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Part 1

Darkest Of Us

In the year 3000, the entire earth was overtaken by violence and hatred. Most of the population was wiped out by all the constant war. All the remaining humans were to find any form of land and rebuild their civilization…

Gavin Rekoto was a young 20 year-old, he had long black hair that hung to the ride side of his face, coving his light hazel eyes. Normally the boy would wear a black cloak with white gloves. Because of all the destruction, clothes were the least important things…

The young boy found himself walking through the deserted streets of his home city, these were called dead zones since there was no life to be found. Just collapsed houses with trash all over the place. Every once and awhile he’d find a decomposing corpse laying somewhere. He’d also check it for anything useful. Normally it would just be a few dollars or a knife.

Suddenly a buff assailant stepped out from the corner of a building at the intersection the guy was at. The stranger had dark white skin, with a tattoo of a red moon on his face. “Hand over your valuables and no one gets hurt!” The thug threatened. Gavin stood motionless, staring at the man with a frown.

“So, you think you’re a tough guy eh? Then I’ll take your stuff by force!” He pulled out a baseball bat, racing right for him. Gavin still showed no signs of fear or worry. As his attacker swung the bat, Rekoto leaned back evading the coming blow. The warrior stepped back as a smirk ran across his face.

“Just what are you smiling at!?” Just as the thug said that, half his bat fell off the handle. “W-what!?” Looking back at his victim, the assailant saw a katana at his side, tucked away in his black clothing. (But how? How could this young brat pull out his blade and brake my weapon without me even noticing!?)

“I know what you’re thinking…isn’t it obvious? You’ve probably spent your time stealing or having others do all the work. While I spent years perfecting my skills in multiple styles of battle. By the way…I know your gang members are nearby waiting to jump me. Might as well call them to rescue you”

“Fine! Roy, Markus, come out…we’re going to crush this pest!” Two more muscular men came out from a nearby house covered in weeds. One had blue spiky hair with green eyes, while the other had white hair and blue eyes. “Let’s go boys, show him how it’s done!” Roy, the blue-haired man pulled out a pistol firing shots head-on at the boy.

However, just as they were about to hit, all the bullets went flying off in different directions. Once more Gavin sliding his blade back into the holder. The leader of the gang let out a loud yell in anger before all three charged Rekoto head. Even with three attacking at once, they couldn’t seem to land a blow. That’s when Gavin elbowed the two followers, knocking the wind out of them.

Their boss shook in fear. The thug ran away in a panic, but Gavin reached him quickly, sending a blow to the back of the man’s head. The thug hit the street knocked-out. The warrior laughed silently, walking past him, heading to the active part of the city…

After about five minutes of walking, he reached a large gate with a big steel door. A guard dressed in a black uniform was standing in front of it. “I can’t let you pass with your info. Gavin rolled his eyes, this happened each time he left. He knew it was standard procedure, but it was getting old.

“Ugh, Gavin Rekoto, age 20, lives in unit 1B. Happy?” The guard scanned his body before allowing him entry. The young warrior sighed but was finally glad to be inside the small city. It wasn’t much, but better than being out there filled with killers and thieves. Gavin was making his way toward his unit when his partner Jaycen came racing over to him.

Jaycen had short black hair with green eyes. He too wore a black cloak since they both were the same rank and unit. “There's something you need to see” Without question Rekoto followed his ally to the center of the futuristic, yet apocalyptic city where their labs were. Only high tier warriors and well-trusted citizens were allowed entry to the labs. There, they did DNA experiments to enhance their men's capabilities and try to increase the other's immune systems from air-bound viruses.

They reached the back of the chambers where they kept all the unstable experiments. They stood in front of a large glass containment cell where a man stood in isolation. “So what is his defect?” Gavin asked with his arms crossed, looking at the man.

One of their scientists walked over to them responding: “We believe he's caught some kind of flesh deterioration virus. One of his arms is covered in some kind of black substance” Rekoto thought for a moment then asked: “May I run some tests on him? I may know what it is” All of them looked at him with Surprise then granted him access into the man's containment room. Once he stepped foot inside, the unstable subject ran up to him yelling: “Please help me!” Gavin pulled his katana out, stopping the poor man in his tracks.

“Sit down, I’m going to examine your condition” Their volunteer sat in the one chair in the middle of the room. He wore old clothes, a white shirt, blue jeans and black dress shoes. Gavin looked into the man's tired eyes, they seemed to be filled with stress and fear.

Next he had the subject hold out the infected arm. It looked completely dark, like a shadow or demon. The swordsman grabbed the poor man by the throat, slamming him against the glass wall. All watched as the darkness expanded to the man's shoulder. Gavin knew what this was, this was the death core virus.

“I know what’s wrong with this man! He has death core” All starred at him in confusion. “What may I ask is that?” One of the scientists asked. Gavin answered: “It is an ancient virus. It is suppose to be your soul being corrupted by a person's dark deeds or thoughts. Such as anger, hatred, murder etc...”

Gavin aimed his blade toward the sick man. “What did you do to caused the death virus to reach your outside? It takes a lot of negativity for it to reach this far” The victim looked at the ground as tears filled his eyes. “I…I killed someone, to avenge my murdered wife. Both the guilt from letting her die while I was at work, along with from killing another person. It's been haunting me for months!”

Placing his hand upon the sad man he replied: “I will take you away from this pain if you want, I don't think any man should suffer. You did what you thought was right, I shall not hold that from you. So…would you like to be relived from this pain? Or wait until it full consumes you, turning you into a death core?”

