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Ruben Everyone knows the story of the little red riding hood but that’s not how it worked out for me like I found out especially when I’d didn’t just have one big brooding wolf chasing me I had three. Mr Wolf When I was younger I always hid my sexuality from my friends because they’d probably laugh at me I was in the popular kid’s group so I kept it to myself then I fell for someone but he was always followed around by his brother so once I’d left school I grew all my hair long and did the same to my beard once I found out the person I knew in school was going to be working for my brothers I panicked but used my middle name just incase he recognized me as well but Ruben didn’t until I had to collect an award and he couldn’t Even look at me afterwards.

Romance Romance adulto jovem Para maiores de 18 apenas. © Danielle Hewitt

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Chapter one

Little red riding hood


My name's Ruben and I want to tell you a story if you’ve got time to listen as well.

It’s all started when I was growing up and my parents had divorced so I ended up getting a new step dad who was a moody bastard most of the time but once he relaxed he was a great person who my mum loved very much I’d also got step brothers and a sister as well they were fine up til we all started high school and that’s where my story really begins now.

Ruben come on my mum shouts from downstairs I pushed the quilt of me in a huff and get out of bed it was the first day of high school for me now my step siblings were a year older so they had been there before as well my mum dropped me of so I straightened my uniform and I brushed the thick curly red hair of my face because it’s warm as well I wasn’t the average kid my parents are very well known lawyers and doctors in America so i could ask for anything I want as well I’m at the most poshest school now so when I was walking in I noticed that all the gardens are in bloom,clean,shiny windows,a flag was outside the building,buse are now pulled up in front of the school and kids get of buses I watched as cars pulled up in spaces now and there worth a few thousand by the looks of it my step sister walks straight pass me not even saying hi then went to a red metallic convertible now and a lad gets out and he’s gorgeous as well dark long hair,sun kissed tan,brown eyes,Nice white smile,built like a brick,long legs etc.

Ruben what you looking at ruby hissed as my face heats up now.

I told her nothing then carried on into the building then let out a breath again I went to the big hall and sat down because all the new kids that Are starting school today have to get told what lessons and what teachers I’m going to be having as well I walked out the room and went towards room 14 which is at the end of the corridor which is now filled with kids as well I accidentally bumped into someone and told them sorry just as I was reached the classes door I was going to be learning stuff in until I left this place I made A few friends so when the bell rings we all went to the cafeteria for a break I get a can of lemonade and a pack of Crisps as well then sat down on the table near my friends just as ruby comes in the room with my other stepbrother now and Beckett was there as well his eyes met mine and smirks before sitting next to ruby on the chair now I carried on talking to my friend then the bell rings and we all went separate ways to our classes I had geography now in another building so it would take me a few minutes to get there as well my names shouted am I turned around and Beckett’s was there coming towards me now.

wait up, Ruben he says.

I carried on walking but slowly now.

Ruben stop he said

I didn’t want to be late either so I opened the door quickly as a hand touched my shoulder and my body went stiff like something else as well shit!!!

What do you want because Ruby won’t like you talking to me I say.

Tuff fuckng luck Ruben he says.

I looked at Beckett and he’s a foot taller as well. He's a year older at 13 but I could tell he’s going to be a handsome man when he grows up as well.

He asked what lesson I had.

Geography why.

I’ve got French it’s in this building even though I think it’s boring as well, he said.

I’ll take your word for it I teased.

My class is on the top floor while his was on the bottom floor as well so i walked up the steps and when I’d reached the room luckily the teacher wasn’t there just yet so I found a seat near the window and got my books out of my bag and a pen to write on the paper I’ve got as well.

Morning class I miss Jamison.

They all said hi then we all got told to copy what was on the board now I finished before the bell rings because I didn’t like to rush either so I put all my things in my bag and stood up then walked to the door and Beckett was there now he smiled.

Haven’t you got to be somewhere else I teased.

Nah I thought I could stalk you Ruben he laughs.

We walked back to the main building together then I went to meet my friends again like he did and I watched Beckett go to his now as well.

The days going well up to now then when I went to the cafeteria for my dinner I tripped up even though I was looking where I was going as well.

Watch it Ruben a voice snarls.

I looked up and Beckett’s there looking at me. I went to stand up and got pushed down again just as Ruby grabbed my hair hard and lifted my head up. I could see the nastiness in her blue eyes now and it wasn’t nice at all.

Stay away from him and she points to Beckett now who’s smirking.

it’s nice to see you sis I say sarcastically.

Whatever she hissed then let’s my head go and I stood up and grabbed my bag off the floor. My appetite had gone now so I went straight to English before everybody else as my stomach grumbles half way through the lesson as well.

Mate are you hungry? A voice whispers.


I’m Jason, it's nice to meet you he says quietly.

Er hi and yeah I skipped dinner the food didn’t look that appetizing I joked.

They all say that he chuckles then sits next to me now we both finish our work and then walked out of class as well I introduced Jason to my friends and he became a part of our group now I walked outside to where whoever is going to be picking me up now schools finished and wait for them as well.

Bye Ruben see you tomorrow Jason shouts.

My mum pulled up,and I get into the car now just as ruby and travis did the same as well at least I’m in the front I could feel my sister staring at me as well the ride home is quite so once the car stops I get out and went to my room and closed the door then threw my bag in the closet fast and flop on my bed and looked at my ceiling now and realized I have to put up with ruby and her asshole friends including Beckett he was fine before he’d met my sister.

the next day at school I had p.e and my body’s not slim or tall but chubby so now I have to wear the kit and it’s yellow and black so I look like a bumble bee my hair is all sticking to my forehead because it’s warm as I m running around the field like the other kids now.

keep up the coach shouts and they all laughed. I wanted the floor to open up and eat me now shit!!!

Keep up Red Someone tells me.

Red I say to a boy who’s at the side of me now.

My name's Lance and yeah you’ve got the reddest hair I’ve ever seen as well he said.

My face heats up now.

We carried on then once I’d got to where the coach was. I sat down all sweaty and warm. I just hoped the showers had their own cubicle as well.

Nice work guys the couch tells us all.

I stood up and walked back towards the gym with Lance. He seems to be a nice guy.

Ruben can I have a word the coach asked me.

I nod.

Come in my office for a minute, he says then closed the door again I sat down and I was told to lose some weight Because I couldn’t keep up with all the other kids either.

I nod and went out the office fast

could this day get any worse I told myself

I was going into the main building and I’m on the floor as kids laughed as well my sisters pointing At me for some reason as well.

Ruben I think you’ve wet yourself she shouts.

I looked down as the drink I had in my bag must have burst because it’s dripping through the material on my bag now everywhere I was helped up off the floor by Lance now who didn’t look happy either.

Get lost now he snarls at them.

you can’t speak to me like that Ruby hissed.

I just did, he said.

I look at Beckett and he’s just standing there not saying anything either.

Cat got your tongue Beckett I teased.

Fuck you Ruben and go and get cleaned up especially now you’ve just pissed yourself he snarls as he walked of.

Never mind him he’s an asshole Lance told me.


He’s popular so he’s bound to be just like the whole group as well Lance says.

I went to the locker room and dry myself then put my uniform back on again I was just walking out then I’m pinned to the wall fast.

What the fuck Beckett I hissed.

Ruben I’m sorry ok for upset you he says quietly.

Hey get away from him Lance shouts coming towards us fast now.

Who the hell are you asshole Beckett’s asked.

Rubens' friend, why is that a problem Lance snarls back.

I didn’t think he even had them either Beckett says then walked off away from us as well.

Thanks for that I told Lance.

No problem red he laughed then we walked out the gym and my dad picked me up after school once I’d got home ruby and Travis were there in the living room.

What’s going on I asked .

Ruben is it true that you’ve been upsetting Ruby’s friends my mum asked me .

No why.

Rubens lying ruby says.

So,who is it? I'm supposed to have upset today I say.

Beckett was trying to talk to you today and a boy pushed him away from you didn’t he ruby says.

It was the other way around actually I say sarcastically.

Now you listen to me Ruben I don’t want you causing Trouble at that school for ruby or Travis got it wayne snarls.

I get up and went my room and slammed the door shut the fucking nerve to,blame me for Lance to Stick up for me as well I get in bed and closed my eyes but in the night I was woke up by a noise so I opened my door with a walking Stick in my hand and went to find out where the noise was coming from all the lights had been turning of so if I’d put them back on again everybody n this house would wake up as well which i didn’t want to happen either so a tip toed down stairs and the noise gets louder in the kitchen I seen the outline of the person because the fridge door was open as well.

Yo check this out then hit whoever it was right between the legs hard.

Oh fuck the voice groans.

All the lights went on and the person on the floor is like a mammoth with ,

hair all over his face.

Ruben, what did you do to my son? Wayne said.

Son I thought he was a burglar I teased.

If I was one of them do you think I’d have a key he says sarcastically.


whatever and defense mechanism is good he tells me standing up he’s built like a brick and really tall as well I had to look up to him now.

You go back to bed and you follow me now Wayne told the man.

I get back in bed and fall asleep and the next day I was just going into the bathroom and my jaws dropped because the man I’d hit last night was handsome as fuck my cock twitch’s now and I pushed him out of the way and closed the bathroom door had a wash then put my clothes on and went to the kitchen and it’s full now.

Ruben this is Samson my son and your stepbrother Wayne told me.

So why am I only meeting him now I teased.

Samson has been back packing for a while and clearly needed a shower as well ruby says smirking.

so he’s older than us I say.

And how old do you think I am Ruben he asked.

How would I know I was only asking?

I’m 18.

Well I thought you'd have been older from the state you were last night I teased.

Travis sniggers just like ruby.

Shut it brats he snapped at them.

Whatever, we’re going to be late for school anyway, Travis said.

Ruben hurry up now my mum snaps shouting at me from outside as well.

Chapter two


I’d been back packing since I left school I wanted to see the world before finding a job my dads rich but got remarried as well so I had a stepbrother now so I couldn’t wait to meet him either my dad had sent me a spare key and left it underneath the plant pot after I’d phoned him before the plane landed in America so I was just opening the back door and I get hit by something hard and it was right between my legs so I grabbed my cock fast as I groan.

Oh shit

The lights went on and I saw a chubby boy with a mop of curly red hair holding a walking stick and I smirked and told him good defense technique as his face went red now.

Ruben what did you do to my son, dad says.

I thought he was a burglar seen as though you were all in bed he snapped .

I had a key so wasn’t one I teased.

He nodded and then my dad took me to my room as well Ruben went into his and closed the door just like my brother and sister as well.

See you In the morning Samson my dad said .

Night dad.

The next day I had a nice hot shower and a shaved my face which had a long beard so once it had gone my face had a jaw line again after months of backpacking as well by bodys filled out but stocky and toned due to all the walkers I had done around different countries but I’d got home sick so I got a plane home again and now I’m happy.

Anyone in the bathroom a voice asked knocking on the door.

Just give me a minute ok.

I Walked out and Rubens there. I am a few feet taller than him so he looks up to me as well. You can use the bathroom now squirt I teased.

Whatever he says then pushes me out the way and closes the door fast as well.

Ew put your shirt on my sister tells me as she’s walking out of her room in the uniform she has on.

Your skirt is short and you would be able to see her arse if you bend down as well ruby I teased.

No it’s not, she snaps.

Her bodys filled out as well even though she’s 13 and still a gobshite as well.

My sister and Travis walked past me now in his uniform then went downstairs to the kitchen. I turned around and Ruben was there .

I need to go downstairs for my breakfast before school so move Samson, he said.

Make me I teased bending down to his level now.

he kicked my shin and barged past me smirking as well the little shit.

So,now we’re all eating our breakfast and then I watched everybody get into my stepmoms car and she drives off down the road.

Son do,you have a job my dad asked.

Not yet.

Well I can give you one today if you’d like he says.

I told my dad I’m not a person who likes to be indoors but up for doing anything outside as well I liked being in the fresh air.

Here you go he says.

I looked at the piece of paper and there’s a few jobs so I phone them up and I ended up being a handyman for the school my sister goes to as well.

You can’t work here Samson she snaps.

Tuff luck I teased.

Just stay out of my way then she said.

I’ll try.

I mean it ruby snaps.

I started my new job today and the weathers hot as well, so I take my jacket of now and wiped my head as well as I’m swiping up the dead leaves at the front of the building now most of the kids are in the classrooms because they are being teached now until the bells rings.

What the hell are you doing,here Samson a voice says.

I turned around and Ruben was there with his arms folded frowning now.

I work,here squirt I whisper pulling him closer to me as he sucked in a breath now.

couldn’t you find somewhere else to work he says.

Ruby told me the same thing before as well I say.

Let Ruben go asshole a voice shouts coming towards us fast I looked up and a tall skinny lad didn’t look happy then pushed me away from Ruben fast now.

I stood up and he looked up at me as well.

Meet my stepbrother Samson, he told him.

Whatever come on Ruben then grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the school entrance then stuck the middle fingers up at me as well shit!!!

The little shit won’t do that a second time I tell myself.

I carried on and kids come outside now and my eyes met Ruby’s and she scowled at me then walked away with her friend I wiped my head again but needed a bottle of water so I went to the cafeteria and it’s full once I walk to the machine the room went quiet and all,eyes are in me now and I shake my head as kids were talking around me.

Who’s he, a girl whispers.

He’s fit, another person says.

Every gay mans fantasy as well another person stays.

You're quite popular a deep voice tells me.

Am i

I’m Beckett, one of the popular kids he says.

Ruben over here a voice shouts he walked into the room making Beckett’s head look around fast as well never taking his eyes off my stepbrother as well shit!!!

You ok.

Yeh I’m fine just wondering how Ruben puts up with ruby sometimes she’s so horrible to him he told me.

That’s bullshit you're just as bad Beckett.

Shut your mouth Lance he snarls.

I looked at the boy in front of me and he’s staring Beckett straight in the eyes now.

Ruben pulled Lance away from us now and shakes his head and says something to his friend as well, so I turned to Beckett and asked what he meant .

Nothing why.

Don’t lie to me I say.

Whatever he snaps then walks towards my sister and to the table she is now as well.

The day is long but I’m enjoying it as well, soon the outside has been swept. I was told to mop up and polish the trophies in the cabinet as well there’s a few so this school must have won a few competitions over the years as well.

You just couldn’t help yourself could you samson.

I turned around and Ruben was there now.

What’s that’s supposed to mean squirt I tease.

It means that I’m going to be hassled now by the popular kids now you're here he says.

I pushed Ruben against the wall making sure nobody was there and said that while I’m here I won’t get hassled either.

that’s my point exactly your sister and brother can’t stand the sight of me because I stand out haven’t you noticed he snaps.

I’m moved closer to him now and Ruben sucked in a breath as I put my face closer to his as well.

Do you think I’ll let anyone hurt you Ruben I whispered.

I don’t know, he says.

Well,they won’t because I can be very productive over people I care about, I said.

So,that’s me then Samson he said, smirking.

My lips were inches from his now and I told Ruben yes in a whisper.

Your bluffing Samson he said.

My lips went on his and said who’s bluffing now while his face went red as well.

He pushed me away from him and ran out the gym fast and I carried on my job clean it slowly and I what I’d told my stepbrother was the truth as well.

Chapter three


When I’d finished school my lips were still tingling from were Samson had kissed me in the gym he’d told me that he wasn’t going to let anyone upset me either so he’d better had ment it all,the girls in the school were drooling over my stepbrother after he’d walked in the cafeteria at dinner as well but I could feel the tension between him and Lance as well.

I don’t like your step brother Lance tells me.

Well I don’t like ruby and Travis either I said.

Touché he says.

So,once we’d gone separate ways I walked to the entrance of the school just as dad pulled up in his car I walked towards it and sat down in the back as ruby sits in the front seat and Travis was next to me now.

How’s school? He asked us.

You could have told us that Samson was working full time at my school now ruby says to her dad.

And why’s that a problem he snaps.

He’s my brother.

I offered Samson a job working for me but he’d turned it down and wanted to work outside in the fresh air instead, Wayne tells ruby.

She nods

We get home and I went to my room and got changed and then went the bathroom just as the door opened my jaw was on the floor now because Samson only has a towel around his waist his body massive with mussels pops out all,over it as well and I wanted to touch it but I didn’t just yet as my eyes slowly worked up to his handsome face now his hairs damp and water droplets are drops are running down his face as well.


The sound of his husky voice sends shivers down my spine as well shit!!!

