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Book I: First Assault — Mafia —

Book One of the Saga: Mob Heart. Alexei Magnus is the name everyone has feared on the streets, being the most powerful and dreaded mafia boss in all Russia. Having at his disposal one of the best t... COMECE A LER

Book III: Assault On The Heart — Family Love —

Book III of the Saga: Mob Heart. After overcoming all the obstacles that stood in their way and managing to leave the past behind: Alexei, the great Alpha who has succeeded in staying on top of th... COMECE A LER

Book II: Second Assault — Bond And Treason —

Book II of the Saga: Mob Heart. After being kidnapped, tortured, and humiliated, Xander has a hard time recovering from the trauma and depression he is deeply immersed in. Alexei remains by his... COMECE A LER

Book IV: Assault Under The Full Moon — Full Honeymoon —

A special on the Assault trilogy. After Magnus and Xander get married, they decide to spend their honeymoon in the same forest where they took the puppies for the first change years ago. With the... COMECE A LER


One hundred years ago the witches cursed the werewolves, vampires, and humans, and trapped them Unable to leave, the humans quickly realized they would never be able to survive the vampires alone. ... COMECE A LER

Hazard Online

It is finally time for the 25th World Raid in Hazard Online and team Nightmare is raising hell, when a glitch takes an unfortunate turn of events, or wasn't it a glitch? Aiden wakes up to som... COMECE A LER

Kindred: O Pequeno Favor

Aqui não é o Velho Oeste, meu chapa. Pode até parecer, mas certamente não é. Nesta feia terra sem lei, vampiros e lobisomens frequentam os saloons e dividem algumas garrafas de cerveja quando lhes ... COMECE A LER

Let Sleeping Werewolves Lie

Haunted by a criminal past that involved stirring things up with some shady supernatural beings, Max just wants to stay out of trouble. He's an empath with a drinking problem and sells used cars, s... COMECE A LER

Leyendas: Acto I

Saúl y toda su comunidad son perseguidos por una especie de cazadores, él harto del problema termina en Cd. Obregón, Sonora; donde se vuelve inquilino en casa de los Bueno, una familia totalmente d... COMECE A LER

Libro III: Asalto al Corazón — Un Amor Familiar —

Libro III de la Saga: Corazón Mafioso. Después de haber superado todos los obstáculos que se interpusieron en su camino y lograr dejar atrás el pasado: Alekséi, el gran Alfa que ha logrado mantene... COMECE A LER

Libro IV: Asalto Bajo la Luna Llena

Un especial sobre la trilogía de Asalto. Después de que Magnus y Xander se casan, deciden pasar su Luna de Miel en el mismo bosque al que llevaron a sus cachorros para que realizaran el primer cam... COMECE A LER


Lucifer was the B R I G H T E S T angel But in service of God, he was condemned to D A R K N E S S. After thousands of years, the darkness took root I N S I D E him. ~ Ammi is a F L A M E no one... COMECE A LER

Moon Howling

El niño que sobrevivió no es solo un mago... Es un ser que aúlla cada luna llena en la espera de una respuesta por parte de su alma gemela. Pairing: HarryMort/Tomrry [Tom Marvolo Riddle/Lord Volde... COMECE A LER

Moonlight I - Em Casa

Will Wolfsbay é um jovem que possui problemas como todos os outros, porém, um pouco peculiares. Vindo de uma família de poderosos lobisomens, foi fruto de uma relação mais que proibida entre um Alf... COMECE A LER

More than a broken mate

Violet a girl that never though that her life was a lie until her "Father" gave it away. What she never expect was that she was going to find her only and true love on the way. COMECE A LER

Of Love And War

the world has changed in a very strange way- after one of the world's biggest cospiracies has been unfolded, human kind finds itself face to face with a world of werewolves and other cryptids.lucki... COMECE A LER

Punta de lanza

Al final, Ismael ya no sabía con precisión quién persiguía a quién. Era como la historia de la luna y el sol, como la víctima y el victimario. Al final, cazar a esas bestias era un camino circula... COMECE A LER

Return Of My Wolf

Raven had a normal life. Mum, dad, older brother and a dog. Everything was fine until her dog disappeared and she was left heartbroken, lost without him by her side. Then, when her family died, sh... COMECE A LER

A Life I Don't Remember 🥀

After being abounded and abused all her life she turns into the most dangerous creature ever... She tries to escape... Running.. Is all she could do.... Running from everyone and everything... ... COMECE A LER


•~•~•~ It's been seven years since he rejected me to be with an alpha female. It's been four years since I left my pack. Finally after much persuasion, I decided to come back-well-just for the annu... COMECE A LER


•~•~•~ It's been seven years since he rejected me to be with an alpha female. It's been four years since I left my pack. Finally after much persuasion, I decided to come back-well-just for the annu... COMECE A LER