“W-what happens if I become a death core?” The man asked still filled with tears. Gavin didn't hold back. The swordsman answered: “You will lose all control, becoming a demonic creature, planning to infect and kill others until humanity is wiped out…So either way I’d have to deal with you eventually”

Their victim sighed and nodded getting on his knees, closing his eyes. In one quick motion, Gavin decapitated his target. Their body laying there in a pool of it's own. Rekoto exited the cell walking back to them. “I’m not sure what's causing the Death core virus to suddenly pop up. We’re going to have to be cautious with everything we do from now on…most die or are taken over by the virus”

“How do you know so much about this?” Jaycen questioned with a suspicious expression. His partner laughed replying: “You honestly think I started the virus? No man could possibly control such a plague. If they tried, they’d quickly deal with a sad fate or become a demonic death core. The reason I know so much about this is because I read about it in a mythology book I came across on one of my scouting missions. I assumed it was a fake, but then it happened…I saw a poor girl that looked sick, she was walking strangely and about to fall over. As I came to her aid, I saw half her body taken over by that dark substance, her left eye was red like a demon’s, it matched how the book described the virus”

“Was she the only one you found?” They asked. He nodded then continued: “She was screaming for me to help her, but without warning, she lunged at me. I knew I had to defend myself…So I took out my blade and…released her from her pain. I’m not proud about what I had done, but I knew she was sincere when she asked for my help. Even if her body said something else”

All of them nodded, putting their hand on Gavin’s shoulder. One of them commented: “She asked you to help and you did. There wasn’t any other way you could’ve helped” The swordsmen smiled from the man’s positive comment…

After a day of rest, Both Gavin and Jaycen were ordered to search Alkami tower for anything of use. Alkami tower was a few kilometers outside their safe zone, near the dangerous dead zone. The two warriors moved like ninjas through the empty city. They were capable of moving faster than cars. In just 10 minutes, they reached their objective. “Alright, you go in from the front, I’ll climb the side and go in from the top window” His partner shrugged, heading for the front door. It was locked, so the warrior kicked it with all his strength, causing it to bend. One more kick and the door fell in, slamming onto the tiled floor.

“I’m sure that got their attention, let’s see if they’ll come out of hiding. Jaycen kept a gun hidden behind his dark cloak as he walked through the empty hall. The sun was the only source of light within the tower, so there were plenty of dark areas for someone to hide. However, Both Jaycen and Rekoto were well-trained for nearly any combat situation, their instincts were highly developed.

Meanwhile Gavin made his way up the side of the tower, using his super-human speed to race up the tower without the use of robes or equipment. After about a minute, he was on the roof of the tower. There didn’t seem to be a door he could enter from. So he used his indestructible katana to cut a hole from the roof. Since the roof was old, it was pretty easy to cut through it.

Gavin landed in a large office with a fancy-looking desk and chair. Even with everything covered in dust, it was a good-looking office. (I assume this was the owner’s office, what else would you put on the top floor of such a nice building) The swordsmen casually walked through the halls, checking each room. He didn’t care if he was heard, it would take more than bullets to stop him. Gavin’s skills with his blade were super-human. He could redirect bullets with his blade. Just then a creak could be heard from a floor down. Instead of taking the stairs, he jumped from the top floor, landing on the stair’s metal hand rail.

The sound of someone walking could still be heard. Rekoto knew it wasn’t Jaycen, his partner liked to carefully look through desks or corpses for anything of value. So chances of him being on the 79th floor already would be impossible, even if the warrior searched at his super-human speed.

Just then an armored gang member stepped out from the dark hall in front of him. Gavin remained on the stair rail, waiting… “What are you doing here!?” The assailant shouted, aiming a semi-automatic gun toward him. Gavin chuckled responding: “Just checking the place out, looking for supplies. How about you?”

This seemed to infuriate the thug. “This is are territory, get out or die!” Gavin smiled jumping down from the rail onto the tile floor. “After you” He taunted. His attacker began firing all his bullets toward their intruder. Gavin spun his katana so fast, it sent each bullet in random directions. The assailant knew he would run out of ammo soon. The man proceeded to walk backwards slowly.

Gavin smiled, walking towards him, still rotating his katana, all the ammunition flying in random directions. Once the gang member was out of ammo, he realized the only way out was a large window. Without hesitation, the armored thug jumped through the window with a large crash.

“At least I got away from him” Just then he looked up seeing Gavin descending towards him. “What? You think I’d be too scared to jump after you?” Once more the warrior laughed before grabbing onto a ledge then catching his target. “Tell me where all your friends are hiding, along with how many there are”

“You’re just going to let me go as soon as I tell you!” The man yelled looking down, they were still about 50 floors from the ground. Gavin pulled his target up closer replying: ‘You were just about to fall anyway, so might as well tell me and I’ll just toss you into a near by window”

Sighing his victim told him there were 20 still within the tower, about 10 on the first floor, with the other 10 on the 40th floor. “Thanks” Rekoto commented as the swordsmen threw his foe into a window of floor 49. (Well, I at least know how many there are, now just need to locate my 10. I’m sure Jaycen already took out the others on the first floor)

Quickly climbing back to floor 40, the fighter kept his blade out incase of an ambush. After a moment of walking through a quiet hall, a small dagger came flying by. Gavin managed to catch it before throwing it back. The sound of a man crying out in pain could be heard, just before they hit the floor in the middle of the dark hall.

“Come on out, I know there’s still nine of you in here. If you don’t come out, I’ll find you myself” At that moment, seven of them came out holding guns and one RPG. “Hmmm, this may get interesting with the rocket launcher” Six of the men unleashed a barrage of bullets directed towards their intruder. But once more, the swordsmen skills managed to deflect each projectile in his path…

Meanwhile, Jaycen was in a shootout with his group of thugs. They sadly only had pistols. Jaycen’s gun skills nearly rivaled his partner’s swordsmanship. Each bullet that came his way, the hero would fire one back, causing them to hit each and bounce off in random directions. “This is boring give me a challenge” Once he saw three of them attempting to re-load, he shot them in the center of their forehead, killing them instantly.

