My Exceptional Sister

I always knew my sister was outstanding. I was not prepared to see how exceptional she was until the last day I saw her.
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A Gift of Aloha, Ahava, and Love

My brother Kealiihoomalu Kealohapauole wrote this book. I am a humble typist. I am mentioned in the book too. Enjoy the names of God witnessed by my brother.
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The Miracle Of A New Being

One of the satisfactions that a couple can feel is at the moment when they realize that they are going to be parents, but what happens when the opposite happens? I invite you to discover it in this little story.
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Skies populated with constellations that are what they are from this tiny point of view that is Earth. Twelve zodiac signs. Twelve ways of being that combine without merging at all. Twelve important pieces and one more left over without seeming to be missing in an even number model. It will be objected that this is not a habitual order, its way ...
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The Properties of Uniformitarianism

The truth about the weirdos.
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The Broken Wings of Forgiveness

In the search for the unknown enemy, Michael comes across something more powerful than what he can handle. Driven by a vengeful spirit, he seeks for help from someone he feels would have been in a better position to stop the tragedy that befalls him. The battle he faces brings him to a crossroad, now he must choose between his purpose and desire.
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Separate body and soul as water and oil.
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Essays, First Series

Inspirational essays by the great American writer and philosopher. It deals with transcendental topics such as love, friendship, prudence.
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30 days with Nina Griss

Sam Peters is a psychology student who wants to get experience about people with mental illness therefore he decided to do his final thesis based on only one specific person which lead him to know Nina Griss, a sarcastic girl with a mental issue that seems not to have
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La Mur (The Wall)

The true story of a Tongan Wild Man living on Maui building Polynesian style rock walls. This short expose is interested in the life and culture of its protagonist and how his life evolved from one side of the wall to the other.
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One step at a time

A true story about an overweight woman who started training for a marathon with Oprah's trainer.
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After several difficult stages of my mind, I've found ways to return to myself. I have arrived to a place of pausing, breathing, questioning my own heart, living life as now. I have found my mission in this magic universe. And that is to do things because of love. To write because of love. To dance because of love. To talk because I love and I'...
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Body Dysmorphic Disorder; Why your self confidence matters

História Não Verificada A blog that could possibly help you love yourself, in the process of relating to the feeling of self-hate.
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Top 5 Disney Sidekicks

História Não Verificada Guys! You will learn about the best Disney Stories here!
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My net Surf

História Não Verificada The content which admired me. It inspire the readers ,Though it was not inked by me, but which is something I really wanted to share.
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We are preparing a convincing speech in 5 steps

História Não Verificada We are preparing a convincing speech in 5 steps
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A bit of metaphysics

História Não Verificada This book is intended to understand the metaphysical meaning of the universe.
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Guide to Successful SEO for Beginners

História Não Verificada Hello Buddies, In this article, I am trying to share some Excellent Guide to Successful SEO for Beginners. I hope it will be benefited for those people who are interested to learn SEO.
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História Não Verificada Will Idea is a premiere maternity photographer in Brisbane. It’s our goal to capture the precious and most memorable moments of you and your baby that you will be able to cherish forever. For more details, visit the company site. Our photographers specialise in capturing precious candid moments for you, using multiple cameras from various angles...
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A pandemic letter

História Não Verificada Short letter about pandemic feelings
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Personal Blog

História Não Verificada This story is about my personal spiritual practices
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Dos muertes y un amor

História Não Verificada Amarse
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A letter to my friend

História Não Verificada Esta es una carta que le escribí a mi mejor amigo, alguien muy especial. Espero haber plasmado lo importante que es para mí.
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train trucks

História Não Verificada you...
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My philosophical ideas 3

História Não Verificada This book represents a journey through the world through meditation.
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My philosophical ideas 2

História Não Verificada This book represents a journey through the world through meditation.
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My philosophical ideas

História Não Verificada This book represents a journey through the world through meditation.
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