I can do, is create a better future with this sword my father gave me. He called it...”

Flash Back

“The demon Piercer” With this blade I've killed thousands of demons with it. However, I'm too old to even wield the damn thing any more. I’ve protected our family with this one weapon since the beginning. Since you’re turning 15 in a few days, I thought I'd give you it as a present, I know your mother would’ve like to have seen this moment, but I'm sure she’s looking down on us and is just happy we’re still alive”

“His father was once a built man with light-brown hair with green eyes, now a skinny elderly man wearing a brown robe and a large beard. They lived in a small house just outside the city, they were in a small room with a wooden floor, a bed against the left side of the wall, a mirror on the middle wall and the door on the ride side of the room.

Kurayami took the blade from his father, looking it over in his hands. It’s blade was made out of a shiny black material that seemed far stronger than even diamond. The handle was red with an engraving on it:


When translated, it meant: “The sword is only as strong as the soul who wields it” He started at the engraving deeply before clutching the blade tightly in both hands, swinging it full force...

End Of Flash Back

(To think my father died in his sleep just days later...the demon piercer is all I have to remember him)

“ journey begins...” He walked through the apocalyptic city, destroyed buildings, car parts and belongs were scattered all over the place as he carefully headed deeper into the city. He planned to go north to the next city. Rioshi was in the country of Sindosu, a large country of Japanese culture. He knew if he kept going north eventually, he would reach the next city.

He managed to find a brown bag filled with canned-food. He threw it over his shoulder as he continued walking until he reached the border of the city. He looked ahead to see a long endless road. The man sighed sitting down to eat one of the cans of vegetables as the sun began to go down. After he finished the can he tossed it aside and stretched, preparing his long walk. Since most vehicles were destroyed or stopped working, his only choice was to go on foot.

As the sun’s faint glow finally went out, Kurayami felt much better, his red eyes glowed as it felt as though his body was fully healed. Strange, I feel better than I've felt in a long time...could it be from the demon blood within me? Since demon’s love the dark, my body is becoming relaxed by it. But that also means demons could show up at any moment. I should go now before they slow me down”

He ran as fast as he could down the endless road with nothing but dirt for miles on both sides of him. With the demonic blood pumping through his body, he felt as though his stamina was far greater than before. His body and lungs weren’t burning any longer. After about 20 minutes of running at super-human speed he stopped to rest when headlights could be seen out in the distance headed right for him.

Kurayami realized they weren’t stopping and were going to hit him. Quickly he pushed off with all his leg strength, jumping over the coming armored vehicle just before it could hit him. He landed on his feet just as the spiked-covered vehicle came to a screeching halt. Tsuragi could see muscular men wearing metal masks, shirtless and black pants as they got out of the car.

“Hehe, look what we got here boys, some kind of swordsmen! What do you say we tear his limbs off and leave him for the crows!?” The swordsmen dropped his cloak pulling his blade up from behind him with a cold look on his face.

“If you’re going to attack me, I'd suggest you come at me all at once,’ll die”

“Huh!? Are you threating us!? No one talks to the skull crushers and gets away with it!” Three of the four men charged straight for him. Holding knifes in their hands while the fourth man stood by the car with a hand gun.

(Hmm, that guy might be trouble, should take him out first) Kurayami charged straight for them, deflecting the coming knife attacks, knocking them back as he advanced right for the armed man. The assailant fired off a shot right for the swordsmen’s head but was deflected by his sword, as the gang member attempted to fire a 2nd shot, he fell to the ground as his head rolled over to his gang members.

They looked over at the car to see the swordsmen in a slashing motion past their leader with blood dripping from the side of his blade. “So then...will you all meet the same fate, or run away?”

“Rrrr, you have that massive sword while we just have thse small knives! I bet without that blade you’re nothing! One of the masked men said pointing at him in anger as they sat in fear on the crumbling path.

“Is that so, then let’s test your theory” Kurayami struck the road with his blade leaving it there standing up as he walked past it over to him. “So then, let’s see if I really am nothing without my blade”

“Hehe, you fool! Both of you go for the blade, I'll distract him!” The pair ran for the blade as his opponent tried to grab him. The warrior ducked, sending a powerful blow to his abdomen. The thug coughed up blood before staggering back. Meanwhile the two thugs were struggling to pull the sword out from it’s spot. Tsuragi, now without the wait of the sword on his back, flipped over them, landing behind them before clapping their hands together knocking them out.

“So...I'm nothing without my blade, am I?” He walked over to the running vehicle and put his sword back on his back as he hopped into the driver seat. “Wow, a car that still seems to work. I thought I would never see one of these” He floored it, taking off at 90 miles an hour leaving the gang members in the car of the endless road. He saw they had supplies in the back of the car such as water and some kind of currency he had never seen before. It was a coin with an “R” in the center and a silver sun behind it.

After an hour of racing through the desert-like area, he could see a large wall coming into view. He parked the armored vehicle about half-a mile away as he pulled the rusted key out of the ignition. He walked over to the wall where there was a crowd of people outside trying to get in. Many where yelling to be let in afraid that demons would appear and kill them.

“Please! We have no food or water! Demons could come at any moment!” A woman screamed bagging on the large steel door. There were a line of guards on a balcony watching them with guns ready to fire. Kurayami walked over to the woman and asked: What’s within the wall that they won’t let you through?”

“This is Akasaris, said to be one of the few massive cities that have resources and room for thousands of people. Me and others here have traveled a long way to get here but they won’t even let us in. They said: “We’d just be a waste of their resources” But to me they’re just a bunch of selfish bastards”

“I’ll see what I can do” The swordsmen walked over to the lit-up door with torches hanging on both sides of the door. He knocked on the door when one of the guards called-out: “Back away from the door or we’ll shoot!”

“These people are running out of resources and will die soon if they’re not helped!”

“That’s not are problem, now back away, this is your final chance!” Kurayami slowly reached for his blade staring up at the four aligned men as he heard a click of a gun. As he quickly pulled out the demon splitter preparing for a fight, the sky began to turn a dark red as the air became thick. His eyes widened as he had flashes back of that day years ago... (Oh no, they’re coming!) “Everyone, up against the wall! Demons are coming!”