Let me past, I say.

he wouldn’t move so I ended up crawling between his legs and kept my eyes on the bath until I got into the bathroom and shut the door as well letting out a breath.

Oh no you don’t ruben Samson tells me closing the door now shit!!!

I’m pulled up and spun around so that my back was against his chest now and my cock twitched .

I meant what I’d told you, he says.

About what I teased.

Letting nobody upset you at school he told me.

Why though I’ve only known you for two days as well I teased.

so he says.

you're my stepbrother as well.

His hands move to the front of my pants then cup my bulge as well and I let out a groan.

Oh shit.

you’ll get bigger then I’ll fuck,you senseless he says.

Yeh right.

his towels on the floor and I’ve never in my life seen a thick,long cock like he’s and it magnificent as well I lick my lips while he moved it from side to side slowly.

Suck it Ruben he commands.

I did and Samson groans.

Ah fuck closing his eyes.

I sucked the tip rapidly then made popping noises every time you stopped as well.

Your mouths made for my cock Ruben and I’m going to teach you things as well he says.

Like what.

How to defend yourself for starters he told me.

I asked him why he’d kissed me at school.

he picked me up and my backs against the door and Samson put his head against mine now and told me that he liked it a lot.

I’m only 12 and you're 18 that’s a pretty big Age difference I teased.

Do,you think I give a shit he tells me.

But I was about to,say then his mouth ravished mine and my cock is hard in the pants I’d had on shit!!!

Oh Ruben he groans quietly.

Oh Samson I groan quietly now.

He put me down and the front of the pants I was wearing were stuck out at the front, so he pulled them down and sucked my cock slowly as my hips arched as well.

Oh shit I say.

Fuck your cock taste good Ruben he tells me.

His is rock solid as well and it touched my leg now it leaks a bit.

Er Samson I say.

Yeh squirt.

My eyes looked down and he smiled.

You're turning me on as we speak Ruben he chuckles.

What I say .

you’ll understand when you're older ok.

I nod then he carried on but out all my cock into his mouth and gagged when it touched the back of his throat then pulled it out again slowly but he sucked the tip over and over again until my body shakes and something squirts from the tip fast shit!!!

Looks like your cock liked me sucking it Ruben Samson tells me then cleaned the tip and stands up again.

We’ll start with the basics. Books don’t show you things which I will if you let me, he says.


What we just did was nice and easy, he told me.

Ok so what’s next i asked as my face heats up now.

I’ll show you tomorrow but it won’t stop me from kissing you Ruben, he told me, smirking.


I’ll do it when I want and where I want ok he growls.

I nod again.

His lips went on mine fast and he picked me up once more and sat on the toilet seat with me and his lap as well he was still naked as well I ran my finger throwing his chest hairs and he groaned quietly.


I asked Samson if he liked me doing that.

Course I do Ruben.

we kissed but forcefully and it deepened quickly for some reason but I like it as well Samson’s big hands grabbed my arse hard now as well my cock was touching his and there both still hard as well.

I can’t wait until your old Enough then I can fuck you ruben he told me.

I’ll look forward to it, I teased.

he nodded then stopped kissing me and I put my pants back on and he put the towel around his waist again as well Samson kissed my head gently then made sure nobody was there and went out the bathroom and I was all hot and bothered now shit!!!

Chapter four


When I’d told Ruben about not letting anyone upset him I meant it as well especially him being at that stuck up posh school with my siblings who go there as well.

Oh yes Ruben groans

Now I’m underneath his quilt sucking his cock slowly which I loved to do every night I’d creep in his room once everyone else had gone to bed as well.

Oh Ruben I groan as I pumped his cock rapidly with my hand as my tongue lick the side of it now.

Oh shit Samson he whispers as he jumps.

I carried on with my mouth this time and savor every moment as well I was drawn to my stepbrother straight away when I’d seen his chubby body crawl between my legs because I wouldn’t let him in the bathroom I had to keep my hand from smacking his arse as well I loved to see it wobble in front of me which it will be when I fuck Ruben senseless once he’s older just the thought of it makes my cock hard knowing that once it’s inside his tight arse hole he belongs to me as well so I’m looking forwards to that as well.

Oh Samson he groans as his hips arch.

I kissed Ruben once my head was out from underneath the covers now and I deepened it as well he put his arms around my neck and groaned quietly.

Feels so good.

course it fucking does I teased.

we’re engrossed in each as I pulled the quilt completely over us now as well he’s a kid and I’m an adult but we’re only kissed and I’ve sucked his cock and that’s about it so it’s fine plus we’re not related by blood either.

Samson, he says.

Yeh said.

Why me?

What do you mean why you.

Look at me I’m not exactly tall or slim Ruben says.

Your body’s nice to touch and I love your cock as well I teased.

your mouth seems to like it as well he said.

It does ,I said.

We’re back to kissing again and it deepen once more now my body feels his cock against it now and mines bloody hard but Ruben isn’t really for that just yet he’s getting used to me kissing him and sucking his cock at the moment and I didn’t want to,rush him either especially when he’s 12.

Oh Samson he groans.

Oh fuck I love your mouth I groan.

Samson, he says.

I went back underneath the quilt and sucked Rubens cock rapidly and his body spasmed. Now I run my tongue over the tip and he cums inside my mouth fast.

Oh shit he groans quietly now his body shakes more.

I cleaned it with my mouth then sat up and so did he then I told Ruben to sucked mine until I cum in his mouth now.

Once his mouth touched it I closed my eyes and groaned.


He’s doing it over and over again while his hand pumps it as well and my body spasms and I explode in his mouth fast.

Ah fuck with a grunt.

Ruben swallowed it then opened his mouth wide so I ran my cock across his bottom lip slowly now.

Oh Samson, that tastes nice he said.

My lips went fast and forcefully to his but I knew I had to go to bed because I had work in the morning like he had school as well.

Can you stay with me tonight Samson he asked.

I wish I could.

Ruben nods, then I creep back to my room with a smile on my face and get in bed and turn the light off as well.

Samson I want you and your siblings to be on your best behavior tonight my dad said

Dad I’m 18 not 10 I teased.

Look son, I've got important colleges coming tonight because somethings happened so it has to be sorted out fast, he told me.

Like what I say.

It’s just a work thing he told me.

So is your wife going to be here as well.

No she’s staying at her friend tonight thank god he chuckles.

Dad, what's going on tell me.

It’s nothing so stop worrying he said.

then my eyes met Rubens when he walked into the kitchen as his face reddens as well.

Ruben you look hot I teased.

His eyes squint telling me to,shut up now.

Right I’m off to work, come on kids my dad tells them and they all walk out the house as well but my dad’s acting strange for some reason so hopefully I’ll find out later on why he is.

Around 16:00 pm my siblings walked in the house and I slowly looked up Rubens there and he smirked as my eyes landed on the front of his pants now.

So your babysitting us now ruby snaps.

your old enough to look after yourself I teased.

Well in that case I’ll ask dad if I can stay with my friends tonight, she said.

Go on then, I say.

Ruby comes back with a smile on her face so it looks like she’s going to her friends as well I down one to go.

I’m going to mine as well, Travis tells dad.

He nods then his friend mum picks him up and my brother goes to his friends house as well so I can now be with Ruben on my own. His bedroom is on the other side of this big house so we won’t get disturbed hopefully.

What’s going on tonight Samson Ruben asked me quietly.

Dads got colleges coming over later on why.

So,at night I went into Rubens room and we kissed passionately and underneath the quilt were skin to skin so I could feel his hard cock against my body while mines solid now shit!!!

Your mine Ruben I growl.


I mean it I said.

He nods again.

voices could be heard from the otherside of the door so we stopped for a few minutes now.

I jumped when Rubens' mouth touched my cock and then started to suck it. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure his mouth is giving me at the moment and I groaned.

Oh shit.

You wuss he says.

We’re back to kissing again but it’s turned to a furious one now and my mouth ravishes his forcefully as well.

Oh yes Samson he says.

Oh Ruben I groan.

Something hits the door hard.

That hurt asshole the voice says.

Shit there wasted I told Ruben.

Leave them to it, he told me.

I nod then carried on kissing my stepbrother passionately again and it deepened quickly now which I liked a lot as well.

Please put it inside me, Samson Ruben says.

Not yet I teased.

Pretty please with a cherry on the top he said.


He stands up and tells me he needs the toilet and opens the door and checks if anyone was there and quickly runs to the bathroom naked as his arse wobbles as well.

He came back and closed his bedroom door again and we carried on nce more.

We can’t tell anybody about this, he said.

And who am I going to tell Ruben I teased.

nobody he says.

Well there you go I say.

did you find out what’s happening tonight with your dad he asked.

Not yet why.

Get dressed and go and find out then Samson then comes back and tell me he says.

I got dressed and kissed Ruben and went out his room again then Down the stairs and my name gets shouted now.

Samson come in here for a minute will you, my dad tells me.

I looked and his colleagues were all naked and sucking each other’s cocks as well.

What the fuck I say.

We’ve all got the same parts he says.

I know that but you're taking a risk doing this here as well I snap.

sit down and shut up he said.

No I’ll stand up if it’s ok with you I snapped.

Bring them in, he told a man.

He nods and two lads are there naked as well.

Dad what the fuck there kids and shouldn’t be here I said

all of us have needs Samson so one of my friends suggested getting a submissive to help with what he told me.

you can’t be serious, they only look young.

I wouldn’t even go down that road with me Samson my dad snaps.

I knew what he’d meant as well shit!!!

Keep,sucking it, a man told a boy .

I watched as the young lad stands in front of my dad and then kissed him as well and I turned and walked out the room and if I ever caught someone doing that to Ruben I’d kill them and wouldn’t care about the consequences either I went back to his room and he’s also I climb underneath the quilt and wrapped my arms around his body’s and closed my eyes with a smile on my face.

Chapter five


I woke up and Samson was wrapped around me and gently moved his hand away and put my clothes back on my cocks hard then I went to the bathroom and a man was just coming out as well he looked me up and down slowly and I felt uncomfortable just standing there so I asked if he could move.

He nods so when I go to walk in he blocked me again and ran his hand down the side of my face as well.

Don’t you dare touch me you pervert I hissed.

His big body pin me to the wall as well I couldn’t move either as his hand went over my mouth I was scared.

So pure he tells me now.

Every time he’d touch me I cringe. He was just about to kiss me when the assholes on the floor fast I watched Samson punch the man in his face hard.

Don’t you fucking dare touch my stepbrother ever again he snarls then kicked the side of the mans body harder.

What’s going on Wayne shouts coming towards us fast and I hide behind Samson now.

This pervert had Ruben pinned against the wall he couldn’t move dad.

Get out of my house now Carl, he shouts.

The man looked at me with a smirk and a hard cock as well.

this is all your fault, Samson told his dad as his body shakes with anger.

Wayne asked me if his friend touched me anywhere.

He was trying to kiss me until Samson beat the shit out of your pervert of a friend I snapped.

It’s not going to happen again Ruben Wayne tells me as he went to shake my hand so I went behind his son now.

Ruben, it's over he told me.

I went to my room and closed the door as arguing was coming from the corridor now.

A few hours later I woke up and Samson was there in a chair facing me. He didn't look happy either.

You're awake, he said.


you don’t have to worry about that bastard coming into this house again because dad got a restraining order against Carl he told me.


I’m just glad I was there to save you Ruben Samson tells me.

My hero I teased.

Always he says then kissed me fast as well luckily my door is locked now I’m picked up and my backs against the wall now and he deepened the kiss which I liked a lot as well.

Your mine Ruben Samson says.

Yes I am.

A few years later and I’ve just turned 15 and I’ve gotten tall and my body’s changed as well hair grows in certain parts and I’ve lost weight which I’m glad of as well but my hairs still red since what happened to me wayne hasn’t had anymore of his friends over either but didn’t mention it to mum either thank god I’m still sleeping with Samson who’s always looked after me over the years as well he’s now 21 but still built like a brick.

come here Ruben so I can suck your now huge thick cock he growls.

My face heats up fast.

my other body parts had developed as well especially my cock it grew fast once puberty hit me as well so now Samson has a good time playing with it as well.

I think you're old enough so we’ve both been waiting for this to happen Ruben and my cocks waited long enough as well he says.

I held the sheets on my bed as he slowly eased his thick cock into my arse hole and the pain was unbearable so I closed my eyes.

Ruben what’s wrong he asked.

It hurts that’s all.

Shit it’s too soon I’m so sorry he says.

It’s fine, just go slower ok.

I watched Samson squirt sometimes on his hand and around my arse hole then put his cock in slowly again and once it’s all in we groan because it felt good.

Finally he says.

Oh yes I said.

He started to move back and forth slowly so I could get used to the size of him now and we kissed passionately now.


Not happening he says.


You’ll be so sore tomorrow that’s why he told me.

I nod and we’re kissing again and he moved a bit faster over and over again while he grunts in my neck.

Oh fuck Ruben.

Oh yes I groan in his as well.

Your mine now Ruben no other person can put their cock inside you he growls.

And who’s going to do that I teased.

touché he says.

Please go faster .

He did and it’s turned to pleasure now the pain had gone a bit as well now we’re engrossed in each other kissing passionately again.

oh Ruben he says.

Oh Samson I said.

What we’re doing with each other makes me so happy, Ruben told me.


It’s true I want us to be in a relationship with each other, he said.

You're my stepbrother I teased.

And we’ve been sleeping together for years as well, he tells me.

not the way we wanted I teased.

And which way would that be he asked.

Not having sex.

You were too young, he said.

it’s worth the wait I say.

Definitely he says then kissed me again now as he moved faster over and over again I pumped my cock rapidly as well over and over again as the thrusts get faster and harder I was waiting for Samson to smack my arse but he didn’t and it pissed me of I’d looked a few things up on Google so I want then to happen to me as well.

Smack my arse Samson.

Are you sure?

Since when have you let anyone give you permission to do anything I teased?

His hand hit my arse hard and I cum all over my body as it shakes now.

Ah fuck.

Holy shit he grunts while he cum inside my arse hole and threw his head back as well.

Kiss me I command.

Samson did and forcefully and it turned furiously now I pulled him closer to me and I sat in his lap with his cock still inside my arse hole now.

You make me so happy, Ruben, he says.


Yeh I love as well Samson tells me.


I had a big test coming up at school so I had to study for it none stop so I’ve been at the library as well it was going towards the final results so I could hopefully get on a course when I go to college as well my arse hole throbbed after Samson had fucked it for the first time but I soon got,use to the size of his cock after we’d had sex since and it was more pleasure for me as well but Samson sure can kiss he puts his all into it I’d never been kissed before so I was shocked when he put his tongue in my mouth at he time but when he’d told me that he loved me I was a taken back and he wanted us to be a couple as well shit!!!

Ruben, where are you? a voice shouts.

In the library why.

Come out of it now, Wayne shouted.

I closed my book fast and held them as I went to where Wayne was standing.

What’s wrong I have to study for their test you know that I snap.

Don’t take that tone with me Ruben he snarls.

It's important that I get good grades.

that can wait for me and your mum are inviting people over tonight he says.

I won’t be here, I say.

Ruben, it's not like last time he told me.

I’m still not coming so get someone else to do it instead.

It's important, Ruben wayne tells me.

And so I’d the test I’ve been studying for I hissed.

your 15 so what’s so important about this test he asked.

The marks can go towards any course I can pick if I go to college.

At night I stay in my room while my parents are having friends over and my door gets knocked on and I asked who it was.

Samson opened up.

I did and it’s not him and I panicked.

Get out my room now I shout.

The man closed the door and put my chair against the handle so nobody could open either then came towards me with a smirk on his face and nastiness in his eyes as well and it frightened me a lot .

We meet again, Ruben, he said.

I’ve never met you before I say moving closer to my window now.

I was at that party with your dad and he put a restraining order on Carl as well he tells me coming closer now.


What’s your name?

Now that would be telling he hissed.

Get out of my room now I shout louder.

Not just yet he said undoing his belt as he comes towards me as well.

I’m nearly sitting on the window sill now.

Oh Ruben he says.

my hands are bound with his belt as I’m telling this asshole no over again over again while he went faster I said no over and over again but he carried on and raped me as I cried into my bed then he cums with a grunt and then pulled out of me and zipped his pants up and went out the room smiling I slide down my bed and cried into my hands the pants I had on are on the floors with the condom next to them as well I looked up and Samson’s there and he explodes Ruben what happened.

I told him and he ran downstairs and I could hear him shouting so I went down myself and my parents saw the state of me and I watched my step brother punch every man in the room until he finds the person who’s just raped me and then grabs his throat and the person nearly can’t breathe either.