“Seems as though no one here has the skills to match me” Jaycen commented before charging the remaining me. No matter how much ammo they fired, their target would evade it with ease, as if they weren’t even trying. He stood in front of them with a casual expression. They tried shooting him, but were out of ammunition.

“Pathetic” Jaycen commented as he shot the remaining men. All of them laid there in a pool of blood. The hero just stepped over them to carry-on his search for anything of value. Gavin had finished up his fight just as easy. Once done, The dark cloaked warrior jumped from the 40th floor staircase. Just as he reached the 2nd floor, he grabbed onto the railing before dropping to Jaycen’s level.

“So how’d the warm-up go?” Gavin joked as he walked up to him. His teammate shrugged putting his dual pistols back in his pockets. They finished up their search, only finding some money, clothes and ammo. “I’d expect more from a building like this” Rekoto commented before departing from the tower. They stepped outside the tower to find three death cores standing in front of them.

“Well, where’d you ugly bastards come from?” Jaycen asked with a plain expression. The three demonic creatures let out a loud screech, running at them. Jaycen instantly pulled out his guns, firing rounds of ammo at them. Sadly his bullets had no effect. The warrior remained calm but back flipped a few feet away since fighting hand to hand wouldn’t be smart. With the three’s bodies completely taken over by their death core, if they touched them, the virus would began to grow on the two heroes’ bodies.

Jaycen watched from the top of a gas station as the three death cores surrounded Rekoto. Though the swordsmen didn’t seem worried, he just stood there, waiting for one of them to attack. That’s when a male death core charged him. In a mere instant, Gavin was sliding his blade back to his side. The monster’s head had been cleanly decapitated.

“I know you two can do better than your friend here. Jaycen watched as the dark substance vanished from the corpse. Suddenly both demonic beings grew claws where there fingers had been, the claws were about a foot long each. “Wow, never seen a demonic do that before” Both targets began slashing in his direction. Luckily he had no trouble keeping up with the pair’s attacks. Finally he saw an opening, Gavin a complete spin with his sword, piercing through the demonic’s bodies.

Both hit the ground, reverting back to normal humans. (How strange, the death cores shouldn’t be able to transfigure their body like that…could these creatures be getting smarter…or more powerful?” Jaycen noticed his ally deep in thought and asked: “What is it?” Gavin told him it was nothing and they should head back…

Once back in their unit, Rekoto fell onto the couch, tired. “The gang members may’ve been easy, but still took a toll on me, especially when I jumped from the top floor to catch and interrogate one of them”

“The next time don’t try to show off as much” His partner answered, tossing a water bottle onto Gavin’s stomach. They quickly fell asleep…

They awoke to an emergency alarm. They raced over to the lab to find out what was happening. One of the men announced: “We don’t know how, but demonic are popping up all over our radar. To think something like this could infect so many people and quickly. Gavin replied: “I’ll hand them, once I get my 2nd blade, taking them down shouldn’t be too difficult”

A guard told him it’d be stupid to go out there against so many. Gavin smiled replying: “It’d be stupid to stand here waiting for them to reach our gates” Everyone stood in silence as the warrior got his back-up blade, heading outside. All of the citizens watched him leave the safe zone, then the gate closed. Jaycen felt like an idiot not going with him, but he was skilled mainly in guns. If it was just a small group, he probably wouldn’t have to worry…

Meanwhile Gavin was running at full speed, racing toward the location where the large crowd of demonic had been found. The swordsmen found himself in a large parking lot. That’s when a screech could be heard out in the distance. Rekoto pulled both blades out, waiting for one of them to come out. That’s when a large crowd of them came running out from the shadows, straight for him.

“Time to deal with you monsters” Charged forward as well, right into the crowd. All of them clawed at him, but he sliced off their claws with great speed. Gavin stabbed his katana through one of their bodies, throwing them back into the crowd, knocking most of them over. With most of them off balance, he took the opportunity to decapitate the smaller portion that attacked him. Just then a demonic slashed the hero in the back.

“D-damn it!” He could feel the darkness rush into his head, flowing through his body. “I-if I’m going to become a demonic…I’m first going to kill most of you parasites!” His right iris went from light hazel to blood red. Even with the darkness ravaging his body, the hero fought on, killing them as quickly as he could. There were about 15 left when Gavin couldn’t take anymore.

The swordsmen leapt onto a gas station roof, falling onto his back. He gripped one of his blades, aiming it toward his throat. Just as he attempted to kill himself, he lost consciousness from the intense stress on his mind and body…

He opened his eyes to find himself in an endless void of darkness. A figure emerged from the darkness…It was him. Though this version of him had red glowing eyes, a red aura swarming around his body. Along with an evil grin. “Who are you!?” Gavin called-out. He tried pulling out his swords, but realized they were gone.

“Heh, you forget, this is your subconscious, we’re inside your mind. I’m the evil that’s awakened within you”

“Lies, I have no evil!” Gavin shouted as his evil self stood just a few feet from him. His demonic laughed replying: We all have evil within us, no matter who you are. There’s more to evil than just anger and violence. Though you seem to have plenty of rage at the moment. Why not give into it…let me show the world our true self! The part of us that’s been doormen for too long!”

