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Some of them were written in the almost forgotten past. Some of them bring back fresh memories. What do they have in common? They all came from the deepest corner of my heart. Singing about the love. About the man... However, they all brought just sweet memories and past.

Poesia Romance Todo o público.

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The light of your soul

Have you ever seen the forest?
I asked you once.
Have you ever been lost in the universe?
I asked you under the night sky.
Have you ever kissed someone?
I asked you during our own silence.

The forest is very specific place.
You can find a peace, your wings.
Without chains, without promises
you can go to fulfill your dreams.

Now I am lost in the universe.
I am lost in the middle of the stars.
I need your hand to touch the sky.
Your hand to show me the darkness' light.

Your kiss is like your soul.
Hot, full of fire, with passion.
I can see it.
Everything is hiding in your eyes.
So... continue with talking.

I want to see yours soul's light.

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