Samson, his dad says.

He dropped the person on the floor fast and kicked the shit out of him in front of us all until his nose bleeds as well.

My mum looked at me and opened her arms and I went into them as well.

Oh Ruben I’m so sorry this has happened she tells me.

That’s enough, son wayne told Samson who’s still got anger in his eyes so I touched his wrist and he calmed down slowly now .

Dad you’d better get this fucking piece of shit out of this house otherwise he well crawling out after I’ve finished Samson shouts.

I watched as a police officer came into the house and arrested him and then the front door closed and all eyes were on me. I hide behind my mum now.

Ruben wayne says.

That’s the second time one of your pervert friends has touched Ruben Samson tells his dad.

Second my mum says.

Wayne threw his son a dirty look telling him to shut the fuck up now.

What’s he on about? she asked me.

I could feel Wayne’s eyes looking at me waiting to see what I was going to say next.

It’s nothing one just smacked my arse playful when I was walking out the bathroom that’s all I told her Cooley.

She looks at Wayne and slaps his face hard and walks out the door and slammed it shut.

Ruben I,don’t know what to say.

I’m never lying to my mum again, I snarl at Wayne.

He nodded then went out the front door and it’s just me and Samson now I burst out crying as well.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you and it’s never happening again Ruben I promise he says.

I need a shower I feel dirty all over now.

Come on then he says.

We’re underneath the water and he washed my back as the tears fell from my eyes now and I turned around and cried into my stepbrother's neck as he wrapped his arms around me now.

Shh he says.

Why does it always happen to me? I sob.


That’s twice now I say.

Their dirty old men Ruben my dad Isn’t going to get away with what happened either, Samson tells me.


I’m figuring that out, he said.

Over the next two weeks Samson takes me to school and picks me up after what happened to me and I ended up passing the exam thank god so it will go towards me choosing a course as well my mum had given wayne an ultimatum so he’s not allowed to,have any friends over again otherwise she’ll divorce his arse straight away and Samson’s not talked to his dad either and Travis and ruby could sense something had happened but was told to mind their own business of my mum as well.

Ruben your birthday is next week my mum says.

I’m 16 I teased.

Yes you are, she says.

The week after she went out and put on a party with a few of my friends and family as well which I enjoyed as well then Samson had wanted to surprise at night with something and I was looking forward to whatever it was as well.

Happy birthday Ruben, he says passing me a box.

I opened it and there’s a small piece of jewelry inside so I picked it up and asked what it’s for.

Ruben I love so much so I got you this ring to show me how much you mean to me he says.

I don’t understand.

it’s a friendship ring but it’s not going on our fingers it’s being put there and points to the tip of my cock then touches it .

Seriously I say.

He nods.

I kiss him fast and he deepened it as well then we had sex slowly underneath the covers now and it’s turned out to be the best birthday ever as well.

Chapter six


So now me and Ruben are in a tattoo shop having the ring I’d given him for his birthday put in the end of his thick cock and I had to same done to mine it was a decoration of love from me he’s my stepbrother but I love him a lot I’m 22 and I vowed that after he’d got raped that I would never leave Ruben again even if I had to take him anywhere even his mum agreed as well she’s slowly forgiving my dad who’s told her that he’ll never have any party’s or friends over to,the house again otherwise she’ll divorce him straight away and he’s been doing everything to make sure she’s happy now as well.

Do you like it? Samson rurben asked me now his cock has the ring at the end of it.

I nod.

I’d like a tattoo as well, he says.

What do you have in mind I teased.

Something that means I’m strong and can get through anything that’s thrown at me Ruben said.

A lion would be great, the man told him.

So now he had a big lion on his body and it looked realistic as well I had a panther on the side of my body as well.

Is that all the man asked?

I paid him then grab rubens hand and he held it as well walked to,the park slowly and smile because he’s with me as well I tighten the grip on his hand once we seen men in suits walking as well ruben still get jumpy if he sees businessmen around him still and I hated that as well.

Do,you want anything to,eat I asked

An ice cream would be nice,He says.

I got us both fruity Lollies and I watched as he licked the side of it up and down.

Are you pretending that’s my cock I whispered and he nearly choked on a piece now.


We watched people walk past us and I moved closer to Ruben as well and kissed his cheek gently.

Not here Samson just in case we know anyone he tells me.

Do you think I give a shit Ruben?

not really he said.

Well there you go I say.

Once we got home I saw the look on my dad's face now.

Samson where’ve you been all day.

I asked why.

I needed you to help me sort these files, he says.

I’ll help you, Ruben said.

I don’t think you can, he told him.

You’ll be surprised what I can do, Wayne Ruben says.

He nods and we all sat there sorting this pile of shit out for hours when all I wanted to do was wish Ruben happy birthday probably as well by the time we’d finished I walked to my room then once my dad had gone in his I went to rubens and climbed next to him and fall asleep.

I love you Samson.

I smiled once he told me that.

I love you Ruben now go to sleep.

The next day I’d got up early and made sure that nothing was asked and went to my room and I’m also sick of having to sneak out of his as well so I’ve been looking for apartments for us to move in as well hopefully once rubens 18 fingers crossed.

The next day my dad had told us all that he’d want all his family at the fundraiser that his company puts on once a year for mental awareness so it means a lot to him as well so now I’m getting dressed in my suit with Ruben who’s nervous as well it will be the first time. He’s been in a room full of men since what happened and I think our parents could tell as well so he’d gone in the bathroom for a few minutes once Ruben comes out he looked fucking handsome with hair all styled and straight now it’s been cut,he’s lost weight ,taller but still had dimples which I loved as well I pulled him in for a kiss then we get shouted from downstairs I watched as he went towards his mum whose now grinning with tears in her eyes as well.

Oh Ruben you look dashing tonight and so grown up she tells him.

She’s right, Wayne said.

Once we’re in the limo I linked my little finger with his and reassured Ruben everything is going to be fine.

He nods so once the car stops and everybody gets out, cameras flash and I feel his body stiff fast.

deep breath I whispered.

We walked in the building and it’s huge with men and other people there as well my dad went to talk to his friends as well all sitting at the table were sat tonight his mum keeps looking at Ruben she’s become alert as well and watches everyone in the room just making sure as well.

Ruben you ok son.

He told his mum yes.

Dad comes to the table with a tray of drinks now and sits down next to her smiling.

It’s a good turn out tonight he told us.

As the night went on I noticed that Ruben wasn’t at the side of me so I walked out the door to find him talking to a man who needed a good haircut by the looks of it walked up to them and grabbed my stepbrothers hand and the man's eyes looked me up and down.

I’m Evan He said.

It’s nice to meet you I say then pulled Ruben away from him as he watched frowning.

You weren’t jealous was you Samson Ruben asked.

Nah because you love me I whispered then pushed him into a room which was empty then kissed the man I loved fast.

Oh shit same he groans.

it deepened quietly and he pulls me closer to him by my hips my body pinned his against the wall now I’m still taller as well but broader as well but I still got jealous because it’s just an emotion that happens when you love someone that much the way I’ve love Ruben over the years as well.

Oh Samson he groans.

My hand zipped his pants down at the front and his cock springs out and he’s not got any briefs on either so I sucked it rapidly and he relaxed now it was my favorite thing to do as well and when Ruben got older it grew and I liked it a lot because it’s thick and long with a big tip that now had a ring three the end which sparkles once the light touched it now.

Oh shit Samson he says Arching his hips now.

Fuck I love your cock in your mouth I say.

And it likes your mouth as well, he says.

Ruben groans as he’s facing the wall as I’m fucking him now and I do it so fast he groaned louder as well.

Oh shit.

Ah fuck I groaned.

we kissed passionately then I cum with a groan in the back of his neck then pulled out and lifted my pants back up like he did then walked out the room and closed the door again.

I enjoyed that Samson he whispers.

So did I.

The fundraiser finished and raised ten grand so once we all went home I sneaked into Rubens' room and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Chapter seven


It's the day after the fundraiser and Samson had gotten jealous when I was talking to another man I didn’t panic either which weird so I was happy as well it turned out that Evan was a plastic surgeon and was the best in all America as well so he’d asked me what my intentions were once I’d left school.

I haven't decided just yet, I said.

So how old are you? he asked.


He nodded but still had the nicest smile I’ve ever seen as well.

I asked how old he was.

Guess he says.

Er 21

He chuckles and shakes his head.

Try again Ruben, he says coming closer to my face.


Nope one more guess he whispers in my ear.

40 I teased.

Nearly I’m 34

My jaw dropped because he didn’t look at it either unless he’s had plenty of Botox being a plastic surgeon as well .

Cat got your tongue he says.

My face heats up while I look at the floor.

He lifted it up and his eyes are so dark as well and I think he was about to,kiss me until Samson grabbed my wrist looking like he would beat the shit out of Evan all because he was talking to me as well but Samson soon calmed down when he’d fucked me in another room away from everyone else but I loved it when he sucked my cock as well.

Ruben can I have a word Wayne says.

Yeh ok.

I was talking to one of my friends at the fundraiser and he needs a person to help him sort paperwork out. I was impressed the other day that you’d done a brilliant job as well, he says.

I can't because it's too soon.

He's my friend though he says.

Yeh and look what happened when the last two come over Samson snarls at his dad whose face pales.

I’m sorry you'll have to find someone else wayne I say.

Ruben he’s not like the others he’s a nice person to work with. I've known him for years even before becoming a doctor he told me.


I’ll think about it ok.

Wayne nodded and I walked out the study fast and let out a breath and then went upstairs to my room.

Samson walked into it and slammed the door shut and kissed me fast and picked me up. My back hits the wall with a thud now and I deepened the passionate kiss now as well.

Your mine that he growls.

I know and I have since I was a kid I tease.

If that asshole even looks at you the wrong way you tell me straight away ruben he told me.

I will.

Samson fucked me fast and smacked my arse harder with every thrust over and over as the kiss turned furious and I groaned.

Oh shit.

ah fuck Ruben he grunts.

We’re engrossed in each other and it felt bloody great as well. I loved Samson a lot and he felt the same way he’s my stepbrother but we’re not related by blood so it’s not wrong what’s going on between us either.

I love you so much Ruben he told me.

We’d better go back downstairs and meet whoever dad's friend is, I say.

Come on then he told me.

We walked into the living room and Evan was there and Samson’s body went stiff fast and I told him to calm down as well quitely.

He nodded then Evans' eyes went on me now.

Keep your eyes to your fucking self Samson tells him quietly.

Is your brother always like this Ruben he says.

mine your own business as well Samson snaps.

Evan looked at me and then at him and smirked and went back to talking to my dad again thank god.

I thought you weren’t jealous.

I’m not Ruben, he said.

Keep telling yourself that I teased.

The day after I’d agreed to help Wayne’s friend as well but only for a week just for now.

That’s fine, he says.

You’ll be staying with Samson in his apartment and not far from the place where Evan is working either so you’d be able to walk there as well my mum said.

Samson’s face had a small grin now.

Welcome home Ruben Samson tells me as he scooped me off the floor before going inside his apartment now.

I look and it is massive inside all open planned,clutter free,Two big bedrooms ect.

So where will I be sleeping I teased.

With me in our bed Ruben he says.

Our bed I teased.


We ordered takeout and watched tv then got into bed. I sat on his lap and kissed Samson gently.

I’m so glad you're staying here Ruben. I know you're safe as well, he told me.

I googled what we’re doing and it’s fine we aren’t related either I told Samson.

I know so I wanted to give you something he says, opening the drawer next to the bed.

What is it?

Samson brings a small box out and opens it.

Look I want us to be together as a couple Ruben I’ve loved you for a very long time so he says.

So what I said.

Ruben I know you're still young so we can wait, he told me.

I,don’t understand

I want you to belong to me permanently and nobody else Ruben so will you marry me.

My jaws literally on the floor as well.

Samson takes the ring out of the box and it's a thin band in silver but looks expensive as well.

Ruben please say something I’m freaking out, he said.

I picked the ring up and Samson’s eyes watched me closely as well as I put it on my finger slowly now it didn’t look like an engagement ring because it’s thin.

So,that’s a yes then Samson says.

I kissed him fast and whispered yes.

Are you sure he asked.

I nod.

The reason it is not a thick ring is because I wanted it to look like a piece of fashion jewelry that men wear all the time, he told me.

I love it and even if people ask I’ll just tell them the same as well.

You don’t have to give me a ring either, Samson says.

It’s only far though I say.

Let’s forget about that now because I’m going to make love to my fiancé, he says.

Oh Samson I love you so much.

Oh Ruben I love you more.

We’re engrossed in each other kissing passionately and he’s moved slowly in and out of my arse hole now and our heads touched as well.

Go faster.

He did and I loved every minute as well and I think Samson did as well because we both cum at the same time with a grunt.

Oh fuck

Ah fuck.

After we’d finished we both fell asleep and I wrapped my arm around him and turned the light off.

Chapter eight


I woke up,and Rubens was still asleep so I nudged him and he woke up rubbing his eyes. The engagement ring I’d given him looks bloody good in his finger as well I kissed my fiancé then he stands up now smiling.

Get up you're going to be late for work I say.

I made us breakfast while he was in the shower now but I went and stepped in as well. We kissed passionately and I wrapped my arms around his waist now.

I love you remember that Samson otherwise I wouldn’t have put the ring on my finger last night he told me.

I loved Ruben because he always told the truth and we’d never kept anything from each other in all these years either which makes me love Ruben even more now.

We had breakfast then I walked Ruben to the building holding hands before he’s going to be going to be working with that asshole Evan so I wanted to claim Ruben for myself I’d seen the way he’d looked at him when he was at my dads house last weeks as well so once we were at the entrance of the park I kissed him I didn’t know what floor Ruben was working on so I,just hope that asshole seen us now as well.

Come on, let’s go inside the building Ruben says.

My hands still hold his as we were told to,go to the fourth floor and once the lift door opens the place is all white and spotless as well.

may I help you, a girl asked.

My name's Ruben, he says.

Ah yes follow me she says.

We both do,and I was told to stay outside the door now.

No Samson comes as well Ruben says.

She nods then we are now in a big room with a table and chairs as well.

Evan will be with you shortly ok.

Shit I say.

my body went stiff when he’d walked in the room and he looked at Ruben and then at me and sat down.

so what is it exactly you want me to do Ruben asked him.

Help me with the paperwork. I'm hopeless with spreadsheets and other stuff especially when I have been booked up for months with clients as well.

you’ve got an assistant to,so,that for you Evan and she outside this room I snapped.

that’s true but your dad did tell me rubens good with equations and spreadsheets Evan says.

It will only be for a week Evan so don’t get your hopes up either rubens tells him.

He nods then comes to a chair closer to us now.

I’ll pay you for your time here as well so don’t worry ok he told Ruben.

so when do you want me to start he asked the asshole in front of us.

Now actually Evan said.

I stood up,and kissed Ruben fast then went out the room and tried to calm down. I get the feeling that Evans is a sly bastard for some reason so I’ll keep my eye on him as well.

Chapter nine


Once Samson has gone out of the room a girl comes in with a tray and it’s got a teapot and some milk,coffee and sugar as well.

Help yourself Ruben Evan tells me.


I’d like you to tell me more about yourself, he said.

Like what I teased.

His eyes went to the ring on my finger now shit!!!

What’s that he asked.

A ring.

What kind of ring he said.

Whatever kind you want it to be I teased.

Who put it there he asked.


Are you telling me porky's Ruben Evan says smirking.

so your calling I lair.

he moves closer to me now in his chair and he grabs my face gently and looks straight into my eyes and shakes his head.

Why did you do that I snapped.

To see if you're lying to me Ruben, he said.

About what I teased.

Are you going to have an answer to everything I say as well Evan said.

Depending on what it is I say smirking.

is it going to be a problem for your brother for you to be working here with me he says.


Well that’s good he says pouring some hot water into his cup now.

So where is the office I’ll be sitting in? I asked.

The same one I’m in Evan tells me.

And which ones that I say.

I’ll show you later Ruben. I just want to get to know more about the person who I’m going to work with, he says.

I asked if Wayne had told him anything.

Like what Ruben.

I just wondered if he had that’s all I said.

No he didn’t.


Once that asshole had gone out the room I looked closer at Ruben he’s got dimples,big mop of red curly hair,big grey eyes,small lips, chubby,tall,and had an answer for every as well but I could tell he’s also hiding something for me because his brother had that protective vibe as well and clearly loved Ruben then something clicked in my head the ring on his finger looked expensive and not like some costume jewelry either and when I asked Ruben what kind of ring it was I got the answer

Whatever kind you want it to be even he says smirking.

so,tell me how old you are, I asked.