The crowd of people stood up against the wall as Kurayami walked out towards the road where a large rift opened up from the sky releasing hundreds of demons like bees. “Well then...looks like this is where I test my skills as a swordsman” He gripped his blade tightly in his grip as his heart began to race with excitement. (Hmph, my demon side is reacting to the red barrier and seems to enjoy it’s feeling. His eyes glowed bright in the dark as demons swarmed him like flies. His body throbbed from the immense feeling of the red barrier.

He swung his blade quickly, slashing through each demon as if they were mere goo. Blood was flying everywhere with every slash. He watched the blood rushed past him as if they were moving in slow motion. (This feeling...I've never felt something quite like this before, it’s as if my heart is racing inside me, feeling me with adrenaline) Just then he noticed demons soaring past him headed right for the citizens. He was about to go after them when the swarm of demons crowed him, burying him under a pile of demons.

The guards fired countless rounds right for them but only slowed the endless horde down. Just then all looked to see a bright red-light coming from the pile of monsters as the horde of creatures were obliterated in a wave of demonic energy. “Rrrrggh! I won’t let you kill them!” He ran full speed towards the wall, throwing his blade sideways as it spun in the air, slicing through the mindless creatures causing them to hit the dirt motionless with blood all over the ground. His blade struck the wall impacting it hanging there before it’s wielder ran straight up the wall, pulling it out.

Meanwhile Within the City a man sat in a throne room, his face concealed in darkness, his long blonde hair and purple armor the only thing visible as he sat there with his cheek rested on his right fist. A guard came running in, he was dressed in a yellow mercenary uniform as dropped to his knees. “My lord, a swarm of demons have appeared and are at are wall!”

“So what, it’s not like they can breech the wall”

“That’s just it sir, it seems like there’s a swordsman taking them on single-handedly and wiping then out at a fast rate!”

“Oh? That seems like an interesting development, I shall like to see this for myself” The man said in a deep tone. He rose from his throne heading outside. When the guard stopped him. “But sir, a demon could attack you at any moment!”

“I’ll take my chance, now move” The man backhanded the guard, knocking him out of the way with immense strength as he made his way towards the wall...

Back outside Kurayami was moving as fast as he could, slashing through the horde of demons that came his way. He was beginning to get exhausted but new he couldn’t afford to stop for even a second or someone’s life could be put in danger. The crowd of citizens cowered in fear watching the blood bath. Finally, Tsuragi sliced through the last demon as it hit the ground in the pool of blood all around him. He fell to one knee out of breath holding his blade trying to catch his breath.

Looking up toward the sky he noticed the rift in the sky wasn’t closing. (I have a bad feeling about this) An abrupt force shook the area as a single demon dropped from the rift before closing. “Sigh, looks like this is the final demon” It landed a few feet away from him. Instead of a skinny flying demon, it was a tall muscular demon. It was 8 feet tall and the toughest looking devil the warrior had ever seen. He forced himself up with his sword facing the creature as it let out an echoing roar.

Taking in the thick demonic air, his eyes lit up once more as the adrenaline shot up. “If you’re the only thing standing between this city and peace, then I'll kill you here!” Both the large demon that looked like a tall buff- black demon with a minotaur’s head with horns and the swordsman charged straight for each other. It sent a powerful punch right for him. Just as he blocked with his blade.

The immense force sent Kurayami flying backwards before catching himself and jumping right back at him. The monster went to pierce him with his large clawed hand when he side-stepped out of the way, slicing straight through the creature’s arm. All watched as the hand fell to the ground leaving the beast-like devil with one hand left.

It let out another roar, this time breathing a blast of purple flames right for him. Tsuragi threw his blade full force right for the demon’s mouth as he threw his black cloak up in the air to stop some of the flames before they could hit him. His sword soared through the flames, piercing through the demon’s mouth.

It fell to it’s knees as blood gushed out of it’s mouth. “Time to end this” Kurayami jumped over the demon, pulling the blade out of the target’s mouth. With all his might, he swung his blade. The giant devil hit the ground motionless as blood flowed out of it. The swordsmen walked away until collapsing in front of the wall as the red barrier vanished. He laid unconscious holding his blade...

The man awoke on a large balcony within the large city. He looked around and could see a small throne room to his left and the entire city over the balcony. The houses were all made of stone and sand grouped together expanding miles. Kurayami saw his blade lying next to him and quickly picked it up rising to his feet. A man dressed in purple armor, long blonde hair with golden eyes walked out from the throne room standing in the doorway.

“Glad to see you’re awake, not many can say they’ve taken on both a horde of demons and an akumashin and both defeated them and lived to talk about it”

“Who are you?” he responded with his blade ready to attack”

“Oh, how rude of me, I'm the ruler of Akasaris: Shujin Konsaro. I decide who comes and goes in this city. I witness your fighting skills 1st hand and I'm impressed with your skills. I would like you to join my empire as my elite guard and watch over the city. I plan on expanding my empire across the world so all may be united against the demons that plague this earth. What do you say?”

Both started deep in each other’s eyes as Shujin offered out his hand. After a few moments of silence, Kurayami shook his hand in agreement. “Very well, but I don’t fully trust you just yet”

“I wouldn’t expect you to so soon, but at least we’ve come to an agreement. I shall announce your position in front of the city tomorrow, for now you may rest in my spare room. One of my maids shall bring you some fresh clothes in the morning” He followed the man through a hallway with pictures of Shujin on the wall.

He walked into a large room with an actual bed and blanket on the left side of the room, a balcony in the middle wall looking out on the city and a drawer and mirror on the right side of the room. The bed had a golden frame with diamonds around it and a red carpet on the floor.

“Sleep well, oh I almost forget, what’s your name warrior?”

“Kurayami Tsuargi”

“Kurayami...well sleep well” The man walked away while the swordsmen locked the door laying down in the bed before quickly falling asleep...

