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A good book deserves a good cover and a good feedback

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The small details always matter. And in your own story too. For a writer, the most important thing is to write his/her novel, identify its characters, the plot, the outcome, and then, check the spelling, the grammar, that everything is fine and neat, and clear. But there are also other points that are sometimes forgotten and are just as fundamental as the story itself, for example: the cover and the readers' feedback.

It is clear that the story is the base, the trunk of the tree, but these details are the catapult to reach more people. After all, the goal of most writers (if not all) is to be read.

If your main goal is to publish your story, you must first create a good cover. In this mediatic and visual world, everything enters through the eyes, and if your story is interesting, but it doesn’t have a cover that catches the attention of the public, nobody will grab your book to read what it is about. Although a good cover doesn’t always mean it's a good book, this is your invitation to readers to get to know you.

There is already some market research in which they have discovered that books with good covers have increased their sales. However, the cover can not be a simple thing. It has to be done correctly, be functional, and go according to your story. In some way, it has to anticipate what the reader will find.

The cover is the only graphic (and non-textual) suggestion that you give the reader to imagine the story’s characters or scenarios. After all, you choose the design. You have two options to do it: create the cover on your own or leave it in the hands of a professional. Both paths are valid, both for an e-book and for a physical book. Of course, it must look professional. If it isn't, people will think that the novel is not either.

If you choose to do it by your own methods, there are several programs in which you can do it as InDesign or Photoshop, always taking into account the relevance between typography, colors, images or illustrations, etc.

And if you choose to leave it in the hands of a good professional (this is what we really recommend), you will save yourself work and you will have the security of having a functional and creative design because that is precisely their job. Of course, you must tell your designer exactly what your novel is about and what it is you want to convey so that he knows what resources to use.

On Inkspired, now you can hire this cover design service, which is in charge of some graphic designers expertise. There are three types of cover services: simple, photomontage or illustrations. The one you choose will depend more on the kind of story you have written. You can get this and other services by paying with credit card or with your Rewards Credits.

In addition to this, feedback from readers is another crucial point when writing a story, especially if you do it in a professional manner. One of the benefits of self-publishing is that you can receive this feedback from international readers. On Inkspired, BETA readers are a group of volunteers from different countries willing to read and leave comments to improve a specific chapter of your story. This service is extremely useful since constructive criticism is where you learn the most from. In our platform you can also hire this service.

Writing a story isn’t just about writing it. But also about worrying on how to promote and sell it, which also requires a strategy and constant work. These points mentioned above will contribute to this.

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