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This is part of a three part series that is going up into the Hordaria Universe! Check out my page to see the rest of the story!

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Chapter 1

I can barely focus on logarithms right now. Three more minutes and school is let out for the week. I cannot wait any longer. I just want to go to my dorm, listen to music and watch Netflix.

The bell rang overhead, and the excitement filled the classroom.

I grabbed my things and ran down the hall to Classroom B212. Aria was packing up her stuff. I walk into the classroom and surprise hug her from the back.

"Hey Aria!"

She hugged me back and said:

"Hey Lilith! Ready to go pick up Quinn? I don't think they have detention today, but we should probably check."

"Good idea." I reply. Our friend Quinn was a pretty rebellious student, so they were often in detention. They make classes way more interesting... for the students. We walk down the hallway talking about what we wanted to watch tonight. We check the detention room, but they're not there. We finally reach Quinn's classroom, and they're waiting outside the door, leaning against the wall.

"It took you long enough!" they said.

"Sorry Quinn! We checked the detention room first to see if you were there and if we were gonna have to stop for snacks without you this week." I replied.

"There was no way I am letting you pick the snacks again. You always get sour-balls and pretzels! What kind of movie night snack is that?! Where's the popcorn and the actually good candy?" Quinn said as we started to walk towards our door.

"Oh my gosh, Quinn, there is no freaking way we're eating sweets on a movie night!" Aria replied. They continued their conversation as we approached the door. We walked in and discarded our coats and keys.

"Who's doing inventory this week?" I ask as I hang my coat neatly.

"I did it last week, so it's not my turn." Quinn quickly replied. No one really liked doing inventory, it was pretty boring going through the fridge, discarding old leftovers, and writing shopping lists. We were lucky enough to get a fridge and a microwave, not many dorm rooms had them. Aria brought a small wood stove from her house, since she loved cooking and we didn't have one. We have a pretty big dorm, and it is very comfortable. We really got lucky with dorm assignments, but Aria's straight A's and bubbly personality probably helped.

"Mhmm, sure, Quinn. I thought Aria did it last week. Hey Aria! Can you read the chore clipboard for this week?" I asked.

Aria walked over to the clipboard hanging on the wall. She read over the calendar and said:

"Today is October 2nd, right?"

"Yep!" I respond.

"Okay, it says here that Lili's on trash and vacuum duty, I'm paying for the laundromat this week and the person on inventory duty is Quinn." Aria said.

"Dang it!" Quinn exclaimed.

"Knew it! Have fun doing that!" I replied.

Quinn grumbled, grabbed the grocery list and opened the fridge. I started to vacuum the carpet as Aria grabbed her basket to bring her clothes to the laundromat first. The day continued and in about an hour, we had finished all of our chores.

"Finished. Time for the weekly draw." I said. The weekly draw decided who was buying the snacks and what snacks we get. The person with the highest number gets to pick and the lowest has to pay. It's not really the fairest way to figure out who pays for snacks but it is pretty fun. Plus, I'm pretty sure Quinn made that rule when they got the highest number and didn't want to pay for their snack.

"Three, two, one, draw!" We all said in unison. I look at my card which has a one written on it. Aria pulled a two and Quinn pulled a three.

"Dang it! I got a one." I say, dejected.

"Makes enough sense that the inventoiree gets to pick the snacks." Quinn said proudly.

"Inventoiree? Did you make that up?" I replied, chuckling at the fake French accent they attempted to use.

"Yes I did. And we're having popcorn and Slushees." they reply.

"Alright, fine. I'll be back." I say, going to the door, putting on my jacket and grabbing my keys and wallet.

I get into the car, scan my ID to get out of the school, drive a bit down the road and reach for my phone to put in the directions, but it's not in my pocket.

"Ugh, I must have left it back at home. But I don't want to go back for it, I only have one exit pass per day." I say to myself. I had only gone to Hordaria Academy for a month or so, after transferring from another academy, so I barely knew the area. I've had to buy snacks a couple of times, but I'm really a homebody, and I don't really know my way around.

"I'll just trust my gut instincts. I'm sure I can get there." I think to myself.

I drive down the road as the sun begins to set behind me. I make a left, then a right, then another right, then a left, and eventually, I realize I don't know where I am. Around me is a dark forest, starting to envelop the sides of the street. There are no cars here, and you can see little fireflies sparkle here and there. How did I get here? The forest seems scary, but at the same time, it feels homely. Like I've been here before. I look for a street sign, and an old, worn down sign that reads "Adderley" is the only indicator of where I am.

It's dark, I'm near a forest, and completely, totally lost.

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