He woke up with the sun flowing in through the middle of the room. Luckily the sunlight was illuminating the middle of the room while the bed was just out of it’s reach in the shaded corner of the room. He slowly got out of bed, standing inches away from the light. Kurayami slowly reached his hand out, feeling the slight burn of the sun rays.

“Hmm, still hurts a little, like how a person feels from a sunburn. I need to find something to cover my body again, the cloak I had was burned to dust from the demon’s flames so I don’t have much protection against the light” That’s when he heard a knock on the wooden door.

“Sir Kurayami, I've been ordered to bring you fresh clothes by our lord Shujin, may I come in?” The warrior placed his sword on his back, walking over to the door to unlock it. A beautiful woman stood in the doorway, she was dressed in a purple dress with long black hair and hazel eyes. She wore gems on her clothing with a golden necklace.

“Here you are sir, lord Shujin asked you to meet him in the dining hall to speak with him”

“Right, thanks” She walked out as he closed the door to change. Dropping his blood-stained clothing he looked at himself in the mirror, he looked at the long claw mark on his back for a moment before taking a deep breath putting on the new clothes. He wore a bronze battle armor, it looked like night armor with a black cape and no helmet.

Once again putting his hand in the light, the burning was so faint the man could barely even feel it. “Good, this will surely make moving in sunlight a lot easier. The armor might slow me down compared to the light mercenary armor I'm used to, but it’ll do for now”

Making his way through the stone hallway he went down a large flight of stairs out the door into the large city. The sand-covered houses and structures were close together, it was difficult to tell which way to go. He walked through the sandy roads when he spotted a sign above stairs that read: “Dinning Hall” He made his way down the stairs into a lit room with a concreate floor and stone tables like a cafeteria.

“I’m surprised to see lights working down here, I assume you’ve found some kind of power supply”

“Yes, it’s not a perfect source of power, it’s bound to run out of power soon, we hope to find a better power source before we completely run out of power” Shujin said sitting at a large round stone table with his left leg over his right with his cheek resting on his right fist.

“What kind of power source is it?”

“Oh, just some crystal I found years ago, it seems to conduct power once it’s connected to an electronic device. So put that in a large generator and you can send a limited amount of power throughout certain parts of the city. Though we try to send power to crucial parts such as; here, the clinic and my house”

“Do you not have a trading and selling area?”

“We do, but we try not to let citizens out at night. Though the walls limit the number of demons that come out at night, there’s still some that appear. Luckily, they’re normally only three or four, so the guards can usually handle them without much trouble. Now then, I'd like to see your skills as a swordsman. But first you should eat, you can’t be at your best if you rarely eat”

Kurayami sat on the other side of the table as a man dressed in a warn-out tux walked out setting a plate of meat down in front of him. The man can sense something was off about the meat. (Strange, where could he have gotten such fresh meat and this much of it. He ate a piece and his demon side tingled at the taste of such meat. (I knew it) He eat the meat holding in his disgust before finishing the plate. He could feel his heart racing but he tried to ignore it.

“Let us go Kurayami, I'm interested to see just how skilled you are” Shujin brushed his blonde hair aside as he got up, making his way outside still wearing his shiny purple armor. Kurayami followed a few feet behind with a calm but serious look on his face. They reached a secret door on the side of the wall. The man slid his hand across the stone wall until he found a part of it that pushed back like a button. They watched as a part of the wall separated into a door-shaped opening to the outside.

“My father created this and a few others just like this in case the demons ever got in and we needed a quick escape” They walked to the left where a large dome came into view. It looked like a large circular cage with spikes all pointed inward.

“That is the death cage, there is where fights are held either for amusement, or those convicted of a crime such as rebellion is brought there to fight for their lives. I have the highest kill-count in the doom at 199 kills. So, the next one convicted will finally be my 200th kill. My father...found this place is bad shape... The massive wall that protects the city wasn’t there we he found this sanctum, it was just a 10- or 20-feet high stone wall that protects nothing. Though my father saw potential, a better future for him and the people that went with him when their village was destroyed by the demons.

So he, and about 20 other people got to work. He was about 30 when he began the construction. All they had to work with was stone and sand, but he made it work, after 25 years, the wall was far taller, able to keep any human or most demon back. At 55 he had me, but 20 more years went by and he passed away in his sleep. His final words to me where: “Build a better world” Now at the age of 27, I've stuck by his wish to build up a stable community by any means necessary”

A faint tear ran down Shujin’s face before he quickly wiped it off. The swordsman was surprised to see suck compassion from him. He might not know him that much, but to see such a mind that has a corrupt attitude be so Passante about his father’s last words surprised him.

They entered the dome through a small door on the side as it closed behind them. Shujin walked over to a weapon rack in the corner of thew large dome. Pulling up a large blade aiming it right at his target. “Alright Kurayami, let’s see just how skilled you are” The warrior took a deep breath, advancing right for the target in purple armor, both arms gripped on his blade as he swung with great force.

His combatant smirked stopping the blade with his own weapon as both stared into each other’s eyes. “Heh, you have strength I'll give you that, but what about your technique?” Shujin backflipped onto one of the spikes looking down at him spinning his blade with one hand as if to taunt his opponent.

Kurayama frowned, jumping onto one of the nearby spikes aiming his blade toward him. “I assure you, my skills as a swordsman are nothing to ignore” He ran towards Shujin, using each spike as a stepping-stone as they unleashed a barrage of swords attacks, their swords clashing with great force. The man dropped down with Kurayami following right after, bringing his blade down with immense force. The power of his strike, shattered Shujin’s blade, leaving only the handle.

“Darn, I actually liked that sword, but fine, looks like you’ve won this fight, but I promise in our next fight, it won’t be so easy. I have work I need to get done, so feel free to explore the city until I call on you” With a nod the man walked back to his home while Tsuargi stood in the city deciding on his next plan of action.

(Though he shows a kinder side to me, there’s no telling how he treats the people of the city. I need to see what’s really going on around here, like most cities like this, there’s normally things happening behind the scenes. He walked through the streets of the city when he saw an old man dressed in brown rags getting mugged by a group of buff men dressed in worn-out iron armor similar to the thugs he came across in the dessert.

