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Hi! Welcome to the Science Fiction Writing group. Come on in and make yourself at home. This group is dedicated to helping science fiction writers improve their craft, solve problems, and write better stories. Got a question about how something works? Want to know if your alien species will fly (literally or metaphorically)? Not sure how to make a piece of technology work in your story? Curious about what sort of options you have to solve a particular problem (like interstellar travel)? Want to talk about a scientific discovery or technological development that inspires you? This is the place to start a new discussion. I love science fiction. Most of the stories I write have scifi elements in them, and I love working in real science wherever I can. The future and all its possibilities are fascinating and so full of fun things to play with. My online work includes the Apocalypse Blog and Starwalker, and Boomflowers here on Inkspired. Hope to talk with you all soon!

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U. Noran Owen U. Noran Owen Anyone who strictly writes science fiction please help! I've only dipped my toe in the genre a few times but I still have some questions. Also, a bit of guidance would be swell too!
30 de Janeiro de 2018 às 20:58