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Why The Authors' Cup is important?

13 days left. 13 days for the beginning of something huge, huge for Inkspired, but huge for writers as well. Now is your opportunity, your chance to achieve your goals. To have a group of specialized people who will offer interesting and fun writing challenges. This kind of challenges will help you grow as an author and they will be focused on things like: Start writing a novel, gain discipline, meet deadlines, improve spelling, grammar, polish your writing and learn the aspects you need to take in count before publishing a book. And in those challenges there will be people from all over the world working for the same purpose with the incentive of having a community that supports you and the enormous rewards that you can obtain such as personal achievements and cash prizes.

The Authors Cup is Inkspired signature competition, which will start on May 2 and last 4 months. Here any author within the platform can participate regardless of their nationality or literary genre. It is open for everyone! On Inkspired we believe it is important that writers participate in this kind of competition, since it will help them to achieve short-term goals and to evolve their writings. Practice is where you learn the most and within it, the best stories will be recognized and awarded.

According to Galo Vargas, Inkspired CEO, participating in The Authors Cup means challenging yourself and growing as a writer. "The idea is to: motivate yourself to continue writing, learn to promote your stories and connect with other authors in the community," he added.

The Authors Cup was created with the mission that writers carry out their projects, and discover how far they can go. That is the key.

Therefore, we have compiled a series of opinions about the importance of being part of The Authors’ Cup, in case there are still those who hesitate to register. 😊

"The Authors’ Cup is that bar that only by jumping it you will know how high you can jump. A writer constantly needs high bars, challenges, discomfort."
@jackievivianv - InkspiredContent Manager and jury member on the Authors’ Cup

"The Authors Cup is a space that allows amateur writers to publish their creations and start their career in the literary field."
Tania Torres - PHD in Hispanic Literature and jury member of the Authors’ Cup

“É uma oportunidade única de participar de um desafio internacional, com a chance de aprimorar sua escrita e competir por um prêmio incrível!”
(It is a single opportunity to participate in an internacional challenge, with a chance to improve your writing and to compete for an amazing prize!)
@alicealamo - Brazilian Leader Ambassador

"We are used to stay in our comfort zone, but when we participate, we challenge ourselves to leave that area and learn new ways of creativity and inspiration."
@Ginyales – Hispanic Leader Ambassador

"I think it's a good way to get inspiration and to prove yourself, your way of writing."
@Lydmacan – Ambassador
"An unique opportunity to meet hidden talents that are in everyone's sight. You cannot miss it!”
@milinvisibles – Ambassador
"I think the same as Lyd, it would be a challenge for everyone, to improve and learn with others, and to know our skills better."
@ flavii_chan82 - Ambassador
"It’s a way to prove ourselves, to show how far we can go and grow as writers."
@cafeadicta - Ambassador
"Porque é a chance de marcar história em uma plataforma que veio pra ficar."
(It's the chance of making history in a platform that came to stay.)
Kaline Bogard – Brazil’s Ambassador
"Você vai poder receber uma validação extra no seu trabalho as a writer and quem sabe sair com a dollars no purse, or that não é nada mau."
(You will receive an extra validation for your work as a writer and you will have the opportunity to finish a challenge with your portfolio full, is not it wrong, right?)
@anneliberton - Ambassador of Brazil
"Pois é uma ótima oportunidade de criar/aperfeiçoar seu hábito de escrita ao mesmo tempo em que se desafia." XixisssUchiha
It is an opportunity to create or improve your writing routine in the same time that you challenge yourself.
@xixisssuchiha – Brazil’s Ambassador
"Uma chance anual de testar suas habilidades com vários desafios, promover seu trabalho, interagir com os mais variados autores e ainda concorrer a um prêmio em dinheiro!" Akuma Lia
It is a yearly chance to put your abilities to the test with a lot of challenges, to share your work, to interact with different authors and to have a chance to earn a cash prize!
@akuma_lia - Ambassador of Brazil
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