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Mindy Hall
So you start a new project, start a service, write a book or open a website, but not a single name seems ideal to you.
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How to come up with a name for anything
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How to come up with a name for anything

Name you must come up with

Statistics prove: in business, entrepreneurs themselves are successfully engaged in naming. According to Interbrand, among the top 100 world brands for 2015, the authors of world-famous trade names were distributed as follows:

- One name came up with a professor of philology (Xerox);

- One was suggested by professionals from the agency (BlackBerry);

- 98 were invented by entrepreneurs, as well as their friends or colleagues.

Three rules for the perfect name

I recall the old marketing joke.

Somewhere in the Wild West, two cowboy buddies meet in the saloon. They slap each other on the shoulder: how are you, how are you?

One says:

- And you know, tired of grazing someone else's cattle. Now I have my own ranch.

- Wow, well done, respect! And what did you call it?

“Nothing special. John Ranch.”

Then the second is recognized:

“But I also recently bought a ranch.”

- Wow! And what did you call him?

“You see, I wanted the name to speak for itself.” And I called it "Harry Ranch, the best cowboy on the entire West Coast."

- Cool! And what do the guys say? Like?

- Yes, the guys like it ... only the cattle is dying, it does not withstand branding.

In my opinion, the number one requirement for a corporate name is brevity. The short name saves time and energy of all who pronounce it. The optimal length of a company name is one to four syllables. The shorter the better. As far as I could see, if there are more than four syllables in the name of a company, people reflexively begin to reduce it wherever there is such an opportunity. PricewaterhouseCoopers becomes PwC, British Petroleum is shortened to BP, Loyalty to quality is reduced to Loyalty, etc.

Requirement number two, in my opinion, could be the neutrality of the corporate name. It is not known in what context this name will be used. To choose and check good business names list is also possible using name generators for creative ideas.

Finally, requirement number three in modern conditions is internationality. If the company’s website has an English version, and its goods or services can at least theoretically be sold abroad, it is better to take care of how the name will be pronounced throughout the rest of the world.

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