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The price of the past

She is known as the Ice Queen in the corporate social circles of Nashville, Tennessee. Those who gossip about C.J. Bostworth are unaware of what lies behind her cold and distant façade. After a dreadful marriage in which deception and pain were the main ingredients, C.J. shows herself merciless in a business world managed by men. She won’t let a...
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The Allure of a Doomed Spark

Athanas is a female alchemist who stopped aging in her 24th birthday, impotence for being unable to remember her past takes her to a bar where she meets Roderick, an ordinary man that feels attracted to her dazzling beauty. The last message from her family’s patriarch unleashes doubt in her relationship to Roderick that leads her to ask: is it...
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Bastian Turner is the hottest player of the entire school, he was rude and bullied almost everyone but his friends … until he met her Alyssa Brighton is your average girl if we don't count her attractive wolf like amber eyes and the fact that she's nearly blind. He's not a bad person but masks everything with the face that his friends make ...
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One Plus One

História Não Verificada A married woman becomes uncharacteristically enamored with an actor and starts a friendship with him as a result of a well written fan letter. The relationship causes her to question her values as the actor fulfills needs her husband has not been able to. The actor also questions the direction his life is taking as a result of the potential ...
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The Love We See In the Stars

A collection of short stories based on true events and one fiction. All of these short stories shows the beauty of love similar to the beautiful shining stars in the midnight sky. Follow the journey of each love story as it unfolds into memorable and unforgettable stories. It will let you believe that The Love We See in the Stars is real.
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Her Secret Love..Does it explored till end?

História Não Verificada Her Secret Love …Does it explored till the end? She is an intellectual person, An excellent problem Solver . One day she try to find solution for a biggest complicationof her life. She found the answer..Its changes her life… Huh?? mmm.. magic?? -Ofcourse LOVE is magic -Janani as Janu - Bala Chandrakanth as guru -Psychology ...
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Ratel Issa is a successful nuclear physicist with an IQ of 146 , locked her turtured memories for 18 years. Zen Micheals is a detail- obsessed CEO, fighting to forget about his heart pattern in HER presence. Ratel met Zen in April 2019 , when she put in her mind that Zen was the perfect "Laboratory rat" for her next human experimentation . ...
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A Whole Latte Love

Kaitlyn, a barista at Magic Beans Coffee, has to work on Christmas. However, she meets Will, the cute guy she likes, just as she's about to close. Will they hit it off?
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Love Or Lust

História Não Verificada She is innocent,angelic and pure,an ordinary highschool girl with cheerful and adventurous nature. He is dangerous,unsympathetic and cold,the rightful heir to Empire group,world biggest share holding company What happens when their paths clash and he finds himself slowly falling for her?
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The Blonde of the Photograph

She’s famous for being rebel and has a powerful hater: Roman Catholic Church. What’s the reason? She's an atheist who doesn't have respect for their rules even when her parents are members of a big part of them; Opus Dei. The college of cardinals think of her as a threat so, with the commander they decide to show the hellebardiers the te...
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Lucifer was the B R I G H T E S T angel But in service of God, he was condemned to D A R K N E S S. After thousands of years, the darkness took root I N S I D E him. ~ Ammi is a F L A M E no one can extinguish Forged from God's holy F I R E to combat the darkness. A mate made for L U C I F E R.
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Her 192 Scars

Writing is her everything; she expresses through paper what she can't say with words. My relative is worried about her because even if they're best friends there are lots of things that she's hiding; it’s like if they only stand each other because they get along well. She may have inner issues; we don't know and that's why as a student of psyc...
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The Retribution Game

A story of loyalty, treachery and love. Max Oberland, a business man recently named CEO of his family's insurances company and player in his free time, wants Davina Saxe, the daughter of his business partner to be the next prey. 'The Database' is a computer program he made for his exclusive use and his pride and joy in which he keeps his previ...
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Winter Toes: No Love

Taylor will pull you into her world where she doesn't even believe love can fit. She believes the world revolves around the pain that love brings and she wants no part of it. However, getting into some mess with her best friend sends her on a journey to Florida, where all her beliefs could possibly be crushed. Florida brings betrayal, d...
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Prohibited To Love

Mia has always followed the rules, that is until a merging project forces her to live with a blond trouble maker named Leonardo. After spending time with Leonardo Mia starts to feel something she has never felt before, she does a bit of research and finds out this "feeling" of hers is love. The only problem? Her love for Leonardo is illegal.
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5 Lives

Danielle believes in "Til Death do us Part" but when her husband treats her like a roommate instead of a lover her loneliness becomes unbearable. Her children's happiness is all she lives for. Christopher's fame allows him to have whatever he wants until he realizes Danielle may be all he needs. Can Danielle decide her happiness is as importan...
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Love in Chaos

Love of two people in chaos
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Just love me

História Não Verificada Three persons, three different stories but... connected. The beginning of a new story. A LOVE STORY Will Arlyn choose to love Adriel no matter what had happened to him?, will she still be with him even after his past? or , will she choose to love Jaden accepting the consecuences that his actitude might cause her? will she be able to change him?...
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Summer At Glacial Manor

História Não Verificada Lucas and Chloe go on a trip with some unexpected twist.
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White Nights

História Não Verificada By Fyodor Dostoyevsky. "White Nights" is told in first person by a nameless narrator; the narrator is living in Saint Petersburg and suffers from loneliness. He gets to know and falls in love with a young woman, but the love remains unrequited as the woman misses her lover with whom she is finally reunited.
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Love twists

Adrien fights with his father and unloads on Marinette. This creates a misunderstanding between the two. Adrien visits her as ChatNoir and a colorful friendship begins. With the arrival of Felix things become more complicated, because this one affirms that Marinette belongs to him. The dispute for Marinette begins: who will win?
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My Art

História Não Verificada Charlene Chavez is the kind of girl who brings a smile when you feel down. When something bad happens to her she just puts a smile on her face and continues her day. Then one day she just can't seem to bring that smile on her face when she see Simon Delgado, her ex-boyfriend. ____________________________________ "Charlene?" Charlene whole worl...
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The Miller's Daughter by Emile Zola

poignant tale in which Zola highlights the futility of war and the destruction it causes. The happiness and peace of the protagonists is wrecked when Prussian soldiers enter their village. Zola has excelled himself in the in-depth portrayal of human emotions and feelings. Intensely moving!
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História Não Verificada V is a demon who wants something much more evil than owning his body. Jungkook sees ghosts and is sent to an institution called Martha to stop this. But there he finds more dangers than a simple spontaneous and incorporeally luminous being. -Inspired in Begin of BTS. - Own idea.    -Vkook
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Down Together

História Não Verificada Kitty and Paige fall in love.
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Anne's Story.

A lonely woman find's love.
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In a kiss you gave me inspiration, so a poem I wrote in reward.
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A Wicked Woman by Jack London

História Não Verificada by Jack London
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