“Please take what you want just leave me alone!” The warrior walked towards them slowly pulling out his blade. “I’d suggest you leave the old man alone if you don’t want to die”

“Huh!? Just who are you!?”

“I’m the reason you’ll be dead in a few seconds if you don’t leave now” He pulled out a coin and responded: You see this coin? You’ll all be dead before it even hits the ground”

“Is that right!? Then allow us to kill you right here! You should learn to mind your fucking business!” They all pulled out swords and charged towards him. Kurayami tossed the red coin into the air, unleashing a series of strikes in a few moments before catching the coin in his hand. The elderly man watched as all three bodies hit the ground, their heads decapitated from their shoulders.

“T-thank you sir, how can I repay you!?” He said with a smile on his face. He had long white hair with a beard. The warrior responded: “Don’t worry about it, I can’t stand people who treat others like trash, especially the elderly and children.

“You’re pretty skilled with a blade, but you can’t rely fully on your sword”

“Don’t worry old man, I can fight hand to end if needed”

“Is that so? Then have you heard of kedokin?”

“No, I’ve never heard of such a thing”

“Allow me to show you” The old man clapped his palms together as a yellow aura engulfed his body like a flame. Without a word the man moved at great speed, throwing his palm right for the warrior’s face like a dagger. Kurayami managed to step to the side mere seconds before the strike could make contact.

The swordsman stood there in shock at how fast such a weak-looking man was. “If you were this fast and precise, why let those men torment you like that?”

“My boy, the way Kedokin work is using one’s life force converting it into power or energy, increasing the user’s attack power, speed and precision. That’s why, even an old man like me can still be a threat. However, at my age, using kedokin puts a strain on my body and slowly shorten my life-span. But with your youth, you might be able to use this fighting art at it’s full potential. Let us go somewhere more private so I may teach you of the art”

CHAPTER 2: A Coming Battle

They made their way into the man’s small house where he removed a rug revealing a trap-door. As they made their way downstairs, he put the rug back, concealing it once more. They reached a small room just big enough for both of them to stand a few feet away from each other.

“Before I can teach you the art of kedokin, allow me to tell you about the history of it… The first one ever to use the art of kedokin was a man without a name…he studied body energy and learning to manipulate the life-force within one’s self. Focusing his body’s energy, he pushed his body to it’s limit, reaching super-human heights. But years went by and even after he taught people of the art, it soon was either forgotten or used by corrupted people until it finally died out.

Now then, allow us to see if we can tap into your body’s life energy. Allow me to hold your weapon for you” Kurayami was hesitant to hand over his blade, but with a sigh he handed it to him. The old man fell to the ground, struggling to lift it from the ground.

(RRR! This sword, I can’t get it to budge, yet this man can hold it in just one hand!?) Tsuagari took the blade, tossing it over to the corner of the room as if it was nothing.

“Now then, sit down with your legs crossed and close your eyes. Focus on the power within you. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes… After a minute or so, a red aura began to emanate from the swordsman’s body, as the area began to shake from the immense power coming from him.

(This man has incredible power dwelling inside him!) That’s when the man opened his eyes as his red aura faded away. “I-I've never seen such life energy emanating from one man in so long, even I couldn’t release such power, especially on my first try even trying to awaken the power within me)

HOURS Later…

Kurayami awoke in the small room, his blade and the old man missing. He burst through The trap door, running out into the city as the moonlight lit up the city. Just then guards surrounded him, their guns pointed at him in every direction. “Halt! We have orders to arrest sir Kurayami Tsuragi from the orders of Shujin!”

(Heh, somehow I knew this was going to happen) They lead him down into a labyrinth of tunnels like a whole other city benith their feet. Kurayami was bound with a steel hand restraints similar to the medieval stocks but instead of wood. “You know Shujin, I’m not surprised you’d do this, you seem like the kind of man who turns on a time”

“Hush peasant, friends we once were, but a citizen has come forth with some intriguing news, we have suspicions to believe that you are in fact a half-demon. Though you do not act on your repulsive nature, I cannot have such a creature within these walls"

“You’re one to talk, for someone who kills his own kind for food, you can say you’re a monster yourself”

“Shut your mouth, how dare you spit lies of lord Shujin!” One of the guards cried out in outrage, whipping the warrior across the face causing blood to run down his cheek. Kurayami noticed his blade leaning up against the wall behind Shujin and the line of guards.

“Don’t worry men, this filthy half-breed shall be put to death by my hands and by the way, he’s the one who told us about you” Shujin pointed to the old man that had taught him Kendokin.

“I’m so sorry Kurayami, they said they’d kill me if I didn’t tell them what I sensed within you. But what I told you was true!”

“Shut up old man" Shujin pushed the man back, causing him to stagger back losing his balance.

“I’ve had enough of this shit" Focusing all his strength, Kurayami broke the bonds keeping his hands restrained. The guards opened fire as the man went for his sword. He slid across the gray concrete floor, knocking the guards out of the way before reaching Shujin who was the only one blocking his way.

“You dare rebel against me? I shall strike you down!” Pulling out a blue sword, the assailant swung his blade right for his target. His opponent was so fast he didn’t have time to stop the coming attack. In a quick response he raised his right arm up, taking the full brunt of the strike. All watched as the man’s wrist was sliced off.

“D-damn it!” Blood drained from his decapitated hand as he gripped it with his other hand. “Y-you bastard, I’ll kill you for that"

“Really? Are you sure you don’t want to kneel now? I promise to give you a quick death if you bow before me”

“Go to hell, in fact, I’ll bring you there myself” Tsuragi stood up taking a deep breath, the red aura slowly began to appear as he opened his eyes. With kedokin, I can defeat you with one hand”

“Kendokin!? Why does that seem familiar? In any case, you’ve already lost this fight!” Shujin went for the killing blow, throwing his sword down attempting to split his target’s skull in half. His sword struck the ground as he realized his opponent was gone.