16 but you alright know that he teased.

Touché I say.

so,what am I supposed to be doing while I’m here today?

Well I just want to get to know you a bit better before giving you a tour later on.

Well it does look like a massive building from the outside he told me.

I own it as well.

So Wayne didn’t tell you any about me, he said.

Nothing why.

Just wondered, he says.

So I’ll be asking Wayne later on.

Come on let me show you around eh I say standing up.

He says ok.

I take him to the office we’re he’ll be working and mines facing him as well so I can keep an eye on Ruben as well.

So we’ve got a good view from the sixteenth floor of all the city, he says.

I stood next to him and I’m taller as well he sucked in a breath when I stood behind him as well. Now I pulled Ruben closer to me by his hips and my cock moved in the pants I had on now as well.

Even what you are doing he whispers.

Looking out the window with you.

With your hand on my waist Ruben says.

all I wanted to do then was pick him up and kissed his face off but I had to control myself now because he’s going to to be here for a week with me and then there’s his asshole of a stepbrother who’s clearly give ruben that ring which is on his wedding finger as well nah it can’t be an engagement ring rubens to young and that’s his stepbrother as well the sick fucker unless he’s claiming Ruben for himself as well now He's going to be working with me and my brothers for a week now.



What kind of rings that I asked for the second time.


Is it an engagement ring I say.

Do you know stupid that just sounds I’m bloody 16 and have to be 18 to get married so no it’s not Evan and who am I supposed to be marrying as well he snaps.

I didn’t expect that response either shit!!!

I was only asking you.

oh I get it just because Samson brought me here you think it’s him don’t you that's just the icing on the cake as well Ruben says now he is facing me frowning with his arms folded as well.

Come with me now I say, grabbing his wrist but not too tightly as well.

Where are you taking me Evan.

I closed the door and blinds then kissed him fast now.

What the fuck he was about to say when my mouth ravished his furiously now I could feel my cock going hard shit!!!

No this is wrong Ruben says pushing me away.


Look I, sorry i've never had someone call me out on my shit before I tell him.

What's that supposed to mean he snaps.

that you're going to be a pain in the arse I teased.

Gee thanks he says.

I smirk now Rubens face was flushed so I pulled him closer to me again and he gulped.

Welcome to my world.

Yeah keep telling yourself that he says then walked out the door and then I realized I’m fucked because now I’ve kissed him evans going to be pissed that I got to touch his chubby body all over and I’ll kiss him whenever I wanted to as well.

Right you can sit there at your desk and work your way through these files. Ruben they have to be put in alphabetical order I say.

Ok boss he says.

I glanced up front my office window and he’s doing what I’d told him to by sorts the spreadsheets out on the computer now I looked at my schedule and I’m fully booked for months this means I’ll be working nonstop as well depends what the clients what to,have done which is mostly facelifts,boob jobs and extra skin removed if they’ve lost a big amount of weight as well I was the surgeon out of me and my brothers wheres everett and Even sometimes swap places for me in the mornings especially if I’ve had to do a big operation during the night as well all,they had to do was sit in my office and look professional for a few hours until i got there they could use and a phone and the computers so that was fine as well.

Evan can I have a word Ruben says.

Course you can come in I said.

He closed the door and sat in the chair facing me now.

What can I help you with I teased.

Well I’ve been thinking for a while that I want, he says.

And what do you want?

Liposuction I’m sick of being overweight now Ruben tells me as his face went red.

I stood up and knelt down facing him and said that he’s still a kid so he doesn’t need it doing but the way he’s looking at me right now as if he’s been slapped in the face as well as being pissed of at me for telling him that as well.

yeah you might think I’m a kid but I sure don’t fuck like one he snaps then walked towards the door and he was just about to to open it and I got there first and blocked rubens way my primal side wanted me to do that to him right now but the other side told me no because he’s I kid.

What did you just say to me Ruben.

You heard he snaps

you’ve also got a dirty mouth from the sounds of it as well I teased.

I quit your being an asshole Evan he says.

I pinned him to the door with my body now he is chest is going up and down fast. I grabbed his face and told Ruben he couldn’t handle a man like me.

You’d be surprised, he said.

Do your parents know that your stepbrother has asked you to marry him?

Mind your own business we’re doing nothing wrong and we’re not related either Ruben told me.

your 16

And Ruben says.

Samson is older than you as well.

And you don’t know what we’ve been though either Ruben told me.

and what’s that I say.

nothing that concerns you he tells me.

don’t keep things from me I say.

or what Evan he said.

I turned around and stood near the window and ran my fingers through the wig because when my brother had met Ruben he was hiding behind it as well for some reason.

I’m sorry he says.

I’ll mind my own business in future I said.

his hands went in mine and I sucked in a breath and looked down as well and what Ruben told me next literally shocked me to the core as well.

Two businessmen raped me a few months ago that’s why Samson is very protective over me.

I could feel my body shake now And I tightened my grip around Rubens hand and he moved close to my body as well.

Did they find the people I asked.

There in prison now I think he says.

Did your parents now as well.

It was Two of Wayne’s friends, he said.


I think his name was Carl as well he told me.

Do you know him? Evan Ruben asked me.

Unfortunately I do that’s when I felt his hand let go of mine and he sat down again

I’ll stay here for a week and that’s it he says.

Ruben I’m nothing like that asshole you don’t have to worry ok.

Wayne begged me to come today. I wasn’t interested but he kept asking me and I gave in to shut him up, he said.


So have you ever cut your hair? It's a bit overgrown, he says.

I like it being long even though it’s false and makes me sweat all the time I told myself .

He asked me why.

Because I do, I told him a bit harshly.

So do you have a Nickname he asked.

People call me wolf because I’m hairy. All over as well I teased.

I was called red in high school because of the colour of my hair as well Ruben tells me.

no I teased.

I watched as he went back to his desk and carried on sorting the spreadsheets out again on the computer now but I was still in shock at what he’d just told me as well and it’s Mine and Wayne’s friend as well so I’ll be making some calls later on make sure that Carl is still in prison as well.

Mr wolf , there’s a lady on line one she wanted to speak to you Mandy tells me.

I nod then she closes the door. I picked the phone up and then moved it away from my ear.

Hi mum.

Don’t you hi me Bennett she shouts.

Calm down ok.

Don’t tell me to do that either she snaps.

So why are you phoning me at work I asked.

Look son, you're getting older and should be settling down now at your age, she tells me.

Mum what did you do.

Nothing much she says.


Ok I set you up on a date there I’ve said it she says.

you had no right to do that I snapped.

As I was listening to my pain in the arse of a mother rambling on about my relationship status I looked at Ruben and our eyes met now.

Bennett , are you listening to me my mum shrieks down the phone now.

Yes I am.

Well what did I say.

You’ve set me up on a date because I’ve not got a girlfriend either.

I want grandkids and all my friends have them, she says.

bye mum I say putting the phone down.

I pressed a button on the phone which goes to Rubens' phone in his desk now.

Red get in here now I command.

Is there a problem mr wolf? he asked, smirking.


He did.

Right this how it’s going to work between us I need an assistant to sort my shit out and not be a pain in the arse and answer back to either so I can get my work done in peace.

I thought I was already doing that for you he hissed.

do it quicker I snap.

Ruben walked out the door fast and sat down at his desk and I let out a breath again after the lecture my mum had just given me and took it out on red now shit!!!

Chapter ten


What a fucking hipocryite I told myself looking at mr wolf in his office he was just kissing me a few minutes ago and now he’s acting like asshole as well.

Red gets in here right now he shouts.

You rang Mr. Wolf, I tease.

I need you to go and pick some food up for me from the cafe around the corner. I'm busy with appointments he snaps.

I sucked in a breath very well, I joked.

By the time I’d got back to his office he wasn’t there so I put the food on his table now just as the receptionist came in as well.

Mr Wolf would like it in the conference room over there says pointing to it now.

I walked and the door opened by a man and the rooms full as well I panicked and passed the food to the person and went straight to the lift now I pressed the button and more men get in once it stopped at the second floor and just my luck the lift shuts down and the lights went out as well I back into the corner of it and felt a panic attack coming on so I slid down the wall behind all the businessmen now trying to calm my breathing down as well.

who are you one asked me.

I don't say anything .

I asked your name kid , he says bending down to my Level now.

Leave me alone.

I was only asking you, he says.

Don’t bother I snap.

All the others men looked at me now and I felt claustrophobic as well

Let me help you up. Another man tells me as he holds his hand out.

The lift moved and the man fell back on my body now and I froze on the spot now shaking then the doors opened I bolted out the building and towards the park now and sounded a bench to sit on as well I Run my hands through my hair and let the tears fall as well could this day get any worse.

Red please look at me for a minute and a voice says.

I knew who it belonged to so I got up and started to work again wiping my face.

I looked at my watch and it’s time to finish work. I’d forget I’d told Samson to meet outside the building so when he’d seen me he didn’t look happy either then seen Evan as well.

Are you ok? Ruben Samson asked.

Yeh I just freaked out because the lift broke down and it was full of men that’s all I said.

He kissed me fast and forcefully and I deepened it as well I’d missed him all day as well I turned around and and mr wolf wasn’t there either so I told Samson I wanted to go home.

Come here Ruben, he says while he pulls me closer to him now.

I love you, I said.

I love you, he told me.

We had takeout then watched tv and climbed into bed. I asked Samson to make love to me as well.

He nodded and did just that nice and slow all night then I fell asleep with his arms wrapped around me now.

When I’d got to work the next day I had to apologize to Mr Wolf about the way I’d reacted as well so he wasn’t in his office so I went to the same room and he wasn’t there either so I asked Mandy where he was.

Oh he’s on the fifth floor Ruben.

Thanks Mandy then I made my way to it on the stairs. The room was just as big as the sixteenth floor but with only an office right In the corner I walked towards it and the doors opened a bit and I heard Groans coming from inside as well so I made sure I was quiet now.

Oh mr wolf go faster the voice says.

Ah fuck he grunts.

Whoever it was told Evan to keep going now.

A bit of dust got in my mouth and I coughed.

Close the bloody door mr wolf the person says.

When he was about to, Evan saw me there.

Red he whispers.

fuck you I snarls then got the hell out of there fast and my name was being shouted as well.

I went down the street and realized my stuff was still on the sixth floor so I quickly got there, grabbed it and carried on down the stairs again to go outside as well.


When I’d seen the look on reds face as I open the office door on the fifth floor he seen the person as well I quickly pulled my pants up and told Patrick to go back to work again but I’d also forgot to tell red that I was in a meeting so when he’d walked into,the confidence room and he seen all the men he panicked and went straight to to,the lift fast it ended up breaking down for a few minutes so when he’d got out he’d run straight to the park I follow him as well.

Leave me all mr wolf.

Red please I forgot to tell you I was in a meeting today.

He walked away from me and his brother turned up and kissed him as well then they walked of I turned back around And went back to work and sat back in my office again but my head was somewhere else now because red is only here for five more days evans going to kill for doing this as well and he’s run away from me which I never want him to do either but I’ve been acting like an asshole as well so after work I went to the gym and let all the pent up frustration that’s been inside me as well

my mums set me up on a date.

Red hates me.

And I hate myself for fucking someone in the office and red caught us as well and thought i was Evan so I punched the bag harder over again unitl my arms couldn’t do it anymore my backs full of sweat and I moved on to the treadmill next and give my legs a work out as well so by the time I’d got home my body felt drained so I get in the shower and stood underneath the hot water and let it run down slowly with my hands on the wall now but all I could think about was the look on reds face he looked upset as he he run towards the door on the fifth floor as well.

My phone rings so I get out the shower and it’s my mum so I answered it .

Hi mum.

Everett be ready for 7:00pm because your date will be waiting for you to pick her up later on she snapped.

Mum I’m not in the mood tonight and Bennett wants you to stop setting him up with dates as well I say.

You’ll be at her house Evertt she snaps.

Bye mum.

I ended the call and I was fuming now before I have to go and met a women who I wasn’t even interested in all because of my mum now when I should be sorting things out again fuck!!!

I went to the women’s house and knocked on the door and she opened it smiling.

Hi I’ll Helen come in .

I walked in her house and it’s clutter free and clean as well.

I’ll just get my coat, she tells me.

The woman I’m with talks a lot but also has a good job as a restaurant owner and has a few all over America as well she asked what I was.

Plastic surgeon.

Comes in handy if your wife needs a birthday present she told me.

I nearly choked on my drink now.

Look Helen I’m not interested in a relationship just now I’m working all hours so we’d very rarely get to spend time together I said.

I understand she told me.

After the date had finished I went home and got into my bed and fall asleep and dreaded what was going to happen the next day at work again.

Chapter eleven


I mean it Ruben me if that asshole upsets you again my fist will be touching his face as well Samson says.

He didn’t upset me. I just got stuck in the lift I say.

Samson held my hand as well and walked through the park to the building where I was working then kissed me outside it and I told him goodbye and walked up the stairs to the sixth floor slowly I sucked in a breath and sat at my desk then turned the computer on now until my name shouted.

Red in my office now.

I stand up,and walked into mr wolfs office and sat down on the chair he had that brooding look as well standing in the corner then went and shut all the blinds as well then I stand up and he’s walked towards me fast and then I’m pushed againest the wall and mr wolf kissed me hard and furiously as well I surrender to his touch now because my body’s stupid as well.

Oh fuck red he groans.

my hands grabbed his arse hard and it’s nice a firm as well.

he picks me up,and never takes his lips off mine either while he sat down on the couch now I can't stop thinking about you red he groans.


arms up he commands.

I do as I’m told and put them up and Mr Wolf takes my jumper off now never taking his eyes off mine as well.

Good boy red.

My turn now I teased.

I slowly undone his shirt buttons and Mr Wolf sucked in a breath once I pushed the shirt off his shoulders. Now he takes it off probably as well my fingers run and through his white curls on his chest as well as our heads touched now.

Red he growls.

I stopped and took my hands off.

Don’t you fucking dare he growls louder.

I carried on and kissed the side of his neck gently as well.

Oh yes red he groans closing his eyes falls backwards on the couch now but moves me close to his body now then grabs my arse hard making me fall on top of him as well.

I noticed that mr wolfs cock was hard so I unzipped his pants and stood up and pulled his pants down fast while his eyes watched me with hunger in them now.

Once my mouth touched his cock his hips arched and let out a groan.

Oh shit red keep going.

I did and his cock swells in my mouth fast and it’s thick with a big tip as well.

Mines hard in the pants I’d had on as well shit!!!

I kept sucking until he cums with a grunt throwing his head back now.

Ah fuck red.

I stood up and wiped my mouth and got dressed again.

We’re Even now I teased.

What he says.

that’s what you’d wanted me to do to you I say.

What are you on about he asked.

The guy I saw you with was your old assistant apparently so I’m just doing what he was doing to you before I got the job as well I say.

I could see a bit of sadness in his eyes now after I've just said that as well.

Red that’s where you're wrong the reason I did that was because I saw your brother kissing you he says.

my face heats up now.

but you’ve already kissed me a few times, I say.

I can’t think straight it’s driving me crazy watching you both together as well mr Wolf told me.

I’m here now I teased.

The saddest in his eyes has now turned to lust so I’m being kissed furiously and forcefully while his tongue slipped into my mouth as well my pants are pulled down and he grins when my thick cock springs free and looks at the ring in the tip now.

Another fucking ring is one not enough he growls.

For your information I got that done as a birthday present once I was 16. I snap.

Let me guess who from.

you're not jealous I teased.

I want you, he said.


I want to be your daddy and I’ll give you anything you ask me for, he says.

I’d researched what that means and Mr Wolf wants me to be his submissive and dominate me as well I wonder if that’s what Samson is doing to me at the moment by getting me to submit to his needs as well shit!!!

Red please let me, mr wolf says.

why me.

why not he said.

Look at me and looking at you I don’t exactly fit the criteria of being a submissive I tease.

You've been checking those kinky words out red he chuckles.

My face heats up fast.

No, I snap.

Lair he says.

so,how would this work if I agree to doing this and it’s a big if I say.

no one would ever lay a hand on you again for starters otherwise they’d be dealing with me.

What else I say.

if you did something naughty you’d get punished as well.

But you’d just told me nobody will ever touch me again I teased.

it’s more pleasure than anything I’d start with the basics first he said.

