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What you should know when writing Romance

Your Romantic Story is in its climax, your characters are waiting for the real action to begin, but none of that will happen until you write what will happen to them.

The current romantic novels do not have a unique meaning. Each love story can have totally different plots that emerge from the author's own imagination. The "how" and the "why" only make you wonder what will happen to them. But, what are the things you should keep in mind when writing Romance?

1- Inspire yourself: Reading other stories is always helpful, but be careful: they will only give you an idea of ​​how to write it and it's you who should create it.

2- They are mine! : The protagonists are important and more than anything in a love story. Their strengths and weaknesses will enrich your story, stick to them and let yourself go. And never forget how they feel!

3- They say it but ...: Pay attention to the dialogues, they have a very important role around the whole story, they are what define -sometimes- their voices. Accept that every now and then they have a bad day and they can escape something!

4- Your ideas, your world: Imagine an interesting conflict and from there create the love story. Some of your characters may have had a story with an ex, allow yourself to develop it, and be free to break hearts!

5- Do not forget the focus: If the main plot is about a couple do not delve into stories of other couples that appear with the plot, since some readers will not be interested. Dedicate exclusively to one, capable in the future the others may have their own history.

6- Stop the fire! : If your desire is to write erotic scenes, do it. It transmits physical attraction, its own desires and its deepest thoughts. Free yourself from sexual tension and ... Ca-Boom? Just be sure to specify that your story is of erotic romance and that it is not suitable for minors.

7- Accept the end: Romance stories do not always have happy endings. If you decide to create a shocking ending, be careful not to overtake it in the plot.

8- Imagine t-o-d-o: If you are one of those who dream with romance or believe in love at first sight, write it and enjoy it.

Text by: Milagros Borro


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