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The Cats of Ulthar by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

História Não Verificada "The Cats of Ulthar" is a short story written by H.P. Lovecraft in June 1920. In the tale, an unnamed narrator relates the story of how a law forbidding the killing of cats came to be in a town called Ulthar.
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Una verdadera maravilla

História Não Verificada Por Cecilia Beuchat
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The Cellmate

História Não Verificada A beautifully constructed tale based on the true story of a night spent in jail with the last man to be hanged in Whitesburg, Ky.
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História Não Verificada Un sueño, o quizás otra cosa
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Весёлые похороны в Нагасаки.

História Não Verificada Казалось бы, что весёлого в смерти, в похоронах?.. Естественно ничего! Но то как иногда ведут себя пьяные люди- это смешно. И вот герои умерли, ради того, чтобы их похороны были смешными.
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An Unwritten Novel by Virginia Woolf

História Não Verificada A stunning short story about perspective and reality compared to the power of imagination and the ease of losing yourself in your own thoughts.
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Cuentos cortos de Omar Aliaga Arones

História Não Verificada Por Omar Aliaga Arones
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Jacob's Ladder by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

História Não Verificada Jacob's Ladder" is about a man who falls in love with a young girl but, doesn't realize it until it's too late. She thinks of him as nothing more than a close friend but he loves her in ways that words cant describe. She falls in love with someone else and leaves him heartbroken.
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Blackberry Smiles

História Não Verificada A trip down memory lane leads to a tough choice.
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Deep blue sea

História Não Verificada By: Peter Hobbs
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High Times in Jamaica

História Não Verificada In 1954, a round-the world hitch-hiker takes a break in Jamaica.
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The Hero

História Não Verificada By Sue Ragland
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El niño que quería ver a su ángel

História Não Verificada Por Jacqueline Balcells
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Seedy and Friends

História Não Verificada Seedy and friends is a short story about a little seed and all the people he meets when forced to leave home. The story is based on true events that happened in my life.
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Mademoiselle Fifi

História Não Verificada During the months after the Prussian defeat of the French in 1871, Prussian troops occupy many areas of France. Five bored Prussian officers are among the leaders of the force occupying the small Normandy town of Urville, where they live in a castle. Major von Farlsberg is an older bearded officer; Captain von Kelweingstein is an obese man who l...
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The gift

História Não Verificada This isn't fiction. It's a eulogy for my father. It's also quite emotional. By Andrew Starling
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The box tunnel

História Não Verificada By: Charles Reade
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The Lost Soul

História Não Verificada By Tadeusz Deregowski.
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Duraznos fríos

História Não Verificada
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Tres cuentos para leer uno a uno

História Não Verificada Por Esteban Cabezas
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An Autumn Morning - Un día de Otoño

História Não Verificada A short story set in 1918 during the last days of World War I, written by the British writer H. M. Tomlinson and published in 1922.
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Amazon & the Snake

História Não Verificada A short story by: Tom Lisowski
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História Não Verificada This story emphasizes the danger of fire from a unique perspective.
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Sticks and Stones

História Não Verificada By Trezza Azzopardi
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The King of the Polar Bears

História Não Verificada The polar bear king, "old and monstrous big," lives among the ice of the far North. His coat glistens like silver in the midnight sun. His subjects come to him for advice and guidance. He maintains his own hunting grounds for seals and fish. Most creatures fear him — except of the gulls, white and gray, who feed off his carrion leavings. The wol...
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História Não Verificada A boy in a room
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Strictly Business by O. Henry

História Não Verificada This story is one of 33 stories from 1908 chronicles the place with which O. Henry is most identified: New York City, which he called "Baghdad-on-the-Subway." A very popular and prolific author, O. Henry is noted for his sentimental tales dealing with the lives of everyday people; he is also revered as a master of the surprise endings.
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Kew Gardens by Virginia Woolf

História Não Verificada Kew Gardens is one of Virginia Woolf’s earliest short stories. The gentle narrative drifts among an eclectic group of visitors as they stroll through the Gardens, including a young couple, a pair of middle-aged ladies looking for tea, and even a snail making a determined trek through the flower beds. Woolf creates an impressionistic world with s...
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