“Never, this world has been through enough hate and violence. What it needs is hope and love” This caused the demonic to laugh even harder than before. “Love!? You think love is just happiness? What about a break-up, a death, losing a friend!?” It grabbed Rekoto by the throat, lifting him up from the dark surface they stood on. “Your ignorance is why you’re so happy. If you would only accept the true, you wouldn’t be so goofy and childish!” His demonic choke slammed him to the ground, standing over him. “You will learn the truth…even if I have to beat it into you…”

Meanwhile Jaycen was back at the lab talking with the leaders and scientists. “It’s been three hours and Gavin hasn’t returned…I’m going to find him. Bring back his dead corpse if I have to. If I don’t find him in two hours, I’ll assume he’s become a death core or demonic, whatever you wanna call them”

No, we can’t allow this!” One of the leaders shouted as they sat in their chairs around a large round table. Jaycen gave them a irritated look before proceeding to the exit. That’s when two buff guards blocked his way. “So…that’s how it’s gonna be?” He responded. With his back to the leaders, facing the door.

“We can’t allow you to leave the city, you’re one of our best men!” The leader continued. Still with a frown but calm expression, a tear ran down the warrior’s face. “You didn’t stop Gavin when he left! You might’ve said something, but not have men blocking his path! If you’re this worried about losing men, you should’ve stopped him as well!”

The old man sitting in the leader chair “2” replied: “He’s an idiot, he’s not as useful as you, you’re more important” Suddenly Jaycen shook with anger, pulling his pistol out, aiming it toward the six leaders. All in the room were shocked by the youth’s rebellion, Jaycen never acted against the city’s government before until now.

“Fine, men…open the gate. Just know this boy, if you leave this city…you’re banished forever, you’re never allowed to return!” Jaycen looked at the other five, four of them nodded while the fourth, who looked the eldest of them all, just looked at the boy with a sad look on his face. As if saying: “I’m sorry this had to happen just because you wanted to save your friend”

Packing up his, and a few of his partner’s belongs, Jaycen walked out of the city gate. He looked back at his home just as the tall doors closed. “No choice now but to find Rekoto…”

Back inside the swordsmen’s mind, his demonic self struck him repeatedly, mainly in the abdomen. Even as a dream-like state, Gavin could feel immense pain from each attack as if it were real life. (I-I can’t take much more) He thought, his mental-self under great stress. The demonic let go of him before slapping him across the face.

“Is your spirt finally broken?” It asked with a frown instead of grin from it’s growing impatience. Gavin felt weak and dizzy, but managed to rise to his feel. “You little shit!” His dark side kicked him in the jaw, sending the hero across the void before landing a few feet away. His mental form began to disintegrate as his body broke apart into sparkles of light. His evil self grinned from his victory. Outside of his mind, Gavin’s body began to get covered by the dark core. He rose to his feet, his body possessed by the darkness. His eyes glowed red.

Just then Jaycen noticed him, the warrior could tell it was his partner, there was something different about his demonic state. Normally all death cores looked the same as a black demonic figure, but Gavin just looked like a dark version of himself, as if you covered him in black paint and made his eyes red.

“Gavin is that you?” Jaycen responded. Rekoto started to laugh evilly, his blood-red eyes shining as the sun was going down. “I am the darkness within his heart…however, as you probably guessed, I’m not you’re average demonic. The normal demon would be a mindless creature with no control over their actions. While I’ve retained my intellect”

Jaycen immediately pulled out his guns, firing multiple rounds aimed for his controlled ally’s forehead, hoping to knock him out. When the projectiles impacted his forehead, blood began running down his face when it suddenly healed itself, along with the bullets falling out of his wound. His attacker starred in shock. “Not only is my guns ineffective, but he can heal as well!?”

Rekoto held his palm out, facing his opponent. A blade made from red energy formed in his hand. Jaycen was shocked at the abilities of this demonic state. The young guy pulled out a golden blade he had taken from another unit incase he ran into a death core. It had a glow around it, he assumed it was enchanted by some kind of magic. Jaycen wasn’t used to using blades, especially a magical one.

“Time to see how strong you are, human” Rekoto moved faster than ever, his capabilities must’ve been boosted by his demonic urge. Jaycen just had enough time to stop the incoming attack by deflecting it with his own blade. Even with all his strength, the man felt powerless to force his attacker’s energy blade back. That’s when he realized Gavin had only been using one hand.

The gunmen jumped back to gain distance. “This is insane! We’ve always been on par with one another, to think a demonic state could multiple his limits so dramatically!” Just then Gavin froze in place, Jaycen watched as the foe’s aura went from red to blue.

(This doesn’t make sense, no death core has had a blue aura before!) Suddenly the black substance faded away. His ally stood there out of breath, an outline of blue light swarming around his body. Rekoto appeared normal, though his right eye was still red. Jaycen stepped closer responding: “Is that you Rekoto?” His friend turned to him and smiled.

“You’re looking at t-the first person to over come the death core virus. But I do feel it inside me still. Which reminds me…” The warrior held his arm out, focusing on the demonic power…A blade of red energy formed in his hand. “Well, seems I have a small control over this dark power. Though I’m sure this is only a fraction of it’s capabilities”

“You should be cautious when using it though, you don’t know if it’ll take over your mind again” His partner nodded falling onto the side walk. His body was still in pain from his demonic’s attack, along with the fight against Jaycen even if it was brief. “Well, I’m glad I found you, but we have a problem”

“What would that be?” Gavin asked as he slowly sat up, still sitting on the sidewalk. Jaycen told him about their banishment from the city. This annoyed the swordsmen. “Well, if they won’t let us in…I’ll make them!” His ally sad nothing, unsure of his response. Gavin closed his eyes, a mix of blue and pink energy swarmed around him. He told his partner to follow him as the man made his way back to their home city.

When they reached the gate, multiple armored mercenaries were guarding the gate. “Halt! You are no longer allowed to enter the city!”

