The Adventure of Myrrhe Bautista

História não Verificada Matatanggap kaya mi myrrhe kung ano siya talaga?
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Quirk Academy

História não Verificada Will you accept it when you find out that you are quirkless? Or if you really are quirkless? There are people who have lived in the world with powers and others don't know about it. QUIRK ACADEMY is built for people with quirks. You can't just get in here if you don't have a quirk. Not everyone knows what a quirk is, because most of the people …
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El bosque de canterville y sus maravillas

História não Verificada Un niño llamado Sebas encuentran grifo en el bosque y empieza su aventura por descubrir un secreto oculto del pueblo
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História não Verificada in a world where dark magic are hated, how will you prove that they are wrong?
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