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The science of writing Science Fiction


Writing Science Fiction is not just getting into another reality, but creating it. Creating a brand new universe: strange, different and extraordinary, but without being in accordance with real times. This makes it difficult to write it, but fascinating.

Writing a science fiction novel has many points to take into account, and it is essential to learn them to have a successful novel with an interesting plot.

In general terms you should know that:

1) You have to learn science, as the american writer and biochemistry teacher, Isaac Asimov, said. This does not mean that you become a scientist, but you do need to have a basic notion of it.

2) You must read everything. Reading expands your vocabulary, it polish your writing and improve your way of telling a story and describing the characters. However, it is essential that you read Science Fiction novels, as this way you will acquire the tricks of the trade and the way of interweaving the environment with the plot.

3) Your story should be interesting. And to be interesting you must have a conflict that the main character tries to solve. It is not just a matter of creating the perfect science fiction environment, but knowing how to engage the reader in an interesting plot.

4) The time and setting are fundamental. And with this, we mean in what time or era the story is taking place and the resources you are using in it. There can be no inconsistencies. That is, if your novel takes place in medieval times, you will not make the characters have computers or mobile phones to communicate.

5) You must know that Science Fiction is not the same as fantasy. They differ in many aspects, but the main one, according to María del Mar Glez Gómez, is that "if the story follows the basic rules of physics, biology and mathematics, it is science fiction. Meanwhile, if it has elements whose explanation is impossible through science (like magic), it is fantasy. "

6) Likewise, since Sci-Fi is not fantasy, your characters are not either. So, give them human qualities. Although one of them is a robot or a non-human being, make them have characteristics or feelings of this type, this will make the reader feel identified with him. Do not forget that when a reader feels identified with a character, you have win him/her.

7) Science Fiction plays with the past, the present, and the future. And it includes elements that start from a real assumption, but they can end being extraordinary. However, it is always possible, while fantasy is not.

8) Being Sci-Fi doesn't means it can't be mixed with other literary genres. There are many works that mix science fiction with fantasy, or with action. Find your style, and save it.

These are some of the general points to take into account when sitting at the computer toget inside your science fiction world. This genre gives a lot, and for the same reason readers like it so much. Anyway, the more you get into it, you will discover new and different ways of telling a good story.

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