Raymond Webb

This story is about a baby girl named Indiana who was adopted in Australia after losing her family in a tragic accident

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Once upon a time there was a baby girl who was born to a good family one day however she had to be moved because her parents and siblings died in a car accident poor Indiana was all alone and did not know what to do ,that is until an English couble came over from their country and adopted poor Indiana right from Australia's orphanage hospital the poor baby was frightened at first but she began to get curious for the new arrivals , Indiana looked at her new parents with awe , Indiana then coed at her new parents and her new parents picked her up and as they left Ray and his wife smiled at their new daughter and took her home back to Sydney but this is not the end of their tale .

Later Indiana was crying up a storm when Ray came in and soothed her Indiana went back to sleep in Ray's arms soon Ray and his wife took Indiana back to England and both pair put in plans to go and live in Las Vegas in the usa , Indiana was confused at first but she loved her new parents so much she just coed at them .

Ray and his wife stayed in England for another few years and they then moved to America afterwards, you see Ray and his wife had a couple of homes around the world and now they brought a home in the usa for some money that they saved up .

Ray and his wife and now Indiana their daughter lived in usa for many a year and once they got on with their jobs and looked after Indiana they never looked back .

Yes the family were contented at last and every now and then they went back to England to visit both their parents and then they're pleased to have them stay in England for a few years but as Indiana grew up she missed her home in usa and constantly asked to go back but then she would change her mind and want to stay for her grandparents and never let it be said that Indiana wasn't an intelligent young girl because she was ,she was the brightest of her age and never let it be said that because of her intelligence that she was a hinderence because she wasn't she was the only girl with the normal intelligence in her head she was like the girl of dreams and as she grew older she began to get even more intelligent by the hour yes she was what you call an author of her life and Indiana was now the only girl that her parents loved to death and Indiana loved them right back .

Indiana was now five with stricking blonde hair and green eyes as green as the ocean but what stood her out of the crowd was her smile it was dazzling for that young a girl .

Ray knew that his adopted daughter was really a goddess on earth but then who would not agree with him she was beautiful and soulicly the beautiful one on the iside too.

Soon the family began to get famous all because of Indiana and her beauty but then again Indiana didn't have to try to become beautiful she already was born that way Indiana was the girl who had it all she wasnt spoilt but she was intelligent believe and she had beauty and she had a very loving family.

Indiana was born in Australia but she made a family proud in two other countries and she never looked back not even once .

The end.

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