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Infernus et in terra

História Não Verificada ¡Bienaventurados sean ustedes que fueron elegidos!, pues este viaje será por mucho el más horripilante por el que les toque pasar aun en la muerte. Resígnense y renuncien a todo si saben lo que es mejor para lo que queda de ustedes...
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The Pit And The Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe

História Não Verificada The Pit and the Pendulum" is a short story written by Edgar Allan Poe and first published in 1842 in the literary annual The Gift: A Christmas and New Year's Present for 1843. The story is about the torments endured by a prisoner of the Spanish Inquisition, though Poe skews historical facts. The narrator of the story describes his experience of ...
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Berenice by Edgar Allan Poe

História Não Verificada Berenice is a horror short story by Edgar Allan Poe. The tale is centered on the death of a young girl, named Berenice, and the mysterious visions of her cousin, Egaeus
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Эш убийца

História Não Verificada Сошёл с ума и начал мстить
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The Damned Thing by Ambrose Bierce

História Não Verificada This engrossing tale presents as its central theme the ultimately unknowable – and untameable – essence of nature and the natural world. Told from several different perspectives, the story focuses on a freak fatal accident that is written off as a wild animal attack. But does that description get at the truth of the matter? At least one witness ...
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The Burial of the Rats by Bram Stoker

História Não Verificada In 19th Century France, a young Bram Stoker is captured by a man-hating, all-female cult of thong bikini wearers. Aided by flesh-eating rats, the warrior women raid the lairs of evil men and punish them. Our hero must decide between his wish to escape the dangerous cult and his love for one of its members.
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Juegos siniestros

História Não Verificada Sus gritos desgarradores inundan la habitación, en su rostro sólo hay terror y suplica, sus uñas se aferran al piso, en un intento desesperado por evitar que lo lleven a esa habitación, pero no importa cuanto intente evitarlo, su destino ya está marcado, es una víctima más de la insaciable sed de sangre que hay en todos los presentes.
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The Crawling Chaos by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

História Não Verificada The Crawling Chaos was written in the year 1921 by Howard Phillips Lovecraft.
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A Dream of Red Hands by Bram Stoker

História Não Verificada Abraham "Bram" Stoker was an Irish novelist and short story writer, best known today for his 1897 Gothic novel Dracula.
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The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe

História Não Verificada "The Masque of the Red Death", originally published as "The Mask of the Red Death: A Fantasy" (1842), is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. The story follows Prince Prospero's attempts to avoid a dangerous plague known as the Red Death by hiding in his abbey. He, along with many other wealthy nobles, has a masquerade ball within seven rooms of hi...
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The Colour Out of Space by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

História Não Verificada "The Colour Out of Space" is a first-person narrative written from the perspective of an unnamed surveyor from Boston. In order to prepare for the construction of a new reservoir in Massachusetts, he surveys a rural area that is to be flooded near Lovecraft's fictional town of Arkham. He comes across a mysterious patch of land, an abandoned five...
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Dracula's Guest by Bram Stoker

História Não Verificada It is widely believed that "Dracula's Guest" is actually the deleted first chapter from the original Dracula manuscript, which the publisher felt was superfluous to the story. In the preface to the original edition of Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories, Stoker's widow Florence wrote, "To his original list of stories in this book, I have add...
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The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

História Não Verificada The Metamorphosis is a novella by Franz Kafka. The story begins with a traveling salesman, Gregor Samsa, waking to find himself transformed into a "monstrous vermin".
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Запах серы

História Não Verificada Виктор проснулся и понял,что в квартире он не один
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The three brides

História Não Verificada Francis Alexander Durivage (1814–1881) was an American author. He was a contributor of poems, humorous articles, short stories, and sketches for magazines, often written under the pen name 'Old Un.' In connection with W. S. Chase he translated Alphonse de Lamartine's History of the Revolution of 1848. At a later date he issued, with George P. B...
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Medusa's Coil by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

História Não Verificada "Medusa's Coil" is a short story by H. P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop. It was first published in Weird Tales magazine in January 1939, two years after Lovecraft's death.
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The Watcher by the Threshold by John Buchan

História Não Verificada John Buchan was a Scottish novelist, historian and Unionist politician who served as Governor General of Canada, the 15th since Canadian Confederation. After a brief legal career, Buchan simultaneously began his writing career and his political and diplomatic careers, serving as a private secretary to the colonial administrator of various coloni...
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The White People

História Não Verificada By Arthur Machen
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Schalken the painter

História Não Verificada Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu was an Irish writer of Gothic tales and mystery novels. He was the leading ghost-story writer of the nineteenth century and was central to the development of the genre in the Victorian era. Three of his best-known works are Uncle Silas, Carmilla and The House by the Churchyard.
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The Demon Spell by Hume Nisbet

História Não Verificada The Demon Spell was written in the year 1894 by Hume Nisbet.
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The Statement of Randolph Carter

História Não Verificada "The Statement of Randolph Carter" is a short story by H. P. Lovecraft. Written in December 1919, it was first published in The Vagrant, May 1920. It tells of a traumatic event in the life of Randolph Carter, a student of the occult loosely representing Lovecraft himself. It is the first story in which Carter appears and is part of Lovecraft's D...
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The Terror by Arthur Machen

História Não Verificada "Explosion at Munition Works in the Northern District: Many Fatalities." The working man told me about it, and added some dreadful details. Corpses so terribly maimed that coffins had been kept covered; faces mutilated as if by some gnawing animal. . . . I took a tram to the location of the disaster; a raw and hideous shed with a walled yard abo...
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Las brujas del pozo

História Não Verificada "Si escuchas las voces, es mejor que corras" Un micro-novela de terror y misterio, espero que les guste. Sirve como precuela de Charlotte.
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I'm sorry, Jon

As the night grows darker, Jon must find Garfield. What he doesn't know is, Garfield found him.
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História Não Verificada Un grupo de jovenes deciden hacer un viaje a la casa de un amigo pero nunca imaginaron lo que pasaria.
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Una Pareja Extraordinaria

Una joven pareja vacaciona en una posada perdida entre los extensos y helados bosques patagónicos argentinos. La llegada de un tercero al lugar, será el desencadenante de una serie de sucesos a los que nadie parece tener explicación. Un extraño relato de terror.
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Mercado dos Mortos

Santa Cecília do Oeste, 1995. A misteriosa praga de um padre sobre um cemitério. Este dá lugar a um moderno supermercado... 2005, 31 de outubro. Na noite de Halloween, um grupo de funcionários do estabelecimento vê-se subitamente preso com mortos... que andam! É o início de uma eletrizante luta pela sobrevivência... Mercado dos Mortos. Capa por...
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El Demonio de Saint George

Un reto se ha virilizado en redes sociales, el conocido #MythNightChallenge, consiste en adentrarse en un lugar abandonado e iniciar un juego paranormal; tres amigos inician la aventura sin saber que eligieron el peor lugar para realizar el reto, el hospital Saint George, tiene un macabro secreto...
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