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malar Malar SM The content which admired me. It inspire the readers ,Though it was not inked by me, but which is something I really wanted to share.
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The container of love

 One of the content which admires me..

    In this world god shaped all the living system,natural sources.Humans are the impressive creature of God.The difference of humans from the animals are emotions and sense.Animals don't have emotions.But humans has it.So here this short blog describes the amazing emotion of humans, LOVE.

I just shared my thoughts which I surfed from the internet.

There was once a girl who loved deeply. She was kind, caring and considerate. No one who approached her for help, would return unhappy. Whether it was her time, patience or kind caring words she always had something to give everyone.

‘What a caring person!’ Everyone would exclaim.

‘She is an angel’. They would say.

But something was deeply wrong. No matter what she did, it somehow never seemed enough for anyone. She knew she was selfless but others often doubted her intentions. She could never seem to keep everyone happy. People always, always had something to complain about her. So, she put more effort to make others happy, to see them smile.

She gave more of her time, her money, herself away. ‘It is only a little bit more than before’, she told herself, ‘it should do no harm, at least it will make them happy’.

Bit by bit, she chipped her heart and gave it away, only to see others smile. Slowly, she started becoming weak, her eyes sunk. There was no energy left in her. She hoped people whom she gave her all to, would come now to look after her. But they were nowhere to be seen. They had left long back. She slowly became a living corpse. She forgot to smile. Her eyes lost that charm. She did not understand what was wrong.

Someone had told her about a Buddhist monk in an ancient temple in China. This monk had answers to all questions, solution to all problems. She would go there to find answers, she thought.

After a long, draining journey she finally reached the quiet, peaceful temple. She saw the monk and knelt down before him. She quietly sat on her knees on the cushion in front of him. As she observed him, she was surprised to see the peace on his face. How was he, just sitting here doing absolutely nothing, able to attain the peace that she so badly was searching in others all this while? He opened his eyes. She broke into tears. ‘

I only loved’, she said.

‘Why do I suffer? I only wanted to see others happy.

What wrong did I do’? He told her, ‘Your heart is a container of love. To everyone who asked for love, you took a glass from this container and gave it away. What happened in the end? This container is empty. There is no love left. No energy left. No life left. That is not the way to love.

First this container needs to fill to the brim, to the surface with self-love, joy and happiness. Then it should overflow. It should spill. When it spills, it will be showered unconditionally on whoever is around. That is the only way to love. That is the only way to be happy.

That is the only way to keep others happy. Parents, friends, teachers, lovers, neighbors, critics, colleagues, Instagram followers. Is there anyone whose approval we do not want these days? We change careers, change friends, change dressing styles, change opinions, ideals, passions, interests based on what others like. Slowly, very slowly we change ourselves so much that we are not able to recognize our very own self, like the girl in the story.

Got married? Post pictures with some nice filters and update your relationship status with copied words from google rather than sinking into the feeling of that life changing experience. Went for a trip? Check in to some location on fb. And type ‘feeling excited’. Forget about drinking the beauty of your surroundings with your eyes. Got a new car?

Thank your parents online instead of taking them for a ride in it.

Who are you when no one is looking? Is it possible to make an honest commitment from today to tune in today to your feelings, your thoughts, your aspirations, your desires and your passions and aligning yourself with it? Is it possible to for a change let go of the pressure cooker you have built inside and just go with the flow? Is it possible that you lose for a change? You give up trying to please everyone? Is it possible that beginning today you will love the one person that matters most? Yourself?

P.S. Learn to F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself).

Nobody can make you happy until you are happy with yourself.

Credits to Supriya Rao( inked by Supriya Rao)

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