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What current advances in technology have inspired your writing? Do the news stories about AI experiments make you want to explore their future? What about the 3-D printing revolution, and what that might mean to the future of manufacturing? I find the advances in prosthetic technology interesting, as scientists learn how to make machines listen to commands from our brains. (There are prosthetic limbs that can now be controlled by the wearer's brain, through different kinds of interfaces.) We're also starting to get to the point where prosthetics are reaching into the 'better than human' realm - for example, in athletics. I have a story or two niggling about cybernetic experiments that feed off these things, and some of the physical and psychological impacts of having part-machine bodies.

3 de Agosto de 2017 às 18:21 1
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David Nelson David Nelson You should check out Issac Arthur's channel. He explores the future potential of technology that is limited by known science. It is full of great inspiration and realistic depictions of the future.
27 de Abril de 2019 às 04:08