Anxiety Disorders: Types, Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

História não Verificada Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress and can be beneficial in some situations. It can alert us to dangers and help us prepare and pay attention. Anxiety disorders differ from normal feelings of nervousness or anxiousness, and involve excessive fear or anxiety. Anxiety disorders are the most common of mental disorders and affect nearly 30% of a...
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How did I fall in love?

História não Verificada It is an omegaveres novel+ bl
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Blood red rose

História não Verificada A young girl goes on holiday with her family and she meets a boy who she goes mad over. She starts learning more about him and learns he likes the couler red. She became the couler red but that caused chaos
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We are family... I think...

História não Verificada Two teenagers struggle with the increasing drama of family life. Garth is just trying to survive school whilst Jessica wants to branch out, even if it leads her down a tricky path, and Garths sister Emma appears to be hiding something. But what is it?
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💗rien ne se sent mieux que toi💗

História não Verificada Real love; so strong, so pour, so intense and excited. When you finally have it you don’t ever want to let it go. Megan struggles for so long to have such a love. She thought she had it but when true love stands in front of her she froze. What will she do? Take it or let it go.
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My ex is my bestie

História não Verificada When we first met we agreed that marriage was the best fit for us but after a year but we were best friends and we still are.Even though we're divorced
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Short Therapy

História não Verificada I want to die but I need a little more time.So I don't want you to love me or save me I just need you to stay with me.
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The war called life......treehouse girls

História não Verificada 2 girls living in the woods in treehouse. Some of you may already know the feeling "Get's" it those who want to know why, well the world kind and beautiful, wonderful ever. there's so much to see, do, love. Sadly it's also dark and hateful, scary. These girls, there trauma. Read there story see for yourself, why they live in a treehouse. It's p...
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História não Verificada Nya wakes up in a jail cell after a night of drinking too much. She begins to experience the difficulties of inacarceration
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Words carried by fire

História não Verificada A story about missing someone and seeing him everywhere
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Unbearable Truth

História não Verificada A beautiful young woman falls in love with the guy she thought was her dream come true. Every step she takes to make things perfect; she realizes that nothing is perfect especially when there’s only one person trying to make it perfect. She wasted so many years believing in something that’s not there. A DREAM COME TRUE OR RATHER A NIGHTMARE.
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Pacing my walk

História não Verificada Lara's one dream has been to move out her best friend lives alone, her boyfriend lives alone so she's the only one who has to leave early by 8 pm. But one day that all changes when suddenly she can control time and can go home at any time she chooses.
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Sunset Bay

História não Verificada es una historia en Ingles de drama hare mas capitulos más adelante
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História não Verificada pinterest poems 📻
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We loved

História não Verificada <Please leave review, I'm new! > This story is about Jordan. Jordan is a 19 year old boy. Jordan and his friends always were close during high school, but after graduation they lost contact. Now his friends moved on, while Jordan still lives in ventura, a place close to LA. When he's getting a coffee in the local shop, he sees one of his friends...
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História não Verificada pinterest poems 📻
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404 Baby

História não Verificada pinterest poems 🖕
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Forever and a day

História não Verificada We didn't have an easy start- at all. We couldn't be official tell we were both 18 but good things do come to those who wait and he's still the best thing in my life <3 This is my future, OUR future. (Reality: I'm still 16 and he's graduating this school year but a girl can dream, right??)
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I don't Fit in

História não Verificada Jungkook doesn't fit in well that's what his dad says but will Jungkook find the untold truth about the real world that his dad claims it to be?
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The Golden Of Peace

História não Verificada A teenage girl named Alya. She and her friend Chloe fight for their town and people. They hide their identities. Little does Alya know her best friend is the holder of the gold heart
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Anyone But Emma

História não Verificada Anyone but Emma is a fictional drama audio style diary written by London Packer. The story was originally was suppose to be a web comic but the idea was scratched due to the author’s limited art talent and knowledge. The story follows a young college student name Emma recording her academic process in college with a old cell phone audio recorde...
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Charging Station Rentals by Avrexpos

História não Verificada AVRexpos provides you with direct access to the state-of-the-art audio, visual, and on-site computer and electronics rentals you need to elevate your communications and visuals
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Our Sins

História não Verificada Everyone has a dark filthy secret, even the ones who look innocent and harmless got some. Everyone is a sinner. A small high school in Tokyo is filled with filthy sinners. And Asami Sato is just one of them.
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If I was a star

História não Verificada ...The stars look exceptionally bright today. Yesterday they weren't this vibrant. I guess they have a choice to shine when they want to. Unlike some of us who have been forced into a lifestyle, we do not even have a say in. If only I was a star...
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Title Of Trust &Love

Trust know one
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Orphan Karina

História não Verificada Karina took it upon herself to write a life-changing story. Talking about her upbringing in a Russian orphanage with her siblings. And what it was like when she got adopted. You would think life in America would be wonderful and free, but she saw a lot of darkness growing up in both countries.
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História não Verificada pinterest poems 🔬
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História não Verificada Pretty, Beautiful, and Classy all wrapped into one. Meet Gianna Ryan. Young, mocha complexion, standing at 5'9 and thick in all the right places. As beautiful as she is physically, she has the brains to match. A young successful business owner, Cali born & raised, traveling through life's obstacles while being determined to stay on top. With the...
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