“But I found Gavin Rekoto and he’s ok” Gavin put his hand over his right eye to keep them from seeing it. The guards examined him and saw no transmutations of the demonic virus. The head of the mercenaries replied: “Very well, but you both are to go straight to the Council, they will decide if you should come back or not” Both cloaked warriors nodded. Gavin kept his right eye closed to make them think it got punched or he hit a wall.

They stood in the large room where all six of them sat in aligned chairs. “So, you wish to come back…even after blatantly disobeying our orders! Perhaps we should just have you two put to death so this never happens again!” That’s when Gavin began to laugh. “What’s so funny Rekoto!?” The leader member shouted. Gavin grinned reveling his death core eye. All the elders gasped in fear.

“Because, you six aren’t worthy of your positions anymore. You banished my friend for coming to rescue me, now you put us to death for coming back? You all are the ones to be put to death…We’ve been your loyal top guards for years and you’ll just kill us off like that!? To be a leader, is to choose the best course of action for the city and it’s people. You all have not done any. So it’s time for a new council”

Gavin aimed his hand at all the elders in his path. “Demonic wave!” Suddenly a shockwave of red energy rushed across the room before hitting all six of them. They fell from their chairs, hitting the ground. “Don’t worry Jaycen, they’re not dead, just in a coma-like state. I can pull them out at any time”

They were put in cells in the prison section of the city, luckily there were barley any inmates, so there wasn’t much trouble finding a cell for them. The swordsmen had the guard check o them every hour or so. Some of the citizens were scared of the changed warrior, mainly because of his death core eye.

The next day Rekoto stood at the town hall with most of the men and women crowed around him. “From this day forth, I shall be taking over the elder’s position as ruler of this city. It will be named Arkami. Any who disagree with me as ruler may challenge me to a duel. I may sound like an evil dictator, but those old fools banished my friend just for leaving the city to find me! They have no care for this place or it’s people!”

Just then, most of them began clapping. Both Gavin and Jaycen were surprised by the sudden change in attitude towards him. The new ruler bowed for them. Just then a man in armor blocked his path through the crowd. The people made a large circle for them. “I won’t let you get away with replacing our glorious elders!”

“Then come on, prove your worthy of such a claim, other wise…get out of my way. The elders are still alive. I would hate to have to kill one of my own citizens” His assailant charged him, holding a great sword in both arms. Just before impact, Rekoto formed a faint barrier around himself, using the dark power within himself. The large sword shattered to pieces as if it were glass.

“B-but that’s impossible, what could be strong enough to brake my sword without you having to move!?” The armored man cried out in fear. Gavin lifted the rebel up off his feet replying: “Because I’ve awakened true strength. I may be a little more hostile from it’s influence, but I assure you…I’m still the caring soul I’ve always been for people I think deserve it” Gavin let go off him, walking towards the labs where the council room was.

At that moment, a gunshot rang out, all watched as blood seeped out the back of the ruler’s head. But as he took in a breath, the bullet fell out and his wound healed in seconds. “I’m sorry…but you’ve made your choice” Using his demonic boost, Gavin dashed past the crowd right up to the ignorant man. A tear ran from the ruler’s face, just as he thrust his hand through his attacker’s armor and into his abdomen.

Some covered their eyes as their king pulled his hand out of the man’s stomach. The rebel hit the dirt street, laying in the middle of town. “I’m sorry you all had to witness that atrocity. But to be fair, he attacked first and when I let him go, he fired a shot to the back of my skull that would’ve killed a normal person”

The king lifted the corpse over his shoulder, carrying it back to the labs. The crowd made their way either back home or to their job that was normally going around this time of day. Gavin sat the dead body in a containment cell, then pointed his palm towards it. Closing his eyes, he focused his demonic power into his hand. “Demonic seal!” He watched as he fired a red ray of light, coving the man’s lifeless body in an outline of red light. The body began to move, it slowly stood up, moving kind of like a zombie.

Rekoto watched as the corpse was overcome the death core all over his body. It stood in front of him, a shadow-like creature with red eyes. The king was unsure if it worked but he tried commanding it: “Hold out your hand and create an energy attack” The mindless demonic held his hand out as an energy sphere formed in his hand.

“Seems this one is under my control, at least for now. No telling if the creature could act of it’s own demonic nature. Go out of the city, bring me dead bodies to create more demonic” His death core slightly nodded as it left the city like a shadow, no one noticing it rush past them.

While his minion was gone, Gavin had put Jaycen second in command. They went through the daily paperwork of the city’s resources, financial gain and losses, etc… That’s when the king found a report about their trading system with a city called Bokudon. This peeked the ruler’s interest. Gavin was curious to see this city and what condition their area was in. Arkami was run down, not much of the roads were paved or tiled, it was mainly dirt.

Gavin looked over the city’s payment history… “Yep I thought so” His 2nd in command looked over to him, placing his papers down. “What is it?” Rekoto showed him how the council was using a great portion of the town’s funds for themselves, in a $1,000 budget, they had used,

$400 -clothes sent to the elders
$200 – food
$400 – power

“All that money they wasted on themselves. I understand power is expensive, but 400 on clothes!? Especially for just six people!?” Jaycen shook his head in disapproval at the waste of funds they had. Gavin sighed a he finished the rest of the paperwork. “Alright, I’m going to pay the city of Bokudon a visit. I’ll need you to stay here. I’m sure if both commanders left the city, all the people would start over-reacting”

“Fine, but don’t take too long, it’s hard enough to keep up with all our tasks when it’s just two of us. Remember, this job was for six members. I’m surprised we managed to keep every going this long as it is…

CHAPTER 2 A Feeling Of Warmth

Rekoto made his way over to the distance city. Normally they would head north where the tower was. But Bokudon was to the south. It was just as destroyed as the south for a few kilometers until he could see the city, it was in well-kept condition. Even the outside around it was clean of any destroyed buildings or houses.