I’m not a virgin either so spare me the sex educational talk as well I said.

His eyes turned a darker shade of brown now shit!!!

that asshole had sex with you red he aksed.

He didn’t force me if that’s what you're getting at.

How old were you Mr Wolf asked.

15 happy now I snap.

Not practically but that would have to stop. I don’t like sharing either, he told me.

so you’ve had submissives before I asked .

No, you're the first one if you agree to this he told me.

would I be tied up as well I joked.

not yet Red he chuckles.

just kiss me old man.

Less of the old red he says then his mouth ravished mine hard now

I’ll think about it ok.

So you're not leaving at the end of the week, Mr. Wolf asked.

Don’t piss me off then I teased.

Oh red I think we’re already past that haven’t you realised that I can’t stay away from you that night at the charity fundraiser I wanted to kiss you but your brother dragged you away from me mr wolf says.


He nods.

But I’m only 16 I say.

and you’ve got an answer for,everything like I’m finding out he told me.

I take after my mum unfortunately she’s the boss of the house I say.

so she brings you to work,as well he says.

I know what mr wolf was getting at as well so I told him I’m living with Samson because his apartment is closer as well.

Fuck he says.


It’s nothing but like I said I don’t want to share you you’ll be mine and I’ll be the only person to kiss you as well he said.

your so bossy mr wolf I tease.

Yeh and you're a pain in the arse who call people on there shit like I’ve found out over the last few days as well he said.

my lips went on his fast and he groaned.

Fuck red I could get use to this.

Oh daddy I teased.

I’m picked up and my backs against the wall now and I.deepened the passionate kiss as well he’s an alpha male who goes after what he wants and my body’s letting it happen as it’s surrenders to his touch once more fuck!!!

Chapter twelve


While red is sitting on my lap,my cocks rock solid and kiss we’ve just had was mind blowing as well his body already surrendered to my touch yet again and that’s a good sign as well but reds not afraid to tell the truth either and it made me laugh when he’d done research on kinky names on the internet but my cock sure did,like the sound of him calling me,daddy for the first time as well.

Mr wolf.

Yes red I say.

kiss me now.

Daddys enjoy doing that to you red I teased.

do it properly then he snaps.

I craved his touch since the first time we’d met at the charity fundraiser as well and now he’s actually here with me. I don’t want to let him go,either so I’m fucked at the moment but shit happens so we’ll figure this out as well.

The kiss turned passionate quickly and furiously as well while his,backs against the wall in a room thank god the doors locked as well and the blinds are closed.

I lay red on the big table in the conference room,and he’s flushed already after the kiss we’ve just had now and it makes me smile his chubby body I love touching it as and I like grabbing on to,something when I eventually get to fuck him as well.

I’m waiting for you to start Mr. Wolf red laughs.

I spread his arse cheeks apart and he opened his legs wider now giving me a good view of his arse hole then I put my tongue into it fast.

Oh shit,he groans.

My thumbs inside it as well and I moved it around now as my hand pumped his thick cock rapidly. I wanted to see how long it took for red to cum as well.

Ah fuck mr wolf he says.

Shh I say smacking his ease playfully now.

red giggles which went straight to,my cock fast it was infectious as well.

pump it faster wolfy he says.

Wolfy eh.

I kissed him fast then carried on licking his arse hole as well putting my tongue deeper into it every time now reds hips arched off the table as well.

His body spasms and he cums after a few minutes all over my hands now and I watched it gush out until his cock was completely empty now then I cleaned it with my mouth while red groans.

Ah mr wolf.

Was you saving all that up for me red I teased.

Depends how much you have and we can compare it as well he says smirking the little shit.

I climbed on the table now my pants are off and I watched him suck my thick cock rapidly and I closed my eyes for a few seconds until my body spasmed and I cum while red watched closely as well as it gushed out fast.

Well I’ve come to the conclusion he tells me.

About what I teased.

Older men don’t have enough cum as younger men after seeing that in front of me now.

I burst out laughing as well. This kid is going to be the death of me and my brothers with his dirty mouth and a cracking sense of humor as well shit!!!

After our little lunch break I had to get back to work as well I went to my office and red went back to his desk and finished the spreadsheets as well when I’d looked at the clock it was nearly time for me to go home as well.

Mr wolf.

Come in red I say.

Is the paperwork all up,to your liking he asked smirking.

it is red I teased.

Red closed the door and closed the blinds then stood next to me. Now I pulled him onto my lap and I asked him if I can be his daddy for the second time.

Don't make me regret it mr wolf he says.

My mouth ravished his fast and forceful now and red wrapped his legs are the chair I’m sat on and let the kiss deepen as well my cocks aching to be inside his arse hole right this minute but I don’t want to push my luck either so now he puts his hands up then I pulled the jumping he’s got on over his head and then reds shirtless on front of me now.

My turn mr wolf he told me then undone the buttons on my shirt now once they're open I take it off fast and it’s put on the desk now.

You don’t know how happy you’ve made me red for agreeing to this I say.

Like I said don’t make me regret this ok.

I won’t and now your daddy is going to take care of you as well whatever you want just name it and it’s yours ok.

I’ll hold you to that mr wolf he says.

We’re engrossed in each other as my phone rings and it’s my mum so I put my fingers to my lips then red smirks and went underneath the desk. I felt him unzip my pants now then my belt.

Don’t you dare red I growl.

Carry on mr wolf he says smirking again.

Hi mum.

Don’t you dare hi me she shouts and I held the phone away from my ear now.

Mum I’m at work can't wait until later I say.

No,it bloody well can’t how could you turn down your date, she's beautiful and a business woman as well he snaps.

Once I felt reds mouthed touch my cock I jumped in my chair trying not to groan.

Bennett my mum shrieks now.

Mum I’m busy I snap.

I looked down and he’s pumping rapidly as well and I held the chair tightly now.

Mum I’ll call you later.

Don’t you dare hang up on me she rants.

I put the phone down and let out a grunt once red sucked the tip of my cock now.

Oh fuck red.

you’ve upset your poor mum red tells me.

She’ll get over it I teased.

Red keeps sucking my cock but rapidly over and over again then my body spasms and I cum with a groan throwing my head as well.

Ah fuck that felt good red.

He stood up and smiled then sat back on my lap and we kissed again. His chubby body gives me something to hold on to as well then he moved some of the hair off my face and smiled.

You might look handsome under all that hair on your face just look at the beast from the Disney movie. He was a good looking prince at the end of it, red told me.

So your saying I’m ugly red I teased.

You're far from it mr wolf he laughs.

Actually there is something your daddy would like you to do I said.

Name it daddy he says.

There’s a special kind of confidence that’s been held at the end of the week. I wanted to know if you’d like to come red I say.

You need to be a bit more percific mr wolf he says.

It's daddy's day out if you get the drift I teased.

Oh that kind red says.

I nod.

Very well I’ll have to make an excuse so that Samson doesn’t come and knock you out if he finds that I’m lying to him as well red says.

I’m Galith so he’s not got a chance I teased .

Chapter thirteen


No chance Ruben Samson tells me.

It’s a work thing I’m not the only one that’s going Wendy I’d as well you met her a few times I say.

I have he told me.

and any way I’ve got the ring on my finger so I belong to you remember plus my boss is old as well and I like my man to be a bit younger I teased.

Samson pulled me closer to him. Now I’m on his lap with his cocks completely filled my arse hole now then I kissed him fast and forcefully as well.

It’s not that you I don’t trust, it's the asshole you work for Ruben, he says.

I’ll phone you once I get there ok.

We kissed again and then Samson made love to me all night and I turned the light off and looked forward to the daddy day conference as well.

Well did you tell your lover a lie Mr wolf asked me.

There’s a catch though otherwise I won’t be going I said.

You can’t be serious red.

Wendy has to come with us as well because Samson doesn’t trust you near me I say.

we’ll think of something even if I have to bribe Wendy to keep her mouth shut as well he told me.

We pulled up outside the place where the conference is being held and Mr Wolf had paid Wendy to keep her mouth shut and tell my brother that I’m fine when he rings if I’m not there as well.

So is there any specific dress code I have to wear?

He nods.

Like what I say.

Follow me red he says

I’m in his room and he hands me a bag and told me that whatever he tells me to do I have to do it once we step in that room and most of then people will be dressed like me as well so no answering back,either I pulled the clothes out the bag and my jaw dropped before it was a what a boy would wear if he’s a toddler with a dummy and a teddy bear as well

I’m glad you find this funny because I fucking don’t I snap.

Aw red, don't be like that mr wolf tells me.

Like what there's no shirt with this outfit either I said.

Yeh but the dungarees make your arse look nice he told me smirking.


remember to leave the flap down at the back as well red he said.


because I’ll be fucking you later on he says.

Let’s try it out then I teased.

I’m bent over and my arse cheeks were pulled apparently and Mr Wolf licked between them slowly then put his thumb into my arse hole.

Oh yes I groan.

come on let’s get downstairs red he told me.

carry on I was enjoying that I snapped.

Now he smirks on the way out and closes the door. I had a long coat on so nobody could see how I was dressed as we walked towards the room now.

Are You ready red.

As I’ll ever be daddy He whispered.

His hand held mine and I didn’t expect what I was seeing in front of me at the moment as well.

Pick your jaw up red mr wolf tells me.

I take my coat of and I felt like a fool but not in this room men had kids my age dressed in nappies,Bibbs,and held teddy bears as well but it was the girls that I notice straight away they had the same dresses that you see on a baby doll with matching shoes but no underwear on either.

This is some serious kinky shit I told mr wolf.

Welcome to my world wolf red he says.

Evan it’s nice to see you again. A fat man says coming towards us fast.

Hi bob it’s been a while mr wolf says.

who's this.

Red, my baby boy, he told his friend.

I have two because my husband wanted twins, he told us.

Daddy a girl says coming to where we are she looks about 14 and boy did as well but his shorts at the back had the flap down as a man came toward us wiping his cock as well.

Daddy enjoyed that son, he told the boy.

Thank you daddy the boy says.

This is Simon and that’s Sammy the man told us looking at the kids now smiling.

So how long have you been this kids daddy? he asked mr wolf.

A few weeks he told bob.

So he’s broken then he asks Mr. wolf.

don’t worry it was nice when daddy did it to me sammy tells me.

I’ll take your word for it I teased.

She nodded then held the other man's hands as they walked away from us now.

so,is he bob asked again.

I’m now being pounding in and out my arse hole hard and fast all because I talked to Sammy but my arse got smacked with every thrust over and and I groan holder the back of. A chair.

Oh yes daddy.

A girl was having the same done to her facing me and now I knew why she had no underwear on as well so her daddys could have easy access to her vagina and arse hole.

Faster daddy she moans.

Men are all watching us pumping their cocks as well.

Oh shit red daddy loves your arse hole he says.

More daddy I say.

I watched as the man went to where the girl facing me was and his finger touched her vagina and moved it up and down slowly then moved it and it’s wet as well.

Your daddy is a very lucky person Sammy, he told her.

She asked him why.

Because the amount of times I’ve been fucking you there might be a baby in your stomach now bob says.

Really daddy she said.

Yes baby girl.

We’ve been doing just that another man tells us.

Doing what I say.

getting my baby girl pregnant of course we love each other and she lives with me as well don’t you sweetheart.

Yes I do daddy the girl told him I'm smiling.

Ah fuck mr wolf grunts as he cum with i loud grunt.

Holy shit red.

My cock is hard now so once I stand up it’s leaking as well and men look at it now.

suck daddy’s cock red mr wolf commands.

I did and it was my favorite thing to do as well I cleaned it all and then stood up again.

Good boy red he says.

My mouth is dry, I told him.

I held my daddy’s hand as I went to the drink machine but something caught my eyes so I went to the window and a voice made me cringe now.

What the hell are you doing here Ruben? he asked.

You're supposed to be in jail with the other asshole I snarl.

you’ve grown up nicely as well Carl says coming towards me now.

I looked for mr wolf but I didn’t see him either fuck!!!

You look very sexy in that outfit Ruben Carl told me.

Move I hissed.

he blocks my way as well.

aw don’t be like that Ruben you now you’re my favorite he says smirking.

Stay away from me you sick fuck.

I nearly fell over a plant that was in the corner of the room as well and now I’m panicking.

Come to,daddy Ruben Carl snarls.

leave me alone I say as my voice shakes.

Carl was just about to push me against the wall then he’s on the floor fast. I watched Mr. Wolf kick the side of his body hard.

Don’t touch what’s mine again Carl he snarls.

I hid behind Mr. Wolf now as people watched so I shouted.

Watch the kids in this room because he likes raping young ones I shout and all eyes went on Carl now.

What did you just say a man asked me.

This bastard raped me when I was 12 with another one of his colleagues in my own house is that right Carl I snarled.

I watched as he gets picked up by his neck by a man built like a brick then men hit his body all over as well my legs wobble so mr wolf picked me up now and I wrapped my leg around his waist I glanced over his shoulder and the man who raped was still being beaten as well he deserves everything he’d got as well.

red let’s go to bed he told me.

Ok daddy.

We were just about to open the bedroom and Wendy ran towards us fast.

Red, your brother keeps phoning you. I've tried to stall him as well, she told me.

Shit I say and mr Wolf puts me down now I go in the room then take the outfit of and turn the water on then step underneath it fast and get out making me look like I’ve just got out the shower now the I called my brother.

Ruben where the hell have you been he shouts.

In the shower I also fell asleep,the journey was long as well I tell him.

I was starting to get worried when you didn’t answer your phone Samson tells me.

Look,I’m fine and Wendy’s here as well so I’ve got to get ready for the conference in half an hour I say.

He nodded and I told him I loved him and the call ended then Mr Wolf walked in the room and lay next to me on the bed.

Shit that was close red he tells me.

To,fucking close Wendy says laying in n the other side now.

Wendy how old are you mr wolf says.

30 why.

Because you’ve been a good girl lying to his brother for me he told her.

Thanks Mr Wolf says she’s.

You can go now he told her.

So,are you guys into,all that role play then she asked us .

Role play I teased.

Yeh mr wolf is your daddy now Isn’t he she says.

We’re taking it slowly for now mr wolf tells Wendy.

I wish I could find one as well, she told us.


I just like the whole role play and submitting to someone’s needs all the time it turns me on as well she says as her face went red.

There are plenty of people downstairs in that room if you really want to do that Mr. Wolf tells Wendy.

What about you she asked him.

I’m not a sharing kind of man, he says.

Wendy got up and kissed us both then wasn’t to her room and I burst out laughing.

Bloody hell he says.

We got in the shower and I kissed him passionately as well.

My cock loves being in your arse hole red.

Show me I teased.

So now we’re in bed and he moves in and out of it slowly now and it felt nice as well.

Oh yes he groans.

so,we’re really doing this, I say.

Doing what he said.

The whole daddy thing.

It would make me happy red he says.

do I have to wear that silly outfit again I asked.

No you don't, he says.

The kiss deepened quickly and I straddle his cock now then bounces up and down on it faster.

Oh shit he groans loud.

Ah fuck I groan louder.

red he growls.

I go faster over again so once I did the last bounce so hard he cums with a roar while his body spasms .

Holy fucking shit red.

Ah fuck I grunt louder throwing my head back.

I stood up and his cocks still leaks so I sucked it until I was clean now then lay next to him and Mr. Wolf wrapped his arms around me and I closed my eyes with a smile on my face.

Chapter fourteen


As I looked at red lying next to me in bed I smiled I’d had fucked him in the conference room after I’d swapped places with Everett by letting all those men know red was mine as well and the sick fucker who raped him was there as well but soon got the shit beaten out of him by men as well especially after they’d found out that carl had raped red when he was younger as well but I hated lying to red as well because if he found out who I really was he’d probably never forgive me either so I’d grew all my hair longer and my beard needed cutting as well like my mum told me to.

I’d wanted to get into the whole domination thing but my brother told me I was to young yet so that’s Bennetts secret that he keeps behind closed doors but had took me to a club on my birthday and I’d seen things I’d never seen before in my life as well I just wanted to spend time with red on his own as well even if was only for a week but his brother was still a fucking asshole following him everywhere as well like in school as well so once I’d left I was relieved I had three brothers but could easily pass as triplets because we’d look like each other that much we could actually swap places sometimes as well so I was the youngest at nearly 18 wheres Evertt was the oldest at 34 and bennett was 21 but we all had fun when it come to girls especially when we all dressed the same and put contact lenses in as well my body had filled out because I had been going to the gym with my brothers since i was younger my dad owned it as well so I didn’t have to pay obviously which made me smile and my mum’s still asking me why I haven’t got a girlfriend as well which is pissing me of a lot but she says the same to my brothers as well.

