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Writer, don't surrender

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When someone begins to write, he/she must consider certain things. We know that at the beginning it may seem like a difficult task, but that doesn't mean it is impossible. Our best advice is: Don't give up. Don't throw the towel, but don't do it for obligation, because practicing is what creates a good writer, but passion is what keeps it. Here we leave you some tips to have a better experience as a newly born writer.

1. Write daily.
Yes, we know it. Sometimes it is difficult to do it continuously, but having this discipline will give you good results. The idea is that you don't stop creating, it doesn't matter if you write phrases, something from your daily routine, or a simple word, the point is to write. To put into words what your mind is thinking. One day this will become a habit, and you would've gained a lot.

2. Do it with passion.
Do it if you really feel it, like it and/or drives you crazy. If you have this, the commitment will come alone. Your motivation should be because you love to write and not because you want to please or impress someone else.

3. Use your imagination.
Many times, when we seek to create a story that makes us sigh and fill the readers with intrigue, we do not know how to start and we complicate ourselves unnecessarily. One way to achieve that goal is to use our imagination, which is very useful and will fill you with various adventures. You can daydream, take nightmares or experiences that have happened to you as examples, and do not forget to write them down, so with time, you will have a list of themes to write about.

4. Have fun.
Keep in mind that if you like what you write you should be able to transmit that into your writings. If not, your readers will not see it in a good way and you can bore them. That is why you should have fun doing it and it will create favorable results.

5. Be clear.
When you start writing a story, you want it to be perfect, so you use words that sound great, but many times we make the mistake of using those that are a bit complicated and end up confusing the reader. However, the idea of writing is to use simple words that make everybody understand what you really mean. By doing this, you will grab the reader's attention. I'm not saying you can't use the words you want, but you have to be careful if you want someone to follow your story's theme.

6. Trust yourself.
This is the most important part, the power of self-confidence and perseverance to achieve your goal. Commitment, effort, and dedication will be your best tools. Writing can generate frustration, but it is a gift, and if you let it bloom, you will have it all.

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