The swordsmen made his way to the front gate, theirs were much higher than Arkami’s. It was if everything about Bokudon far exceeded the quality of his own. A tall knight in armor blocked his path with a massive axe in his hand. “Outsiders are not permitted within the walls of Bokudon! Go north, that city may take you in”

“My name is Gavin Rekoto, I’m the new ruler of the city to the north, I was going through paperwork when a read about us having a trading system with this city. I would like to talk with your king so we may update our system. Along with fixing any past issues the old rulers may have started”

The guard laughed but decided to step aside as the massive steel doors slowly opened, reveling a city of light. Gavin walked inside, he was amazed at the clean and well-kept streets and houses. They even still had functioning hover cars. The city looked as though it ran on forever. Back home you could see the north wall from the south wall. The king pulled himself together, making his way through the clean active streets. He saw everyone living out their lives as if an apocalyptic even never occurred.

Finally the king reached the stairs to the city’s castle. In Arkami, they only had the labs and a small council room. But here, there was an entire castle. Gavin made his way up the long flight of steps where he stood at a gate made of solid gold, with gems on the handle. The swordsmen just couldn’t believe such a great place could still exist.

Once inside, a women with shiny-long black hair escorted him to the throne room. Rekoto noticed all the people inside wore fancy robes with jewelry on them. Once in the throne room, he walked down a long red carpet, standing in front of their ruler. As the king knelt down in respect, he looked up to see it was a queen on the throne. He felt embarrassed to think it would be a man sitting on the throne, since not many women ever became leaders in Arkami.

“Welcome my honored guest. I hear you’re the new ruler of the northern city”

“That is correct” Gavin replied still knelt down. He looked up to see a girl about the same age as him. His cheeks went red but stayed silent. She walked over from her throne replying: “My name is sarina Ocktayo. I’m pleased to meet the newest king of the north” Gavin watched as she held her hand out, Gavin grabbed it gently as she helped him to his feet. “Might I ask what made you come visit our great city?”

“I was going through paperwork and noticed we trade with this area, so I thought I’d come by and meet the ruler of this great city. Which I am very impressed with, my city is nowhere near as big and it’s in bad condition” Just then she noticed her guest’s right eye.

“Hmmm…come with me Rekoto” Her knights were shocked at her comment. The swordsmen nodded as both of them went through a door across the throne room that lead into a long white hall with a glittery blue rug. She opened a door to her room and had him sit on her bed.

Gavin blushed, he was in a room alone with her. He could feel his cheeks turning red. She told him to sit still as she examined his demonic eye. “Why is your right eye red, while your left eye his hazel?” The warrior was nervous to tell her the truth, he replied: “You don’t want to know, I wouldn’t want all your guards and citizens either panicking or trying to throw me out”

She placed her hand on the man’s cheek whispering: “I won’t let that happen. If they planned to throw you out, I would have to agree to it first. The guards can’t do anything that I don’t approve” She placed her hand over his eye and focused…Her hand sparkled with a magical blue aura. “I can feel a strong, yet evil power within you. But it’s strange, I can feel part of an evil aura but also a pure one as well. It’s as if you’re two souls in one. Tell me…why do you have a split soul? Normally, souls are either red, blue or pink. Red being evil or sinister, blue being kind and loving, and pink is a equal mix of both which is a great portion of the average human. But yours…it’s split down the middle, half red and blue as if two halves of two different souls!”

“Have you heard of a demonic or death core?” She shook her head. Gavin continued: “A demonic is a smarter term for someone taken over by the death core virus. The virus travels through your body, covering the outside with a black liquid-like substance, until the entire human’s body is covered in it, looking like a shadow or demonic creature. The more evil acts a human does, or dark intentions…the virus will spread farther and faster until you’re a mindless creature.

She was a little scared at the thought, but tried not to show it. “But if they’re taken over and become mindless demons…how are you back to normal aside from your eye?” Gavin laughed at the question, he took a deep breath answering: “I’m one of the first and only known humans to fight off the virus. It was hard, also me and my teammate have always been stronger and faster than your normal human, they probably played a big role in my escape. But inside my mind, I was mercilessly beaten by a evil version of my self. It may’ve been like a dream, but I felt it”

She wrapped her arms around him, comforting him. Gavin looked her in the eye commenting: “But this demonic side of me that I keep hidden inside of me, won’t keep me from having a child” He placed his hand upon her empty stomach giving her a signal. Her face filled with red as she blushed hard.

Rekoto stood up heading to the door. “I need to get back before all the work piles up on Jaycen, he didn’t want me gone long since our job originally required six members, now there’s only two of us” She nodded but said: “M-maybe you can come back some time” He could see she was still blushing. He nodded to her, promising he’d come back whenever he could. The king hugged her softly before leaving the castle, headed home.

After a few minutes of rushing through the destroyed land between the south and north city, he finally reached the entrance of Arkami. “How was it?” Jaycen asked, meeting him just a few feet past the front gate. Gavin told him how great it was, and how amazing the city was. His partner updated him about the lab, how multiple death cores had appeared inside the containment cell. “It’s strange, they just stand there as if waiting for something”

Once they were safe inside Gavin took his 2nd in command into a private room away from the scientists. “You haven’t told anyone right? I assume only the scientists know?” The short-haired gunmen nodded, wondering what his old friend was up to. “Well, seems I’ve gained more control over my demonic abilities, I can command any death core, at least the one I started with. Then I had it bring dead bodies to the lab so I could change them into more demonic. Seems it followed my orders and not only brought more, but turned them into demonic for me”

“Are you sure you can control them?” His ally asked a little unsure. Gavin made a hand motion, the demonic bowed with their arms across their chest like a gentlemen. Jaycen was at aww at the sight of such obedience from the demons…

A few days later, Rekoto told his 2nd in command that he’d be right back. “Demonic, do everything he says until I get back. His dark minions nodded with a deep groan. Jaycen was uneasy, but tried to go with it. While Rekoto was gone, Jaycen sat in his chair in the council room…

Gavin once more made his way into the city and up to the castle. The guards were hesitant to allow him entry. However, the queen’s butler came outside to order the guards to let him in. They sighed stepping aside.