Dois Lobisomens em Fuga

Meu nome é Sandra Merottini, tenho dezenove anos e eu sou uma garota lobisomem. Esta história começa pouco depois que eu entrei para uma universidade americana. Jamais havia pensado que iria encon... COMECE A LER

El ciclo del Nahual

Expansión del universo El ciclo del Nahual, donde transcurren historias como El primer cazador, El último refugio y Encuentro de dos mundos. Recopilación de mitos y leyendas del origen de los nahu... COMECE A LER

Elementum,los ultimos fenix

Cuentan las leyendas, que la raza de los Fénix era la mas poderosa de todas, hasta que un día dos de sus miembros los traicionaron por poder, y ocurrio la masacre, 4 de los mas poderosos decidieron... COMECE A LER


"Incluso si muero, siempre serás tu" Con la llegada del primogénito de Jeon Hyun, se ha marcado el futuro del clan, el siguiente gobernante ha nacido, Jeon Wonho y seguido de él, llegó Jeon Jungko... COMECE A LER

Hijo del Lobo

En un pequeño pueblo rodeado por oscuros y profundos bosques comienzan a sucederse extrañas desapariciones, los habitantes tratarán de encontrar respuestas a lo acontecido pero la realidad es mas o... COMECE A LER

His Blind Mate

I wanted to leave. Disappear into the crowds as another nameless face and forget about the pain this pack inflicted. I thought things would be better when my mate found me. Unfortunately, he proved... COMECE A LER

Kitarina and the Wolf King

This is the story of Kit(Kitarina) and the werewolf king Jasper(Kai). COMECE A LER

Live My Life

There are four things about me that I bet you don't know. My name is Ella Wonder, yes that's literally my real name. I'm in middle school, 8th grade, and will be in High School soon, I'm also 13 t... COMECE A LER

My Little Succubus

We all know what she is. Impossible to catch. Every Mating Moon they all hunt for her. Her tiny leather robes leave little to the imagination and we'd all like to feel her to sate our primal need... COMECE A LER

Nowhere to Run

Unfortunately, in this day and age it has been outlawed for pack wolves to mate with human women. Worse yet. Females being born to the packs are becoming increasingly rare. Further concerning, is... COMECE A LER

Os Perversos: Sombras na Escuridão [Vampire: The Requiem]

Pelas sombras da escuridão Eles caminham. Lobisomens caçam para manter o equilíbrio do mundo; vampiros caçam pela fome, escondidos pelo véu da noite por suas presas e servos mortais; e eles que pou... COMECE A LER

The Alphas Lost Luna

At ten years old, Elizabeth lost her family, her parents are dead, her elder brother taken by rouges, her twin went away for training when they were seven. She was made Omega because of a threat fr... COMECE A LER

The Blood Moon

Synopsis: Elias Grunt. Thorn's public enemy number one. Elizia Saavedra, a wealthy, mysterious woman. Eliseo Saavedra, Elizia's brother and a lunatic. Fate will make their paths cross and chaos wi... COMECE A LER

THE DARKNESS - Vampires - BOOK 1

The Darkness follows the story of Alexander Montgomery, a 17-year-old boy who sees his life changing in just two years. And by engaging in the supernatural war of the vampire brothers Mattew and Br... COMECE A LER

The Grand Gathering: Autumm

Kaestea, a distant realm devastated by the aftermath of a war, where the four seasons become frozen in place for a year each and magic is long-thought to be extinct nearly twenty years ago. Alysia... COMECE A LER

The Pack's Girl

She was rescued by our pack, the Asara. But with her delicious female scent, my brothers and I soon caught a whiff of her. We liked it and were quick to investigate. It didn't take us long to f... COMECE A LER

WEREWOLF: El Deber del Hermano Mayor


Wolf Within

The night falls into solitude. One could hear the calling of the moon speaking through my veins, I knew tonight will be something to remember.. --- "Don't panic, he is gone, I don't know how, obv... COMECE A LER

Wolf Within

The night falls into solitude. One could hear the calling of the moon speaking through my veins, I knew tonight will be something to remember.. --- "Don't panic, he is gone, I don't know how, obv... COMECE A LER

🐺ωοℓƒ ραϲκ ѕαgα #𝟸🐺 ||𝕂𝕆𝕆𝕂𝕄𝕀ℕ||

🌸 𝑆𝑖𝑛𝑜𝑝𝑠𝑖𝑠 🌸 Jungkook, un apuesto joven cambia formas lobo ha jurado matar al hombre que mató a su hermano. Se ha unido a la manada de lobos de la montaña para llevar a cabo su venganza. En su pri... COMECE A LER

Knock, Knock

What started out as a man-hunt for a serial killer turns into something more dark and complex than anyone would have imagined. Detective Steve Richardson and his partner, Detective Abigail Benson, ... COMECE A LER


Jack solía vivir en Skyfall, hasta el día de su muerte. Tras ello, se verá obligado a vivir en un mundo diferente, el cual se irá convirtiendo poco a poco en su hogar. Sin embargo, una serie de as... COMECE A LER