Waving Away

A late captain decided to ship his dreams away...
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She raises the way to hell, with her glass slippers. Bewitching any prince, who pose before his eyes. Cinderella, pretty plebeian, of the night she's the queen.
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Love's Palette: Painting Poetry with Affection

"Love's Palette: Painting Love with Affection" is a collection of heartfelt poems that explore the myriad shades of love. Each poem is a brushstroke on the canvas of emotions, blending the colors of passion, tenderness, and longing. From the vibrant hues of new love to the subtle tones of enduring affection, this poetry book captures the essence o…
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Book of Poems

Parte do Universo LIRA+VERSO Diverse poems for poetry lovers.
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Genesis 7:11

At 7:11 the flood come down The sources of the abyss are broken The cataracts of heaven are open This night all angels fall
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Call for a moony night

Wrote this poem and it took me a few hours... Still don't know why, despite that, I hope it makes sense for you as much as it did for me. With Artbreeder I created a few pictures using the poem's name, I put one at the beginning and another at the end :)
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The Soul Cries

Hey amazing loves! This is my first ever book to be published on this app after Wattpad . I am new here so I thought I should try and express my feelings through writing , right ? This is a combination of poems close to my heart and I am dedicating it to each one of y’all . From me to you , enjoy . Love, Ivy Oceans
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Color Of Odio

See how effective it is. How it keeps itself in shape. How easily it vaults the tallest obstacles. It’s not like other feelings. It gives birth to the reason that gives it life. When it sleeps, it’s never entirely rested. Sleeplessness won’t stop it’s strength; it feeds it. HATRED
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Pave Your Own Way

A simple and uplifting poem about making your own way and always pushing forward
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Erratic Landscapes (Poems)

A prophecy strikes the universe ruled by the "Stars of Divinity", these gods shaped a place full of magic, power and energy. These gods moulded a place full of magic, power and energy; where they decide to destroy everything for fear of the prophecy sent by a cosmic entity. Thus locking up Nhitroa, and releasing the chaos until reaching the Earth …
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Poetry Collection (English)

This is my poetry collection which compiling of my thoughts and feelings about life, experiences, imagination and reality. Hope, you love it and can relate on these.
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The Defeat

Checked out an empty synopsis. Awe! Think of it, how many people have been through... defeat?
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For the ones

For the ones.
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A Best Friend That Blooms Like A Flower

This poem is dedicated to everyone's best friend whom they haven't met since a long time.
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A Penurious Maiden Beauty And The Worshippers Of Luxur

This poem is dedicated to the wealthy people who sometimes get so immersed in their wealthy and luxurious life that they completely forget the humanity and start to treat a poor worst than an animal
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A poem on happiness

A poem on happiness
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Feelings and Emotions

I want to use this blog as a medium of expression, To squeeze out all kinds of emotions, And to help others who find it difficult to express themselves. Feel free to talk about your emotions in the comment section
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Confessions of an Introvert

Within Confessions of an Introvert you'll find yourself immersed in the mind of an introvert, seemingly getting more introverted as the years go on, and discover much more of their personal thoughts and feelings, while bringing real experiences and events to life, through poetry. Uncover the truth of what goes through an introvert's mind and how …
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The Matrix

"The Matrix" is a thought-provoking and evocative series of poems that delves into the theme of education and the societal constructs that confine individuals within a system. The poems portray education as a complex matrix, a web of rules and degrees that often restricts the true potential of young minds. It highlights the conformity expected fro…
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Tale Of Verse (s)

This is a series of verses. It tells about everything you have seen in life as a poem in a series.
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In Your Eyes

Each of these poems explores different themes and emotions, offering unique perspectives and insights on life, love, and the human experience 1. In Your Eyes: This poem explores the captivating world seen through someone's eyes, filled with stars, mysteries, love, and the power to inspire. 2. Amidst the Abyss of Failure: This poem delves into t…
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Laissons nous emporter sur les plume de la poésie
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Wolfie Leon

This poem was made for Leon, a character from the story Fleetward Werewolf, published in Portuguese and English here on the platform. Few have read Leon's story (one of my favorite characters), but even those who haven't, I hope you will be interested in this child-man. (And sorry for the spoiler, but truth be told, Fleetward Werewolf was publishe…
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Alaska Translated into English

Hello!! My name ia Rafael Santos and i speak for four pseudonyms: Rafael Santos, Rafael Rankzz, RKZ and Roman Cordis. These are translations into English of Poetry originally portuguese Brazilian.
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A series of short poems that tell different stories and experiences of love. experiences of love, each poem has three specific words on which it was built. on which it was built. They may be the may be the worst words in the world, but I will write them in my heart anyway. I will write them in my heart.
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*True Colors of the Past.

These poems are full of my anger, my pain, all wrapped up from one color.
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*Indigo Blue

This is the story of the day Nobody fell in love with Indigo Blue
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*Nobody's House of Pain

Welcome to my House of Pain.
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