“She’s waiting for you on the 3rd door to the right” Her butler commented. The man thanked him before heading inside and down the hall. The warrior opened the door to find Sarina sitting on her bed in a light-blue dress covered with glitter. Gavin blushed at the sight of her, her light blonde hair, her aqua blue eyes, and her cherry red lips. “Y-you look very beautiful he commented a little nervous before closing the door…
One month later…

Both rulers sat on their thrones when a death core entered the room, it walked slowly towards them holding a letter with a golden royal seal from Bokudon. Both were shocked to receive a letter out of the blue. Gavin opened it:

Greeting Gavin Rekoto, you are here by invited to queen sarina’s castle for a special event that involves you. To keep it private, we won’t tell you here, incase someone else happens to get a hold of this letter.

Sincerely Sarina…

“Well…didn’t think I’d get this letter, but I probably know what it’s for” Jaycen tried to ask him, but the warrior told him to just come with him this time and see for himself. After some arguing, his partner gave in. Both leaders gave control to the top scientist until they got back. Gavin also ordered his six demons to guard the outside and make sure no one gets hurt…

The queen was waiting for them at the front gate. She led them through the royal halls of the castle before telling Jaycen to wait outside. “There’s something only Rekoto may see” The gunmen nodded standing by while the two went inside, closing the door. The 2nd in command leaned up against the white wall, waiting for them to hurry. Sarina stepped aside to reveal twins, a boy and girl. They were newborns with not a speck of hair on their heads.

“These are your children” She announced. Gavin’s eyes widened at the sight of his young children. Looking into their eyes, the boy also had a demonic eye like his father, while his daughter had a dark pure blue eye. At first, the swordsmen was curious about the blue eye while her other eye was hazel. (Could this be the birth of a new breed of core? The pure instead of the demonic?)

Holding them close, a tear ran down his face from the thought of having his own children. Sarina put her hand on his shoulder smiling at them. “I have something to ask you…will you come live with me and your children? You will be the king of Bokudon and will allow your people to live in the city, there’s plenty of room, considering the size difference in our cities. So what is your answer?”

“If you are sincere, then I shall stay here and build an even greater city together”

10 Years Later…

Bokudon and Arkami had formed one city, it was then renamed Arkudon. King Rekoto practiced his demonic abilities, after years of training, he had nearly mastered his dark powers. The warrior was now capable of using his powers without feeling his inner-demonic trying to influence his thoughts or actions.

Gavin knew his son and daughter were much too young to practice their super natural abilities. The last thing he wanted was his young to go through the torture he had gone through…

(Back in his mind… “You’re weak, your life holds no value in this world!” His demonic began beating him repeatedly until his mental-self was on the verge of breaking…)

Just thinking of the flashback made the king quiver from the immense stress. Just then his son Ichiro and daughter Miumi walked over to them as they sat upon their thrones. Ichiro had dark hair like his father while Miumi had light blonde hair. “Hello mother and father” Their son greeted with high formality. “Father, I wish you to teach me your fighting skills”

Both the queen and king looked at the boy with curiosity. “Why do you want to fight so early, this city is peaceful for now, and both I and the others are more than capable of handling any problem that may arise at anytime” But Ichiro wouldn’t change his mind. Gavin finally agreed and got up from his chair.

“Be careful with him, remember he’s just a boy” The king nodded walking with his son to the fighting arena. His son wore black knight armor while welding a dark blue blade. Both warriors stood facing each other, about 20 feet apart in the castle’s large arena.

His son was only 10, but tall and a little muscular for his age. “Alright father, let’s see where I stand against you” Gavin waved his opponent toward him to begin the fight. Ichiro dashed forward, clutching his sword tightly in his hands. The young boy swung his blade as hard as he could, the sword was just about to slice his father’s face, when something deflected the attack.

“W-what happened? I didn’t even see you move!” The swordsmen couldn’t help but laugh. In truth, Gavin had pulled his blade out, stopping the boy’s attack before sliding it back to his side. “You must pay better attention, I merely moved at a fraction of my full speed, yet you were unaware of it”

“Come now father, don’t try to bluff me, I know you’re skilled, but I doubt faster than I can see”

“If you’re so sure, then try attacking me once more, we’ll see if you can land a strike” Ichiro laughed from his father’s taunting. Gripping his sword tightly, the young boy unleashed a barrage of sword strikes. But even with his strength and accuracy for his age, he watched as if an invisible barrier was protecting him.

That’s when Ichiro felt a slight pain in his demonic eye, it was as if it was following his father’s movements. Once the boy closed his right eye, focusing his vision through his red demonic one, he seem to move a little faster, nearly landing a blow. Gavin moved back, looking into his son’s red eye…It was glowing. This worried him. Had his son tapped into his demonic ability?

The king took a deep breath responding: “Sorry Ichiro, but the training is over” Without another word, the king went back to the throne room where Jaycen was waiting for him.

“Hey Jaycen, is there an update we need to know about?”

“Well…so far things seem to be going well for now, both Arkami citizens that moved here and the city’s original people seem to have all they need at the moment, we have plenty of food and other supplies” Suddenly the city began to shake violently. Both Rekoto and Jaycen raced outside. Both looked up to see a man with silver hair, dressed in a tux.

