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Pay attention to your grammar

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It's not the same to say: "Let’s eat grandpa" and "Let’s eat, grandpa". Nor to affirm: "You’re stupid, friend" and "Your stupid friend". This is why everyone talks about how a comma or a bad spelling can destroy someone’s life. For every person having a correct grammar should be fundamental, and for writers, an obligation. Words play a very important role in our lives that we should make people understand what exactly we want to say.

However, writing with correct an excellent grammar isn’t easy, especially when instant messages have destroyed the language thanks to abbreviations and/or immediacy. However, those of us who seek to make good writing prevails must fight against it. English is the world’s language, therefore is important to learn it perfectly. For this, you must practice it daily, and try to write it the best you can.

Here we give you some tips that can help you improve your spelling and grammar when building your novel.

1) Read. Maybe you are tired of hearing that in order to write better you must read more. But we are not going to say a different thing. Reading is the most nutritious method to educate your brain and your pen. Thanks to this, you discover new meanings, tones, the correct use of punctuation marks and correct spelling. In English, there are many words that sound totally different than how they are written.

2) Research. And this involves dictionaries, websites or help from experts. If you don’t know how to spell a word, or when it’s more convenient to use a point or a comma, don’t be afraid to investigate and/or ask. There is nothing wrong in not knowing.

3) If you are going to take advice from websites, make sure they are from a reliable source, some dictionary or some specialist.

4) Use a corrector on the computer. Although they are not 100% accurate, this can help you. But keep in mind that the corrector only corrects the word, but not the sentence’s meaning. Grammarly and LanguageTool are some of the correctors that can support you in this.

5) Read what you write out loud, and read it to someone. Reading aloud is more powerful than you think. It makes you notice your own mistakes or the pauses you must do in each sentence. A text without pauses can become very extensive, repetitive and meaningless.

6) Be aware of the typing misspelling. Sometimes, writing so fast on the computer or not reviewing what we have written, make us commit errors of this type.

7) Practice all the time. If you know that your weakness is misspellings, force yourself to write well at all times, even when you talk to another person on WhatsApp. Put the keyboard in manual mode and learn to identify how to spell correctly every word. Use the correct punctuation marks and avoid abbreviations.

Remember that although we all know how to speak English, talking is not the same as writing, and for an author, writing is your job, therefore you must look professional. These are just general tips, but we will shortly specify each one.

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