Centuries Before Sunrise I (English)

At a time when Romania was Wallachia, there was a powerful king named Mircea who made any sacrifice to protect his people, but this king had a deadly disease, realizing that there was no way out and that a war was approaching and the king made a pact. , who sold his soul and who turned his illness into his own source of power and curse. Mirce...
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Unspoken Truth

It was in that sea of guilt, hatred, envy and anger that she swore revenge. For everything he caused, lies he told and tracks he left, she swore. For the pain he caused, for the fruit he left in her womb, and the humiliation she went through, she swore revenge. Angelina promised vengeance to Vicente, she vowed to expose unspoken truths.
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Time Loop

What's your wish? Riches? Fame? Power? For Kaiser, domain or Digital World. For Miyako, an encounter with his idol. What if there was an old Digimon Genie, capable of fulfilling wishes? Desires can be dangerous and, you must choose words as well when you want something, or ...
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Little Push

História não Verificada Sometimes all we need is a little push to get what we want.
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His Doctor

História não Verificada Topaz is the Todoroki family's doctor but soon She finds out that she has a crush on one of their Son's and it became Personal...
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Sun Will Rise Without You | Black Butler

História não Verificada There were a lot of things wrong with Ciel Phantomhive. His aunt, Madam Red, knew that she didn't have the resources to help him so she sent him off to her old friend. Will he be able to cure Ciel or will he be forever tainted by the past?
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Novara Arcane Sparkle heir of the Changeling Empire

História não Verificada This one of two fan fiction books, the second one is a cross over syfy with the same race. Long ago Twilight's mother Empress Nova, was fighting a dragon, but she wasn't strong enough. As the dragon was about to end her, a Equestrian guard kicked the beast hard, knocking it onto it's back & plunged his sword through it's heart. With a sharp tw...
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The Confused (OC X Various Haikyuu Characters)

História não Verificada Yua is a newly transferred student from Aoba Johsai and experiences the the confusing part of love. She can't figure out what her heart is telling her. ☆I DON'T OWN THE CHARACTERS IN THE HAIKYUU WORLD. ☆Yua Kōri is a OC so I do own her. :) ☆Credit to the artist of cover.
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Power to Strive III

História não Verificada Reminder: I don't own Attack on Titan or this story. This story belongs to ii-phoenix-ii on fanfiction.net. The Survey Corps group returns and watches Attack on Titan Season 3 Part II. [No Pairings]
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Power to Strive IV

História não Verificada Disclaimer: I don't own Attack on Titan. The scouts return one last time to watch Season 4. This time with Candy as emotional support. [No Pairings]
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Power to Strive II

História não Verificada Reminder: I dont own Attack on Titan or this story. This story belongs to ii-phoenix-ii on fanfiction.net. The gang returns to react to season 2. [No Pairings]
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I sprouted in konoha

História não Verificada Amber an orphan girl who is badly treated is taken to a place and returned to her world....
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Power to strive

História não Verificada First Things first! This Story doesnt belong to me. It belongs to ii-phoenix-ii on fanfiction.net. I don't own this Story or Attack on Titan. A Group of Scouts become trapped in a Room for twelve hours and forced to watch Attack on Titan. [No Pairings]
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「DaiHaru SummerWeek 2020 」- (FKBU Fanarts y AUs ) Fugou Keiji Balance in English

História não Verificada Fandom: Fugou keiji Balance: UNLIMITED Principal Pairing: Kambe Daisuke x Kato Haru (Only Daiharu) Artist: Sharayanime English Summary: Fanarts based on AU's and Minicomis Allusive to FKBU This was on June 21st - June 27th. Fanweek was dedicated to the relationship between Daisuke Kambe and Haru Katou! (Currently, the Daiharu Summer-weekly is fi...
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História não Verificada izuku is so very tired
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For Mom

História não Verificada Glie wanted to make a gift for the person she loved most in the world, her mother.
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(MHA) Band au

História não Verificada An MHA aged up band au you are 19 and you and the whole band met because when you were a kid you all got experimented on because of your odd quirks
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「Brothers」- One Shot English (Gods and Egyptian Reincarnations) Ennead

História não Verificada 「How willing are you to find someone who shared a bond with you, even if it is in the next life? 」 AU Post canon - Egyptian Gods and Reincarnations: One Shot where the reunion of two beings that were close and distant at the same time in their past and present. -There will be use of some technical terms typical of Egyptian mythology as well as...
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I Get To Love You (BakuTodo-TodoBaku)

História não Verificada With a view to becoming future heroes, a new generation of young prospects joins the UA Hero Academia, where ideals and personalities of all kinds will converge, whose destinies will only become intertwined more and more with each encounter and mistakes, discovering that, far from being disparate, they could complement each other more than they...
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Until Death Bring Us Back Together

História não Verificada He hated her, and she didn't know why, but he had a reason to hate her, and the fault was entirely his.
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História não Verificada He was curious about her, he knew it was a scam, but he wanted to live at least that day, that theater with her: Where she was an innocent young girl, and he was a crazy demon to devour her.
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Boku No Hero One Shots

História não Verificada Now that Class 1-A grew up, they found out that being adults is harder than fighting Villains. How will they learn to deal with their problems without their quirks?
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Time Loop

História não Verificada What's your wish? Riches? Fame? Power? For Kaiser, domain or Digital World. For Miyako, an encounter with his idol. What if there was an old Digimon Genie, capable of fulfilling wishes? Desires can be dangerous, and you must choose words well, or ...
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História não Verificada "Senpai will be mine... He doesn't have a choice." Follow the story through Ayano Aishi, a young high school girl who can't feel emotions at all. Witness the story as you read through multiple characters eyes as Ayano eliminates her rivals to get to her one true love. Credits to YandereDev for developing such an awesome game to write the story...
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(2018) Only for me

História não Verificada Kiba could smile for the all world, but Shino’d noticed, as the same time that he realized himself in love with the team mate, that Kiba only smirked for him...
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The Blooming of Winter

História não Verificada Winter was sad and lonely because he thought he wasn't good enough. He attacked his season companions and froze the world in a failed attempt to freeze his feelings and become stronger. But no matter how terrible he was, Summer wouldn't lose hope, Autumn wouldn't be intimidated, and Spring... She wouldn't give up of him without a fight.
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