“Over here" All looked to see the swordsman standing by the wall a few feet away holding his blade. “With my sword mastery, added to the enhancement of kedokin, I will defeat you…in under a minute”

“Rrrr! Don’t you mock me!” The tyrant unleashed a barrage of sword strikes, his face filled with rage. The old man watched as Kurayami evaded each attack using the heightened speed of the art before sending a fierce strike across his opponent’s abdomen. The guards could only watch as their lord stood motionless for a moment before dropping his blade, his purple armor breaking apart as it fell to the ground in pieces.

Blood dripped from his white long-sleeved shirt as Shujin fell to his knees. “Well would you look at that, you offer me a clean death if I kneeled before you, but look who’s the one on their feet. Now then, unless you want to be sliced slowly down the middle, I want you to tell me where this “power source” is. I know someone like you didn’t stumble across it without actually putting in effort or sacrifice”

“You don’t have the guts to kill me, I’m sure you’re just bluffing” Suddenly Tsuragi picked up the blue sword, slowly piercing it through Shujin’s shoulder.

“I’ve killed thousands of demons, what’s the difference between a corrupt human and a demon? To me I see no difference. If you didn’t have the info I needed you’d already be dead. Besides, I’m sure your guards would tell me even if I killed you. So how bout it, still won’t talk?”

“Rrrrr, fine...I'll take you to the power source” The tyrant stood up, his wounds till bleeding as he took him through a large hallway into a room through a right door. Kurayami noticed his hand had somehow stopped bleeding without the use of a cloth to stop the bleeding.

(My demon blood must be healing my hand at a fast rate) They stood before a massive machine. There were two large metal machines being filled with power. In the center was a woman, her arms bound by wires as some kind of energy was being drained from her. She had long blue hair that was a mess, she wore white rags that were torn and worn-out.

Kurayami could tell the woman was in pain as she let out light whimpers, her pale face and skinny body. Rage began to fill the man’s face as his eyes twitched and grinded his teeth. “You bastard!” Enraged he struck Shujin across the face sending him onto his back as blood ran from his lips. “You act so noble, yet have the audacity to imprison a woman to a machine that’s slowly killing her!?”

“I-I did what needed to be done for my people, her magical energy is what keeps the power going. If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have any source of power” Tsuagri held the blade inches from the man’s throat deciding whether to kill him on the spot or not.

“You’re almost worse than those demons, they kill their prey quickly while you’ve kept her here for who knows how long” After a few moments of silence looking up at the girl, he swung his blade, breaking the wires keeping the girl up on the machine. She fell into the swordsman’s arms. It was hard to hold her without a second palm, but at this point he didn’t care. “I’m leaving, you can stay here with the filth that live here” He put his blade on his back, carrying the girl out into the open. She let out small whimpers but seem to be unconscious.

Guards raced outside firing shots but missed as each round struck the sand. He set the girl in the back seat of the armored car he had stolen, pulling the key out of his pocket of his bronze armor, the car roared to life as he floored the peddle, taking off...

After a few hours of driving, he noticed the car was almost out of gas. “Shit, the fuel tank’s almost empty and I doubt it’s common to see a gas pump or merchet selling any” Just then the girl awoke. “W-where am I!? What’s going on!?”

“Settle down, I saved you from those men that hooked you up to their power generator. I’m sure you’re in no condition to be moving around too much, so I'd suggest you’d sit there quietly. We’re on our way to the city of Indos, I hear it’s a city that’s pretty lively even in a world like this. There should been something to eat and hopefully find you some new clothes”

“Indos? I...I've been there, in fact...that’s the place I grew up” She let out a cough before passing back out. He looked at her and saw her fast asleep. (Hmm, she’s not dead, but I should probably try to find her some medicine. Problem with that is, not only is medicine probably going to be expensive, I don’t have any money. The only thing of currency I have is that red coin and I don’t even know it’s value!)

The sun began to rise as a city came into view. Instead of sand and stone, it looked like a town from medieval times, wooden houses and a stone path. He parked out of site of the city since the villagers would probably be threatened by an armored vehicle approaching their land. He sighed, looking at his palm that was beginning to heal. Instead of nothing, it was now a black bump. He tore cloth from the bag he had a few cans of food left and wrapped it around his right hand.

He lifted the girl up carefully, struggling with only one hand and his arm until he finally got her up. He made his way up the stone path where the sandy surroundings began to have plants as he went closer towards the town. He was shocked that plants were still alive with such harsh effect from the demons and thugs that went around killing anything they saw.

He reached a wooden gate where two men in leather armor holding spears topped him. “Wait sir, we can’t allow entry without a name and reason for entry into the city”

“I have a sick woman here and she said she grew up here” The two men looked the man dead in the eye before stepping out of the way as the tall wooden doors slowly opened. Kurayami found himself in what looked like a peaceful town, as if the chaos hadn’t even affected them.

Kids chasing each other happily, a woman hanging her clothes up to dry. There was long straight stone path with wooden houses on both sides. There were flowers planted all around him. The air had a calming feeling to it. He walked over to the woman dressed in a red old-fashioned dress who was hanging up her clothes.

“Sorry to bother you, perhaps you can tell me where your healer is or where I can find medicine?” She looked at the sleeping pale girl then back at him responding: “Yes, go down the straight path and at the end the healer will be right before the first turn”

“Thank you” He said in a clam tone making his way down the path. After passing four or five houses he saw a house right at the left turn instead of aligned with the path like the others. The young girl awoken in his arms looking up at the man who had a serious yet determined look on his face. They made their way inside where they found themselves in a small red room with a black mat in the center.

An old man dressed in white was sitting with his legs crossed on the floor against the wall. He opened his eyes when they entered the room. “Ahhh, welcome. I am the healer Alron. How may I help you in your time of need?” He said with a calming voice.

“I brought this girl here in hopes of getting her help” He laid her on the mad as she laid on her back looking up at the ceiling. The healer walked over to her, looking at her pale and skinny body, he could easily see her bones from how malnourished she was.

“Ah yes, she looks as though she hasn’t had much sleep or food in a while. This should help her a little” The man aimed his palms toward her worn-out body as green light lit up the girl’s body. “Healing magic: God’s light” The girl’s body began to go back to it’s normal color as she slowly sat up still weak but able to move.