“Hear me all…I am Damon Kiris, all must bow before me or prepare to face death” Using his demonic eye, Gavin could see a swarm of dark energy emanating from the man’s body. The swordsmen was frozen at the amount of power Damon had, even after mastering his demonic powers, he could feel a level of power even greater than his. Gavin was doubtful of his victory, but the thought of losing his family and ally was enough to nullify the doubt.

The king moved at full speed from the start, going for the confident tyrant. Just as the warrior was in attacking range, he felt a barrage of blows to his ribs in a mere instant. Rekoto fell from high above the city, right before he hit the street, Jaycen leapt into the air, catching his descending ally. The hero laid his friend down standing next to him in case the man went for a long range attack.

The king laid there in pain, blood dripping from his lip. (T-this can’t be the end…I must live on, for my family and our city) Right as the wounded warrior attempted to use one of his long-range attacks, his son Ichiro came outside. “Leave my father alone!” Suddenly a dark red aura lit up around his body, both the king and his partner could sense great power coming from the young boy.

Ichiro flew into the air up to the assailant. Damon levitated there with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. The boy unleashed a blast of red energy right at his foe. When the light cleared, his target was unaffected by the attack. “Hmm, young but powerful” Damon grabbed the boy’s arm, opening a purple rift.

“S-stop him!” Gavin cried out, struggling to stand. Jaycen moved as fast as he could, the tyrant entered the rift as it began closing. Gavin created a rift of his own, falling from just above the rift, passing through it with his ally. Rekoto hit the surface of a large rock. Looking around, the placed seemed like the underworld, lava covered the floor below them with large rocks being their only way to get around by foot.

CHAPTER 3: Controller Of Darkness

Gavin had Jaycen continue on without him and he’d catch up when his injuries were healed. The gunmen jumped from each rock, after a few minutes the warrior reached a large dark castle. A narrow path lead to the dark castle, lava right below him. “Alright, I can do this” He leapt into the air, landing through a window.

Jaycen found himself in a long dark hall with lit torches on both sides, going down the long hall. He pulled out one of his katanas, carefully walking through the dark castle. That’s when Jaycen found Ichiro standing in a large room with his arms chained to the wall. “Are you ok?” Jaycen asked in a soft voice. The boy slowly raised his head to show bruises all over.

“Y-yea, just a little banged up. But we have to hurry, who knows when Damon will return” Nodding, Jaycen slashed the two chains, freeing his ally. Just as they went for the exit, Damon emerged from the darkness, closing the door. “Well, well, didn’t expect you to come for the boy all by yourself” Jaycen moved at full speed, Ichiro watched as the hero moved so fast, that he had created after images.

A circle of Jaycen appeared around the demonic villain. But right as the warrior went for the attack, Damon managed to catch the katana between two of his fingers. “Y-you gotta be kidding! I put all I had into that attack!” The dark man tossed his foe’s blade into the air, punching him across the dungeon into a brick wall. Ichiro watched as his father’s friend laid motionless on the ground.

Suddenly Rekoto burst through the wall, demonic power emanating from his body. “I won’t let you kill my friend!” The swordsmen filled his blade with his dark energy. “Time to show you I’m not as weak as I seem” The king moved at amazing speed, far faster than Jaycen’s after image strategy. Damon just smirked, waiting for his enemy to attack.

Gavin slashed full speed, hoping to wound the villain. However, with each attack, Damon stopped it with just his index and middle finger put together like a dagger. “Come now, you have demonic power flowing within you. How are you this weak?” His attacker grabbed the hero by the throat, off his feet. “Hmmm, I see, you only have one demonic eye instead of two. Meaning you only have a portion of your dark power unlocked. I could help you reach your full power”

Gavin tried breaking free from his assailant’s grip, but it was no use. “Poor boy, I’ll give you a moment to consider my offer” Damon threw the king into the wall before shooting energy rings that trapped the hero to the wall. “Maybe your son can help me persuade you” Kiris moved over to the young boy with a grin across his face.

Ichiro put his arms up ready to fight. “S-stay back!” The king’s son threw a blow with all his power. The room shook from the boy’s surprising strength. Again their attacker was unharmed. “Wow, you might be even stronger than your father. It’s too bad I have no use for you” Damon raised his palm as dark red flames lit up around it.

“S-stay…away from my son!” Gavin could feel himself filling with rage. Kiris smirked, watching as the king’s body unleashed a wave of dark energy all around him. His left iris went from hazel, to demonic red just like his right.

“That’s it, you’re forcing the other part of your power to the surface” All of them watched as the energy cuffs shattered into sparkles. Gavin slowly approached his foe with rage-filled eyes. Ichiro noticed that his father’s hair had turned silver as well, along with both of his eyes being red. “Alright Gavin, let’s see how much stronger you’ve become”
Rekoto didn’t respond. He stomped his foot on the ground, sending a wave of force rushing past the tyrant. Instead of being worried, Damon was excited to fight an opponent near his level of power. Both warrior began throwing blows, causing the entire castle to tremble. Jaycen knew he could only watch the battle continue since he was not nearly as strong as the tyrant or his enraged ally.

Gavin unleashed an onslaught of blows toward the villain, not taking his eyes off him. That’s when he found an opening and struck Damon across the face. His allies were in shock that their teammate managed to get a hit on the over-powered man. Damon crashed through the castle wall, sailing through the dark underworld.

Gavin told them to stay put while he went after the tyrant. The king flew through the air, using his energy to keep him in the air. Focusing his anger, Rekoto fired a ray of red electricity. It moved so fast, the villain didn’t have time to evade it. Damon was sent plummeting into the pool of lava below.

“T-there he’s gone” The warrior fell to the edge of the path in front of the evil castle. That’s when the lava started to swirl around like a whirlpool…


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