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Common Mistakes New Writers Trend To Make

Today I want to tell you about typical mistakes beginning writers can make. Whether you are a new or experienced author you still can make mistakes. Your first step to success is in ability to fight and solve core of the problem. So let’s find out what are these typical mistakes. 

Living the future. Everyday you start new masterpiece. Thinking about new creative ideas, plots and incredible characters for your story. You start and drop writing, because you’re overwhelmed by other new ideas. It seems that somewhere in the near future lives that perfect book. A book that everyone is going to admire and willing to buy, but it never happens, because you’re keep dreaming. Stop dreaming the future, come back to earth and start writing, writing every single day.

Quitting after first critique. The first critique knocks us down. We hide in the shell and refuse to bring our book in such ruthless world. Or on opposite we believe that have written the next big hit and start arguing with critic unlit the last. In the end we abandon our work and forget about it.

Don’t be afraid of critique. Not everyone might like your piece and it’s totally fine, because what one person would love to see, another won’t even read. Try to analyze feedback you received it might be really helpful. Be open to useful critique.

Not doing any research. New writers believe that reliability of the description is not that important, especially when it comes to adventure or fantasy genre. However, it’s a common mistake. Knowledge of the using “material” gives you credibility. Otherwise, reader just won’t trust your story.

Write about areas you are familiar with. But what if your plot requires a fight, which takes place in a steel factory, for instance. And you don’t have enough knowledge to describe a place. What you can do is to ask people with expertise. Most of them will gladly help not only with advice, but also will give theoretical material on concerned topic. So don’t be afraid, make a research and ask for advice if needed.

Not understanding who your readers are. Writing about what bothers only you, living in your own world and forgetting about the reader. Of course, if you are not planning something more and want to write just for yourself that’s your right, do whatever you want. But if you want to bring a story to the whole world, promote it and publish, in this case, you have to take into account needs of the market and understand who your readers are.

Fears. What if it won’t work, what if no one will like it, what if I won’t finish my book, what if new ideas won’t come, what if…. All those “What if happen or not” confuses us, slow down our writing process and even upset us so much that we are ready to give up and bury our work somewhere deep down.

To say the truth it’s very difficult get rid of those thoughts. However, we shouldn’t succumb to our fears, otherwise, all the time and effort was for nothing. Unfortunately, there is not cure from fears, but you can fight them back. Yes, it’s going to be difficult, but doable.

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes. They help you grow, improve and gain skills, experience to achieve success and to become a better writer. 

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