“There you are. The 1st times free, as long as she gets more food, water and sleep, she should be fine”

“T-thank you sir, you don’t know how much it means to me” She said with a faint sore throat but more talkative. He gave her a nod when she saw Kurayami walking away. She pushed herself up running after her.

“W-wait for me!”

“Why are you still following me? You’re better now and have the chance to be free from those corrupt people that trapped you for all those years” He said still walking past the healer’s house deeper into the town not looking at the girl who followed close behind.

“Well saved me, without you, I would’ve died back in that desert”

“If you stay with me, you’ll surely be killed, I suggest you find someone else to follow” The young woman who was about 20 grabbed onto his arm not letting go as tears ran down her face.

“Please...please don’t leave me alone. You’re the only one who’s ever treated me like an actually person instead of a mere object!” He looked into her tear-filled eyes and sighed. “Fine, but if you’re going to follow me around, you better know how to defend yourself. I won’t come save you if you put yourself in danger”

“R-right!” She said letting go cheering as the man looked through the path trying to find a store. Finally, he found a clothing store. We need to get you some better clothes, but first I need to see the value of this coin I have” She followed him up to the counter where the merchet stood in a window with all the clothes hug up and folded behind him.

“Hello, I have this coin and don’t know what it’s value is, maybe you could help me” The seller was a young man with short black hair, green eyes dressed in brown leather clothing. He took the coin looking closely at it...

“Strange, I've never seen such a about I give you 200 silver for it”

“That’s fine” The man put the coins in a small bag handing it to him. “Now how may I help you?”

“Yes, I'm trying to find clothes for her” Kurayami stepped aside to let the girl take a closer look. She saw many different kinds of clothes made of different material.

“Is there something specific you’re looking for?”

“Something a magic caster would wear” She commented. The man nodded looking through his selection. After a few minutes, she choice a black enchantress clothing with long black boots, gray pants, a black torso and a black cape.

“How much for that?” Tsuragri asked as the girl spun around in the new clothing. The man answered: “For you, 50 silver”

“Good enough” The swordsman paid him and they made their way through the city, admiring the large colorful flowers and trees all around them. They reached a garden with rows of flowers all around them. She admired them closely while Kurayami ventured deeper through the unbelievable garden. There were large stone walls around them like a hallway without a roof. After a while they reached the end where a long stone bench was up against the wall.

“Tell me how you left a beautiful place like this for a shit-hole like the city I found you in” She sat on the bench taking a deep breath before looking up at him...

“My name, is Sakuna Ultaria, I'm a magic caster of this town. I left years ago to explore the world and help those in need. But I didn’t get that far. Just as I came across that terrible city in the desert, a group of thugs caught up with me. I fended them off best I could, but a sudden blow to my head knocked me unconscious. When I awoke, I was weak and couldn’t break from the wires they had bound to my hands. After that, I awoke up in your arms. I was barley awake to tell how long I had been there, but from how I felt and look, it was more than a year. Those terrible men, using me as a mere battery!”

She burst into tears hugging him closely. He looked down at her with his hand on her head. “Don’t worry, without you and the fact their leader was in bad shape when I left him, I'm sure it’ll be a while before they plan to attack” Just then, a black mist rushed by the corner of the man’s eye. He pushed Sakuna back onto the bench as he pulled out his large blade. The black mist stopped in front of them a few feet away. It began to materialize into a physical form.

“What’s going on!? Is that a demon!?” They watched as a man stepped out from the mist as it dissipated, he wore black pants, dress shoes, with an open black jacket. He had a silver cross necklace that gleamed in the light. He had dark hair with purple glowing eyes.

“Hey Sakuna, long time no see, I've been worried sick about year for more than a year”

“Who are you?” Kurayami said in a threatening tone, pointing his blade towards the stranger. “You seem to be able to move within a black mist which is similar to how a demon may move. Are you a half demon?”

“Oh no, I'm a dark-enchanter, I use dark magic to convert my body into a dark mist and travel through small spaces or through the sky. I assure you, I haven’t a demonic drop of blood in my body. Though, given your red eyes and super-human strength to wield such a blade, I would assume you can’t say the same. Might I ask why you have that girl with you? Do you plan on feasting off her flesh?”

“No! He’s the one who saved me from greedy tyrants that captured me and kept me hooked up to a machine that could harvest my magic to power the city”

“Is that right, then I have nothing against you, I'm sure you didn’t choose to be what you are, so I can’t hold that against you. Now then, Sakuna, do you not recognize me? It’s your childhood friend, Nobuki Shozu, we used to practice magic together” Sudden flashbacks sparked in her mind as she remembered them hiding from their parents to practice magic.

“Nobuki!” She ran over hugging him. Tears filled her eyes as she held him tightly. The swordsmen put his blade back on his back commenting: “Not to ruin this touching reunion, but we need to leave soon, if we take too long the sun will be gone and demons will appear. Hurry and do what you need to before we leave” He proceeded to walk past them making his way back to the entrance of the garden when Nobuki called out to him: “Wait, where is it do you plan to take her?”

“I told her she could stay here for her own protection. I on the other hand have a mission of killing every last demon that crawls this earth before humanity itself is killed”

“If that’s so...then I shall come with you, I lead a group of warriors who fight against the demons as well. Perhaps they can be a great help in your goal”

“Sorry, but I don’t do well in large groups. Come along if you wish, but I don’t need a group of people following me where ever I ago. I won’t slow down to save their ass if they’re not strong enough to handle themselves. I don’t want Sakuna to come, but I know she’ll just follow me anyway. You can come, but if you slow me down, I'll leave you in the dust. As four your “warriors” Have them follow close behind. Do you have any way of communicating with them?”

“Yes, I have a spell that can open a rift to communicate with a specific person. The further away they are the more concentration it takes to keep connection why?”

“Have them follow but keep a good distance from us. Once we’ve secured a location, have them gather resources for the next venture. To put it simple, we search the city, they enter after to collect resources or restock. Will they be fine with that?”

