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How to become a writer with a low budget


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We know that the most common thing is that after graduating, we choose a professional career, obtain a degree, and even do a Master's degree. Learning and nurturing ourselves is always good, and now is even more necessary, because almost everything requires an academic degree. However, there are times when becoming a writer starts as a hobby and ends up as your profession. We don't know that we want to professionalize it until the desire to publish and generate income with it arrives. So we have to focus on improving our writing. Everyone can write, but not everyone writes well.

To do this, we need to invest, and we are not referring to money, but to time. There are thousands of ways to become a great author with a low budget, but the only requirement is to dedicate your time and all your desires.

Here we leave you some options that can support you to grow as a writer:

  • Attend Webinars or Online Workshops with recognized authors. There are many international writers who offer Webinars and/or specific workshops to learn how to write about a genre, improve grammar, or discover how to sell their books. In fact, on Inkspired we will have a new Webinar nextSunday, December 16th, which will be led by the great Ecuadorian witer, Kristel Ralston. She  -Amazon best-seller in romantic novel and specialist in this genre- will talk about "how to write a romantic novel and get an income with it". If you want to know more about this totally free event enter here.
  • Buy used books or read free digital platforms. Books are one of the few things that although they get older, they retain their value. Seize it. Today there are many bookstores or stores that sell used books, and you can even find old jewelry that you did not even know someone had written. They are usually extremely cheap. There are also digital platforms, where you can read authors from all over the world from your mobile and/or  computer. Remember that reading enriches your vocabulary, your style and your grammar.
  • Publish your stories on a digital platform or create a blog. When you are on the way to becoming a great author, you need people to follow you and read o you. You need feedback, comments, suggestions, and above all, expose your art so that people get to know you.
  • Download Apps to polish your spelling and grammar. Apps such as Grammarly, can support you to identify spelling errors in your writing. It is extremely important that a writer does not have spelling and/or grammatical errors. Another option would be to get an expert to read your story and make corrections.
  • Participate in writing contests. Writing contests are the key. They are an excellent way to motivate you, to take the best out of you and get feedback. Try to participate in different types of contests, of different genres and modalities, since this expands your experience and your creativity. Now at Inkspired we have a special contest for Christmas. Find out what it is about here

These would be some of the options to polish your writing with a low budget. However, keep in mind that the years of experience are the ones that make the most out of you. Do not stop learning by yourself, reading and, of course, writing.

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