This is horse shit Everett tells me.

What I say.

Mums trying to set me up as we speak my brother tells me.

And why’s that a problem I teased.

I’m not into women for a start and you know it he says.

meaning I say.

He’s greedy and likes men and women bro Bennett says.

Nothing wrong with that I joked.

they looked at me and smirked.

so,how has work been lately even my brother asked.

what's that supposed to mean I snap.

Did you enjoy your fucking red for the first time my brother asked.

I nod as my face heats up now.

I fucked the other assistant at that hotel Evertt tells me.

And you didn’t get caught if I was already there as well I say.

Bro chill you could have just been going to the toilet and had a quick fuck in the cubical Evertt tells me

You're an asshole I say

I wanted to,kill the sick fuck who raped red once I’d found out who it was as well but the other men in that room beat me to it everett tells me.

We need to do background checks on all the employees now I told him.

Already done,that bro bennett says.

So how are you liking swapping places with your brothers? I asked bennett.

It has its perks sometimes especially if a girls has the hots for one of us he told me.

Yeh but all that false hair must be really getting on your nerves now I say.

How do you put up with it?

I moved it off my face and felt the air now as I touched it then tied it back with a bobble as well.

Happy now I snap.

It’s a disguise , isn't it?

No, I snap.

Shave it off then Bennett Tells me.

I can't do that just yet I say.

Look Evan I know you have feelings for red but you don’t have to hide underneath all that hair at your age my brother tells me.

And you seem to be enjoying yourself spending time with him as well I snap.

We both do, Bennett says.

so,who’s been at work all this time I asked.

I have Everett says.

I enjoyed fucking that man Patrick I think he’s called Bennett said.

Yeh and look what happened it’s caused a row and then red went home with his brother Who I can’t stand either I said.

look you got to kiss red for the first time after you’d argued for a few days all,that frustration must be getting on your nerves my brother tells me.

Did you notice what was on his finger? Everett asked me.

What do you mean I’ve only been there a couple of times when you couldn’t be bothered to show up I snap.

They looked at each other now.

Tell me I command.

Red has an engagement ring on his finger now Evan Bennett tells me.


yeh he’s got any one in his cock as we’ll did you notice it as you were fucking him everett says.

No why.


What do you mean oh I asked Evertt.

They live together as well.

Who,do I ask?

Samson and red my brother says.

nah I say.

It’s true Evan Bennett tells me.

at least reds not leaving work now after the weeks over I say.

The next day at work my brother had to go somewhere so I swapped places so once red had walked in the office I kissed him fast and he groaned.

Oh mr wolf.

Oh Ruben I was just about to say but realized he had found it strange since I’ve been calling him red now as well.

The kiss deepened and my cock was solid in my pants now I sat down and he sat in my lap then I pulled red closer to me now he smells of cinnamon so I put my nose in his neck and smelled it now.

Oh daddy he says quietly.

Oh red I say.

The phone rings and it’s my mum so I didn’t answer it so she could give me another lecture about not having a girlfriend as well I’d worked so hard to even get red to stay and work with me and my brothers even if we switch places a few times as well.

Reds hands undo my shirt buttons slowly thank god the door is closed now my hands grab his firm arse hard as well.

Mr wolf you're naughty he says.

Daddy likes you touching my chest I teased.

once the zips down at the front of my pants red bend down and sucked my cock slowly I just wished he’d done this at school then I’d have been happy as well.

yes I groan now he is doing it faster over and over again.

Mr wolf your cock is so nice he told me.

I’m glad I teased.

My phone rings again and it’s my brother.

Yeh I say as I looked down at red sucking me cock rapidly.

time to swap back Everett says.

No chance I whisper.

He laughs and it pisses me off so you're having fun then Evan.

Bye bro then I put the phone down.

my body spasms and I cum with a grunt as my cock emptied into reds mouth fast.

Ah fuck.

he stands up and it’s dripping down the side of his mouth now so I passed him a clean tissue and he wipes it off.

Was you saving that for me mr wolf red aksed.

I couldn’t help myself so I fucked red once he was bent over my desk, so fast it shakes a bit.

Faster mr wolf he said.

I did and it felt bloody great to let all the frustration that’s been building up inside me out as well I’ve crave reds touch since I first touched his arm in school so I’m so happy at the moment because I can do this daddy thing and he’ll never find out who,I really am either especially if my brothers swap places with me as well.

Your mine red I growl.

Ok daddy he says.

Lay on the couch now I command.

He did and I carried on again but harder and faster while my hand pumped his cock at the same speed as well.

Oh shit mr Wolf he groans.

Feels so good I say.

His lips went on mine and my cock seemed to,like it a lot as well so we let the kiss deepened now and then it turned furiously with hunger and lust behind it from me as well I’ve waiting to fucking long to kiss red as well so nobody’s going to stop me and his asshole of a brother will,be dealt with soon enough if I’ve got anyone to do with it as well he’s a sly fucker I can tell thats why Samson had given the ring to red to claim him for himself as well even though reds nearly 17 and I’m a year older as well.

Charlie fifteen


I’m finally 18 and still work with Evan as well we’ve become friends and he’s my daddy who takes care of me upto now we’ve been to a few conferences but always took wendy with us just for back up my brothers still not trusting Evan either and wants us to get married but I’ve been thinking if it’s the right idea i know we’re step brothers and I’d googled it so we’re not doing anything wrong because we’re not related but the more I think about it the more I am Wondering if the reason that Samson wants us to be together is because he gets jealous of my boss most of the time as well.

Red your bodys changed over the last two years Evan tells me touching it now.

In what way I teased.

It’s gotten more toned have you been going to the gym he asked me.


snap then he lifts his shirt up now.

my lips go on his fast and we’re laying on the floor in his offices now works finished as well and he’s moving in and out of my arse hole slowly as well while our heads touch.

Oh red you’ve made me so bloody happy all these years.

the kiss deepened and I groaned into his mouth.

Oh yes.

there’s lust in his big eyes now and I smiled.

Red I he was about to say when his phone rings now.

Shit he says, grabbing it off the chair and putting his finger to my lips as well.

Hi mum.

I could tell by the expression on his handsome face that he didn’t look happy with what his mum was saying then he told her goodbye and turned it off.

Bloody parents he chuckles.

So what did she want?

My mum is trying to set me up on another date, he says.


but I like spending time with you more red he says smirking.

I bet you do,I teased.

He sat up and I pushed Evan back down then straddled my daddy’s thick hard cock now and bounced up and down fast.

Oh shit red he groans.

Feels good though doesn’t it daddy I say.

So bloody good he groans.

I bounced up and down faster and over again until Mr. Wolf's body spasmed and then cums with a loud grunt.

Ah fuck red

I could feel it all squirting into my ashes hole as well.

Oh red he says.

My phone rings this time and it’s Samson I jumped up and he sees my face as well.

What’s wrong I asked Samson.

I just thought we could go for lunch. I'm on my way to your work as we speak, he says.

See you soon ok then I ended the call out my pants back on and told Evan who it was as well he frowned.

Daddy doesn’t like being left with a hard cock red he growls.

I kissed him and then went out the room and outside the building and met Samson now.

Ruben my brother says coming towards me smiling.

I kissed him and he groans.

Oh yes.

We held hands as we walked to a small cafe away from the building where I worked now and sat down and looked at the menu now.

So I’ve been thinking Samson says.

About what I say.

Us and wonder if you’d like to marry me next week he says and I nearly choked on my drink now.

It’s not that simple. We can't just walk into a register office and get married. We'd have to tell our parents for a start I say.

He nodded and picked his sandwich up.

We have to think this through because doing anything Samson we love together is that not enough I teased.

I love you so bloody much Ruben, he told me.

I held his hand and told my brother the same as well.

Let’s get you back to work he laughs then grabs my hand and we walk back through the park and he kisses me fast now.

Oh shit Samson I say.

I’ll see you later Ruben, he said.

I nod then walk back into the building and went to my desk and turned the computer on just as my name shouted now shit!!!

Chapter sixteen


I watched Red kiss his brother and I got jealous so once he came into the office I told him to shut the door and the blinds as well.

Daddy’s going to smack your arse for being late I teased.

Red pulled his pants down, smirking.

he wasn’t always this adventurous and confident in school more quite like the nerd he was as well but he made me smile even on a bad day especially with all the red hair which made him stand out as well my brothers have took a shine to red once he’d started working here two years ago I didn’t even know until I’d seen him walk into,this office because Bennett had to work late in surgery and needed some rest as well he works all hours and he never moans or complains either Bennett’s always Been the one with the brains were I’m trying to find out what I wanted to,do even though I’m 22 as well Bennett’s 24 everetts 36.

I am now looking at his arse and I run my finger down the middle of it slowly while he’s over my knee now and he wriggles as well.

Well what are you waiting for mr wolf he says.

I took my hard cock from the pants I’d had on I told red to suck it now and once his mouth touched the tip I groaned.

Oh fuck Red and all those years I’d had to wait and not do anything in school because I didn’t want anyone to find out about me being gay and now I know red is it makes me smile even more.

Do you like me doing this daddy? he asked me.

Definitely I teased.

When you decide to cut your hair I want to watch mr wolf he said.

The reason I’ve kept it this long is because once it does get cut red will definitely know who I am and I wanted to wait until the right time as well and tell red how i feel about him and have done for all these years as well.

I love your cock in my mouth Mr wolf red says.

It belongs there all the time I told myself.

He keeps sucking it rapidly then my body spasms and I cum with a grunt.

Ah fuck red then pulled his head up and kissed him hard as well.

oh mr wolf he groans.

I’d like to take you out if that’s ok.

He told me ok.

so now we’re having something to eat and I can’t help but smile looking at red as he’s reading the menu now he’s really concentrating as well I’ve always noticed everything he’s done since we were kids as well but he doesn’t realize either.

Aren’t you having something to eat mr wolf he asked.

I’m just seeing what’s on the menu I teased.

The food came and it smelt delicious and I picked some of the pie off my plate with my fork and it went on my mouth now.

Red is just looking at me as well.

Enjoying that mr wolf he says.

The company’s even better I teased.

Likewise he says.

I’m just informing you that an award ceremony will be taking place next month. It happens if the place where you work or own makes a certain amount of money over the last few years so rewards are handed out, I said.

I’ll be there mr wolf he said.

Course you will, I say.


When I’d told my family about the awards ceremony they were excited even wayne as well so,I have bought a new suit as well the table we’d had in the room was reserved for us especially me workers there as well I’m 21 as well so I’ve lost the weight because I now train at the gym every day after work I was always the fat kid at school even the teachers told me as well especially the coach luckily Samson has always been by my side since then we live together but the more I look at the ring something just doesn’t feel,Right for some reason I just can’t put my finger on it yet shit!!!

Bloody hell you look different Ruben my mum says smiling.

She’s right, Wayne says.

Well he is an adult finally ruby says sarcastically she’s 22 and still a bitch where’s travis has mellowed down a bit now he’s older.

The car takes us to the big hotel we’re the ceremony is being held. We got shown to our table and ordered drinks as well now the room is filling up now with people.

Do these all work in the same building as you? Ruben my mum asked.

Yeh but on different floors I say.

Lady’s and gently the man says standing in front of a microphone now and the room went quiet as well he told everyone that awards will be handed out tonight with bottles of champagne as well the evening is going great until I listen to was going to be awarded next and my jaw dropped on the floor.

I’d like to reward the Smith family for its loyal and trustworthy work unit and who make people feel welcome as well, the man says.

Smith family I asked wayne.

Yeh Ruben he says.

I felt Samson go stiff at the side of me then sucked in a breath.

Mother fucker he said quietly.

What’s wrong.

Turn around Ruben, he said.

I did just that and I could feel my eyes fill up with tears as well because the next person to be rewarded was.

Beckett evan smith I stood up and walked out the room he’d lied to me all this time and fell for it as well.

wait, a voice shouts.

Fuck off beckett you lied to me I snarl.

I’m sorry red, `` he says.

Don’t ever call me that again I snarled louder.

I looked and tears were in his eyes now.

So,you’ve been fooling me all this time for the last two years who else knew I asked.

Us Ruben and we hated lying to you as well.

I turned around and two men were standing there next to Beckett. The likeness is so uncanny.

is this so kind I’d fucking joke Samson snarls coming towards me.

You stay out of it one of the men tells him.

So who are they beckett I say sarcastically.

My brothers Everett and Bennett.

Oh no I say now looking at all three of them together clean shaven but still handsome men.

wait a minute Beckett says following me.

have you any idea how I fucking feel at the moment I snap.

I’ve wanted to tell you for ages but I couldn’t because your brother followed you every even in school as well, Ruben says.

look go back and celebrate your award and I’ll pick my stuff up from work tomorrow I quit .

Ruben please don’t that , he says.

Have you and my sister been in on this lie together all,this time I asked.

No, I haven't seen her since I left school.

Whatever I say walking off.

I stopped and turned around and saw Samson punch Beckett and his brothers pinned him to the floors so I went to where they were and told my brother I don’t want us to get married either.

No Ruben, don't say that I love you.

As I was walking away one of Beckett’s brothers whispered something to Samson and smirks now.

I carried on going outside the building and called a taxi which takes me to a hotel and I burst out crying now I feel like I’m back in school and made a fool again like the time my drink leaked in my bag as kids laughed as well including beckett shit!!!

Someone knocked on the door hard.

This room is taken so fuck off I shouted.

Ruben open the fucking door now the voice says.

I open it and beckett was there his eyes were all puff because he’d been crying but when he’d kissed me my body reacted straight away fuck!!!

No, I say pushing him away from me now.

You listen while I’m talking he growls then closes the door.


Firstly I hated lying to you and I didn’t even know you’d started working for my brother until I’d gone into his office he told me.

So who was I with in the conference room on the first day I’d start work? I snap.

Everett was the one who asked Wayne Beckett says.

Why should I believe you I say.

Bennett’s the surgeon, we just swap places if he needs rest after a long night he says.

That not he point you lied I snap.

I hated all that hair on My face, but I just wanted to spend time with you, especially when I couldn't at school either, because of Ruby, he says.

what’s that supposed to mean I asked.

I didn’t like the way she treated you and called you behind your back as well to her friends which upset me a lot as well, Beckett told me.

so who,have I been kissing I teased.

All of us actually, he said.

what about the rest of the stuff as well.

Beckett stands in front of me and says it was him in the office last week and was jealous of me kissing Samson all,the time as well.

Hang on who was in the room on the sixteenth floor I asked.

Bennett he’s a greedy get he likes men and women Beckett says.

And what about you I teased.

I’m 100% gay Ruben and have been since I was a kid just like you and that made me so bloody happy as well because I liked you a lot and even more so when you’d got older in high school he told me.


do I have to spell it out for you bloody hell ruben I wanted to tell you how I really felt but couldn’t just in case you weren’t interested at the time especially when your step brother followed you around like a lost puppy as well beckett tells me.

you never liked Samson did you I said pulling his tie closer to,my face as well.

he’s a fucking asshole I didn’t like him when he’d stepped into the cafeteria he said.

the door gets knocked on now so I opened it and his brothers are there wet through as well.

made up yet one says.

is this some kind of joke between you I snap.

No,it’s not, so don’t say that again, Ruben, he tells me.

Beckett told his brother to shut up.

I'm also sorry for lying as well.

And who are you I say.


He's Bennett, he says.

So you’ve all been swapping places since the day I started work there I said.

They nod.

This just keeps getting better I teased.

we care about you a lot ruben Everett tells me.

Yeah right .

Ruben please I’m trying to say sorry he said.

I need you to all leave me alone right now.

No beckett says.


I had to wait years until I could kiss you and do you know what Beckett says.

No what.

It was fucking worth it as well because the first,time we did it blew my mind there so now you know the truth he snaps.

but you were Ruby’s boyfriend, I said.

No I wasn't. I wouldn’t go out with her if you paid me. She's a bully he told me.

Ruben when we’d found out who’d raped you they got what they’d deserved and are now what you say Bennett said.

Six feet under Everett says.

They're dead.

He told me yeh.

Since when I asked.

The day you’d told everyone in the conference room apparently Carl got that beat up,he suffered a heart attack and died there and then and the other bastard was still in prison so by the time the men finished he was dead as well Everett says.

I sat on the bed and my head hurts now and Beckett bends down and asks me if I forgave him for lying to me as well.

Just one more question I say.