“Yeah, they’ll help any way they can”

“These “warriors” what kind of fighting-types is it comprised of?”

“Let’s see...A healer, swordsmen, archer and fighter”

“Will this town be fine without them here?”

“Yes, this town has the golden swordsmen protecting this area, he’s said to be a very powerful warrior”

“Good, I'll have to meet him next time I visit this town. Now let’s head out” Tsuagri responded as they finally left the garden. They reached the exit when Nobuki asked: “Where are you going?”

“I’ve just been going town to town why?”

“You should be more strategic about this, instead of driving in random directions, I can use my dark magic to sense out high traces of demonic energy so we now where we’re going” He walked to the end of the stone path outside the city closing his eyes with his hands together like a triangle. His necklace shook as his body glowed purple... “I can sense traces of demonic energy coming from north of us. It feels, different than normal signatures demons give off”

“If that’s so, then you both should stay here”

“Not a chance! I told you I'd fight with you!” Sakuna said putting her hand on the swordsmen’s shoulder as they both looked past the exit of the city, out into the desert. He groaned frustrated telling her: “If either of you put yourselves in danger, I'm not saving you” He made his way over to a large rock where he parked the car. He looked at the car to see the vehicle was almost out of gas.

“Right, I forgot the car was almost out of fuel!”

“Don’t worry, some people here owe me favors, I'm sure they’ll have some osaline”

“What the hell is osaline!?”

“It’s a new form of fuel the citizens of this town created a year ago instead of relying on gasoline since it’s nearly gone” Nobuki made his way back to town while the pair waited by the car.

“Are you sure you’re up for this Sakuna? You’re still a little weak from the strain on your body”

“Don’t worry Kurayami, I'm slowly getting my strength back thanks to the healer’s magic”

“Well at least take this” Going into the car he pulled out a can of fruit tossing it to the girl. She jumped up in down in excitement at the site of fresh food. She tried to open it with the can opener on the top but it wouldn’t budge. With a sigh Tsuagri took the can, opening it for her before going back to leaning against the car while they waited.

He looked at his hand that was almost healed. However, instead of it being human skin, it was some kind of demon-like flesh that was dark like a shadow. (Strange, but at least my hand is almost healed. Though, I don’t think it’s enough to swing my sword with it just yet)

Finally, the young man returned with a canaster of the fuel. “Alright, let’s see if this car takes the fuel” He went over to the side of the car, pouring the green liquid into the car before closing it up. “Try now” Kurayami started the car, he watched as the needle went all the way back to full.

“Wow, in all this chaos I'm shocked they had the time to make such a useful resource. What’s it made of?”

“Tree sap mixed with water. Apparently, tree sap has properties that can be used as fuel. Now let’s hurry, I'm sure it’ll be dark in no time Nobuki suggested as they all jumped into the car taking off. Both looked back at their home town as it slowly faded from sight. Sakuna looked at Kurayami and smiled, happy he had saved her and she had a 2nd chance at life...

After a few hours of driving, a village came into view with a large mountain in the center of the town. “So, that’s where the demonic presence is coming from?” the armored warrior asked still driving at near 100 MPH straight for the small village.

“Yes, be careful, the closer we get, the stronger the demonic presence feels. I don’t have to use my magic to feel the cold pressure running up my spine. There must be a akumashin there”

(I’ve heard that word before...Shujin said it before) “What is an akumashin?”

“It’s a unique demon with far greater power than a normal demon. Think of it like a game. If a demon is a pawn, than an akumashin would be a boss. We better be careful if that’s what I'm sensing, this demonic pressure is intense for such a small village”

They reached the entrance to the village parking a few meters away before getting out. “You both wait here, with my dark mist technique I'll check the area out” He put his index and middle finger together as he broke into a large mist of darkness. They watched as a human-shaped mist floated through the air through the cracks of the wooden wall.

He made his way into the village, a group of cultists filled the area. He could feel immense demonic energy coming from the top of the mountain. (Better get these cultists out of the way before we make our way towards the source of the dark energy) He materialized his hand back to it’s normal human form, pulling out his blade as he soared through the air.

“It’s an evil spirit that has come to set us free from this world!” The cultist chief announced. He wore clothing made from human bones with fur underwear and shoes wearing the skull of a deer as his helmet. He had dark-brown hair with green eyes. There were red symbols all over his body as he raised his hands up holding a staff with a human skull at the end of it.

Without hesitation, Nobuki went through the opened area where the people stood around a fire, piecing his blade straight through them. Blood splattering all over the village until the chief was all that remained.

“Oh great demon, please release me from this world so I may join my followers on the other side” The dark caster reverted back to his human form standing before the cultist.

“You aren’t a demon! You’ve disgraced the lives of my followers and entire village! I shall kill you myself!” Enraged the chief swung his blade full force toward the man in black when Nobuki back-handed the staff out of the man’s grasp, catching it with one hand before snapping it just by clinching it.

“I can sense a great presence at the top of that mountain what do you know about it?”

“It’s a powerful demon that we worship. I thought you were a demon brought down by him to take us to the afterlife. But it seems me and my people weren’t Worthey of such a fate. But I will follow my people wherever they go” The last cult member took the broken staff, piercing his chest before dying moments later.

Nobuki got down on one knee, filling his index finger with dark magic as he drew a cross in the dirt. The cross burned into the soil filled with magic. He closed eyes for a moment before opening the gates for them on the other end.

“It’s all clear, let’s head up to the top”

“Wait, what’s that?” Sakuna asked pointing at the magical cross in the soil.

“It’s a magical cross to cleanse this land of the despair and evil of the dead. It's also a way I give respect to those who’ve died the more magic I put into the cross, the more protection or purifying it will do” They made their way past the corpses towards the narrow path that led up the colossal mountain.

“Let’s go, if there really is an akumashin up there, we should rid this land of it’s corruption as soon as possible” Kurayami commented as he made his way up the narrow path...

After 30 minutes of walking, they found themselves miles above the land, seeing miles out into the endless empty land. The young caster could feel her heartbeat speed up, she had forgotten how scared she was of heights. Kurayami could tell how scared she was and sighed lifting her up onto his back as they ventured higher up the mountain. The swordsmen could feel the sun glaring across his face, but didn’t burn much since the sun was almost down.

