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Embrace the digital publishing era instead of print publishing

The future is digital, and for everyone. Even for writers, who can control their own future with their fingertips. Once upon a time, you were demanded to publish a physical book in order to become a real author, but with all the progress on the digital publishing space, that isn’t longer necessary. But why should I switch?

1.- It’s practical

Digital publishing is easier, faster, and cheaper and you can reach million of readers and followers throughout the world; you are not limited to a physical space on a library anymore. Everything is getting online. The concept of being an author has expanded along with the possibilities of endless opportunities. You no longer depend on an agent or bookstore thanks to the digital community; you can do it by yourself.

By having readers from all parts of the world, you can get into the international markets immediately, test them, unlike when you publish your books in the traditional way, in which you should first get into the national bookstores and then, if it goes well, you can expand your frontiers.

By having no barriers; you can easily be recognized among the writing digital community as a: blogger, journalist, fiction writer, editorialist, creative writer, inspirational, among others. You get a brand and a name, and take advantage of the social media to make yourself recognized. If you are successful in doing that, you score a goal.

2.- Time

Another positive aspect is the time required to publish. The digital way, is very fast and effective. There is no waiting to print pages or long process corrections. If there is a correction, you can do it right away, even if your story is already published, and you don’t have to pay more money for redistribution. There are even publishing platforms like Inkspired, Medium, Wattpad, etc, that have been created for that specific purpose. They are the publisher that you need, and mostly all of them already have a reading community within them, so if you decide to publish stories in any of them, it’s almost guarantee that people will read you and most importantly, connect.

3.- One Content to rule them all

The content you create is now multi purpose. Distribution becomes platform agnostic, faster, more flexible, and even free. You can reach totally different places at the same time, because you can publish it in multiple platforms or blogs or even social media. As we said in one of our latest posts, when you already have a community that follows you, and a fan-base, you become even more attractive to agents, publishers and people in general.

It’s time to change people’s mind about what a writer really is. Society still thinks that an author is good only when he/she has published a printed book, but that concept is old fashioned now. Nowadays, there is a huge amount authors that write only on digital platforms or blogs and are excellent in what they do. The famous E.L. James, who wrote 50 shades of Grey, is one example of this success. She started with self-publishing in some fan fiction sites and later with an e-book. Other examples are Huge Howey with the Wool Trilogy, Amanda Hocking with My Blood Approves series and Trylle Trilogy, and Kristel Ralston, an ecuadorian author-entrepreneur who built her own writing career around digital publishing platforms, and now is totally dedicated to writing, publishing an average of 4 books a year.

Remember, digital content travels faster and longer than printed words.

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