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Elisabeth and the rain

Pregnancy out of a boring afternoon.
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Mes Demoiselles Possibles

About sex, sleep, drinks and dreams. A little bit of Picasso, too.
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Unforgettable Holiday

Young Ali has her boyfriend over for the holidays.
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Owned by My Boss

Graphic M/M content. After too many payouts for sexual harassment claims by women, the board of directors decided the owner of the company's personal assistant had to be male. That's where Mason Chambers came in. Armed with a degree in finance and tons of ambition, he thought it would be a great way to get to know the business... he learned a lo...
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Pastor's Seduction

Now that Cara is eighteen, she is ready to seduce the pastor she has always had a crush on. But things get really steamy when Alyssa walks in on them....
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My Gift to Me

A young woman gives a surprise birthday present to her boyfriend. But the real gift is for herself!
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Summer Afternoon

Karen is a writer. But on this particular summer afternoon, she has some distractions....
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Kidnapped by the Hot Beast

História Não Verificada (Full story on Wattpad)"I-I'm sorry", I whispered. "How can I know that you're sorry", he said placing his hand over my thigh. The sadistic smirk displaying over his lips. I could feel the heat radiated through his hand over my skin. "Ian please", I begged "Please don't do anything to me. Please.I-I promise I won't ever run again. I-I would...
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DNA Valkyrie

História Não Verificada Cynthia Widdowfield is a strip dancer half the time and a private investigator during the rest of the day. She lives in the world of Ecstasy, a dense haven where Humanoid Dinosaur people known as Saurius co-exist with Humans. Hybrids of the two species also exist and are called Urzax. Despite the thrills of being a detective and the excitement o...
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Tard Gard's Bizarre Adventure

História Não Verificada ZA WARUDO
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The Hellhound and her Demon

História Não Verificada It's just a love story with a shit ton of drama
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História Não Verificada Qué eres....
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Goguryeo Paradise

História Não Verificada It's summer vacation and Yoon-sook's parents left South Korea to work in Cyprus, leaving Yoon-sook alone with her 5 little siblings, Hye-bin, Seong-ja, Hyuk-jae, Hyun-tae and Eun-hee.
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New World

História Não Verificada 5 years after Bill Cypher's Weirdmageddon, 17-year-old Dipper Pines has very special encounters with Bill, except Bill isn't a triangular demon any more.........
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História Não Verificada Uruha kept a secret which he would never have thought could be discovered.
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The Hallucinogenic Mermaid

História Não Verificada At a party full of drinks, Ruki appears offering "chewing gum" and making Reita have a crazy and long hallucinogenic trip.
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A Story all about Chef

História Não Verificada Follow a band of fuck ups as they venture across the world. After defeating the evil Music Connoisseur’s Evil Twin, the world’s dank memes become evil and begin violently raping people. The failed abortions must stop the Illuminati’s control of the memes.
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Two girls one she hulk

História Não Verificada I am jimmy the make up of two girls. A.k.a. A story about lesbians
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Mercy Me My Men

História Não Verificada Sasha was beautiful which made her even more like the sexual creature she is.She was darkly modern edge European The men loved to follow her they found her compelling and lush for that reason she would make her entrance way inside theFrench best deepest pockets.She was forced to make her way along the Reign of a different stage.She also had a wa...
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Dangerous Love

História Não Verificada Lucas Williams is a young Navy Seal that just got back and things between him and his long time best friend get heated
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Next Door Stories

História Não Verificada Next Door Stories is a collection of erotic short stories patterned after letters to the editor of a fictional adult magazine. Stories include graphic erotic content of a variety of styles, MF, MM, FF, and any permutation in between. All stories are fiction written by the author.
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