He nods and says ok.

How come I’ve been calling you Evan all,this time.

Ruben I couldn’t actually tell you who I was even though i wanted to but my mum always liked my middle name so she called me that mostly he said.

we all,like touching your body as well Bennett tells me.

Well you won’t be doing it for a long time either I teased.

keep telling yourself that red beckett says then kissed me fast now my body reacts yet again to his touch shit!!!

Chapter seventeen


I watched as red runs out the room as I step of the stage but I could tell beckett was upset hes was in love with red and has been for years that's why Everett asked wayne about red working for,us as well so me and my brother wanted red and beckett to have a mini reunion at the place where I work as well they both help so me if I was knackered from doing a long surgery procedure through most of the night as well so,I could have a few extra hours in bed we all looked like and could pass for triplets as well.

We all cared about red so when the ceremony was over and Samson had followed us all to,the corridor ranting so me and everett pinning him to,the floor fast he’s a big muscly man so luckily we’d been to,the gym but his face expression changed after Ruben had told him they wouldn’t get married either.

See him over there I say pointing to,beckett now.

Yeh so what.

he’s going to be the one who'll be ending up marrying Ruben if we’ve got anything to,do with it your an asshole,for proposing to,your stepbrother and having sex he was 15 your and adult he was still a kids I snarl.

I didn't force Ruben to,do anything so,don’t even say that he told me.

That’s not the point you should have said no Everett snaps.

stay away from red and my brother I told Samson.

his name Ruben not red you asshole he snarls.

and who gave him that nickname I say.

I don’t bloody know he snaps.

Your brothers friends at school, I said.

so what Samson told me.

just stay away from them otherwise your little secret will be told,to,your parents my brother tells him.

whatever Samson tells us.

I let him stand up then went to find beckett as well. The weather outside is raining for a change so by the time we’d both got to the hotel room I was wet through just as the door opened and reds there looking pissed and bloody handsome at the same time as well.

Are you going to stand there all night he says.

We went into the room and Beckett who, I could tell had been crying just like red as well and it’s all our fault for lying to him all this time.

Is this some kind of joked you had between the three of your red snaps.

No it’s bloody not Ruben my brother says.

We both listened as beckett tells red now he really feels about him now but I could still see the hurt in his eyes as well so when red had told us to,leave his room beckett wouldn’t move either and he told red that it was worth the wait so he couldn’t kiss him for the first time as well.

When I’d told red we all liked touching his body he said we wouldn’t be doing it ever again as well.

Keep telling yourself that red Beckett says then kisses him then me and Everett left them to it so they could make up as well.


Please forgive me, Beckett asked me again.

but you lied which hurts the most I say.

I won’t ever again I need you Ruben he says.


Do you want the truth?

I nod.

I love you Ruben and have done for years he said.

my jaws dropped now he’s just told me that as well.

but why I wasn’t the popular kid at school I was a nerd actually I teased.

You made me smile if I was having a bad day Beckett told me.

yeh and everyone else especially that day when my drink had but in my bag and you’d said I’d pissed myself and laughed just like ruby and Travis.

I tried to but Lance wouldn’t let me, he said.

He was my best friend at the time.

Yeh and your brother warned me to stay away from you as well beckett says.


it’s true when you’d walked out the cafeteria he’d pushed me against the wall and told me to stay away because you belonged to him.

Samson was only protecting me after what I’d been through at the time I told beckett.

I’d never do anything like that to you Ruben especially when he should have known better because you were only 12 as well he said.

I Kinda liked you as well but kept it to myself as well.

What he says.

my body tends to go all wired when you touch me as well.

Beckett asked me what I meant.

It reacts straight away even when you’d nudged me that day when we were walking to class I say as my face burns.

guess what mine? Does the same Ruben he told me.


Especially my cock is so bloody hard at the moment and misses your mouth around it as well,says.

I’m still mad at you beckett.

I know you are Ruben, he says.

I mean it as well, he said.

can you do just one thing for me beckett asked.

I nod.

Take that fucking ring out of your cock unitl I put a diamond one there instead he says.

I did and he grins.

Happy now I teased.

Very now hurry up I want your mouth around my cock he growls.

Once it is Beckett groans louder.

Ah fuck Ruben it feels so good.

To be honest I loved sucking his thick cock and always had a crush on him all the way through primary school and high school as well so I’m just enjoying myself at the moment.

Marry me, Ruben, he says.

What I say standing up again.

Marry me and stop denying that you love me because you’d got so upset that day you’d seen Bennett with that man in the office there was a camera next to the room he says.

I was jealous.

Well there you go he told me.

so do,you want us to be a couple then I asked.

I have since we were kids, he said.


Beckett told,me Yeh.

I kissed him passionately now we’re underneath the quilt skin to, skin as well.

Oh Ruben he groans.

Oh mr wolf I teased.

Not anymore I’m the prince at the end of beauty and the beast now beckett tells me.

Definitely he's more handsome as well

Over the next few years me and Beckett had officially been a couple for six years now I’m 34 and he’s 35.

Let’s do this red Everett tells me as we’re in another room getting Changed before I marry his brother in a few minutes.

Still,handsome as ever he says.

I kissed him and we went out the door I had three men who loved me as well daddy bennett,my husband and everett whos my lover as well so I’m a happy man at the moment my parents we’re happy for me as well just like Beckett’s but I haven’t heard or seen Samson since so i hope nothings happened either.

I stood next to my mum just before the church door opened and she told me that she loves me no matter what and I deserve to be happy as well.

Mum don’t start me off.

The door opened and she walked me towards beckett so,when i reached him my hand went in his and I calmed down and the nerves went as well we’re now pronounced

Mr and Mr Smith for the first time now and it felt nice as well.

Your mine now red, he says.

Always I teased.

We heard some loud voices coming from somewhere so we went to find out as well.

Who,the fucks shouting Everett says.

We walked around the corner and my mum’s there with Samson and Ruby. She's pregnant as well.

Oh look who,it is he snarls.

yeh the fat stepbrother ruby hissed.

So you fucked your sister because you were upset after Ruben dumped you is that Bennett snarls.

What did you just say my mum said?

Oh didn’t you know Samson wanted to get married to Ruben he’d been lying to everyone that’s why he’d wanted Ruben to move in with home as well beckett told her.

you asshole you used my son how long had it been going on she hissed.

Since I was 11 mum Ruben says.

Did he force you to do anything she asked me.

No we kissed and he sucked my cock every night once everyone went to bed I told her.

Yeh you enjoyed it ruben Samson snarls.

He was only a kid my mum hissed.

Well I’m having my brother's baby in a few months so don’t bother coming to see him ruby hissed.

Don’t worry we won’t my mum hissed.

A few weeks after my wedding my mum divorced Wayne thank god which made me and my husband so happy as well we’d also found a surrogate and now we have a baby girl called Ebony smith who’s now ten.

Daddy where’s uncle Bennett she asked .

Boo he says jumps from behind the door .

I could have been holding something then you idiot she sassed.

You love me really babe he says he puts my daughter over his shoulder and takes her to the living room now while me and Beckett kiss each other on top of the bed now.

You’ve made me so happy Ruben he says

And you have me.

It’s My turn asshole Everett says coming into the bedroom as well.

Don’t you ever knock I teased.

er no now move out of my way he told my husband.

my husband was sucking my cock as his brothers was fucking me slowly as well.

Oh shit red everett says.

Ah fuck i groan now my husband’s sucking my cock Rapidly as well.

So,how’s your mum been since everything’s happened? Everett asked me.

Good I think she’s glad that Wayne’s gone now and his kids as well. I think things changed after she’d found out about Wayne’s friends who raped me, I said.

The bedroom door opens fast and we’re all naked and Bennett smirks then tells us to get dressed now.

What’s wrong.

Hurry up you’ve got to see this on the tv he says.

So,now we’re all sitting on the couch luckily ebony was in her room as well.

Turn it up bro Beckett tells bennett.

News flash wayne Robinson secrets exposed.

We all listened as the news reporter showed his picture then our jaws dropped as well.

Sources close to the doctor told us that he’s been grooming kids and his friends did the same to a family member years ago as well.

I fucking knew it my husband says.


Another source told us that his oldest son Samson who was backpacking got put in jail for the same thing after a young girl came to the police station at the time and it was all covered up so nobody could find out either.

the pervert has been grooming you Ruben Bennett says.


I think you knew deep down that something hadn’t been right between you both especially after you’d started working for us as my husband says.

I feel so stupid now for believing him all these years as well.

Ruben we’re your family now so don’t get upset Everett tells me.

I nod then my phone rings.

Hi mum.

Oh Ruben, did you see the news .

I told her yes.

That bastard fooled us all as well.

I asked if she wanted to babysit it for me tonight.

I’d love to spend time with my granddaughter, she says.

Once she’d picked my daughter up Beckett and his brothers opened a bottle of wine and I poured it into four glasses now as my hips were pulled.

Come to daddy Ruben Bennett says.

I turned around and he’s naked just like the others as well. I sat on Bennett’s lap and he undone my shirt then the zip on my pants as well smiling.

does daddy like what he sees I teased.

Course I do Ruben, he told me.

What do you want me to do daddy? I asked.

Now I’m bending over Everetts knee as his brother fucked me fast and hard while my mouth has got Everett’s cock inside it as well.

Oh yes daddy’s cock loves your arse hole Ruben he groans.

My eyes never leave Beckett who's facing me now pumping his Cock as well.

ah fuck keep sucking it everett says.

my arse gets smacked hard and I groan.

Oh shit.

Bennett pulled out of me then my husband's arse hole was filled, now I’m being fucked by Everett as well.

oh shit Beckett shouts.

Shh, his brother says.

I faced my husband and we kissed now he’s closer to me and I deepened it as well.

I love you Mr Smith beckett tells me.

I love you more.

what about us? Bennett says.

You're just a bonus I teased.

Oh really he says.

It’s Time for bed Ruben daddy wants to have snuggles tonight bennett says.

I nod and yaw.

We’ll be doing the same won’t we bro everett told beckett.

Look like it, he says, smirking.

So now I’m in bed with my daddy and he’s sucking my cock slowly and I closed my eyes for a few seconds his tongue was run over the tip as well and I felt him tug the diamond ring that’s had been customized so it had mine and Beckett’s eyes colours round it as well.

Oh shit groan.

Bennett kissed me and I deepened it as he’s sat on my lap now.

You’ve made my brother so happy over the years, ruben and me and Everett as well, especially when you’d given us all another change as well, he says.

That’s in the past now so do you want me to do I asked.

Suck daddy’s cock.

My head bobs up and down while I’m doing it now as Bennett groans.

Oh yes.

we’d all come to the conclusion that I’d liked being shares between the three of them so that’s how it’s been with no swapping places and beckett doesn’t mind either because he loves me and I love him as well my mum adores ebony and so does my husbands parents but I’d like another’s kids now she’s in high school in September as well so I’ll be talking to my husband later on.

My lips kissed daddy’s body gently as I worked my way to his lips and when I had he kissed me furiously and passionately as well.

Daddy loves your lips, he says.

I’m glad I teased.

I yaw again and I was starting to close as well.

That’s enough for tonight, Ruben bennett tells me.

I nod then he wrapped his arms around me. I turned the light off and we both fell asleep now.

Good night daddy.

Goodnight red.

Chapter eighteen


A few years later and me and Ruben decided to renew our wedding vows we’d been together for ten years i am 44 and Rubens 43 and I fall in love with I’m more every day we’ve now got twins

Belle Veronica smith

Philippe august smith

after we’d found another surrogate as well my parents love having grandchildren and so did my husband's mum she’s in her 60s as well.

My brothers have been trying to find someone to settle down with but it’s no use they love Ruben as well so he gets shared because the three of us as well I trust my brothers they never hurt ruben either after what he’d been through when he was younger as well but that’s in the past so now I’m standing at the altar in Spain wait for,the man I’ve loved for years to turn up now as my kids walked towards me slowly speaking to each other.

Stop moaning about the dress your wearing ebony belle tells her.

Dad Ebony told me to stop moaning, my daughter says.

She’s right, stop moaning I teased and she stands on the other side now just as the music starts playing.

Once Rubens hand went in mine were pronounced mr and mr smith for a second time now and I’ve never been happier either.

Let’s go and celebrate, ``I teased.

Ok mr wolf.

I shook my head and we walked out the door and to the hotel and danced with my husband again to a slow song.

You're everything I sing in Rubens' ear.

And your mine and a whole lot more he told me.

We were just about to kiss when I was spun around and Bennett pushed me out the way and he dances with my husband now.

Asshole I say as I went to the bar and got myself a drink.

You're so lucky that you’ve found your soulmate beckett Everett tells me.

I asked where his date was as well.

With the man she cheated on me with in America my brother said.

There’s more fish in the sea I teased.

he smiled when Ruben came towards us now with Bennett then passed them a drink.

Let’s go for a walk guys my husband says.


Yeh unless your tired ruben says smirking.


So now we’re all walking down the beach and it’s nice and peaceful as well.

Thank you for all being there especially when I had to deal with things I was going through when I was younger as well ruben told us all.

I stopped and told Ruben he’d deserve to be happy again and that’s what I’m trying to make him feel now.

To be honest I was always looking forward to coming to work every day but my perverted brother tried to get me to give it up, he says.

what I say.

It’s true he thought you were all sly bastards ruben tells us now.

that sick fuck bennett said.

But you didn’t because you’d stayed and carried on works for me as well Everett told Ruben.

Course I did. I was going to miss my routine up especially after I’d been sucking all your cocks for two years. Ruben said with a straight face as he smirks.

likewise my brother tells him.

yeh but your getting older now everett so try and catch up with me my husband says as he runs down the beach now.

You little shit Everett shouts following him as well.

Come on, we'd better go and find them, I told bennett.

Once I’d turned a corner we heard groans.

Oh yes.

Everett had my husband facing the wall now as he was moving in and out of Rubens' arse hole slowly.

So you caught up I teased.

Course he bloody did and now look at what's happening my husband says.

Don’t tease me in future, Everett says.

I’m now facing the wall as Bennett did the same to me but faster as well.

Oh shit I groan.

You're such a bloody wuss beckett he says.

No I’m not I snap.

hold on to the wall then he growls.

I did and fucking hell he’s pounding in and out of me so hard and faster my arse is on fire from the mount of times he’s smacked over and over unitl he cums with a loud grunt.

Ah fuck.

Oh shit I groaned as I did the same as well.

My brother pulled out and then Everett and Ruben did the same as well but harder now.

Oh yes my husband groans.

More mr smith.

he does and we kissed passionately as well my cocks being sucked by Bennett now.

Shit your thick bro he says.

Thanks I say as my face heats up.

After we’d all finished I grabbed Rubens' hand and we walked back to the hotel. I nudged him and he smiled. Now we’re looking at my brother's holder hands as well .

Bloody hell I whispered.

Once we got back to the honey moon suit I made love to my husband all night. The kids had their own rooms so they were happy and gods knew what my brothers were doing as well with each other. Then I turned the light off and wrapped my arms around ruben with a smile on my face.

A few weeks later it all kicked off because a couple of other kids had gone to the police about Wayne and Samson so there’s going to be a trial. Ruben was scared shitless because he has to give a statement and stand up in court as well after not seeing his stepbrother for years as well.

Sweetheart it’s going to be fine his mum says.

Are you sure I’d rather forget what happened all those years ago he told her.

Just think of it as closer my mum says.

What I say.

Your husband needs to be rid of everything that family has done to him and can finally relax, she says.

Well said my mum told her.

They’ve become best friends over the years and always stand by me and Ruben as well.

Mother fucker bennett says.


Look who’s just turned up at court he says.

Because Wayne and his kids were there and I was on the verge of kicking the shit out of them now but it wasn’t worth it either.

Ruben I’m so sorry travis shouts.

Why would you say that he asked.

He gets pushed into the room as Wayne says something to his son.

You don’t think he's done that to his own son as well, Ruben says.

Have I missed anything Dan says running today us now and my husband's mum smiled.

No you haven’t she says then kisses his cheek just as wayne comes out the room and stops as well.

You pervert Dan shouts loud.

Shh she says.

it’s time for my husband to go into the court now and I sucked in a breath when Samson was facing him in the glass box. He's still a bastard and a pervert. It makes me cringe even thinking about what he’d done to Ruben as well.

I notice that Travis wasn’t there with his dad and sister so when the barista announced that another witness would like to speak we watched as Travis comes in and he looked pale as well he’d told the judge that he was being abused by his dad and brother for years and was warned not to say anything as well.

