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#NewContest - Microfiction

Great stories don't need a lot of words, just the right ones. That's why Inkspired believes that Micro-stories are one of the most original and challenging ways to tell something, whether fiction or non-fiction, drama or suspense, romance or fantasy, whatever. A micro-story can be everything and nothing at the same time, but you have to know how to tell it.

For this reason, we bring you the new Microfiction contest. This consist on creating a micro-story of maximum 70 words, of any literary genre, that follows the rules of what a micro-story is and at the same time, engages the reader. This can be written in Spanish or English.

The BEST MICROSTORY - the most authentic and interesting - will be the WINNER. And of course, spelling and grammar will be taken into account. Any error of these will subtract points.

Start date: August 14, 2018

End date: September 5, 2018

But what does a micro-story is?

It is a very short story, which usually has between 50 to 250 words maximum. They are not summary stories, but the boiling point of a longer story.

Its key is to narrate the most important part of the plot and leave the reader the power to imagine what we do not say.

If you want to know more about how to write a short story you can read the following post here or see the following video tutorial from our Online Academy.

How does the contest work?

1. You must write a micro-story of any category, using 70 words maximum, and write it in the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/33wPUKM6Dv5XWVP93

2. The micro-story must have a title, your Inkspired username, email and 3 hashtags that define it. You must fill in all the fields of the form without exception.

3. The contest will have a single winner, but we will also have a second place. Both will be announced on September 12th.

4 The winners will be chosen by the Inkspired editorial team, based on the originality of the text, creativity, quality and respect of the rules.

5. A minimum of 20 participants is required for the contest to be official. Otherwise, it will not be valid.

Competition rules

1. People from any part of the world can participate, but the micro-story must be written in English or Spanish.

2. The story shouldn't have more than 70 words, but it can have less.

3. The micro-stories must be of your authorship, we do not accept any kind of plagiarism and there may be legal actions if this is infringed.

4. The micro-stories don't have to be exclusive, they can be published on other platforms, but they must be yours.

5. The micro-story should not be published on the platform, only in the previously indicated form, but you must be an Inkspired user to participate. In case you are not a currently a user and want to compete, you just have to register. It's free!

6. We will not accept any other way to send us the micro-story other than through the form.

7. The micro-story must have a title, your Inkspired username, your email and 3 hashtags that describe the story.

8. This time you can participate with a maximum of 5 micro-stories. No more than 5 stories by the same author will be accepted. If this happens, all the micro-stories of this author will be disqualified.

9. Anyone who makes spam will be disqualified.

10. The terms of the contest must be fulfilled. No work that comes out of this period will be accepted.

11. Once the winners have been announced, they should write to info@getinkspired.com to coordinate the delivery of the prizes. If the winner is not pronounced within 15 days, the prize will be awarded to the second place.

12. By participating in this contest, Inkspired is granted the right to publish the participating micro-stories (with their respective authors) in the new format that is about to be launched.

13. You do not need to participate from the first day, you can do it whenever you want while the contest is open.

14. Participation in this contest means that the user knows and accepts the bases.

15. We also have competitions in other languages -English and Portuguese-, you can see them in the contests section of each language.



First place: $ 50.00 (fifty US dollars) and an audio of his short story narrated.

Second place: A graphic design with the written micro-story and appear on our social network.

How to send the micro story?

1. Enter the following link https://goo.gl/forms/33wPUKM6Dv5XWVP93

2. Fill all the fields

3. Send the form (Remember that it must be one form per micro-story)

Happy writing!

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K. Pavani K. Pavani
Ainda não divulgaram nada? Ou o concurso foi cancelado?? Hey, Inkspired, nós precisamos de uma resposta!
5 de Outubro de 2018 às 11:01
K. Pavani K. Pavani
Ainda não divulgaram nada? Ou o concurso foi cancelado?? Hey, Inkspired, nós precisamos de uma resposta!
5 de Outubro de 2018 às 11:00
Anne Liberton Anne Liberton
25 de Setembro de 2018 às 12:25
K. Pavani K. Pavani
Ainda não saiu o resultado?
24 de Setembro de 2018 às 12:15
Fabio Weiss Fabio Weiss
Cadê o resultado do concurso?
13 de Setembro de 2018 às 21:54

  • K. Pavani K. Pavani
    Boa pergunta :/ 18 de Setembro de 2018 às 19:40
K. Pavani K. Pavani
the winner has already been announced????
13 de Setembro de 2018 às 08:06

  • M C Michael Cole
    I'm waiting too. Is there a page to check? Or is it just here? 13 de Setembro de 2018 às 09:27
  • K. Pavani K. Pavani
    I do not know, they did not say anything? 13 de Setembro de 2018 às 09:48
  • Isis Isis
    Hi, I'm brazilian ambassador. The end date was extended to 09/15, so the results will be released next week ;) 13 de Setembro de 2018 às 22:16
  • K. Pavani K. Pavani
    Thank you! I'm Brazilian, so I ended up losing myself here a little :) 14 de Setembro de 2018 às 11:00
Ainhoa García Ainhoa García
Yo he participado con tres, pero en otros lados pone que se puede participar on cinco... a que debo seguir?
5 de Setembro de 2018 às 05:58
Светлана Винн Светлана Винн
напишу на русском... нет правил без исключений)))
1 de Setembro de 2018 às 14:14
K. Pavani K. Pavani
What is the deadline for delivery of the chapter?
26 de Agosto de 2018 às 15:28

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