They finally reached the top where they came across a massive cave opening where a seven-foot demon with black skin, four arms, three red eyes with what looked like magma coming from his mouth.

“So, you’re the demon that’s causing problems around here!?”

“Be gone swordsmen and take those two with you. Since I can sense you hold a bit of demon within you, I shall let you off with a mere warning, now be gone before I tear the flesh from your very bones” Kurayami motioned for both of them to get ready as he pulled his blade out from behind him slowly.

“You fool, you’ve sealed your death, I shall ring the last breath from your very lungs!” The massive devil rose up from the cave, let out a fierce scream that sent an immense force of wind in their direction. Sakuna was sent back when her friend caught her hand just before she could fly off the cliff just a few feet behind them.

“You aren’t the first akumashin I've fought before....and you won’t be the last” Kurayami charged in, gripping his blade tightly as he jumped into the air inside the large cave just inches from the monster when the demon threw a punch with both it’s right fist. The swordsmen managed to block the coming attack with his blade, sending him staggering back nearly missing the cliff before catching it with his dark demonic hand while still holding his blade with the other.

“Hehahaha! If that’s all a half-demon has, then your deaths are assured” It said in a menacing deep voice. Nobuki filled his blade with dark magic. “Shadowing slash!” He cried out, unleashing a barrage of slashes that sent dark energy right for the devil like blade as they struck it’s abdomen.

“Hehe, that almost tickled. Allow me to show you my power” The akumashin stretched it’s hands out as four blades made of red demonic energy formed in his grasp. “Watch, as you all are sliced to pieces” The assailant swung it’s long sword right for them at great speed, Kurayami was pulling himself up as Sakuna and Nobuki dodged the coming slice while the swordsmen fell with the part of the cliff that was sliced off.

“Kurayami!” The female caster cried out as the man disappeared into the mist below. The demon laughed taunting: “How pathetic, I knew he wouldn’t be worth my time. It’s time to kill you two off. It’s a little soon but I don’t see anything interesting coming from either of you pathic mortals”

“H-how dare’ll pay for this” Both the demon and Nobuki looked to see a look of silent rage in the girl’s eyes as her blue aura suddenly faded to a silver color as she aimed both hands at him. Her eyes lit up as she unleashed all her magic at once. “Dark magic: Power of hatred” The silver aura swarming around her flowed into a sphere in front of her as she focused all of her negative emotions into it.

(He saved me...healed me...) “You’ll pay for this!!” She unleashed an immense blast of energy right for the demon. The target attempted to block the coming projectile with it’s demonic blade but watched as one of his swords were destroyed by the overwhelming power. The blast hit him in the chest, knocking him backwards hitting the back of the cave.

“It-it can’t be, I barley sensed any magical power within her, where is this power coming from!?”

“Dark magic: Power of hatred...full power!” The caster’s beautiful long hair began to become white at the ends as she floated a few feet off the ground, firing yet another attack off at her opponent, striking the akumashin once more causing it to hit the back of the cave so hard, it collapsed on itself. Meanwhile the girl fell to the floor right as her friend caught her. She had used so much power she had lost consciousness.

“So that was your true power Sakuna...I’re far stronger than what we thought you were. Don’t worry, I'll fight this monster by myself and hope to kill it before I die” Just then a hand grabbed his shoulder. He looked to see Kurayami covered in bruises and dirt, part of his torso broken off.

“Kurayami!? You’re alive!”

“Take her and get away, I'm going to fight this monster one on one”

“Are you crazy!? You’re nowhere near his level!”

“Are you sure?” The moment the sun went down, a red aura swarmed around the swordsman’s body as his demonic eyes lit up the darkness. Nobuki sighed and nodded becoming his shadow form, drifting away leaving Kurayami there alone. That’s when a loud rumble shook the cliff as the cave erupted into pieces as the demon broke from the rubble.

“Raaagghh! Where is she!? Where is that bitch!? I’ll make her pay for injuring me!”

“The only bitch I see is you. If you want’ll have to go through me”

“Quit your useless stalling, I can kill you with one strike if I wanted to”

“Then prove it, kill me right here" The warrior aimed his great sword toward the demon with the demonic energy flowing through him. Without another word, the monster came down with his three remaining blades all at once, slashing at fierce speed. Kurayami combined his heightened devil energy with the kedokin technique to maximize his capabilities, evading the coming strikes as if fighting an average opponent. He dodged the coming blades, jumping from the akumashin's arm, going right for its face. “Take this!”

His blade pierced the demon’s face as blood splashed out from it’s cheek, oozing onto the ground beneath them. “This can’t be! You weren’t this strong mere moments ago, what’s caused you to gain such power in mere minutes!?”

“Just something I was taught through my journey through this world that your kind has plagued for so long. But with my new power and friends, I shall locate the main source of you demons and destroy it for good” Feeling his body surge with demonic Kedokin energy, he took off at incredible speed, slashing the monster repeatedly. It could Hardley keep up with him as the swordsman swung his blade while moving at the fierce velocity.

“Y-you bastard! The demon unleashed a vast surge of power, causing the warrior to go staggering off the cliff. However, still focusing on both sources of energy. He slammed his feet against the mountain before running straight up the side. As the demon looked down to see his target, Kurayami launched himself up into the air moving right for the Akumashin once more, unleashing a sword strike with all his might. In an instant, he pierced straight through his targe landing right behind him.

The demon stood motionless for a moment before splitting in two in a pool of it’s blood. Kurayami stood there out of breath, drenched in sweat as the strain on his body began to kick in, his entire body became sore from the amount of power he had used in a short time and without practicing it first. He took slow deep breaths to regain some of his stamina before making his way down the mountain before collapsing halfway down...


“Wow, he actually pulled it off, I don’t feel that demonic presence anymore” Nobuki said to himself in surprise yet relieved. He turned to Sakuna who was still out cold laying in a pile of hay the man had put together for her.

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