I knew it I whispered.

What my brother said.

I’ll tell you,after I say.

Everett nods.

my husband told the judge that Samson had asked him to marry him once he’d turned 16 and feels stupid now for agreeing as well because he’d said yes at the time but could tell that something wasn’t right as well because he’d always be jealous of his work colleagues especially because he was working for me and my brothers as well.

Samson’s scowling now.

The judge looked at Samson and then asked my husband what happened next so he told her everything and gasps were made as well.

That fuckers going down, Bennett says.

But what was the icing on the cake was when Ruben had told the judge that ruby had Samson’s baby as well after he’d told Samson he didn’t want them to get married as well.

The verdict comes back and Samson’s guilty and put on the sex offenders list for manipulation and grooming kids and gets life in prison and wayne gets the same as well thank god.

Travis walked out the room and collapsed so we all ran towards him fast. Ruben dropped to his knees and felt his wrist.

There’s a pulse so ring an ambulance. It turns up and we’re all in the hospital room and the doctor comes in and closes the door now.

What’s wrong with Travis I asked.

His body is severely malnourished and lacking most of his vitamins,and there’s a few bruises on it and they look new, he told me.

He’s going to be ok though, Ruben asked.

We’ll keep Travis under observation for the next few days until he can eat again then I’ll figure out what to do the doctor tells us.

Rubens eyes went straight to Bennett now.

No chance ruben, my brother says.

But you're a doctor, he says.

if it was anyone else yes but I’m sorry Travis can’t stay with me bennett says.

I’ve never asked you for anything befour Bennett. I know you don’t like him but he has been through what I had and has no family either Ruben says.

It’s still no Bennett tells him.

Ruben walked out the room wiping his face so I turned to Bennett and told him to stop being an asshole. Travis has Been dealing with all this on his own as well for years.

it’s still a no so stop asking me bennett says.

Over the next few days me and Ruben have been coming to see Travis and found out the real story and what’s been going on as well and he’s had it even worse than my husband before his dad married Rubens mum as well.

Why didn’t you tell me my husband asked Travis.

I was too scared because ruby was with Samson every time you weren't, he told ruben.


All those excuses he’d made about working at the school you shouldn’t have believed him because Samson had been fucking ruby once she’d become a teenager I’d caught them one day and was threatened to,keep my mouth shut as well travis tells us.

Carry on I say.

My dads always been a sick fucker especially that night he’d had friends over i knew what would happen because I was touched to so I didn’t want to be in that house either ruby on the other hand loves it teasing them dirty old men and they give her gifts afterwards but she had a pregnancy scare but a few weeks afterwards had a misscarge then went back to teasing dads friends again I’d actually caught her being fucked by two at the same time and on the same day your mum and my dad got married in the room as well travis says.

So your dad had been using his kids and teasing dirty old men as well I say.

Look I know you can’t stand the sight of me and don’t put me in the same category as ruby because I’m nothing like her so please understand and forgive me for not telling you all this ruben I hated lying to you as well travis told my husband.

don’t make me regret giving you another chance one slip up and that’s it, Ruben tells him.

I won’t.

The doctor comes in the room and tells us visiting times over now and we come back later on .

We tell Travis goodbye and walked out the room holding hands

Chapter nineteen


I’d seen the look on Rubens face when he’d asked me to let Travis stay at my house and I’d said no because of what his brother had out ruben through as well but felt like asshole once he’d gone out the room wiping his face so when my brother and Ruben had gone home I went to the room where Travis was and he’s asleep so I opened the door slowly as well then closing it I looked at him and his face was getting some color back into now and the sandwich on the table was have eaten as well which I didn’t like especially because Travis need to put weight back on after all the stress he’d been through as well he’s a year older then Ruben but need someone to love him at the moment as well shit where did that come from I tell myself.

what the fuck why are you in my room track says.

Shh the nurses will hear you I teased.

Like you care you can’t stand the sight of me either s he says.

Yeh and if I couldn’t why am I in this room I teased.

just go, he says.

I watched him try to stand up but his legs shook so I quickly catched Travis before he fell to the floor now.

Don’t touch me he snaps.

I’m Bennett by the way and Beckett’s brother.

whatever just help me to the toilet and go travis tells me.

Once he sat in the chair I looked out the window and let out a breath again turned around and he’s looking at me now.

I told you to go bennett.

Oh and another thing if you don’t eat your food they’ll keep you in hospital longer I said.

And how would you know that he snaps.

Because I’m a consultant at the hospital and they have to listen to what to tell them as well.

your bluffing bennett.

google it if you don’t believe me I watched as Travis scrolls through the internet on his phone then his eyebrows go up and he smirks.

Fine your not bluffing he told me.

You remind me of Ruben he’s always got an answer for everything like me and my brothers found out the day he’d started working for us I said.

yeah and Rubens in a different league to what I am Travis says.

What’s that supposed to me I asked.

He had three men caring about him and made sure he was ok especially after what he’d been through. I had no one. My sister was too busy being fucked by dad and Samson and then once they’d finished with her it was my turn, he says.

My hearts telling me to let Travis stay at my house but my head's saying don’t trust him just yet.

so when did this all start happening I asked.

Before Rubens mum married my dad Travis told me.

I needed some fresh air and i opened the door as I was about to walk out I heard a thud I turned around and he’s on the floor shaking I picked Travis up,and his blood sugar level was very low so when the nurse comes in a drip is out into Traviss hand now and I then told the nurse to take him to a private room away from the ward as well once we’re inside it I sat down and picked up his hand it’s cold as well I couldn’t just leave Travis to deal with this all on his own after what he’d just told me either so I made a decision there and then.

Chapter twenty


When I woke up I wasn't in hospital anymore. The bed I’m in now is soft and comfortable. I looked around the room and there’s a flat screen TVs on the wall,phone,it’s own bathroom and a couch ect.

I went to stand up and my legs were a bit shaky so I slowly moved around the room until I’d made it to the bathroom now it’s massive and all in marble whoever house it belongs to much be loaded as well once I’ve flushed the chain I get back into bed but heard shouting as well the door open and a mans there now.

You're awake, he says.

Where the hell am I and who’s shouting I asked.

I’m Everett Bennett’s brother and he’s arguing with Ruben after they’d fallen out at the hospital the other day he says closing the door now.

Brother I say.

Beckett’s my younger brother and I'm the older one as well he says.

the door shakes and he chuckles.

What I say.

My brother and Ruben are making up now, he says.


Oh fuck I voice groans.

Oh shit the other voice groans louder.

So who’s on the other side of the door I asked.

Bennetts fucking Ruben while he’s facing it as well Everett tells me.

You can’t be serious, he's married to beckett I say.

The door opened and there standing there looking at me Rubens flushed and Bennett bloody handsome and now comes to sit On the bed as well.

Welcome to my home travis.

This is your house I say.

Yeh was you expecting a semi detached one instead he says.

Did I say that?

so,how are you feeling? Ruben asked me.

A bit better, the bed is more comfortable, I said.

I agree, Bennett says.

What you slept in it as well I asked.

Yeh it’s mine he says.

My face heats up now.

your safe now because we won’t let anybody hurt you again, Travis Bennett tells me.

trust me they won’t Ruben tells me now.

I nod then my stomach growls and I slowly stand up and walk out the room and I feel Bennett's around my waist.

Easy does it Travis? He whispers in my ear our faces were inches from each other’s now so when i turned around my nose touched his and he sucked in a breath just like me.

There you go Ruben says passing me a sandwich now it looks delicious not like the cold ones at the hospital I was passed a cup of tea as well I sip it slowly and I could feel the hotness from it going down the inside of my throat as well.

You have to get stronger again, Travis, you’ve lost too much weight, Bennett tells me.

I just nod enjoying my sandwich now.

You can stay here as long as you want but don’t go near my office, Bennett tells me.

I won't you let me stay here so I don’t want you to regret it, I said.

My brother is a surgeon as well Everett tells me.

but still an asshole Ruben says smirking.

Quite Bennett says.

I looked at him and his face had gone red for some reason as well.

Over the next few days my body starts to get stronger and Bennett works most of the day but comes home around midnight and falls into bed as well I wasn’t complaining because I felt safe near him as well shit!!!

I get up and have a shower and let the water touch my body and I groan.


Your awake Travis a voice says.

I knew who it belonged to so I didn’t turn it around and just let the water run down me again.

Look at me, Bennett commands.


I Need to see if you're ok.

I am.

he’s so close to me and I could feel his cock touch my arse and now mines hard shit!!!

Travis he says.


Turn the fuck around he growls.

Fine I will.

Bennett’s chest goes up and down now are lips are inches from each other’s as well.

Do it.

Do what He says.

Never mind I teased then stepped out the shower again and wrapped a towel around my waist now and went back into the bedroom.

Fuck it he says and then his lips went on mine fast and my body reacts to his touch shit!!!

I’m picked up and my backs against the wall now and I’ve never been kissing this way either but I liked it a lot as well.

Your mine Travis Bennett says.


let me love you the way you should be, he says.

so you can feel,sorry for me I snapped.

Bennett put me down and had a bit of sadness in his eyes as well then walked outside as well shit!!!

I went to him and said sorry.

I’m fine, Travis, he says then pulled me towards him by my waist now.

I’m grateful for you letting me stay here all this time as well I said.

I couldn’t leave you there in hospital with nobody to help you either and the beds aren’t comfortable or warm either he says.

Mine is now.

So is mine, he said.

can I ask you something?

He says yes.

Why was you fucking Ruben before.

I’m his daddy, Bennett tells me.

What’s one of them?

A man who will look after and gives the person anything they want but will get punished if they're naughty but not in the way you think I wouldn’t make you do anything you didn’t want to either he says.

So,what you were doing to Ruben then I teased.

He answered back so he got fucked hard facing the bedroom door it’s more pleasure than pain Bennett tells me.

so would I feel safe if I asked you to be my daddy as well I joked.

have you upto now he asked.


well there you go travis me and my brothers look after Ruben and never let anybody hurt him ever again Beckett’s always been in love with ruben for years and kept it to himself I want want they have he told me.

And what’s that I say.

Someone to come home to every night and who will love me as well.


we’ve got something in common then I teased.

Ruben won’t mind me being your daddy Bennett tells me.


Because he’s got a lover as well he says.


It’s Everett, he said.

But he’s married to Beckett I say.

We have our part in the relationship, he says.

Relationship I say.

Yeh we all care about Ruben so he’s happy being shared between the three of us and has been for years as well he told me.

So would that be the same for me as well I teased.

No you’d belong to me Bennett says.

So how old are you I asked.


So a year older than me I said.

I didn’t go to the same school as you, he says.

I can tell I teased.


I could see the lust in my daddy’s eyes when we’d rowed after he’d acted like an asshole at the hospital after I’d asked if Travis could stay with him as well.

So what made you change your mind daddy I asked as he fucking me while I’m facing the bedroom door now.

be quiet he growls.

asshole I teased.

Ruben he growls.

Yes daddy.

His lips went on mine fast and hard his mouth ravished mine now as the kiss turned passionate with hunger behind it now and he’s really going for,it as well but I wasn’t complaining either Bennett’s More of a dominating alpha male then Everett and beckett as well but I the way they’ve all cared for me over the years and know I’ve found out that Travis had gone through the same thing as me I wanted him to be safe as well that’s why I’d asked bennett I think he secretly like Travis as well but was acting like he didn’t have a shit as well.

Oh Ruben my daddy groans.

Oh daddy I groaned.

I carried the bedroom to the other side of his house and then threw me on the bed. Now I watched as he removed his pants and my mouth waters once his thick long hard cock swayed in front of me now.

Come here he growls.

I shake my head.

My legs are pulled towards the end of the bed and boom my arse hole is filled quickly with one thrust and I hold the bed sheets tightly now.

Open them he commands.

I do and his eyes turned a darker shade of blue now so he kissed me passionately as he Pounded in and out of me harder thrust after thrust smacking my arse harder every time now.

Oh yes I shout.

Ah fuck Ruben daddy loves your arse hole he grunts.

More daddy.

he gave me what I wanted and threw his head back once he cums with a roar as his cock emptied inside me fast.

Ah fuck.

Oh yes daddy that Feels good I said.

it’s not drained yet he says then my arse is lifted in the air and my daddy fucked it harder and faster then the first time and I pumped my cock as well.

Don’t you dare that’s daddy’s job he growls.

So I did it faster.

Don’t you dare Ruben .

I carried on and I’m now on my back. I loved this side of Bennett. He's so brooding and handsome as well.

Right that’s it he tells me then pumped my cock so fast my body spasms and then his mouth went on it as I cum with a louder grunt closing my eyes.

Oh fuck daddy.

Bennett moved his thumb around the inside of my arse hole rapidly as well now.

Oh shit.

My nipples are pinched hard and then teeth sink into my neck and Bennett bites it gently then sucks my neck. The fucker was going to give me a love Bite all because I’d around him up after we’d rowed before as well.

By the time he’d finished my bodys got a few red marks now so I pinned him to the bed and put one right on top of his toned stomach and one on his neck as well

Then we kissed furiously as .

Oh shit Ruben he says.

That will be your last now you’ve marked my body I teased.

Did you just talk back to your daddy.


My arse was lifted up and he fucked it roughly and smacked it again until it’s bright red again once he pulls out he sticks his tongue. Into it now I groan.

Oh shit daddy.

Do you like me doing that ruben.

I told him yes.

Now do the same to mine he commands.

I did and daddy grunts louder.

Ah fuck daddy loves that he says.

My tongue licks all the way up the inside the middle of his arse now and he groans.

Oh shit Ruben.

Once I reached his mouth he kissed me furiously again and then I put his cock inside my arse hole and he rapidly moved in and out of me now.

Oh shit daddy I say.

He went even faster.

The kiss deepened quickly now as well he cums with a louder grunt.

Oh shit.

I do the same in his neck.

Ah fuck daddy.

He smacked mine then I sat up and bounced up and on his cock rapidly over and over again he had lust in his eyes right now.

Ruben don’t .

I carried on and didn’t stop until Bennett’s body spasmed for a third time as he cums once I did once last big bounce.

Holy fucking shit Ruben.

My cock exploded all,over daddy’s body as well.

Ah fuck.

He’s sweaty and flushed but smiling now he sits us and kissed me gently now.

Daddy’s happy now he told me.

I’m glad I teased.

We got dressed and went back to the room where Travis is but he’s not there so he must be in the bathroom now.

Bennett went into the room and I went to find Beckett as well.

Boo he says jumping from behind a door.

Asshole .

So my brother told you off, he says.

What do you think? I joked.

Bennett comes out of the house and laughs when the bite marks on his neck are starting to bruise now.

ha you look like a Dalmatian bro beckett tells him.

so does your husband, he said smirking.

My tops lifted up and Bennett smirked.

you’ve marked my husband Bennett, that’s taking it to far beckett snarls.

calm down I say.

my husband walked into the house shaking his head.

Shit Bennett says.

Go and make sure he’s ok, I told him.

Bennett stood up and walked into the house again and I did see them after that shit!!!

A few minutes after Beckett came out rubbing his arse as well he tried to sit down on the chair.

My brother won’t shout at me again will you beckett bennett says smirking.

My husband shakes his head.

Travis looked at Bennett and stood up slowly and said that he’s going to lie down for a bit while Bennett never takes his eyes off him as well.

Chapter twenty one


Bro I can’t believe you're getting married Beckett tells me.

Me either but things change and me and Travis have been together for a long time as well I said.

Ten years to be precise, Beckett says.

You're getting older now my brother tells me.

Bro,I’m only In my 50s.

But still a gobshit though Beckett tells me.

I’m just glad that Travis gave me a chance as well I told him.

You deserve it as well he said.

Beckett puts my tie around my neck and starts to do it for me. I've never been good at tying them so I like someone to help me as well.

You and Ruben have been together for twenty years now I tell Beckett .

Yeh and I tell myself every day that I’m a lucky bastard as well he says.

Ruben loves you bro.

like you do with Travis he says.

I kissed my brother gently then we went out the room to the church and waited for Travis to turn up now.


Look calm down I told Travis we’ve become best friends over the few years because we’d both had been a traumatic experience as well I’m glad that Bennett had given him a chance as well they’ve been together for ten years as well.

What if Bennett changes mind , Ruben says.

That won’t happen. He loves you, I told Travis.

and I think how lucky I am as well he tells me.

We both are, I said.


I just hope Everett finds someone to love him now he deserves to be happy as well I say.

Me to Tra