Ode to Minutes to Midnight

The clock is counting the minutes, unstoppable. If it reaches midnight it’s doomsday. And we continued to sing, towards the stars and eternity.
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Ode to Hybrid Theory

Nineteen years ago, Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park changed the face of music forever. It was the soundtrack for a generation. And its songs are immortal.
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When Minseok traveled to southern China out of sheer boredom, he never imagined stumbling into a war between two political factions, much less fall into the hands of the mysterious and handsome soldier of indecipherable expressions, Luhan. Now that things were going terribly wrong for the young Korean, what could possibly be worse than getting ...
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The Jock And The Nerd

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You weren't supposed to fall in love with her

História não Verificada Harry: No, You weren't supposed to fall in love with her. At all , she was supposed to hide you and I but there was no you and I in the first place day you and Elanor first went public we were done. Also I will not be updating every story every 30 days That's not possible for me So I will update my stories whenever I'm able to update them I...
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História não Verificada She/They MY NAME IS DEZ SCORPIO ♏♏♏♏ I have a podcast and this link you can send me voice messages and ask me things: https://anchor.fm/diamondgirl/message IM DEPPRESSED IF YOU'RE MEAN AND IF YOU ARE HOMOPHOBIC PLEASE GET AWAY FROM THIS ACCOUNT "We were in love now with strangers" - Louis Tomlinson Go listen to my favorite songs ...
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Big Time Love

História não Verificada Harlow Abram has been a huge fan of Big Time Rush ever since she first saw them perform at a side gig her friend was performing in November 2009. Her friend introduced the new band to her and they all seem to hit it off. Harlow finds herself hanging around them more than usual as she starts growing feelings for two of the band members. Who wi...
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The Bakery® V.K

História não Verificada ❝A child has stolen a small piece of cake from the counter.... It seems that no one has taught him not to steal.❞ Rating +17 All rights reserved. © Completely original story. ® Copying, translation or adaptation of any kind without permission is strictly prohibited. This story may contain material unsuitable for sensitive persons, such as vio...
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Lost on You [NamTae]

História não Verificada "Hope you'll be safe in the arms of another because I can't take the weight of your love" Namjoon loves Taehyung so much it hurts, but not in a good way. 🐻 one-shot 🐻 joon!top/tae!bottom 🐻 angst THIS STORY WAS PUBLISHED ON INKSPIRED ON AUGUST 22ND 2021 © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED You can follow me on Wattpad as @kngnamjn
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Trouble® V.K

História não Verificada Taehyung is like oil and Jungkook like water but together they can form a beautiful lava lamp. +18 All rights reserved © Totally original history ® Copying or adapting of any kind without permission is prohibited.
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Seoul Mystery® Bangtang ff

História não Verificada Jungkook nodded and upon hearing Namjoon's count, he took strength as he pulled the corpse up and upon hearing the three, the man's body was thrown, splashing water on the two boys in the boat. "I hate blood," Namjoon said. This story may contain material unsuitable for sensitive persons, such as violent acts, provocative dialogue and narrativ...
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História não Verificada ❝From that day on, the gossip ran at the speed of light and by the end of the week, poor Taehyung was passing from mouth to mouth.❞ +15 Vkook All rights reserved © Totally original history ® Copying or adapting of any kind without permission is prohibited.
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Sour® Y.M

História não Verificada "Teenagers are perverse, cruel, manipulative and Park Jimin was a person who had experienced this first hand, with him being on the receiving end of all this crap, courtesy of his peers." +17 All rights reserved © Totally original history ® Copying or adapting of any kind without permission is prohibited.
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Cannibal® V.K & N.J

História não Verificada "Where the Kim brothers are a pair of cannibals. Seokjin, is just a beautiful angel, where he sadly ended up in the last circle of hell and Jungkook, a student, who messed up, being with the wrong person, and finally, all of them are walking the thin thread of Lucifer's claws. " +18 Vkook Namjin All rights reserved © Totally original history ®...
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Days After TaeHyung

História não Verificada In a country where gay love is not allowed, two boys find themselves in eachother
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Love At First Sight (LAFS) - Taekook

História não Verificada The story of love between Taehyung and Jungkook from the pre debut times
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Knock Knock: You Have Love Delivery

História não Verificada An angel who is cold hearted and is going to be a Goddess against her will in three months decides to lurk in a human world to escape from her duties and to see how humans tackle their problems and what kind of feelings goddess must have to become a better queen in heavens. And Kim Taehyung who is famous member of BTS group who is famous among ...
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A Life I Don't Remember 🥀

História não Verificada After being abounded and abused all her life she turns into the most dangerous creature ever... She tries to escape... Running.. Is all she could do.... Running from everyone and everything... ................. Her name....her name is one of the major reasons why she is being targeted by everyone and everything. She always hated that name....
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Of Divas and Minstrels

História não Verificada One-shot. Crossover AU. Kingskiller Chronicle x The Witcher We all know Kvothe isn't big on poetry. Imagine what could happen when, with the help of a few drinks, he gets to have an exchange with a certain poet. (Warning: spoilers from both sagas, in case you are reading the books. It applies too for those who got into The Witcher thanks to the ...
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História não Verificada "You're my everything, my day and night. You are my one and only miracle.", My Everything by NCT U. A one-sided sad love story. "He never did want anyone to experience the feeling he felt. The feeling of falling in love with someone who was already taken. He had fallen in love with someone, he knew he couldn’t be with. " Inspired by Without ...
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Getting Wild [ENG]

História não Verificada Jungkook finds himself in a mental dilemma for a few moments: he finally decides to risk the danger that this intruder, who easily entered his house, may represent for him.
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História não Verificada So pretty like a princess. My princess only mine. So beautiful just for me all mine. Stop it Sungie, awwe c'mon Minho don't deny you're my princess
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História não Verificada Is the boy on the stage an angel. He's so beautiful his eyes are big and wide and so innocent. He's dressed in white, I'm so mesmerized I can't take my eyes off of him. Jeon Jungkook an angel in disguise
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Broken Is Beautiful

História não Verificada If your what broken looks like then being broken must mean being beautiful
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Who You Are To Me

História não Verificada It was 2000 and Rascal Flatts had just arrived in Tennessee to perform at a concert hall. Lead singer Gary LeVox noticed a commotion in the crowd as a woman was acting strange and suddenly rushed out. Gary falls for this beautifully broken woman and tries to show her that she can be loved and treated right. Calla Carter, tries not to fall fo...
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Ode to A Thousand Suns

História não Verificada We inhabit a simple rock revolving around a medium size star. We are fragile and tiny in this immense and quiet Universe. Can we look upon ourselves and understand our deepest fears and mistakes?
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Ode to Living Things

História não Verificada The journey towards the future was still being built and, suddenly, our dear friends from our childhood and youth grew old with us. But they would still sing to our hearts.
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Ode to The Hunting Party

História não Verificada Returning to the roots was the promise. And we travelled, once more, on this strange road of sound, angst, screams, messages and wonderful music.
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